In Love.

February 12, 2013

Someone recently asked me, What are you like when you’re in love?


When I’m in love, I’m at my best. I feel strong. Willing to serve. Willing to share. I’m a better listener. And I’m able to give all of my attention to my work, as well as my relationship. Love makes me feel superhuman. After all, Love is what we as human’s do best. (see population explosion.)


In all my “research” on Love, I conclude it has nothing to do with partnership, that’s secondary. Love begins within. When you listen to the little voice in your head, or to the urge in your gut, and you obey it, you will likely lead yourself down the path which you were meant to travel all along. By ignoring your intuition or disobeying your dreams, one becomes stuck, the body grows heavy and tired with incompletion or defeat, and sadness finds it’s way into the movie of your life. When you let your heart lead you, Love triumphs and fills you with the experience of being happy and successful.


When you take action to live the life you truly wish to live, you become illuminated in love. You lose yourself entirely and become what in many religions call, a servant of God, or a servant of Love. Others will take note of your glow, either with attraction or envy, both of which inspire. And if partnership is on your wish list, it will find you. You will attract it with your walk and talk and worry-free demeanor.


This Valentine’s Day, worry not about impressing your crush or partner with a surprise gift. Let your gift be your invitation to create something together. You are after all, two bodies with one mind; two individuals on entirely different journeys who have agreed to stand side by side as you each grow, develop and unfold into the beings you were brought here to be. And if you’re not in a relationship, think of those people, pets or projects you love and give yourself to them.


In Love,

time stands still,

shoulders relax,

disease retreats,

smiles broaden,

tears fall,

hearts open,

music is heard in every corner of creation,

and everyone is forgiven.


Happy Valentine’s Day. – J

  • Avatar of carolineharris50

    Truth speaker, truth seeker. You are a beautiful soul and love is with you, let it never leave you! You are my inspiration for a lot of things and I have an immense respect for you my brother! Keep on being the light that you are! Thank you so much! :)

  • Avatar of ky
    ky said ...

    Hi Jason,

    I’m Kam Yiu, 26 years old from Hong Kong (guy). I was diagnosed with lymph cancer 1 week ago. Today, the tumour has shrunk 50%. I didn’t take western medicine at all. I listened to my heart and the angels around me, and realized that I had cancer because I didn’t love myself anymore – my soul did not feel love, so my spirit, mind and body lost faith and belief as well. In the end, I tried to kill myself.

    My heart told me to listen to your “Love Album” everyday, while I undergo coffee enemas as part of the Gerson Therapy (this is not meant to be an ad), and then this was the first time I realized that your songs were not just about loving other people, but loving one self. Only then can one emit love to others.

    I believe healing takes more than healing the body, and your album definitely healed my soul. There was a lot of fear and darkness during this one week. But understanding what love is and what love is not has brought me light. Thank you Jason, I love you!!! I love my girlfriend most though (in case she is reading this).

    BTW, now I’m a vegan like you too =]

    Praise the universe!

  • Avatar of awakenessentials

    Thank you Jason!

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    is it friday yet?

  • Avatar of LoveIsBeauty
    LoveIsBeauty said ...


    There is a superhuman strength that materializes when Love is exchanged between two individuals. Whether it’s an openness that we don’t normally allow ourselves or a serving, I am not exactly sure… It could be that we stop long enough to be in the present moment.

    My experience is Love is as profound as we take it. Challenging the ideals I once held “Love” to be, the further away I have move from a false comfort, and entered into an unknown, where love and pain walk hand in hand along with an inexplicable freedom.

    Love is a quality of being, it’s who we are at our core. The more we meditate on Love the deeper we move in it. Our Love is communicated in every given moment in our actions, in our words and in our silence.

    The more we go inwards in Love, the more it resonates outwards and the more we have to give to existence.

    The experience of love between beings is incredibly beautiful. At times I find myself wanting to make permanent the beauty I have found. And this is where I have struggled. I am learning that to be Love is to go beyond what we receive from it. To Love is the ability to gift others freedom as they move through life in their lessons. It's a hello and a goodbye with no expectations. Regardless of how long energy is invested by the two individuals the love relating never ends. I love when the love energy is hot and I love a let go when it's gone cold. It’s a release of control and a trust that no matter what happens, even if it hurts us in that moment, that each of us is where we need to be.

    We are Love in our relating, no matter what we are relating to. And when we move in Love energy we are one with existence.

    To be love is to know God.

    Ahhhhhh …. L <3 V E

  • Avatar of hava-baytemir
    hava-baytemir said ...

    I hope you will see this video. <3

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Happy Valentines day to you. Love is magic. Wishing you all the best!

  • Avatar of iamchay
    iamchay said ...

    ” And if you’re not in a relationship, think of those people, pets or projects you love and give yourself to them” that’s very true I am not in a relationship and not in love, but I’m focused on many projects, I love spending time with my family, friends and animals, I have three cats at home and I visit another 5 and a dog living on street … animals are a great source of love is only necessary to look into their eyes love is all around :)

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    Awesome message – spot on. Thank you! Truly I believe that Love starts within. Over the last decade, I’ve learned that when someone does not love themselves, the root is almost always some kind of shame. People who feel shame wear it with sadness, anger, or fear and it brings about all sorts of unlovable behaviors which unfortunately further proves to the person that they are not lovable. A vicious cycle. Guilt and shame are not the same thing. Guilt = I feel bad about something I did. Shame = I am a bad person. Mistakes are usually worthy of a pang or two of guilt. But we have to make mistakes, this is how humans learn. Being willing to accept forgiveness and to forgive solves for guilt. Solving for shame often takes more time but it is imperative. If you see it in yourself or in others, it really helps to figure out where it comes from and to consciously confront it because it is rarely deserved. After all, there are very few “bad” people. We all come into the world the same way. Kick the shame that somehow found it’s way into your life – do not let it own you. Forgive. Be Love. It is the path to true happiness…working on this every day in our household! xoxo

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    To Love is to be divine.

    It’s that simple. I’m not sure if that line has be written before or if it’s something whispered to the deep recesses of my soul.
    It’s my truth; it’s what I come to undoubtedly know.
    This knowing wasn’t discovered in receiving a red shaped colored box. It wasn’t under the pressure of a minister or a salesman selling hearts.
    What love looks like… is something like a dimensional feeling from within to without. Therefore in these moments it’s in everything you see; it’s imbued in thee- times infinity.
    It requires nothing, you don’t have to be devout, just simply give to loving with no requirements or expectations, for they only cause doubt.
    Start with your family, they are here to help you grow, remember the good in all, like a patronus spell to help love’s light grow. It’s this light inside that bursts from within, it’s more intoxicating than anything you can drink or inject in. It’ll cause you to cry in the glory you’ve become, because you just received a heavenly hug from yourself and above, making you whole (your home again). For those not there yet, it sounds like cosmic fluff, but as you accept life’s lessons as a student who accepts the grade, works with their teachers, you’ll soon become this sage.

    Just LOVE LOVE LOVE let the confusion in your mind drown out the image of pain or betrayal; just look for understanding the riddle. I promise that spirit will reveal by sharing secrets that will astound you. Soon you’ll be reading things such as this; smiling and thankful that Higher Love is starting to spread.

    In Violet Love

  • Avatar of ovillegas
    ovillegas said ...

    I was sitting with a friend just the other day and I told him he looked especially handsome that day, I was wondering what was so different about him….I get it now, it was his LOVE glow! I literally told him he was glowing! This was a perfect read, as always :)

  • Avatar of dcanmg
    dcanmg said ...

    ~>>>~~~~~> <3 Happy Valentines Day Jason…

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Sending you a handmade red construction paper and doily heart with the words :

    “From your Secret Admirer”

    …cause they really are THE BEST Valentines to receive :)

    (with a roll of tasty Love Hearts thrown in for good measure :) )

    Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers in the world …

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • Avatar of shlahshlah
    shlahshlah said ...

    Thank you Jason.

    When the day to day is dragging me down, and I log on and read your words, things just get…. better. I am so truly blessed in so many ways and your words constantly inspire me to move back into a place of gratitude and LOVE.

    Peace and Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all :)

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    This is beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! When you choose to Be Love, then Love is all around you! You are an inspiration.
    Thank you.
    Love, Linda

  • Avatar of ettelrA
    ettelrA said ...

    Thank you for these words Jason! I needed this! Love is a beautiful thing, but when you don’t always get it back, it can be really hard…
    Your songs and posts always remind me to keep loving and keep enjoying life! Thank you for that!
    I will do my best and send as much love into the world as I can!


  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    Recently, I have been serioulsy questioning my sanity, i.e. that not so little voice in my head. This post has put a big smile on my face. Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!

  • Avatar of goniveraC
    goniveraC said ...

    I enjoyed reading this, so much.. Thank You. All In Love. <3<3<3

  • Avatar of CourtneyNicole

    That was very beautiful…..and this is completely random and off topic, but I was driving on the freeway a few days ago, when I saw a car going in the opposite direction and it looked EXACTLY like the car you keep posting pictures of. Let’s just say that everyone in this area has pretty much the same type of car so it definitely stuck out like a sore thumb and I’ve never seen a car that looks like that around here before. I totally thought about following it, but I figured you were probably no longer in this area, and I didn’t want to look like some psycho, so instead I just went to the grocery store. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  • Vous avez cette écriture qui fait du bien à l’esprit et au coeur en cela je vous en remercie que la st Valentin soit tous les jours présent pour le monde. Namaste Jason

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    What I really meant to say was
    “In Love no longer “Thou” and “I” exist,
    For self has passed away in the Beloved.


  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    “And if partnership is on your wish list, it will find you.” Thank you, Jesus!

  • Avatar of freedmysoul
    freedmysoul said ...

    Had a feeling today was a journal day.
    Funny how I found myself reading, in anxious anticipation, for what you never quite say. Hanging on to the hope that you have found the love you so completely deserve to experience. Thank you for sharing today. You ARE superhuman, you are illuminating ‘love’… you are ‘in love.’
    Happy Valentine’s Day Lover Boy!

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    very nice, J. :)

    love – a small piece of the divine, gifted to us.

  • Avatar of FlorhJM
    FlorhJM said ...


  • Avatar of alexis.jane.4215

    I knew you were gonna write today.

    No one read this. It won’t make sense.

    But I never ( never eeven never eeven never ever ever…sung to the beat of the Bob song below) could have imagined the joy in reading the actual words of expression….Jason they are Real. So real you can touch people :) – how is it we touch hearts without being physically there? The same way our Creator whispers truth in our ears for us to wake up to and for us to share the next day. I am so grateful for the testimony I have that He lives..that He loves us…that i can be anonymous because my heart bursts with love for you and the handful that have been so patient with me. I would shatter under the pressure. Line upon Line I spose.

    Never means forever in always language:) btw…you told me something Sept 2008 through your songs. Patience wrote the book of life. I think we just work here.
    I didn’t know what else to do at the time…and i cant help it when my heart says to. i just do it any-ways. Get in way trouble either way but Father in heaven gets way more loving when we listen the first time I found out. He left me here so I can tell you keep singing you handsome handsome man!

    Never ever ever can I do enough to thank you for loving this whole wide world. Every day. Every minute of your love and example you carry me into sweet joy. I smile but not one soul knows why. They don’t need to know. I know you know. And God knows. And that is enough for me.

    I was married February 14, 1998. 3 months pregnant with my pretty baby durl who rarely is allowed to talk to me. You have no idea how much your words mean when a soul hurts so bad.

    My great grandma was born on Valentines too. Love birds break so easy. But- thanks for sewing me and 10 billion trillions back together again.

    Friends sing words back to friends when souls get lost. Thats how come why so many many days of words. No one left behind. Big child or little ones. One fish two fish i love my Lu fish. (my daughter) Love you forever like you for always as long as I am living my brother you’ll be.

    Happy Day. Valentines and all the many other days. I just got a way good job in San Diego. See ya in the Clouds senor Rock Me. Star…

    Through timeless words, and priceless pictures
    We’ll fly like birds, not of this earth
    And times they turn, and hearts disfigure
    But that’s no concern when we’re wounded together
    And we tore our dresses, and stained our shirts
    But it’s nice today, oh the wait was so worth it

  • Avatar of divinitymtg
    divinitymtg said ...

    Love first beings with self if it is not recognized there first you can not emanate love to or from another if your soul is not completely ready to give unconditionally. That is when true romantic love comes looking for you. We attract what energy we give from inside our very being. It sounds easy but it is possible to make these changes within over time in baby steps of reconditioning our very though process. So many have the meaning of love so wrong. It is not a physical emotion but instead it is unconditional thoughts and actions toward all we meet weather friends or romantic partners. Patience is needed in understanding self and what your destiny is if love comes from you it does come back as well. Maybe not always in the way we expect it but over time even the love felt from nature will make you aware of the love you are receiving in return. EYES WIDE OPEN or EYES WIDE SHUT is your choice in knowing love unconditionally.

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Thank you so much for this Valentine gifts of love, love is what we are and is real. Once i read a book on unconditional love, so i decided to test if this love that he was talking about really existed. So as i was working in hospital as a helping nurse, i decided while feeding the patient, to give love with each spoon. This simple experience for myself transcended me into another dimension. After a week of giving love, all the patient were claiming my presence. The nurse said to me at that time, i don’t know what you did to them but they all want you. At the end of the week walking on my way home, i was rewarded with an experience, a consciousness. At that moment which lasted only 15min. i took all this beautiful energy and gave it to my boyfriend at the time who was smoking and felt that the words of wisdom were flowing through my mouth to him with such a flow, that he looked at me with big eyes ran, and left the house. On the second day that he left me, he stop smoking. I was so amazed at what love could do to others. Not only does it heals you but heals others in the same way. I have yet to learn and experience more of this true love. Thank you so much Jason for reminding me of what love is. HAPPY VALENTINES

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    EXACTLY! LOVE is that hidden communion that shows up on our faces as lightness and happiness. Partnership, togetherness, it all comes second. As beautiful as that is, as amazing as it can be to look in the eyes of an apparent other and see that glowing light, the primary romance is with that inner something we can’t describe but can only live in recognition or awareness of. Whatever is being us, whatever is unfolding as us, whatever is revealing itself as us, that is the beginning of the love fest. To be in service of That is, I’ve found, the deepest treasure our hearts long for, and it is what guides us and flows us and lives us into the most unimagined scenarios that only further reveal its Grace and Greatness. I dream of getting to share THAT recognition in a partnership and to be in service of that force and flow together, but that’s the icing on the already delicious cake, you know?!

    This was perfect. Thank you Love! Onward with the Loving!