Happy New You.

January 1, 2013

Suddenly all time and space feel as if they’ve collided with you; something new.


You are the future; and each step I take awake in 13 seems no different from those I make in my dreams.


Every moment I am deeper in this dreaming, believing it’s reality I am seeing.


No longer is the dream outside of me. Everything is and lives as and within every part of me.


I am grateful to be alive; grateful to have spun around the sun once again and won in wanting this fragile flesh to survive.


I am grateful for what I learn; having this brain, body, and ego kicked; many times burned.


I am solid in the heart; awake to new love and new ideas; anxious to start.


I am reliable, pliable, and strong; designed to be hard working, poetic and of song.


I am everything I ever dreamed I’d be; the ‘wondering if’ is now true.

I bow in awe and gratitude; as well as in service. Happy New You.



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    mrazfan55555 said ...

    Hopefully this is a foreshadowing to Happy Endings finally coming out?!… one of many songs that took my breath away November 2008 at the Paramount in Seattle.

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    K.T. said ...

    Not sure if the long walk or the freezing weather weakened my immune system, the other morning when the sunlight woke me up, I found myself in a heat. I looked out to the window, the white frost spreading widely upon the roof and it was hushed in dorm “Not bad.” I thought, “My head got a fever but it’s still working; my heart is deficient like a Xmas luminous deer but it’s still warm; my soul is ordinary but I get one. A pure simple life I live in. And I am hungry now.” It concluded finally. Still up in the city, I walked out slowly in the neighborhood hearing there was a palace, tried to explore one another adventure. A long stroll was gone down to the steps along the passage of one intimate hill and a help from one pedestrian who saw me differently as an alien; I might be the one who saw them not quite the same and yet not so different in between. I smiled as a thank-you. The palace was built in 1873 provided the Victorians with a great environment and recreation centre but now this beautiful architectural is seldom used like all the sounds are buried in this stunning tomb. I took a panoramic view of this majesty as a wholeness and looked down at my tiny hands; thought what kinds of hands and how many hands been taken to develop this dazzle grandeur: A human’s ambition is never been fulfilled. The queen once lived here but the grass on her grave so far was higher than me. Fortunately, there was a broad forest in the front; I then stood still and closed eyes to listen carefully to the wind, one’s name’s abbreviation is same as its unit brings more focus on this subject. I recalled it was about temp below zero with wind speed 12 knots, windy accompanying with the symphony orchestra of Nature; the birds’ tweet tweet, the doves’ coo, the dogs’ bow wow, the leaves’ rustling, and some unknown sounds which were performed in harmony; Live the Nature, the Dream Lives 2013; as well as the small voices from a naughty squirrel’s snapping few twigs while sneaking and jumping around in the corner of my eyes; just when I wanted to make fun of her, she disappeared, I guessed she finished her tour already and gone home to her woods; then the wind’s whistling brings some cracks sounds like the slices of iceberg in the South Pole slightly and firmly falling down again. Damn, bloody freezing.

    On way home, passing by a second-hand bookstore and going in to collect some, the slogan of this shop I thought can be the best excerpt of 2012, a year of two most powerful political powers transforming in east and west, a year of tragic hurricanes and constructions, a year of man-made disasters spiraled as the European Central Bank continued to bailouts and austerity, a year of chaos and reborn. This quote also happened to contain one my favorite song “On our own we’re only human. Together we’re humankind.”

    So then, two kind gentlemen helped to carry the luggage in a narrow aisle; one in the front and the other in the back. “It’s heavy like we are carrying a body! what’s that? “asked the front one. “oh, it’s a few lover’s rocks and stones.” “Really?” “No, it’s a few books. Thank you very much, sir.” I replied smiley. “Thank you very much, Sir. Thank you for helping collecting the beauty of rainbow. Thank you as if my guardian stands beside” Said again with a heart full of gratefulness brings me down to the knees for the light of a guardian of Nature and the shadow of failures as well as the darkness I have been through in the personal passage: to see things as they are, and to embrace. Thank you. And thank you any superordinate being who led me through step by step.

    Passing by the Maya’s calendar, the day 1221 for world-end, I guess it is for real. Yesterday everything like yesterday is dead, and yet today everything like today is born. But still, counting from number of 35, 36or 37? Now, in one of most ancient culture of world, the ancestors calculate the days by daily moon differences and for every year there is one particular selective animal to secure the year. Their lunar new year holiday had just drawn and finished for family time; here is my auspicious wish. Happy lunar new year of golden snake. I hope all your memories are purified and live in all the peace, health, and happiness. May your joy be as deep as the blue ocean sea and your sorrow as light as its foam.

    Ps. My good friend in local gifted me a small child book: A Bear Called Paddington and didn’t say much more about it, but we’ve always been unusually commune in a reserved way. I think this child book is inclined to reserve and rejoice inherent value of curiosity like a child: Never cease to new discoveries; see things simple but not simpler. Maybe a simple mind can solve most difficulties. For my new friend, please take it if you like it; if you don’t, kindly return or recycle with my appreciation. I don’t suppose we shall meet, but if we do; I am sure a polite bear Paddington will raise his hat, and as we go our separate paths, I shall raise it in return and bow 90 degrees as a symbol of respect. Though I can not sing nor play any instrument, let my ocean sings to/within you. There the sounds of Nature are heard in every corner of the air.

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    K.T. said ...

    Traveling alone allows myself been accepted by the environment helps to meditate and try to see things profoundly. Every girl is a flower needed to be taken care; every boy is a rock needed to be kicked, but once a teardrop falling from a girl is made of pearl; a droplet from a proud boy’s eyes is a diamond. A shared gift shall make him be happy again. More likely, I would simply like to say Thank You. One thing I comprehended later that “A life is like a long river, the ocean or the shower-taking connected with a series of practices to Purify Itself.” This is the job every organic life is keeping doing so, every human being, every plant, every animal, every stone, and Mother Earth. For me, a precious surprise is no more than to receive an energetic beautiful art nurtured from this purification, though sometimes they are from the intense conflicts or difficulties, and even the groans are as signs of good expressions of energy too. Thank You.

    Later the much quiet from the crowd captured me to the shore of sea. My unconsciousness like the rest of other people was engrossed in the particular emotional explosion through the impression of the unusual sapphire blue light. I was astonished but I saw this was the explosion sometimes manifested by all people in all cultures while been dug deeper of each individual’s sense. It is “like an island in the sea we appear as distinct individuals, but beneath the surface we are all connected; the collective unconscious” according to Carl G Jung’s archetype. I thought this may demonstrate the course which has hitherto run by likening it to a web woven of different threads into this glamour light, and drawn from this observation of which human of all ages have possessed; the threads from the carpet on stage entered insensibly more and more into the texture of every person’s emotional land gently but a breathtaking. Carrying my own eyes along with this fabric, I wonder what will be the colour of the web which the Fates are now weaving on the loom of time. Carl Jung moreover added, “As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is “man” in a higher sense – he is “collective man,” a vehicle and moulder of the unconscious psychic life of mankind.” And as the extraordinary light faded, I believe in he Is and he is Sensed. I think everyone could be the artist as long as this artist persists in engraving himself and put his own idea or dream in one’s distinctive container, e.g. the bread, the cousine, a building, a crop, or a formula.

    It however reminded me to my best friend what I had done about any audacious letters and inappropriate criticisms on his sacred land. I do feel very sorry and apologize. In my edited dictionary, any forms of hurt are not necessary under any circumstances. A hurt only brings the regret. I hold the sincere apology and am truly sorry to my best friend. On the other side, the coincidence may be one great invention of humor, the relax side of truth, because it always makes me laugh. The spot I sit right from in the very end distance of stage center which was placed a thank-you note last time, so I couldn’t help but fold a paper feather and put it beneath the seat with one secret of God’s as an address to the humor.

    In unfamiliar city, I like to take a no-agenda bus, no-destination tube or saunter around without an itinerary and see where interests me to linger. This continual journey directed me to meet a natural mummy from early Egypt. Completely unexpectedly he returned and talked with me, “Study please, if you can.” Silence for a moment. Then I thought “…okay, my new friend, if this is your wish”. He lay and folded in half in a glass transparent case watched by people who coming, passing and leaving. An Egyptian excavated in the area of Nile Valley who got injured in late pre-dynasty about 3500BC; his blood, bones, skeletons, and tissues are scientifically re-built up by high tech 3-D mould computerized system. “I know sometimes it’s cold there, but my experience that cold compensates the hope, and no-cold makes us perceive the temperature to appreciate. ‘In one year circle, there are many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other. “Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.’” quoted by Jung again. Did I really have a dialogue with a mummy in two entirely different time and space? At that moment, I was not too sure either, but the reality is surely established on what we believe in like this fantasy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454876/

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    K.T. said ...

    Once upon a time, in a far far away kingdom there was a rich merchandiser asked me a question all in a sudden “K, what’s the color do you see of the world?” asked the rich merchandiser on the much crowed street located in a financial area while we were heading to a tight scheduled meeting. I was wondering for a second, why he asked this question abruptly, but he didn’t give me a second to think, he asked me again hastily, “ What’s the color do you see? “White” I quickly responded, as it was daytime close to lunch. He wrinkled his eyebrows like my answer was not anticipated. ‘Does he mean red or blue in politics?’ I thought in mind, but randomly picked the opposite color, “Is it black?” said my voice faintly when the cars’ honking is louder. He leaned toward trying to hear it more clearly,” Of course not, did you see anything in black?” he replied hurriedly with a cunning smile – as if he had prepared his speech for a while. It startled and silenced me at this expression.

    And we stopped waiting for the red light surrounding with people’s laughing, roaring and bad sweat smells. The rich merchandiser turned back his face and looked through into my eyes in a certain bizarre way. “One day, you will see the color of this world is gray, the white, the black and all the other dazzling colors will be blended and combined into one color eventually; it’s gray.” I didn’t quite understand but felt like I was disembodied standing on the cliff edge of darker night , seeing my projection in his eyes that I was in black and the approach he looked into me or something beyond me, they are all in gray.

    In this rich merchandiser’s early career was a painter who was well-known for his rainbow color of a childhood dream.

    After days I remember that moment vividly and couldn’t help but think that in physics there three conditions must be achieved to see the rainbow; firstly, the sun must be in the back of a person; then, the sky in front of the person must contains the raindrop; lastly, the sunlight must be able to clearly without resistance (ie. clouds) direct radiated to the raindrops; so the sunlight’s reflection will be the rainbow color into this person’s eyes. I wondered where this painter stood at, in which direction he looked at and for how long, so he couldn’t see the rainbow anymore. And, since when he forgot a faith in the rainbow through his beautiful creations? There was nothing I could say, except the one unutterable fact and realized later all this thing made me sad and exhausted.

    “It is, moreover, only in the state of complete abandonment and loneliness that we experience the helpful power of our own natures.” The well-saying induced me to take a walk a bit longer making a psyche experiment in my own field. While arranging my backpack, I couldn’t agree more with another well-saying from one good-hearted respected person, “To survive life on the road, one must master the art of packing.” Then, in the beginning of this walk, two gentle voices flushed my serious jetlag into the ocean of memories, no wonder physically I fell asleep; oh jazz the lullaby. Sleep is indeed the start of a dream. I thought one essential element of life is crazy; anyone with a vocation follows the call of the inherent mind or any superordinate authority is not crazy; Wild, the natural matter in me to share as an ordinary low-profile wanderer in wildness obeyed one’s own law.

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    K.T. said ...

    Thank You.

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    Janine said ...

    Thank you for encouraging me to be someone new!!!
    Thank u for your music, your voice, your thoughts, your plays that make me laugh many times I watch your videos!!!
    I’m just reading some of your posts and loving them!!

    Thank u of being part of your family!!
    Love from Brazil!

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    khcho24 said ...

    HI, Jason!
    It’s first time reading this happy new you journal and I feel so great that I could listen to your music and even now in this moment I’m typing I’m listening to your songs your songs had been a giant part of my life. Today is my birthday I’m pretty far away from home and really I think your just encouraging me to be happy and to Live in the moment!
    Thank you Jason :)

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    Peaceout said ...

    Hi Jason,

    I feel like I’m being a little overboard (sorry, last time i will post about COP, promise) but want to encourage you to personally reach out to Clean Oceans Project. They are opening a pilot site for converting plastic to fuel this spring. (Hello awesomeness for the world!) With your interest in farming too, this is right up your alley and I think you would be excited about what they are doing. Seriously.

    I think you might really appreciate Jim too, the Director. You have a very similar philosophy and outlook on life. (Based on what I have seen in your interviews, in social media and in your music.) He is a captain and surfs as well. (Woot woot) I also know that he would appreciate you and already appreciates all efforts from every person made towards this cause.

    Again, totally the last time on the subject. :)
    I’m not sure if you read these but I really hope so!

    Thank you, thank you!

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    normason said ...

    You’re killin’ me, boy!…

    I love those hills. I love the water-starved amber ones, too.

    Take a deep, cleansing breath with me…


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    normason said ...

    I LOVE road trips! I’m so jealous I could spit! I don’t spit, but if I did, I would. You know why? Because I’m so jealous I could spit. But I won’t.

    Give California a bear hug for me!


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    chikie617 said ...

    Happy New Year to you. Your music has touched and inspired me for over 10 years. You are truly a gift to us all. Thank you for sharing your voice and your heart with the world. Love and peace – J

  • this is very very very inspiring.

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    hopethehippie said ...

    What a beautiful place you are at in your life Jason! I hope to be there soon, be everything I dreamed I’d be. In this shit storm that looks like my life, I dont think I even know how happy I will be in the future. More happiness then I dared dream for myself. 2012 was so … full of sudden and dramatic changes, I look to a time when I look forward like you are. So much to look forward too. Broken hearts are hard to heal, but when you finally have your eyes open to who you are and stop living in a world of illusion, can you really be mad at the journey? I would do anything to be where I am now with my eyes open.
    I love that: solid in the heart. I dont think I will be anxious to love any time soon! Nothing wrong with being single, without that you cannot be solid in anything. But someday I will be ready, anxious, I look forward to those days. You make everything sound so magical!
    You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it :)

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    normason said ...




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    normason said ...


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    corbin71 said ...

    Oh mann
    so fresh
    best beekeepin it REAL in this DREAm life friend
    you foo
    you doo
    wachoo gotssa doo

    (p.s. this poem was so visual, an experience felt.. pushing language in the proper direction)

  • Happy new you, Dear Jason i love you to the moon and back, i cant thank enough for being one big inspiration in my life, glad i found about you, you’re amazing, definitely a person to look up to. I love the shit out of you! i hope to see you again on stage soon, but first enjoy your well deserved vacations lol. Besos desde España para el mundo <3

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    audreyibz said ...

    Feliz Año Nuevo!! aunque sea con retraso.

    2013 va a ser un gran año. Tiene que serlo!! Si damos amor, amistad y generosidad nos será devuelto.

    os deseo a todos lo mejor.

    felicidades Jason por tu premio!!! Te lo mereces!!

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Congratulation Jason for your People’s choice Award. You definitely deserved it, you are the most caring, TRUE, LOVING person I know. You have compassion for the ones on the Earth who are suffering. I saw your video when you were in Ghana. Everything you do, it is from your heart/ Not like some other celebs who do things for their popularity, sadly there are some…Anyway, you touched me again and I wanted to thank you again for standing up for the ones you can’t and don’t have to opportunity to be heard, who need help. The Freedom song is very much touching when you know the story behind and i will share it with everyone i know.

    You are the best male singer out there, not just because of your gift, your beautiful voice, but also because of the man you are and you became, because of your touching songs. I have to tell you again that you bring joy and happiness in my life everyday, you give me strength to keep going on in the disturbed world.

    Also I loved your grateful journey with Toca, I can’t believe you came to Biarritz, I live in Bordeaux, I love you since 2002 but I never thought that you would come here, there was a time around 2008 I think that i stopped looking for news about you cause i thought you would not come yet to France for concerts, and i was just listening to your music. But Please do come again to Biarritz, for the waves and for us I wanna meet you Jason and talk to you one day and tell you how much you affect my life everyday and how much I appreciate you <3 much much love from Bordeaux, France. Naïma

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    4meclara said ...

    Congratulations! YOU ARE LOVED!!!

  • Avatar of BrianFromme
    BrianFromme said ...

    You are wise beyond your years. Keep up the joyful noise u bring to the world. Thank you, for being you.

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Congrats on your People’s Choice award, J !

    You “smoked” the competition (with the exception of the Beebs…he’s giving you a run for your $ these days :) )

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • I look forward to hearing the melody that goes with this

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Sometimes when I read old posts I notice that the title or something that you write shows up in the lyrics of a song. This one looks like it could be a new song…? Keep “wondering if” ’cause I’m sure there’s much more to come! All the best in the new year…hope to meet up with you again soon!

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    You Are solid in the heart. That’s one of things we have to <3!
    Thank you!

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Again, Bonne Année !!. 2012 was the most amazing year of my life because I finally saw you for real live (Madrid and London) I have been waiting since 2003 to see you ! Sending love to you and the BAND! You guys are amazing :) <3 If you ever wanna chat in French (i know you love it haha) do not hesitate with me ^_- Kisses

  • Avatar of yulady
    yulady said ...

    Same to you!!!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Aguacates y gatos. It’s the same in Spanish, but different.

    Confess: Did you CREATE that picture of reality? Wait a minute. There’s no way that you DID NOT, create that picture of reality, I mean.

  • Avatar of phoenix_cecilia

    happy new you dear soul! Thank you! Namaste

  • Avatar of reginacroto
    reginacroto said ...

    Very nice words can’t wait to see what you have for us fans in 2013.

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    You just keep growing and growing and growing! Happy Now Year!


  • Avatar of JaneJohnson
    JaneJohnson said ...

    Happy New You Jason!Living the dream. Looking forward to all the dreamy music you’ll make in 2013.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    I plant my tree but the slightest disturbance uproots it most days. Every now and then, it goes deep and drinks long.


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    shari.dunn.54 said ...

    Happy New Year Jason. I’ve left this message on all your social media. but I have a suggestion for you. your song what would love do now for the movie may I be frank is so perfectly suited for the healing that needs to happen for the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. so my suggestion is released on iTunes and donate all the proceeds to a memorial fund for Peace Center or alternative dispute for children something like that for that community. 1 of the mothers of a victim and a green she uses the model on her Facebook page Love Wins and I think the question for her and everyone right now is what would love do now . thank you I really hope you consider it

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Awake …are we waking from a dream
    or are these dreams we’re sleeping through? Parker Ainsworth said that.
    Cheers to a dreamy new year and thank you for being you.

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    In 2012 . ..
    I didn’t walk on hot coals; but I’ve risen out of the flames of speculation and moral pressure.

    I didn’t create anything for the sake of mankind; but I consciously create with mankind in mind.

    I didn’t die of heartache or by the fears that gripped me; but I’ve laid them to rest with compassion.

    I didn’t accomplish my aspirations; but I’ve completed a part of me that was missing.

    My history isn’t a biography best seller; but I own the rights.

    My road before me is steep and the air appears thin; but I won’t be carrying any luggage.

    My compass is wired to my heart and on auto drive; I trust I will arrive timely and divinely.

    I may grow tired of the view; but I swear when the door opens I will leap out, look up, and bow in gratitude knowing. . .I AM closer to “Finally!”

    Happy “Neo” Year

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    shackalack said ...

    Oh, Jason… I want what you’re having!

    Thank you for sharing a very personal moment of realization, and for inspiring us all to keep reaching, stretching, and growing into ourselves. May the reality you are creating last an incredibly long time.

    Happy to be new with you.

  • Avatar of Telluselle
    Telluselle said ...

    It is when we dare to say no to what our Egos think we want, we gain clarity and gusto to follow our heart’s voice. If we are lucky this include both being of service and building personally fulfilling relationships where we can become supported to step into our greatness IRL; something that doesn’t come about thru poems but thru real opportunities. I stand firm in my heart’s calling for Hawaii with the people closest to my heart there. I wish you a good life in 2013 and beyond with the people you need for your inspiration. (Sorry.)

  • Avatar of TheQueensTable

    Jason, You are a magical light in the world. Your words reach across the Universe filled with Love and Spirit, and we are grateful for your unique expression of your connection to all that is…

    I wanted you to know that I posted your video of ’93 Million Miles’ as the end thought to my ‘Cancer Prevention Page’ of my food blog. It helps those of us who experienced a cancer diagnosis to be in the right frame of mind when going through something that others may perceive as a difficult life experience.

    Hey! We Loved the live fuse show at Madison Square Garden. It was epic! :-D

  • Avatar of Angelaa82
    Angelaa82 said ...

    Happy today!

    In our dreams is everything possible. In our lives a lot is possible :)

    But I don’t think there’s a new you, just a part you maybe haven’t seen much. But all those parts are “you”. There’s nothing in you that you don’t know. Maybe you don’t want to know or haven’t seen much or clearly. Or just another behavior.

    Every day is a new day. One to live, to dream, to expand, to experience.

  • Avatar of frost
    frost said ...

    You are my dream, Jason. I dream about meeting you and from there the universe will take its course to whether there’s a possibility for us. I wouldn’t want it to be if there’s no reciprocity. I wish we could set time and space to discover us and to circumvent the sun, many times. Peace

  • Avatar of Corinne
    Corinne said ...

    Happy Great New year!

    I am always curious to read your journal postings. You have a way of expressing things that I connect with but would find hard to put into words , so I thank you for that!

    For some the number 13 would be quite superstitious but I feel this year will be quite auspicious! I know I probably won’t get to see you perform at any of the three venues you’ll be playing at here in Australia but I’m still happy you are coming over because it is such a great magical place and I hope you get to see and experience always something new on your return.

    Enjoy your rest and I am indeed learning that you are reliable, pliable, and strong; hard working, poetic and of song.

    Thank you for your wisdom and Happy New You too! :-)

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    gmhefner said ...

    very, very nice. :)

    i wonder….

    do each of our actions manifest tissue-paper-thin pieces of our future which float in time with the light of the universe shining through them.

    and when everything is set right – our work, our learning, our exercise, our meditation – we stand at the vanishing point of present and future, with only a requirement that we step through the completed “ethereal” mosaic, rendering it simply “real”.

    or however it happens, nicely done, brother. congratulations. :)

  • Avatar of Pau
    Pau said ...

    Feliz año nuevo para ti Jason!, espero que sea un año lleno de felicidad, amor y armonía para ti y el resto del mundo, que cambien los malos pensamientos de las personas y solo dediquemos a amarnos y ser felices!, viviendo el momento, siendo nosotros mismos!!! mis mejores deseos para ti, mi inspiración ♥.


  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    These are exciting times and I am grateful to be going through them with your words reminding me that I, too, am creating my life and deep in the dream, the dream is within me, the dream merging with reality, new loves and new beginnings, all bringing me closer to the real me. I also am aware of (and grateful for) my good fortune in being able to “dream the dream”. So may we all realize that we create our reality. I am both humbled and exhilarated to be on this road as it merges with the sky. And as for me, well, I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours. Dylan said that. ;-)

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    I feel it everywhere. THIS!

    We dare. We dream. We stay steady and soon our dreams take shape, and they are our realities. God, Love, whatever you want to call it is Good. I intended I’d say that all year this year and already it’s all I feel – I felt it waking up today, watching the sun light the sky and just the energy all around.

    I had this thought when I woke up from a nap later in the afternoon…that there’s such a continuity to where I find myself in dreamscape and where I wake up, the energy is this same seamless reality shaping itself all around me. I wonder if I leave traces in the spaces I visit during these hardcore nap fests. I know I travel, I just don’t know where fully always! And then I watched cloud atlas – everything tying into everything else, past and future collide, time and space, this is all we’re inside – this constant collision of love that births us in layers. Awakening to love, burning off all the nonsense we’ve learned or inherited, and stepping into the light of our calling, our union, our service to the whole…this is the gift of life, of grace, of whatever it is we are.

    And the anxiousness to start…I feel it was all under-way before we ever came to see it..that it’s that current that pruned us and started us. At least that’s the thought that keeps me from peeling at my face when I tell myself I’m waiting for something…I am and yet I now see I am the thing I’m waiting for…waiting for something ‘over there’ is different from ‘waiting to meet my self’ you know? We surrender to the flow of all that conspired to the moments we face, and the flow will handle it all…

    To Love goes all the glory – what has shaped, how it has shaped, every pixel of the picture is pure Grace.

    I’m so in love with 2013 and it’s only the first day!

    Thank you for the gift that you are!

    See you soon!

    Namaste HeartMate

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Today, I went to YouTube to pull up MSG footage and found a duet with you and Heidi Bo. When you were that age, you looked JUST like Antonio, my friend’s son, when he was that age.

    I then pulled up your duet with Dawn Kinnard, “Clear the Way,” and enjoyed it as though I were listening to it for the first time. I liked you then—which predated the time I actually discovered your music—as much as I like you now.

    This new you you hope to be will not be any better than the old you, just different. Technology is amazing in that it can show me all of the yous you have been artistically. I like them all.


  • Avatar of binkie3
    binkie3 said ...

    great! I’m gonna have a happy new me too :)
    Have a great 2013, enjoy and hope to hear more from you in this brand new year!

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    GloriousMe said ...


  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    The boat of life as gone this far, you have made the dam a rough part but now the river flows its normal course for you to sail gently on calm water. Happy New You

  • Avatar of didikini
    didikini said ...

    Dear One!

    Changes – they always come.
    Sure well they’re for the better.
    Stay safe and love.
    And be true.
    First to you.
    The rest will follow.

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Happy New Year to you Jason! And Happy New you! Wishing you happiness, health and love.
    xo, Linda

  • Avatar of gealine
    gealine said ...

    Happy new year everyone! Thanks jason for this poem and the mantra of the year: living the dream. I hope we all become the person we normally are jealous of. Enjoy theoment , enjoy the little things!
    Love all the way from holland

  • Happy New Year to you….May you always be at peace!