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February 16, 2012

I woke up early to be a guest on the Today show. The sky is still dark when the car pulls up and I ponder why the show isn’t called Yesterday. I’m convinced I’m dreaming when the loopy marimbas of my iphone alarm start into their merry number at 4:30. No! This is wrong I said. It only feels like 2. Where is this noise coming from?! I’d close and rub my eyes, scrubbing away the characters occupying my theta state, attempting to bring the actual time into focus. But 4:32 was the best I could do. Robbed of the awareness of sleep with the sum of all slumber occurring in a blink, I stumbled around my poorly lit hotel room looking for shoes, pants, and water, in that order, which is backwards, as proven by my inability to pull my jeans over my boots.


I’m reminded of Jill-Bolte Taylor’s infamous TED talk as I fail to make sense of my so-called-morning. …Right brain calling left, stand by for harsh reality… As my eyes and outlook finally come into focus, my first clear thought of the day is, why did I stay up so late? Great. My conscience is now guilty. Not the best way to wake up. I much prefer the usual light and fluffy state of consciousness afforded to those who wake up between 9 & 10. What I call gentleman’s hour.


But Matt Lauer and Al Roker are gentleman, and there they were at 7am warmed-up and well-groomed; ready to run the marathon of morning TV. I’m inspired. Tired. But inspired.


Here’s Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor’s TED talk to inspire you too, Today.


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    iamchay said ...

    Jason haha if I understand what you mean .. I am of those who woke up at 9 or 10 .. but now that I started school (here in Argentina have summer vacation until March) I wake up every day at 5:45 am
    and wake up tired if I sleep late so now I turn off the TV early and turn off the lights .. and in the morning to get up in a good mood listening to some song of yours … it’s true! I do :) :)

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    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

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    FrolleinN said ...

    thank you for the dr. jill’s video! i already watched it several days ago but kept thinking about it.

    it was so impressing. i felt astonished, sad, distraught, amazed, amused, professionally interested and deeply touched all at the same time. she has an amazing ability to describe this probably personally quite disturbing experience in a very inspiring way.
    afterwards, i talked about this theme with an elderly patient, but she couldn’t remember the strike of her stroke, she was completely “off”. she was very interested in jill’s story, so i told her about it, because her internet abilities are rather limited. i do not know how much she could really comprehend. this is also a possible effect on the brain, partially loss of one’s cognitive / mental abilities. and she feels rather depressed than full of love.
    but i guess it is good to always keep jill’s story in mind. i hope it helps me to understand the particular aspects or perhaps problems of (left-sided) stroke-patients a little better.

    thanks to jill who shared this experience and her personal conclusions on love so enthusiastically and therefore so lovely with the world. i wish her all the best.

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    LCarrico said ...

    I wanted to offer my gratitude for “I Won’t Give Up” and the gratitude bracelet. The bracelet because when my grandfather died very suddenly I had the perfect thing to send with him. He was buried with it on his right wrist because I wanted him to know how incredibly grateful I am to have been gifted him as a grandfather. I recently ordered another bracelet that will adorn my right wrist.

    The song because I lost three out of four grandparents and my job all within 8 months. I went to visit my grandfather’s grave last week and was pretty low. I asked for help for my mind- for everything. I have so many irons in the fire and have been kicked all over the place in the last year. When I got back in my car I had the satellite radio on the “Coffee House” station and it was the opening strains of “I Won’t Give Up”. I sat and cried and sang and gave thanks knowing things are looking up and that my grandfather had used the musician I admire the most to reach out to me. I saw a shooting star a few nights later going west over the huge field out from the house. As I watched her soft red light touch the night sky I knew it was all experience for whatever tomorrow brings. So, thank you.

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    Jean-Canale said ...

    Jason — what an inspiring TED story. Thanks for sharing.

    Groggy and all… your performances on the 16th were great….LOVE is a four letter word is off to a great start!

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    Did you really jump out of bed within 5 min of the alarm going off? Wouldn’t want their (Today Show) job, that’s for sure! Lovely performances on both Today & Letterman (I’d take a cajon or djembe over a full drum kit any day!) xoxo

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    Marianne said ...

    Forgot something brainylike……it takes two to tango…….left and right….regards to all people writing here……

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    ashley said ...

    :) #jealous. Sweet brain sweatshirts!

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    Marianne said ...
  • Avatar of Marianne
    Marianne said ...

    Hi dearest Jason……When i write ” thank you.”..its much more…..i have no words for that…just watched and listened to Jill Bolte Taylors words ………………………………………………….

    ” lala-land” “loosing 36 years of emotional baggage” ” i have no time for a stroke”…”no more the choreographer of my life” …”We have the power to choose”……..I am deeply touched ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    I canT write more at the moment…will watch it in german later….Be blessed….feel loved …She was blessed by god…..our loving one….its like he is speaking through her…..felt like…..:-*****

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    Thanks for the link. I always cry when I watch that. Good tears. So grateful she has words to describe it.
    One gift deserves another…so here is one for you…it’s a Ted talk about smiling :)

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    pauljjohnson said ...


    Very inspired by you’re tunes old and new. I’d love to open for you someday!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I’m so happy you figured out how to get out the door and make it to the Today show. You are helping so many people in more ways then you can ever imagine with these appearances, trust me it is worth some brain cloudy mornings. Thank you for not pressing the snooze alarm.

    @rmt2013 thank you for sharing. It’s a perfect example. I hope your patient get stronger and healthier everyday. Good luck with your schooling.

  • Avatar of Mandylu
    Mandylu said ...

    Thank you for sharing Dr. Bolte-Taylor’s video. It was a very moving piece and a beautiful way to start my day.

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    I enjoyed both performances!! Thanks for waking up so early. Thanks for just being YOU! I am grateful.

  • thanks for sharing, i’ve watched some of your interviews, some online chat videos of you, and you inspired me a lot, reallly you inspired me to make one importat decision in my life, i became in vegetarian one week ago… I considered becoming a vegetarian so many times in the past, and i always found excuses, and i woke up one morning and i felt that i couldnt take it anymore, i needed a change in my life… i realized was gonna to have excuses my whole life, and i cried , and i stoped eating meat.
    now, you wonder why i’m telling you my life, probably you dont give a f*ck but…. i want to know what inspired you to be a vegan, what were the reasons for the change? so if you read this, maybe you can write or say something about it, when you have time . thanks a lot to you and to your team,

  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    It is 4:08 am in germany. After working and watching the new ”i won’t give up” video (i love it) i am going to sleep right now. My tough life as a bartender. Good night at all.

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    costellocrew5 said ...

    You both were great today, no sleepy-seeds detectable on my screen. I imagine you will be zonked after Letterman tonight – this is looking like an all nighter (or I guess an all dayer too). What you describe is just like having a new baby. You think, “I should have gone right to bed after the last feeding?” or, “Didn’t I just lie down?” “Didn’t I just feed that child?” 12:20 am, 2:50 am, and then the dreaded 5:30 am. wake up cry. And then, like Groundhog’s day, it repeats for days, weeks, and often many, many months…

    If it weren’t for LOVE, I’m not sure how the human race would survive?! Just sharin’ :) Have a super, fantastic, smiley :) evening! xoxo, Jane and the crew

  • Avatar of rmt2013
    rmt2013 said ...

    So, I’m a nursing student. I saw the tweet about you being on The Today Show and was resigned to missing it since I had to work in the hospital today. Much to my delight, someone turned on the Today show for my patient at her bedside (I knew it wasn’t her because she is non responsive, weak, and seems confused most of the time, but she’s in there somewhere. Even if I cant prove it, I know it). Anyway, I listened and sang along with you this morning as I cared for her. It made all the difference TO ME to hear and say “I wont give up!” as I struggle through nursing school. I also KNOW that it made a difference for her. She opened her eyes and brightened up as we watched you sing your heart out.

    Thank you. It was just what the doctor ordered…for both of us.

  • Avatar of blessedewe
    blessedewe said ...

    Thank you for getting up early. I have heard your big radio songs, but have not followed you closely or your music, but will pay more attention now. I love “I won’t give up” and think it is absolutely beautiful and encouraging.

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    GoodGoodMusic said ...

    I would assume one would get used to waking up like that.

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    TravisLatam said ...

    I had a similar calling of marimbas at 5:40 this morning, however I first sought out pants, then fresh undies and finally water. I was faced with the inability of putting on my skivvies whilst my pants were already at mid-leg – a challenge I simply could not accept, so I adhered to the natural progression of getting clothed. My quart of water was calmly waiting though – so serene. So crisp. So carefree, the water was, even though it knew I was going to put it in my g.i. tract. Clever water. Soothing water.

    Much love,


    By the by, I don’t see Dr. Taylor’s TED link as stated at the end…so, here it is:

  • Avatar of ChildofEarth
    ChildofEarth said ...

    You have a busy day ahead of you, but we are all very excited for your appearances! Have a good day ~Blessed be