Correction centered.

May 5, 2013

I would like to make a correction to the previous journal entry. Where I wrote “cooperation” would be the #1 best thing we could be doing to better the environment and save humanity, I would like to change that to Compassion. With compassion, the understanding or empathy for the suffering of others, cooperation would naturally follow suit.


If there’s one thing music & surfing & yoga have in common to teach, it’s compassion; compassion for one’s self; the ability to “just, take it easy,” as sung in live high. Learning to ride waves of water, sound or breath, can be challenging. Such is life. And in order to accomplish anything of great spiritual value, we must understand that from time to time on the journey, there will be suffering.


When I first picked up a guitar at 17, my fingers hurt, and my head couldn’t fathom how the fret-board worked. Becoming a guitar player seemed insurmountable, but I wanted to sing and accompany myself, and the guitar was the sexiest fit for the nomadic lifestyle I was choosing. It was a rough start with slow forming, out-of-tune chords, but compassion for myself kept the guitar buzzing on my lap while I hummed thoughts higher than any reason to quit. The silent agreement I made with my soul was that I’d allow myself to suffer until I was 40. And by that, I would not let any scowls of disapproval from family or community distract me from my goal of becoming a guitar player. Compassion gave me the green light.


I applied the same method to surfing and within 5 years I was in over my head, swimming with sharks. Literally.


I’m still not 40 btw, and the guitar as well as a practice of compassion continues to inspire and enrich my life in myriad ways.


I would also like to mention a lyric change. Shortly after recording I’m Yours, I changed ‘God forsaken right to be loved,’ to ‘God intended right to be loved.’ I’m not religious and nature alone is my guru, but I felt that the Universal Life Force that propels us, which many understand as their God, would not abandon us to give us a right to be loved. Instead, I feel love is what nature intended. At the time the lyric was conceived, I didn’t fully understand it. The song was written in a quick stream of consciousness after all. I was simply turning a phrase. And shortly thereafter I turned it into something else. I mention this amendment because I’d love to hear audiences sing the new lyric, as well as any new covers that may appear in the years to come.


And lastly, in a tweet fired off a few hours ago about which animal was my favorite because they’re all hugs and kisses. It’s the ox. Not ox’s. Which is actually oxen when plural. Thanks for the correction mom.


It’s never too late to stop learning.

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    astudyinscare said ...

    Apologies for the incorrect tense changes.

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    astudyinscare said ...

    I will say that when I first heard the song, the line “It’s our god-forsaken right to be loved” was what made me, a young Atheist, fall in love with the song, largely because every time I hear the word “god” in a song, it’s espousing a religion I don’t believe in, often with the assertion that there’s nothing like their god’s love, which always frustrated me, because it appeared to imply that the love I feel for my family and friends, and indeed, humanity and our Earth was less profound. Thus, hearing the word god used seemingly to say that we can be loved and love even without a god was extremely powerful for me. It’s of course your art and your right to change it to better suit how you feel, but I just wanted you to know how the original line affected me. I wish you the best.

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    CarmenS said ...

    Treat yourself with kindness.
    Be good to yourself, Sunshine!

    Much love,

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    CarmenS said ...

    I sometimes avoid social media because I’ve read things that I think are hurtful. Well, I’m guessing they would be even more hurtful if the person possibly being disrespected knew. If somebody feels slighted, one can assume a lot of things.
    I don’t have any control over what people think on twitter or post on their Facebook pages, but I think it’s important to stand up for what’s right.
    I’d like my impression of everybody to be a kind one.

    For one questioning things –
    Look up. Review what you’ve seen. There’s likely something in there speaking directly to you.

    Much love,

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    CarmenS said ...

    Well, somebody celebrated something special!!
    May you always love and be loved.

    Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

    Much love,

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    n.namaste said ...

    Hello Jason! Thanks for your explaination on I’m yours, because Nature is my religion too if i can say, because i don’t like much the word religion. Like ou i would prefer to say guru. Words are important and by this correction post, i’m glad to know that again i feel a connection with you because I was wondering the same everytime i was liatening to I’m yours… I promise you to sing the right words whene i will be at your Warsaw concert. I cant wait for that moment.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts sharing, it helps me alot. i was reading your old post about the Love album when you were saying that the goal of your music is to heal.
    Well thanks for helping. You are Love Jason, you illuminate my world with your radiant love <3

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    CarmenS said ...

    So, I no longer have an Instagram account. It was deleted (not by me) because of reports of some sort of terms of service violations. My account was set to private and I didn’t even have any pictures uploaded so I have no idea what could have been offensive to, at the very least, one person? Maybe it was due to the aforementioned lack of photos – food and underwear ones? Who knows? Maybe it’s for the best…

    But, that’s what’s expected when dealing with a microcosm of the population. There’s an element that anonymity affords one – whether that’s a metaphorical cloak of invisibility or suit of armour and, there’s something about dealing with people, in any capacity, that’s trying. (Including dealing with oneself.) And that cloak of anonymity has brought out some base things in people, as well. I’ve witnessed manipulation and scheming, under the guise of love and/or “do-gooding” and that same platform showcases the ability for one to hide behind smiley faces and winky faces and whatever other complimentary emoticon is available, So, I guess some online space has been cleared in order to nerd out in other ways. Admittedly, I’m not social media savvy. I’m not on often but it was a simple way to offer up some love and support so I will miss that about it.

    Compassion is important, yes, though one can’t teach empathy just as one can’t manipulate love. Perhaps it’s a matter of nature versus nurture and everything that entails – what you are gifted with inherently in contrast with what you learn – for example, by experience. (Theory and application are two very different things and solely thinking about anything doesn’t bring it into fruition.) “Looking out for number one” is just as disingenuous as feelings of inferiority are so there’s balance to seek, a solid foundation built on the pairing of self love and love for the whole. Maybe, the struggle lies within translation – just as light sources on opposite ends of the spectrum have differing purposes. Paradoxically, one blocks the light while the other illuminates, just like sunshine.

    Much love,

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    normason said ...

    Nithe picture, but you’re mithing a horn.


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    MyspaceGirl said ...

    I was the same way with my guitar.

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    kidest said ...

    It’s this flexibility to allow ourselves to let go of where we start out, that lets us catch up to the Infinite. I love your willingness to evolve.

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    freedmysoul said ...

    ‘I’m not religious’ jumped out at me just now. It is kind of scary, actually, since I pondered that very possibility of myself just 3 days ago. I wondered why the Bible is insignificant to me, yet I consider myself to be religious. I have a deep belief in Life Force Energy and feel totally connected to the universe. I use meditation with light and colors to heal myself with usual success. I thought that ‘religious’ meant to feel a powerful connection to that energy, regardless of whether God is at the center of it or not. He is for me, I just don’t use the Bible to guide me. I feel ‘religious’ and I feel love whenever you post.
    Love and adore you as always,

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    costellocrew5 said ...

    Mom’s rule! Love it! Lyric change noted and will be incorporated promptly – possibly even this evening at our local open mic :) I don’t know how we missed this?! I love hearing your songs evolve and change over time. One of the (many) fun parts of seeing you live is listening for changes you make to an older song. We can usually anticipate every note and every word but then you trick us with a change up, we smile and think we are really cool to notice. Immediately I think of You and I Both at MSG – I want that version on my iTunes.
    Compassion for oneself – that’s a big nut and I hear this echoing in my own life all the time – especially as I have gotten older and my responsibilities have sometimes seemed too big for me and I get hard on myself. It’s a lot easier to have compassion and/or empathy for others but I do believe the only way to teach/share it, is to live it. Thanks for the reminder. Good to hear your voice again regularly. xo, Costellocrew

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    Fuck. I’m typing on my iPhone without glasses again! Don’t judge me! :/

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    You are so right, Jason. I’m going to stop learning right now!!! Lol I hate typos but we all get you and that’s what matters. I’m proud to be apart of your fan base because your fan base is a group of individuals that share common beliefs and views so the next time jet lag/headaches and/or all of the worlds problems put you off kilter know that we’re working on making this place better for future generations.

    You have seen a lot change in your lifetime you’re were born just as the technological revolution began. I think awareness create change! My next car will be a leaf that’s for sure! If you think about it we all deal with stressors of our era back in the early 19th century people were still fighting to establish “human rights” . In medival times you couldn’t walk half a “length of 3 barleycornsspan” (yes I did just google medival increments of measurement) without worrying weather or not you would catch the bubonic plague and kill over like the Vanderbilts next door.

    I’m just saying we have what feels like a lot going on because we’ve got a global presence and were more aware of world events because news spreads like, well like the bubonic plague. So my love keep your head up, your heart filled and your spirit open to new possibilities because things never stay the same. Take it as the things change and either its a good change or it’s leading to something good. Don’t be afraid! Or discoraged pr stressed! You know how life is just when tou think that it couldnt getbworse it does and just as your wits end auddenly the tide changes, the dice rolls and tou come up lucky,and things get better. The world will still be here until the universe decides to make us all into cosmic dust and create something more amazing than what it already has.

    Um. I think that’s all I have to say. I love your you’re awesome be the ather oft babearoos!? Call me maybe!? In school I learned life is like the learning curve you talked about when you spoke about learning to play the guitar. It’s rough but you eventually hit a peak and then it’ gradually gets better. All of life is like that. My mom told me that life has its ups and downs it helps to be aware of this because it make the rough times easier to understand!

    Anyways that’s all!

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    MarLuna said ...

    I was asked today, what I would wish for myself . . . and I answered in a 16 candles kind of way (thanks Samantha). My daughter queried, “yes but you can dedicate it to the world; like world peace!” No, I said, unfortunately people are confused on what exactly peace is (as the previous blog implies) and that’s why that standard answer hasn’t gained any momentum or first place in a beauty pageant.

    My answer became “true love in the highest,” yet compassion is a good contender or its mate. Thank you for the words of inspiration, especially using the word insurmountable, as I used that word originally in a poem on twitter but due to space chose astounding (so I’ll take that embrace from the universe).

    @Single-Handedly I loved your story, and your previous reply is well said, you are remarkable!

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    “Where the myth fails, human love begins. Then we love a human being, not our dream, but a human being with flaws”

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    love_music_hk said ...

    Compassion and empathy grows from the same seed: LOVE. It all starts with loving our neighbors as ourselves. Our neighbors include any persons, animals, plants, environment etc – practically anything that we have an impact on. Thank you for the positive message! You are a gifted motivational writer/musician!

    Thank you for showing us that we can all make a difference.

    P.S. (How does it feel to know that your blog entries are read by thousands around the world? How do you stay grounded? Keep up the great work! )

    Fan from Hong Kong

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    weiwei said ...

    Just back from your show, still love the songs soooo much. While, when you need to record the first song again, suddenly a flash jumped in my brain: Hi Jason, are you tired? repeat the show and songs again and again and again? Hugs a lot.

    In fact I’m a bit of heartbroken because I tried to send you and Mona a gift, but failed. They blocked us out of the door, just because we are not the member of Fanstang, even we are the true fans… Sorry to bother you, while I’m sure that you can understand my mood, because you always concern for nobody.

    Thank you for sharing the past time when you started your perform at the very beginning. Your words make me remember the hard time in my life, which means only 4-hour-sleep for almost 2 years, struggled with very hard period… I think only the one who had coldest nights, can share warm and care with others, because they really know how cold the lonely is.

    ^__^ That’s why we always smile with others, help and encourage others.

    Thank you for your journal. It’s quite a good way for us to share the thinking with you.

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    4meclara said ...

    Actually “I’m Yours” has a really special place in my heart. I can still remember the day when I first heard this song on the radio. It was almost two years ago, I was heading home, the song played on the radio and strangely enough, it was exactly the line “And it’s our God forsaken right to be loved” that caught my attention. Perhaps it was the situation I was in at that particular time, but this line together with “And so I drew a new face and I laughed” somehow startled me and drilled so deeply in my heart, that when I arrived home I decided to search the song on the internet. I found Jason Mraz, a name I had never heard before in my life. I listened to “Lucky”, “A Beautiful Mess” and “Life Is Wonderful”. I think I became a fan that very night. Yours. Then I wanted to know more about you as an artist and so I ran into your writings. Right now I am so grateful for the whole journey and I think you’re right: it’s our God intended right to be loved.
    P.S. And it’s never too late to start thinking you’re nuts. Referring compassionately to me. 4me…Clara. Not my real name, but I do love how it sounds; after all, everything is sound… so :) and I laughed… (Thank God you are not 40 yet! My son, who is six years old, still hopes and prays he’ll get to see you live in concert one day, especially after I told him how awesome you were in Paris.)

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    Peaceout said ...

    I resonate with much of what you share. I have had some amazing moments of that realization that everything is love and it was in those moments that life became incredibly clear to me – that guiding voice was clear.

    I also appreciate the lesson of growth through suffering. Many people have experienced incredibly deep suffering but there is something in it- it can help us to forge something out of our lives if we persevere and are not overcome by it. It’s like polishing one’s mirror. My mirror looked like it had hot tar thrown on it- burnt dry with a blow torch. When I finally started to break through this in my own practice, I realized I wasn’t seeing me in the mirror, I was seeing the rest of the world. We are all reflections of each other and I was finally able to see the light in others, in the world around me. Those faint glimpses early on were so valuable for me to continue persevering through my own dark places.

    As a result, I now also realize that the Law of Life (this is what it’s called in Buddhism) which is within everything (including me) is bigger than anything negative I could ever experience. More importantly I now have started to see that those negative experiences and sufferings are the very things that propelled me to seek even if at first it was only so I could be out of pain. In that sense, they were my very good friends and supported me in my growth.

    I am still very much a work in progress though.

    Your music had helped me quite a bit in staying positive. Thank you. :)

    Last, not to carry on… I just watched Les Mis and Life of Pi – both detailed courageous stories which developed into a true sense of compassion, love and forgiveness.

    Love is the word.


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    gmhefner said ...

    hi J,

    correction and lyric change duly noted. :)

    i can’t tell you how glad i am that you posted this.

    a guy on the bus struck up a conversation with me today. turns out he teaches workshops in cultivating compassion: for oneself, for others, for other life forms. had a rather nice chat and he gave me a compassion card: a printed mini version of his workshop. (HA! two colons in one paragraph…nanner nanner, mom. jk)

    i’m particularly happy to read the paragraph about compassion for yourself while learning guitar. i played violin while growing up but one of the main reasons finally i gave it up was criticism from the parental units.

    i’m a chronological grownup now and am 7 months into learning guitar. what a fantastic, versatile instrument with a welcoming, supportive community! i LOVE it and have a fantastic teacher that has toured with george clinton and the pfunk and plays sitar as well. woot! among many other things, he’s just began teaching us to sing while playing.

    it’s all awesome, but i’m still pursued by performance anxiety – voices from the past still disapproving when i play sloppily or hit a wrong note, especially at our session-end recitals. so hard to get rid of the things you experience while your brain is still formative!

    anyway, since you saw fit to give yourself compassion with it (which has worked out rather well), i will give myself compassion with it as well. :)

    i guess the universe wanted me to learn something.

    thank you, and peace, brother.

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    Jean-Canale said ...

    Hi Jason–

    So nice to see you blogging again! I always love your thoughtful reflections.

    Your last post about the headache and your very full mind prompted me to share information about a new documentary that premiered in LA on April 22 (Earth Day). The premise of the documentary is that much of the suffering on Earth could be alleviated if we had more efficient sources of energy. The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in. This is a crowd funded documentary!

    The film can be rented on line currently for $9.99 at but will be available for sale by the end of the month. All proceeds go to the development of alternative energy sources. Please take a look at it and share the information!

    Keep up the great work you are doing to make the world lighter!

    Love, Jean

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    sailucie said ...

    Hello Jason,

    I say yes for compassion, exactly right. Effort + Effort = Accomplishments. I like the word obstacle instead of suffering as i find it easier to overcome.

    On you tube you played I’M Yours in early school years with a guitar and you were very good and brave, no doubt in my mind that you were set for success. You became a guitar player way before that set goal of 40, now raise the score higher as there is no limit to what you can achieve.

    Repeating good words out loud is like saying a mantra, it is very good for others to hear and also good for us as it reaches the heaven hearts in each one of us

    New Covers, I am patiently waiting for the next one to come and all the others that will follow…

    I myself am learning to sing and in times of hardship, it is helping me to let go and let the light come in

    It’s never to late to stop learning and be who you are

    Thank you love Lucie

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    Ally said ...

    I look forward to many more Mraz & Friends concerts where I’ll enjoy the privilege of belting out “God intended right to be loved… “. :)

    Recently saw you play the piano … Very SCHMEXXY :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

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    My friend and mentor, R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller used to say: Love is metaphysical gravity. As a 16 year old kid I didn’t understand at the time what the heck he was talking about but I liked how the words sounded and how they felt on my tongue.
    Fast forward to today – 30 years after Bucky’s death – and I do understand what he was talking about…not in my head so much as in my heart. Now I sometimes wonder what he’d say to me if he were magically alive again and we could share another cup of tea.
    I know we are at a crossroads now on this planet and he would remind me of this fact. He would say we need to recognize and express the universality and importance of kindness, compassion and love. He’d remind me that I will make mistakes along the way towards compassion but such mistakes are the road signs on my path – they are directional. Bucky’s ubiquitous and perennial frame of reference was that love is omni-inclusive and progressively exquisite! He would tell me to pay attention to the world around me – to find a niche and fill it with love, with compassion for my fellow travelers.
    Bucky was wise, but in a humble, quite way. He was the captain of his own vessel. He once told me if I wanted to grow up to be a ‘rudder’ I first needed to be a good ‘trimtab’. If you don’t know what a trimtab is you should look it up. He, more than anyone else in my life, cared enough to point me in the direction of solutions and he didn’t treat me like a child (even though I was one). He often talked and wrote about love and he embodied love and compassion in a visible and visceral way. He made these tangible for me…made them real instead of ethereal and thus they became tools for me on my journey.
    He loved all of humanity (in a powerful and productive way, rather than a sticky-fingers, head-in-the-clouds way), he spent his entire adult life working for humanity…selflessly and with stunning love and compassion for the fumbles and mistakes we all make. He lived his life as an experiment to see what one person alone could do to impact the whole in a positive way. His life and how he lived it made clear for me (in hindsight) what he meant when he said to 16 year old me: “Love is a metaphysical gravity.
    He gave me treasures and as I have grown I have come to see more clearly the value of those gifts…and because of him I am more compassionate with myself and others along the way.
    I wrote a children’s story based on gifts I received from Bucky.
    You can read it here:
    JM (et al) – thanks for your exhale. I get it and I am grateful for your eyes-wide-open-yes-ness.

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    mrazfan1031 said ...


    Thanks for continuing to encourage us to Never give up! I recently started to try to learn to play the guitar, And you are correct when you say it is never to late to stop learning. Even at my age,I have the compassion to try to learn to play the guitar. After reading your words, I will now practice even harder.
    I will also apply compassion to all other aspects in my life. Thanks for all that you do. Have a beautiful day.


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    MonAsh said ...

    Classic JM blog -love it! Will strain my vocal chords with the new lyrics henceforth. xox

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    normason said ...

    I understand the power of “Mom.” Still, it’s a wonder you write at all considering the schedule you keep. I’d much prefer you get some sleep. Correcting punctuation and spelling is what editors are for.

    Explaining your art detracts from it, and is not the truth anyway when it is done a few years after the fact. If the truth is that a song came about because you were pissed off at a girl, so what?

    “I’m Yours” belongs to you. You can do anything you want to it; your fans will keep whatever version suits them, or come up with a new one themselves. It doesn’t bother me at all, though, that you said and might have meant “God forsaken”; this world does feel “God forsaken” on some days.


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    draagonfly21 said ...

    I like that you also changed the lyric in Everything is Sound from “I like to be the light that’s missing” to “I like to be the light that glistens.” Even though being the light that’s missing also fits well because sometimes you have to define what you’re not in order to define what you are, I like “glistens” better because truly, you are often a light in people’s lives that shines through the darkness. I know you’ve made me smile once again after a really rough weekend. Thank you for that. Safe travels.

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    weiwei said ...

    Learning is part of us. Carbohydrate in our body can be updated by metabolism, while spirit can only be updated by learning.

    there are two kinds of learning, one is easy and can be done by most of people, the other one is can be done by quite few ones. For the first kind, I will accept it as normal life, prepare to finish items one by one. For the second kind, I will keep on trying for it and enjoy the process. Sometimes, not the result but the process is the most important thing in our life.

    Never give up, my man.