How to remove headache stains.

May 2, 2013

I dropped my homeopathic headache medicine on the floor of the lavatory en route to Beijing from San Diego via Los Angeles via Tokyo.


As I bent over to retrieve the pill from the rancid, speckled floor of the latrine, I whispered to myself the magic phrase that somehow makes it safe to ingest something that’s been on the ground.


God made dirt & dirt don’t hurt.

But my mind kept on.

If God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt,

how come humans can be such a-holes?


I unfurled my spine from the amazing forward bend I’d maneuvered in the tiny airplane bathroom and squinted at my haggard self in the mirror, eyes sensitive to the light, hair amuck, follicles hurting if I pushed them in opposing directions. I felt awful. Still, there’s something about lavatory lighting and perhaps being so close to the mirror that somehow makes my in-flight ruggedness appear admirably handsome, the way unshaven actors on the covers of magazines make you want to be them, or do them.


Before a long flight I like to play hard in hopes of being able to pass out when I need to. Time zones are for wimps, or people who agree with punctuality, or people who watch television and live in the central/mountain zone. I am none of those. Nevertheless, on this flight I was suffering a migraine, due either to airplane peanut dehydration, playing hard in the yard the previous night, me against the aphids in the bio-war zone that is my garden, or allowing my mind to weigh too heavily on the plight of humankind. It was probably D, all of the above.


Throughout my travels to highfalutin cities, hippy communities, third world countries, and myriad meaning-of-life seminars, I’ve met lots of interesting people, many of whom are trying to saving their world and many who just don’t give a shit. And I say that fairly, because our modern life is a surprisingly stuck chapter and most of us have few options. This sounds pessimistic, considering there’s a universe inside of each of us, capable of the most extraordinary things. But consider for a moment the fact that in today’s world, money = survival. Not food or water, but money. Why? Because food and water are behind lock and key and only money (or guns) can open it. Therefore, so long as food and water are locked up, there will always be war. Always. And there will always be famine. And poverty. And somehow we’re all okay with that, so long as there’s money to be made. We just shrug and assume this is how life is supposed to go. I think most of us play along because a) it feels like a game or b) we watch too much tv/porn to care, or c) it’s been going on for so long, it’s not really our fault nor problem to deal with so who wants fries? or d) all of the above.


Man’s obvious dominance has been occurring since the agricultural revolution more than 10,000 years ago. As someone who dabbles in farming, I can understand the theory that suggests the same season we discovered farming was the same season we added property lines and fences to protect the fruits and vegetables of our labor. The hunter-gatherer days were behind us from then on, and stock piling resources became the path to each family’s survival. Earning a wage to pay for food, or land, meant our lords were no longer nature itself, but other humans. And if animals wanted to eat our food, we’d just kill them. But if the animal IS food, we’d lock them up and help them multiply. Farming really showed off our true speciesism and the human population has exploded exponentially ever since.


But I have a new feeling humans made themselves separate long before we walled ourselves off and starting killing to protect. I recently heard an amazing idea that inspires and scares the hell out of me at the same time. That idea is de-evolution. As in, man’s fall from grace. This is where man decided he was separate from God, or the Life Force, or the Sun and the Earth if you will. Atheists can play along with this idea too. For man began saying, I can do this on my own. God is up there. I am down here. Mythical Adam and Eve are a common version of this story; two beings of light suddenly find themselves on Earth in human form, dense and material, a de-evolved version from their prior angelic, illuminated selves. And perhaps out of fear, or upset, they invented ego and declared, We got this. We don’t need God. We’ve got each other. We’ve got penises and vaginas and free will! Literally solidifying the humanness, digging us deeper into the density of our existence.


And in that moment, they forgot they were made of the same stuff as the stars, and all the basic elements of Earth. And we’ve been riding that wave as murderous, over-consuming, hoarders ever since.


Now, I’m not sure when and if there was one exact moment when that fall actually occurred. Was it centuries ago? The modern human is more than 100,000 years old after all. That’s a long time to co-exist with nature. Or maybe time is irrelevant and the fall from grace occurs in all of us every morning when we return to our heavy, rigid bodies from the expanded, weightless place we go in our sleep. Perhaps redemption is as easy as remembering that we are all beings of light; remarking at how each atom in us contains the very light that fuels creation itself. If this is remotely true and there is lightning to be harnessed within, then perhaps our modern story isn’t one of doom and gloom after all. We just need be the weightless wonder of sleep and awake at the same time.


Perhaps this kind of thinking is why I’ve had a headache. But having the headache gave me a great opportunity to test the theory that suffering and/or boredom in the modern world can end with the flip of an internal switch.


I returned to my fancy airplane seat, designed to stow lots of baggage, bottles and magazines, and I closed my eyes, relaxing my forehead where the migraine pressure was. From the darkness blinked and blipped lines and spots in and out of existence; fractals of light and various color patterns which appeared to be neither close nor far. The darkness of space that exists behind closed eyes offers little scale. Inner space may as well be outer space. At first, I think I’m looking into a vacant cavern where an active brain should be taking up residence, but I don’t ponder that thought for too long. I do my best to stop thinking altogether. I do this by first focusing on my breath. In and then out. In and then out. If my mind wanders I come back to the in and then out. Rinse and repeat. After only a few minutes I can focus on the stars and laser lines shining on the backs of my eyelids. I recall from an old Deepak Chopra meditation CD to use blue light as a healing energy. I focus my thoughts on two words, blue and light. With a relaxed body I watch, with my eyes closed, all the bright colors transform to blue. Almost instantaneously my headache starts to diminish. After a few more minutes in the presence of this magnificent light, my headache is gone. Magic. Then again, I did eat a homeopathic headache pill from off the floor of the airplane toilet.


My friend Jerry calls this doing, and anything related to Spirit, Yoga, or Veganism, Hocus-Pocus. It’s actually a good overall term for it because the benefits one receives from the practices don’t come from money, they come from the nature within us, or the divine, and that’s just plain magic in my journal. And feeling good without material want or need is proof that we ARE higher than we are led to believe. Humans aren’t a-holes by nature. A-holeness is a bi-product of a) not wanting to do the work, b) hoping that our money or weapons will do the heavy lifting for us, c) assuming we’re separate from each other, and d) making multiple choice lists.


I don’t really know what’s in store for the humans, but the outlook is… different. I wish I could say the outlook is grim, but I prefer to leave doomsday out of it. Regardless, every day we drill for more oil, kill for more resources, and blow people up just to get attention. We still build our homes of wood which we all know has to be replaced every 30-50 years, usually around the time you’ve paid off your mortgage. We still eat loads of genetically modified and chemically sprayed foods, and because anything from nature can’t be patented, our medicines are synthetic in order for the economy to be stimulated.


Sadly, I predict it’s only going to get worse before it gets better; that being the weather, wars, famine, poverty, you name it, which is why sustainability is the second best thing we can be studying right now. The first being cooperation. I enjoy dabbling in food production, energy and water harvesting, and tree planting. I like to imagine there are creatures hundreds of years from now napping under the shade of a tree I planted, drinking clean water I helped protect. I may be long gone from Earth, or maybe I’ll be reincarnated as that very creature, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll finally have a solid belief system by then. Or not. Beliefs don’t equal survival either. If anything, certainty of one’s beliefs only leads to bickering. (and that I am certain.) See any thread of online news comments, or even the comments to follow this lengthy labyrinth of an op-ed for proof. But whether I think my glass is half full or half empty, which varies almost daily, I’m just glad there’s still something in the glass to drink. I’ve got pills to swallow after all. And toasts to make.


To the a-holes!

May we not shit on each other.


Seymore Treeze

Posted with jet lag, ironically from the financial district, Beijing, China

  • Avatar of dcanmg
    dcanmg said ...

    It’s two years 4 months since I read this the 1st of many time re reading it. I am so intune to you like no one in this time & space. I feel your thoughts, joy and and the pains. Connected.
    Yours truely,
    Self sustainable Dee

  • Avatar of Dorine
    Dorine said ...

    First… I am loving it to read your journal. Thank you for sharing that.

    I believe that the reason for differences in humans, e.g. for caring, being consious of. …..
    lies in their own personal stage of evolution. Their consioussness, their obtained levels of feeling etc. Our Souls, us, we are not all of the same consioussness, we are different ages :-)

    Therefore the so called aholes cannot be blamed really. They have yet to learn / live their lives, their lessons of compassion, empathy, love etc. They are simply young Souls, still tuned to the dark, like we all have been. It is natural, god created it that way I guess.

    We can only try to make them consious or aware of things, I guess if that which you try to make aware of is too far from their inner core they will have a hard time to understand it or live it.

    The writer Jozef Rulof wrote many books about the beginning of the Cosmos, the circle of the Soul, Cosmology, diseases of the Soul, etc, 27 books in total. Actually he was a medium and the Masters from the other side wrote through him.

    The books are published under the name of the University of Christ. As they work top down I believe Christ asked the Masters to write these books.

    They are heavy study books but contain the truth as fas as I am concerned – have not read
    all yet – Eye opener!

  • Avatar of CarmenS
    CarmenS said ...

    A staple in your line of questioning is to work under the general assumption that whatever is thought to be hard to put a finger on will all get figured out. Mentioning a solidarity of thoughts and feelings is a smart move to move with and so worth illustrating. The benefits of fleshing that out comes in multiples.

    That articulating something good is worth investing energy into? That’s a good, sweet vibe to hold onto.

    Not just lip service.

    Much love,

  • Avatar of debbie.n.chan
    debbie.n.chan said ...

    Hi Jason! It is so refreshing to recognize a fellow soul group friend. I too, often ponder this Universe and what this density is all about. Of course it is not all in vain, but seeing it through our etheric eyes sure makes it interesting. Thank you for being! <3 <3 <3

  • Avatar of Krobin85
    Krobin85 said ...

    It seems that I never quite say what I am trying to say! I am so thankful for your explanation here. I know it, I believe, and I share it, but because I am not very eloquent with words, I am so thankful when I see other fans of our beloved Jason, posting messages to him about how to find the true peace he yearns for. It probably seems strange to some, considering I do not have a personally relationship with jason, yet I truly do care about him. Because I am a Christian, I can very clearly see Jason’s amazing gifts and talents as an assignment from our Creator, Jason’s PURPOSE! This coupled with his obvious Christian back ground, causes me much sadness because he is searching for answers in the wrong places, when he needs to stick to his roots by choosing to believe what history documents, and TRUST or have FAITH in the answers God didn’t necessarily what us to know until eternity, I mean that IS what Faith is Right? I pray pretty much on a daily basis, that Jason finds the truth, and I get to see him finally truly happy!

    Thank you for sharing ,

    God Bless you!

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    Not sure why my dear friend doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday, but…how about if I say it a couple days later? Happy Birth Day. It’s a blessing for every life’s birth and I do sincerely thanks God for the day you are born. Sorry to hear about the migraine. I never smoke nor take a drug and seldom drink, but still alive, here is my recommendation from my expertise. If understand this sexy toy, the iron bird, a bit more and live in the same tempo as hers, hopefully it’s better for next time flight. Eight actions for the aircraft: Taxi, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descent, Holding, Final Approach, and Landing. Regarding to the long-duration flight, don’t get oneself fainted too soon, but hold this tiring sense a bit longer till this aircraft’s movement on cruise. The aircraft takes the most time and most fuel efficient on the Cruise level which usually occurs between the height 36,000~42,000ft, the bottom stratosphere, (the step-up cruise could be from the height 31,000ft) and the commercial passenger flight air speed is at 475-500kts. Within this level, the aircraft control is relatively stable which means it’s at the constant airspeed, altitude, and the attitude as well as much less air turbulence, unless there is a sudden CAT (Clear Air Turbulence). In this level flight of cruise, the four forces on the aircraft are relative balance and steady as its definition: lift equals weight; thrust equals drag. Therefore, when the aircraft arrives this level is the time to start a preparation for a good sleep, keep oneself warm and cozy such as eating hot food/soup/water to circulate the blood to stomach, so naturally one becomes very sleepy. The long-duration psychology could make the passengers the deprivation, isolation and confinement and so maybe becomes the hardest thing to endure. The loneliness could be a depression and disappointing which there is a drive to surrender. The psychological aspect became as important as any physical aspect. However, I do believe what John Donne said, No Human Is an Island; see how we get connected in two far-away kingdoms. Or try to swallow and recall one’s name one more time to reflect all the graces and love always standing within one’s name which is well clarified from this my favorite animation – Spirited Away (this song is talking that one’s name is always with the one) Here is my practice to strengthen my mind against this sickness, first, rub two hands to warm and make them cover upon the closed eyes, and slowly touch the whole face each part, ears, nose, lip and the back head. Gently press the acupuncture points around the back of a neck. Talk to my own brain softly like a hypnosis as a solid foundation, “Thank you God and, I love you.” I then lie down in half, put on a mask to avoid the cool air’s dehydration or a child(ish) photograph, wrap myself into my scarf, and take off the shoes. I rejoice the true being in my name, k, scan this bird on fixed airfoils aileron flap elevator rudder fin slats spoilers trims 4 engines AoA 3 axes control 0.85Mach compressible flow 6DoFreedom, enter to the half-resting pose of savasana, and take one glance on the outside beautiful blue sky and wonder smiley if I am actually in the bottom of deep blue ocean sea like a mermaid? But I must be existed somewhere of this fluid, the sounds are synchronized fading away; yes. I am an unborn infant in the womb of Mother Nature, the web of the dream catcher then ultimately and lightly coming down when I close both my eyes, I know I am home, secured and comfortable.

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    Speaking of a manageable size, we may not be afraid of the darkness of a night when our eyes get used to this cloak of light ray, but shall be more conscious of other daylight haven’t yet come. To obey the customs and laws can be easily escape from the criticism or the belief of our obvious righteousness. But deep down, below the surface of my conscience, “There is something not right; no matter how much the rightness is supported by the public opinions. “ A voice is hardly ignored to be heard from my heart, even it’s a whispering. I don’t quite agree the term Slavery is right to be described in Myanmar or in other places of Asia. This word and the meaning behind are shaped by the particular time and space for the different religions, cultures, and political identities. So far based on my knowledge and the following information searching in Asia, these sensitive problems in Asia and in Myanmar could be properly described for a bit more precise terms as the forced labor, exploitation, human trafficking, for this kind of inhumane treatment, instead of saying the problem as a general called Slavery. However, I do personally proud of this action to awaken this problem and uncover them for the possibilities of diversified options. Good job! For any distinct big words such as freedom, I would rather to say this word when I learn the definition of this word which is well illustrated by Immanuel Kant from my perspective: (to make the 12 episodes interesting, guess in which episode there is a spiderman sitting in the class. The moral class from Harvard is a best birthday gift that a true friend can consider. haha. ) I like what Mr. Michael Sandel said, “Philosophy estranges people from the familiar, not by supplying new information but by inviting and provoking a new way of seeing but, and here’s the risk, once the familiar turns strange, it’s never quite the same again. Self knowledge is like lost innocence, however unsettling you find it; it can never be un-thought or un-known.” It’s a blessing to take a practice how to expand and enlarge the possibility of people’s horizon, so they can ask the right question that they never think or ask before.

    One thing didn’t happen before either; yes, congratulations and happy for all of you for the effectively legalized same-sex marriage in the Defense of Marriage Act and by August, it will be legal in California and also the availability of same-sex marriage in the US as a percentage of population will have more than doubled in the year span. Fyi, Buddhism is the first religion to witness God’s blessing on same-sex marriage. Again, congrats.

    A kind feedback: Everyone had the experience about the bad time on working day. An athenaeum nerd doesn’t like to watch online videos because of the bad quality but will check the official video clip occasionally. The video contains the sounds and images, the theme of a good clip could be remained but the sounds may include other good voices such as two beautiful girls’ instruments, Merritt’s elegant yet emotional violin string and Mona’s strong powerful percussion beat. ( please don’t torture my ears in other words. : ))) The images may focus on much more percentage on how to uncover the connection between the performances with every distinctive city/place/event/crowd. For example, many hutongs of the labyrinthine neighbourhoods of narrow alleys and traditional, one-storey courtyard are interesting history and humanity parts in Beijing. One more thing, I particularly like Bush’s rap to Song for A Friend and the Raining Jane’s voice, why not make them into the official videos? Good sounds shall be heard as well as a self-promotion for them.

    (If this response is readable, a theory coming from the novelist Mr. Murakami who said he only writes his novel in the early hours of a day; which means he submerges his works in the sunshine and possibly brings a light into his work. The creation of a daytime is totally different from the works of a night while the night shall be for a good rest and to feed our soul. However, in the spirit of trade for this response, I need to charge you… A big hug. : )

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    Self-discipline and the curiosity sent him to stay in the front of the library desk climbing the ladders of knowledge and also spent time on jobs; one typical office administration and the other is the teacher in school. Delivering his passion to his student is interesting, it’s important not that what he Covers in the piece of work, but what he Uncovers some matters. It’s fresh and exciting to uncover the patterns/ meanings of subjects and let the students join the process of Discover. A few months ago, one of his students, a teenager, happily told him that his chorus wins the competition by the song, Live in the Moment. “Great. You can do what teacher can’t do; it’s a good song, but do you know the meaning of live in the moment?” he asked. “hmm…it means live in the moment?” replied by his student with hesitated voice. “yes, it means go to do your ****ing homework right now.’ said his favorite teacher smiley who sincerely thanks the creator of this song that makes his student a day, and his. Luckily, he only needs to set his classroom to high (below 10 persons) instead of 1 million. The other relation he had with a lovely squirrel was relatively weird, but until she demonstrated how she handed her new lover on sacred land (brown) that some unfamiliar emotions occurred to him with one heart strike maybe, he thought the kindness is better not to disturb them but give the space and best wish; then logged himself out.

    He said it’s too bad there are stayed ten ways in his pocket to make fun on her; however, it’s not so bad because he is glad that at least his squirrel got the way out from the forest. Originally the reason he said the word spilt is he hopes everyone lives from their nature, don’t compel; it works when one does as what he loves to do. This is a story happened to my friend one month ago. One thing is certain that everything comes to our life is in good and love, even sometimes it isn’t on the surface, it just because it haven’t been realized in a bigger puzzle. So, we need to spend a few minutes looking back just to appreciate how much has been achieved and that gives us the insight and confidence to move forward. Looking back, through the actions that have been done, already they feel like ancient history, and together we have gone through a huge “adjustment”. We have been helping each other at the same time as we have been adjusting ourselves. Thank you again for the tree-planting project made me realize my lacking knowledge of nature, so join a botanic class and planted dozens different botanical pots on the 10th floor balcony in a rectangle space (1 times 3 ms). This later attracts one couple of doves, wild creature, decided to hatch their baby here this spring: two eggs and only one is hatched, and at the moment, this beautiful yet fragile baby dove is healthy and energetic with her fabulous noises every morning and this may could be called a tiny miracle in the giant concrete city jungle. Nature shows me how an eco-system can be developed with these bio-diverse plants in my small place. And, it’s my responsibility to purify this little buddy’s messy shit on the ground (in a big carton), keep her home warm and clean, give an umbrella during the pouring rain and also protect this peace from my landlord. Of course, it’s the initial stage of plants; sadly saying that two pots plants are dead and recycled by Nature. This process suggests don’t trade. Trade eventually recognizes the hollowness at the core of the disillusionment. One thing I learn from this botanic class is to grow up the matters. Grow up the matter of a pot plant; when the weather is hot, water them two times carefully every day and take care of them to avoid the insects’ damage. By simply doing so, they show me how to live – how the only barometer I have in my heart. How, when I spot my plant and I can’t let anything get in my way. It doesn’t matter if my plant needs to contribute the food for me, but it matters that if I have the ability to Give, to Share and to Love. I am what I love, not what loves me. It presents no big words, no big characters or sensationalizing in the story but my lively plants be existed as God’s miracles. I couldn’t help but wonder that the reason it matters to care and focus on something as the one and only and irreplaceable; the world can be down to a more manageable size, though the other considerable size from Mother Nature’s eye is a miracle too.

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    “All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated…As therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come: so this bell calls us all: but how much more me, who am brought so near the door by this sickness….No man is an island, entire of itself…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” – John Donne 1572-1631

    This is an old man at a slow-paced life, Mr. at-least, who usually gets up at 5 and goes to bed at 10; loves the tea-drinking, talks to trees regularly, plays chess, reads books, and doesn’t know who is Justin Bieber, watching himself in the reflection of mirror at clock 4 when no one haven’t be awake. He looked at himself quietly, first, he would like to say thank you. Thanks his friend(trouble!) shaking his shoulders for the leading pressuring questions which silent him while his message hasn’t been organized and also have made him to lose the weight in a ” win-win” situation. Here is the way how his brain works when he is not sure how it works: Sense, Associate, Dig, and try to connect one key concentration with other spreading hierarchy like a spidergram. Draw a phrase in the center, each spider’s leg connects to a related idea and set up his own rule; no doubt the existence of an unreal, subject space of one’s brain, but personally he is not assured of the existence of a real, objective space. All the senses reveal only a subjective world to and all people can do is to think and possibly mean that therefore we can conclude the existence of an objective world.

    Even he studies the physics and engineering; he sometimes feels the dangers of objective theory which is from every subjective threads of people’s mind. Therefore, he doesn’t quite jump it into the sentence or speak immediately when his senses show up, but keep them for a while and examine them by his own senses through eyes, ears, tongue, hands and his deficient heart. “Even if one establishes the correctness of the theory with the observations, hence through the senses, which seem to lead to the same conclusion, does that mean the proof has been given?” well said by M. C. Escher. He knows his nature of limitation and fragility, so if a conclusion needs to be convinced, he at least tries it first physically and executes the walking under his own feet. No matter how great one’s inspiration, all ideas should be considered assumptions, because it is only after being tested in the real world that their potential to become clearer. If it works out, he thinks that this might have a bit value to share. It’s like to share a piece of yummy cookie, he must have tasted it before, and make sure, okay this is a real delicious one to share with. So needless to say, this is the time-consuming process, but once going through it, the truth comes a bit clear. Sometimes, he was misunderstood, but maybe it’s because of this sort of experience, so one can make his own difference from others and sustain one’s individuality that observing the same scenery from different angle. And of course, most of his spare time, he doesn’t quite use his brain, but walks by the river side, watching the river’s floating or listening and sewing himself into this light blue beautiful sky. A small intimate happiness to the moment.

  • Avatar of AshleyParks
    AshleyParks said ...

    This was so inspiring. YOU are so inspiring. You reminded me that we’re always only one breath away from getting back to the light, even if we think our ego (or our suffering) has overtaken us permanently. You’re a truly phenomenal story-teller, writer and thinker. I smiled the whole time I read this and it got me excited to start back up some abandoned spiritual practices. So glad I found the community.

  • Avatar of songpak3000
    songpak3000 said ...

    Hey there Jason Mraz. I just wanted throw in my 2 cents to this. I have been following you for quite a while now since “Waiting for My Rocket to Come.” First of all, I want to thank you for being you, and not being afraid to express all that you are. I respect you for being an innovator in music and choosing to not sell out to the current trends in the music industry. Your music is real and it touches the human heart. You are truly a one in a million and we do need more musicians like you. I also am a musician, singer and help out with “Worship music” at my local church. We reach out to the homeless people every Sunday and help them to connect with their Creator. I know we all have our own beliefs especially with this post-modern culture where there are no moral absolutes. Popular beliefs such as “all paths lead to God” seems quite accepting and loving. However, we must realize that there is only one way to God.

    John 14:6
    6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    I am sure you have read the Bible, and have been practicing some of the New Age, yoga concepts into your life, considering you are naturally inclined to the nature/earth and craving for the deeper things in life through spirituality.

    Sorry if I am coming off strong or even “preachy”, but Jesus only made one way to the Father. If Jesus was so “loving” He would have said that as long as you are good or practice any religion, you can be accepted into my Kingdom. However, Jesus said “Wide is the road to destruction, and narrow is the path to righteousness and only a few find it.” You see, we have created a wide system of beliefs, ideas, and religions to fit our liking. It’s almost like a customizable God we create in our image. That is making an idol for ourselves. We did not create God. God created us. So of course, we as “dust of the earth” must simply acknowledge our Maker/Creator and humbly bow at His feet. He alone is worthy of all glory and honor.

    Lucifer, one of the 3 angels in heaven, was created with unsurpassing glory. He was made with precious jewels and instruments, and was in charge of leading the angelic host to worship God. However, he thought in his own heart that He could be like God. He wanted to be the one on the throne. His pride led him and a third of the angels to fall out of the presence of God in heaven, and God cast them to the earth.

    The story gets very deep and complicating, and has even scholars and theologians questioning the motive and reason of why God even allowed them to fall to earth. In the end, God gave angels and humans free will. He wanted to test us to see if we would follow Him. And of course because of our sinful nature, we chose to disobey God. We have inherited sin, from the fall of Mankind, through Adam and Eve.

    The Good News (Gospel) is that God sent His one and only Son, to die for our sins, to take the punishment for us so that we would not have to suffer all the consequences which lead to eternal death in hell.

    Jesus loved us and died for us, while we were sinners. It’s like you choosing to love your wife or girlfriend, even if she cheated on you. Even if she murdered you, you would still choose to love her. How can anybody have that kind of love? Most people in this world are selfish and do not care for our neighbors.

    Sorry, for the long and wordy explanation. Basically, all I am hoping and praying for is that one day, you will be able to repent and put your trust fully in Jesus Christ. He loves you brother, and He has chosen you as an instrument of grace to help bring love to this broken and sinful world. But let us not mix Christianity with other religions. Sure other religions may have bits and pieces of truth, but so does the Satan masquarade himself as an “angel of light.” Apostle Paul warned the early Christians to not be deceived by false gospels, false teachers, and false prophets. We have a lot of so called prophets today. Most are just imitations that look like the real thing.

    Whatever, your stance, I promise to keep you in prayer for the rest of my life. :)

    Much love, and hope to see you here or there.

    Bro Song Pak

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    desertblossom said ...

    Jason- I fucking did it. Love love love that song. And your blog. MUAH.

  • Avatar of MyspaceGirl
    MyspaceGirl said ...

    I love you. Your blots used to be like life support tor me. I miss you so much still <3

  • <3

  • Avatar of getsuga.tensho

    Morocco, man! Morocco!
    when we’re going to see you here?
    we’re all dying here, we need you man! com’oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!
    I’ll give ten years of my life (if they have any value) just to see you man!

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    Ha! So you are the guy who does strange things in the sky…

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    I want to see ANY artist working today do an impromptu with his fans like Jason Mraz did in shimdoric’s youtube video. It don’t get no bettah!


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    Krobin85 said ...

    God said ” I Am the Alpha and the Amega” as our Creator He knew the physical world and the humans he created would evolve, he didn’t make puppets and direct them to do His Will, He just asks that we seek His will. Ultimately, it’s up to us to seek His will and live our lives obedient to Him , and He promises to bless us. If we do. That’s it!!! It’s very simple!!! We all must do our part in this life, because that is Gods will for us, and that’s what is wrong with this world!!!!!!!! As discouraging as it can be, we must do our small parts, and pray for one another, and help our neighbors!

    Much love Jason,
    Kathy R

  • Avatar of angela101
    angela101 said ...

    My first reply ever.
    Thank-you for the music and that other unnamable need I have that is fulfilled by your music, words, writing. Thank-you for sharing yourself with us.

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    dear friend,

    always a pleasure to read your wonderfully written thoughts and ideas – thanks for posting. :)

    gentle jason, you are a human who can see a bit of the divine, and this duality makes living here on earth more difficult than “normal.” ignorance truly is bliss sometimes.

    as you know, the potential of humanity is astounding. and what is finally written of us remains to be seen. fortunately, individuals such as yourself (and there ARE others) are relentless, just as the darkness is. inevitably, light will prevail with or without us humans. problem is, the timetable is indiscernable to us and that’s challenging at times.

    you said it beautifully…”Perhaps redemption is as easy as remembering,” (here i would add: and for some ppl, realizing), “that we are all beings of light; remarking at how each atom in us contains the very light that fuels creation itself.”

    you ARE handsome. but, it has nothing to do with lavatory lighting.

    much love, brother.

  • Avatar of EvaHassine
    EvaHassine said ...

    Thank you Jason ; and again there is just one mind…

    You see what you think, so I just got up from an experience of headache after a yin-yoga class topic liver.

    I might sit and meditate now to ground all of these thoughtforms. Me having pain, anybody having pain, even Jason mraz having pain ( :) ) , you beautiful people singing songs in Myanmar and this big destruction dream of the ego. Ah.
    It really hurts if I dont tell myself every second that I am Light.

    Oh and please: have you heard or even read the books of “Anastasia- daughter of the Taiga” by Wladimir Megre ? It’s such a living power in Russia , super beautiful and very potential movement!

    You might connect with her when you go there. It’s about bringing pardise back to earth.

    Beautiful earthy days whereever you go,

    Love and Peace Eva

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...


    Seymore Treeze gives in to sleaze. Too many negative associations to be funny.

    Love anyway,


  • Avatar of Single-Handedly

    Mraz-clan (& Jason M. in particular)

    Ahhhh China. How stunningly appropriate (ironic, poetic) that you wrote this from Beijing. I hope you brought your mask and some allergy meds along with your homeopathic migraine meds and a knife to help you cut through the smog to the other side of the street. China is the perfect allegory for the tale you just wove for us. China is humanity amplified in every way. While in China (numerous times) I saw daily the stunningly good juxtaposed with all that is ‘wrong’ with humanity and all up close without all the convenient filters we are provided here in the West. China offers this smorgasbord of people ‘at play in the fields of the Lord’ ala carte without the sanitizing saran wrap of the West…Raw, pure good and also raw ‘bad’ and all the pain that goes with it. They don’t protect nor shield our eyes from the dirt in China like they do here in the Good Ol’ USA. This is why I love China and carry a bit of Her with me – so I never forget how beautiful AND how messy/dirty life is.
    Now I’ve traveled all over the Blue/Green and I’ve been in both the glossy places and the most basic ‘rocks are hard, water’s wet’, dirt floor places. While I haven’t seen it all, I’d say I have an educated perspective which I’ve used to shape my love of my home here in the USA. I think of her like my buddy, Ben Taylor’s song ‘America’ – she’s a beautiful woman whose seen hard times; she’s got scars and lines but she’s still so fine…
    All saran wrap aside, there is indeed something the Westernized/homogenized world still brings to the table and is valuable. For lack of a better word I will call it Eyes-Wide-Open-Spirit-Duality. (Duality (n): The quantum-mechanical property of being regardable as both a wave and a particle. *Thus many of us ‘get it’ about being both a part of the problem and conversely a pivotal part of the potential solution. And yes, some of us get migraines from pondering the weight of this knowledge.
    We bring our world-embracing approach, our hands joined, We Are The World, naïve-as-a-baby-lamb-on-a-Spring-Day-ness, our everything is gonna be ok-ness to the table and this (contrary to popular belief) is a good and valuable contribution. China has the wisdom of age, and the West has the spirit and verve of youth.
    Yes, the West is materialistic and too fast and focused on the outer. But we also have our love of democracy, and our willingness to integrate into our psyches what it means to be a ‘democratic human being’ (someone who has self-authority and self-determination as opposed to being dependent on an outer authority like they must in China). We get to choose our own way and more and more of us are choosing Awake rather than Asleep. I feel this is very good news for the World as a Hole (oops! I meant as a Whole).
    Our survival hinges on our diversity and our dance with our differences. West-residing-folks are more open to the idea of there being more than just one way of searching. Our form of spirituality leans more towards diversity and the democracy of the Not-Only-On-Sunday-Searching. We are growing Up and are beginning to see the wisdom and necessity of i-n-t-e-g-r-a-t-i-o-n. To live a Whole Life (rather than a Hole Life) you must integrate the searching it into and across your whole life.
    The mess is undeniable, but there is something of the caterpillar and butterfly here worth mentioning. Unlike people, caterpillars don’t have a choice to stay caterpillars all their lives. With caterpillars metamorphosis is mandatory; transformation is non-negotiable. For the caterpillar this means at the end of the day growing into a larger, more evolved version of oneself is what must be undertaken…and this type of transformative process is usually not very comfortable.
    As humans we get more of a choice about how much we will grow (past the usual things like being born, growing up, growing old, getting sick and well)…and choice is the double-edged sword we must live with. Choosing to grow, to reach out, to extend ourselves past our caterpiller-ness to reach our butterfly-ness means electing to experience the discomfort of the chrysalis in order to become all we might in this life. However, electing not to grow, choosing not to look Life right in the eyes has a different sort of price tag.
    It takes courage to embrace the ‘death’ of our caterpillar-self…it requires a “leap and the net will appear” type of faith because you don’t really know where you will end up or exactly what ‘butterfly’ you will become. And what happens inside a chrysalis anyway? What mysteries await us inside the cocoon? I believe new parts of ourselves are revealed to us when we bravely turn inward and begin self-reconstruction; this spiritual labor can catalyze changes in the way we perceive the world around us. If we have guts enough to go in and do the work then we are rewarded when we emerge as the butterfly with wings and also ‘new eyes’ to view the world around us.
    Metanoia: The term derives from the Ancient Greek words μετά (metá) (meaning “beyond” or “after”) and νόος (noeō) (meaning “perception” or “understanding” or “mind”). The caterpillar inches her way along with a view up through the leaves towards the sky…but her location limits her view of the bigger picture. The butterfly having transcended the ‘ground’ has a view from the air which gives increased perspective of the big picture. What the butterfly sees from the sky looking down is ‘beyond the understanding’ of the caterpillar.
    We modern day Caterpillars are members of a New Tribe (almost daily I come here to visit this Love Tribe – this Caterpillar Tribe because so many are right here among these 18,000+ people) who are open and willing to do the work. We are not satisfied with our rolly-polly caterpillar-ness and instead bravely seek our lighter-than-air, flight prone butterfly-selves.
    In the end, (I believe) there is HOPE…even as I look out of my rolly-polly caterpillar eyes and all I can see is up through the grass at problems which appear far too large for me from where I stand. Yet something within me which I have no words for- senses my butterfly-ness. So I slink onward in hopeful-believing – and in spite of the present evidence – that somehow I can and will transcend the ground – we all will.
    Some would say the West is the caterpillar and China is the butterfly…but I’m not so sure about that. Ah duality.
    Kiss China for me, Jason. Drink Her in – see her goodness hidden behind the ‘smog’. She will show you beauty and give you gifts to share with the world.
    In-Joy and Gratitude,
    (PS – and call Erik Weihenmayer when you get home. He really wants to talk with you about August. Diane has all his contact info. Xo)

  • Avatar of divinitymtg
    divinitymtg said ...

    I truly enjoying reading your journal and the topics are always an eye opener so to speak. If each of us would take a part in the actions of our god given talents instead of just speaking as if we are doing something to help with just the words the world would be a much better place because everyone would be doing their part in helping others and giving back their time to whatever they are gifted with. One person at a time can make a change in such a fashion that others follow when they see the works in place and this I feel has helped many step up to the plate to be the difference in their actions. Words never are a waste but statements without actions are. For those that pretend to care but never do anything to make a change are the very ones that are usually the cause because they speak for or against but they never do anything about it.

    As far as the things that fall to the earth and are then dirty is not so true if it was then children would be sick and dying every day. Especially those little ones that eat dirty by the handfuls. My point is that the very things that come from the earth grow and thrive in the dirt of the earth. We have dirt in the air we breath and even in the water we drink if you think about it hard enough you can find dirt in other forms as well. The stomach acid kills many things if you read about what types of things are destroyed in the stomach you would be in awe at the thought alone. I say that same thing when something falls to the floor I wash it and consume it knowing God did not intend for us to be sick.

    On the topic of headaches and migraines I have learned over the years that this is something I had a problem with from something happening to me that messed up my C 4 and 5 of my neck and also my lumbar area. I would and still do get these unbearable pains that can put me out for a few hours to a few days. When your body is not aligned properly with the many factors of keeping healthy you can find all sort of aliments happening. For one not eating right you could become nauseous because the stomach acid has nothing to dissolve and therefore causes problems that could turn to a headache as well. Not exercising causes the joints to tense up and the muscles not being used can cause strain or injure over time. But most of all is posture if we sit or stand for long periods of time without taking breaks and moving the nerves could get pinched or the bones could be out of alignment from the pressure of weight in a particular activity. I found that the alignment of each of these things all play a very important part in my over all health and keeping from getting headaches or migraines.

    To finish with a final note so many people don’t realize what we put in to our bodies is very important and that goes for our words and thoughts alike. When you allow negative words and thoughts against yourself and others this blocks you from so much more we need to realize the more we waste time worrying about someone elses dirty deeds and actions is time we have wasted on ourselves that we could have been positive and productive with instead. So many people waste time hating and finding faults within others when they have faults within themselves. They can talk and be angry against another but to a fault of their own in the end because if they were positive and took action for the good they would actually be a happier person in the end of each and every day. I promise this is very true if you have unconditional love and accept everyone around you for who they are you wont have a worry in the world of what others are doing because you are actually doing something for others and yourself. Give back of our talents and we reap delight and joy from everything positive within the world. Sure we can fall into self pity or negative thoughts but in time if you make these changes slowly with positive actions you will discover a whole world out there you never knew existed because you were wasting your time and energy on someone or something you could not change. Change comes from within our selves for the greater good and shines out to all those around us in time.

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    As close to laying out the blanket while watching the stars, pondering and sharing thoughts with a beloved one who’s open; thanks it’s all I ever wanted. SO, even though your blog is “not really a conversation to me,” I’ll make it mine (pun intended) and converse with you telepathically or Para graphically (just pretend it’s a word).

    Magic Phrase: – I’m so keen on using a quick prayer before driving, and the ending tagline changes almost everyday (I let the rhyme become my theme of the day). What I haven’t done is pray in gratitude over my food as often as I eat or drink. I’ve read that the power of gratitude/intent can make a whopper into nutrients found in an organic salad. I don’t usually test this out, but when left with few options, I do just that. I remember being fascinated as a child, hearing about a study done on kids who ate healthy food group meals vs. a poor child living on rice and beans everyday. The doctors were surprised to learn that the poor kids had healthy teeth and excellent health while the upper class kids were inferior to them. I figured it was the fact that prayer is heavily used at the table as well as seeing Jesus on your wall or candle. If that’s the case then doom can be averted with loving intention, even with the Monsanto massacre to our crops. Can it be like prayers who heal the sick, or prayers that change the molecular structure of water to the intention you give it? A dirty pill on a toilet seat, placebo or prescription drugs are no matter, but it’s faster for our human brains to accept physical help, thus achieving intention to feel good.

    Food Keyed to Money: I answer D. Yup, you said it all. We are scared of not having (or not having enough in the case of some corporations/elites who wish to herd us into our pens); this is what causes war or equally greed. As Deepak whispered in my ear conveniently this week “that this does not happen in nature, there is no such thing as hording.” For the Ego readers a squirrel is just in-tuned with the changes of seasons, and the dog who buried a bone haa well what dog doesn’t like to bury any kind of bone for gratification (wink). For me I think of a tree who drops its fruit, besides have you ever seen a wild animal or cat pile up dead animals for a snack later?

    Lavatory Lights-I don’t have the same luck with those mirrors, I always feel “hey, yeah, I’ll saunter the isle,” only to walk in & look and think or “where’s that damn plastic bag with my 4ounces of cosmetics!” Only joking, I’m learning to accept it.

    Stars & Lightning: Some of my most profound transcendence dream (dream may not be the right word) experiences included these two words. I saw myself illuminated like the color of moonlight fully bright completely naked and so beautiful that even I gasped and wept to see my true being. I even looked like I do now. Usually in dreams I don’t get to look right at myself so closely (it’s usually a knowing “it’s me,” in my dreams even if I don’t look anything like me in reality) but I could see the heavenly beauty I am . . . and in this world of plastic surgery and airbrushed magazines this is hard for anyone to admit openly that you are perfectly designed. As for lightning, so recent in my “night school” dream academy did I learn I am harnessing my power if only I trust it was given freely to me and that I am protected.

    So as crazy as this may sound to someone who doesn’t see symbolic gifts leading your way, I can understand and I sympathize because life lessons are so much harder to see the gift/reason for the malaise. True story (few weeks back) dreamt lighting, water pouring in home through cracks and my feet where soaked in white water soggy carpet hearing a cry in the distance, and I was not worried I knew I could survive it was only temporary. Same morning I hear my mother might have cancer, and later mold re-appears on my wall again after only living here for 5 months. What would you do? Cry & get angry that you have to deal with too much (yeah, it’s valid). Fear that you’ll not find a place as reasonable, and how to pack up again with three kids by yourself with limited budget and toxic space that your leased locked into with profit loving property management (of course that’s awfully tough).

    In the past I would’ve gotten very ill and rolled into a pill bug, hoping someone would flick me off the sidewalk. Thankfully through love and forgiveness and trusting God had better things in mind for me (or I wouldn’t have been shown the dream) I thought, this is my chance out of this hell hole. Time for my mom always a master of positive thinking, must finally learn to trust in her power not just an outside power (harnessing lightning) and I must prove mine. So, I sent her energy from a distance, something I told her I feel I could do, and only now did she accept my trying(my hands are on fire I as type this) and she felt it and it snapped her out a bit and she started paying attention to all the symbolic messages slapping her in her face (her biopsy was moved to an address of 111, nature was appearing and so much more) she doesn’t have cancer but only light… now harnessed. ME?? I was on my way to the post office to certify a letter stating I will not accept topical treatments and to release me of my lease or move me to a better residence . . . when my friend stopped my car and asked where I was going. After telling her she said “I just bought a house in your old town, with a house in the back want to rent it?” I go home and my neighbors tell me their moving out, but they noticed a crew in my place earlier that day. I told them about the mold. “Oh, I’m sorry we thought they fixed that with the last tenant!” They give me the old tenant’s email we talk and I’m now armed and I get my lease released. Next day, my friend’s husband calls me “take the bigger house I just need the cottage to sleep once a week on my meeting days.” DID THEY JUST BUY A HOUSE so I could rent it. It’s a tad more rent, but it will come . . .how I don’t know logically just internally.

    Now, a few hours earlier today I received a call from my apts asking me what type of flooring I have in my model. My heart chakra grew wide and heavy. I said “you know my apt has a very bad a mold problem and it should be treated properly not rented.” “Oh!” she replied, “but what kind of flooring.” I hung up heavy in the heart, I can’t let this happen. “What shall you have me do God?” I know there are no coincidences only divine planning. I’m home from work I see a young lady and mother speaking with the apt sales lady in front of my place. Finally the sales rep leaves and of course their alone. I invite them in to show them what they’re up against. The mom is highly allergic in fact she felt it as she walked in, she was hospitalized before with this. We hug and instantly love each other; they’re family just like that. I’d kick ass for them truly. We acknowledge the divine timing. Her daughter’s an opera singer, my 10 year old boys wish of becoming; we’ll be in touch.

    We are magic he said, but don’t ever it let it go to your head . . . only your heart.
    Ps. sorry you fell asleep on the blanket next to me, waiting for your turn to speak and yes, you farted while snoring in your corse pose.

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    “The future isn’t written. Not yet” sang someone who has inspired others to believe this and sing it every day with him. ;-)

    The most pure lotus comes out of the darkest, nastiest mud.

    Would like to share a quote from Daisaku Ikeda, I get incredible encouragement from his writings:

    “Buddhism holds that everything is in constant flux. Thus the question is whether we are to accept change passively and be swept away by it or whether we are to take the lead and create positive changes on our own initiative. While conservatism and self-protection might be likened to winter, night, and death, the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize ideals evokes images of spring, morning, and birth.”

    and this one too:

    “A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.”

    When we change, our environment changes. And it all starts in the heart. :-)

    Peace-IN/OUT and Namaste

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    This is a gentle monster of a post. And it’s marvelous!

    I get headaches, too. Sometimes migraines; but often just really rough headaches. I feel some shame about them…as if being headache-abundant somehow means I’m lacking somewhere else. Like I’m being a bad vegan. Or I’m not hydrating enough. Or I let my job matter too much. Or I’m not practicing enough trigger-point therapy on my left sternocleidomastoid (which is probably the truest truth). And of course, in the end, it just means I’m making my headaches. I’ve read that those of us with prominent Virgo in our charts are more headache-prone. Something to do with internalization, I’m sure. Ah, well, I suppose I was just empathizing, ultimately, in this long-winded me-me-me paragraph.

    Studies on peace & wartime have found that we’re in the midst of an exceptionally peaceful time in our history. It’s a surprising fact considering how much blood is shed worldwide each day. And, even while we’re in this impressive place in our history, we seem to be, as you’ve pointed out, heading somewhere…bleak. And lonely. I wonder if the human race will be at all like a prairie wildfire– blowing naturally through the grasses, obliterating everything to spur new growth. Maybe that’s naive. Maybe I just want all this destruction to have meaning. For us to somehow, someday, burn ourselves pure.

  • Avatar of y3maxx
    y3maxx said ...

    “”Now, I’m not sure when and if there was one exact moment when that fall actually occurred.”"

    “”Sadly, I predict it’s only going to get worse before it gets better”"


    Things will change when Generational thinkers like yourself, freaking, finally realize how stupid you’ve been publically supporting Corrupted Washington Political System….while out of the other side of your mouth you spew this Supposed Critique and Enlightenment of the state of Human Greed.

    Grow up and stand up for your Generattion instead of making money thru your Ponzie Facade.

    Max Teichman

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    We can do our best, like you. Spread the word, set the example. What we are has been evolving for many millions of years. In the end, humankind will adapt rather than perish all together. But adaptation is likely a painful process, and I’d rather put if off as long as possible. Enjoy China.

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    Brother love, best. Post. Ever.

    I read this in one big inhale, the words coming in fast and clear!

    I just blogged this morning about a house I walk by regularly – the man who lives in the house is an architect who built the house to be energy efficient. I hadn’t even noticed anything about it other than the fact that he had these amazing smelling jasmine vines in the front that always filled my senses with wonder. And yet there he was awake and in action and living cooperatively with the earth.

    I refuse to hold space for anything other than the reality that we will change this and are changing this. That in and of itself is a commitment. We drive ourselves and are driven by the possibilities we allow to take root in us. Manifesting global change is like manifesting your dreams – you commit to it and let nothing talk you out of it. You stay the course even when the landscape appears discouraging. Appearances can change. It’s all light after all. So, I hold to the assumption, that if more of us are committed at heart to being the change, that will tip the scale in the favor of a cooperative conscious relationship with the earth and with each other.

    I also think we have to shine the light on human beings who *are* committed everyday to that change. The more and more people have a reference for what the desired change looks like, the more they can step into it. At least that’s the vision I’m allowing to steer me. People are either forced into change, or they are inspired into it. I think we have it in us to inspire each other into the changes we want to see projected globally. If we fear a dire future, we are contributing to its creation. If we commit to a bright future and be the vehicle through which that brighter future enters, then we are allowing *that* manifestation.

    So I choose to commit to a vision of a changed world, a changed humanity, a new earth with a new type of human – one that is awake to its divinity and connection to all life. I know it can be so. I know it, because there are already humans who are being it.

  • J’aime vous lire, toujours avec des vérités profonde et une prose hors du commun.Cela dit il faut que les gens ce réveillent et réalise que le changement est arrivé pour une vie meilleur et plus saine !!!!

    Namaste __ Jason __

  • Jason…Perhaps the magical elements from the floor of the latrine combined with your pain reliever brought you such profound insight into the plight of us mere mortals… but I think not. Instead, you voice the fears that we all have deep down in our hearts. What will become of us, and those that come after us? What the hell are we doing to ourselves and our beloved earth? How do we stop the madness when we all we really want is another cheeseburger, simply because that’s what we’re used to.

    It’s enough to give anyone a headache. Mother Teresa said if you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one. In the same light, if we can’t stop the madness altogether, just take one step at a time. Plant the tree, buy organic, grow your own “victory garden”, take a bus, be kind to a stranger. Take back the future from the mad wizards of war. It can be done. Your music makes a difference. It brings the monsters out from under the bed and into the kitchen for tea. Not so scary. Not so mean. We can all deal with them. We just need to give up the path of least resistance and forego the cheeseburger.

    Your music has in many ways changed my life, and in return I am able to change others. The ripple effect. Gratitude for you and all you do.


  • Avatar of circlegame
    circlegame said ...

    Well I suppose it might at times feel as if we are not continuing to evolve. Some 4 yr olds do not understand that although they know how to cross the street they cannot do so on their own. Perhaps we are kids. We move away from the Life Force …and then we find our way back. So many choices and possibilities. What if . . . All the smiles we shared came back to us in another life time? . . . What if when we pass on before we’re reincarnated again, what if … we relived everything we did in this life time but itemized into groups so that you would redo all your yoga classes all at once! And then all your blogging was done from start to finish before moving onto touring? Or would you like to go directly to sex? . . . That takes a lot of energy. You are going to need your Life Force! … Tickles for wiggling toes! Soft kisses taking away some woes

  • Avatar of kimamckinney
    kimamckinney said ...

    I was just watching Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess at Chicago Charter One Pavillion from 2009 on TV. So I decided to google you and came upon this website and this journal and I am cracking up here. I particularly love the line “Perhaps this kind of thinking is why I’ve had a headache. But having the headache gave me a great opportunity to test the theory that suffering and/or boredom in the modern world can end with the flip of an internal switch.” I feel ya’ here totally. You are such a cutie pie and watching and listening to you makes my heart happy. You are a true pleasure in this life, on this planet at this time and I dig your gift. Thanks for the present. I live in Carlsbad and know that you are pretty much a neighbor. I hope I run into you someday. I would love it. You would love it too!

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Was that ONE and ONLY homeopathic headache pill you had on that flight, J???

    There was none stashed in your carry on???


    I’m impressed :)

    Kind regards,

    Ima Pisser


  • Avatar of MaggieMay13
    MaggieMay13 said ...

    Thanks for making me smile and think.
    Dirt is different from germs. I would have flushed that headache remedy once it hit the floor.
    Influenza. Norovirus. MRSA.

    Wash Your Hands,
    Justin Kase

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    God is within, it is the hand that help, the ear that listen and the heart that serve.

    I am so sad to see that you had a migraine and happy that it got resolve drink plenty and rest. It is not easy to see people suffer we feel at times helpless and would love to help the whole world but so much can be done in one day or a life time.

    We all have to pay taxes, rent, utilities and there is nothing left to eat very sad, humans behave like animals and we have all the skills to help each other.

    We focus on the wrong direction money is paper, we hurt each other in the name of wealth. Being poor is negative and if your bank account is low you are in trouble, you are a disease to society.

    You bring so much hope Jason into peoples heart that it cannot get worse, i won’t give up, is the only thing we have, we have to believe that we are made to be strong no matter what comes ahead.

    Have a safe trip to Asia and eat well. Love Lucie

  • Avatar of tony.gilio.5
    tony.gilio.5 said ...

    Hey People,

    I am alive. Whoever is reading this, you are alive as well. Be alive.

    As for you Jason…I think you hit it head on with the we are all created from the stars point. I feel like that might be a rooting point. I have no reason to thank you, but I am grateful that you exist, thank you for “fueling my motor” (poor choice of words) and sparking me with new life once again. (and it is not the first time)
    It is funny because more often then not we are on a very same wavelength, thinking about very similar ideals and probably going through similar things, thematically at least.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Human beings: one of the living species on earth, not the superior one

    Evolution: circular, not linear

    “Devolution”: a story somebody made up

    All species and substances are equal to God/the creative force/the universe. It loves us all and prefers not one in particular. It destroys and creates indiscriminately because that is what it does.

    We have always been and will ever be as we are, and it is for God to know why and for us to accept that we never will, but will always keep trying to because that is what we do.

    Embrace your humanness, or as you put it, your a-holishness. We all share the same potential for baseness and greatness.


  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Ignorance is bliss? I’ve heard a lot recently about intelligence and depression. I have to reread this whole thing, amazing you shared so much with a migraine. I could feel your pain with the hair description, sending lots of Luc and the Lovingtons style healing love your way.

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    1sky said ...

    Amrazing Jason… very metaphorical. In coarse-grain composition, as the quasiclassical realm continues to increase, most humans do get a conscious choice every wakening. Not all such as us will evolve to make the world a better place. But, for those that do, God knows who they are so don’t worry your pretty little head. You are an amazing example of light and my reception is unlimited, Thank you ~ keep looking up <3