Thank You For Your Vote.

November 2, 2012

New York, NY

My friend Aspasia is a Columbia University undergraduate. She is 44. On brains and brawn alone she has returned to academia on scholarship, student loans, and Pell Grants. Now in her 2nd semester with sights set on a distant and achievable PHD, she, like mega-storm Sandy, is making waves. And while the extreme weather has been a major set-back this season, a greater threat to her education is Mitt Romney. If he is elected into office, her student loans and Pell Grants could vanish, leaving her incomplete and in debt. She doesn’t have parents to fall back on, which is Romney’s recommended alternative. Without loans, she would be forced to quit college, have massive debt over her head, and lack the degree she’d need to get the right job to pay it off. She and thousands of students are at risk if Romney is elected. This is yet another reason I’m casting my vote for Obama.


Minneapolis, MN

An amendment is being proposed to voters that will read: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota? yes or no.” I pray the people’s answer is no.

If someone is against same-sex marriage, that person shouldn’t marry someone of the same sex. It’s that simple. If you live in MN, help get the vote out. Follow @MN4allfamilies and the website to help is


Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Virginia

It doesn’t take 1 person to change America. It takes 279. One leader with vision and values in The White House. 60 men and women who share that vision and can defeat a Filibuster in The United States Senate, and a majority 218 of the 435 members of the House of Representatives who can enact the legislation that the President wants.

Yes We Can Supporters in Ohio vote for Sharrod Brown. In Missouri, vote Claire McCaskill. In Wisconsin, we love Tammy Baldwin! and In Virginia, it’s Tim Kaine. If you don’t know about the Senators in your state, now’s a great time to Google them.


San Diego, CA

As a budding organic food farmer, I encourage people to shop at their local farmer’s markets to enjoy seasonal, home grown food. Buying local & organic not only supports your neighborhood economy, it’s also better for your body and better for the planet. On our ballot we welcome Prop 37 for proper food labeling. This is the right to know what’s in our food. Major food manufacturers don’t want to label their food, and in turn that hurts us local/organic farmers. We work hard to grow delicious all-natural foods while they spray chemicals on everything and genetically modify foods to make them look perfect. I am voting YES on PROP 37 because I think it would be great for everyone to see how much genetically modified (GM) food there is on the shelf, in hopes it would shift the general interest towards healthier, all natural foods. If GM food is so safe, why is there so much resistance from the major manufacturers to label it for us? Have you noticed how many more food allergies there are these days?


Thanks for reading. And thank you for your vote.


  • Hey jason glad you were chosen by obama to play in that latin american country whos name i cant remember.

    Good job sticiking up for gmo labeling. Theres actually a 100 page pdf from some scientists explaining gmos dangers in depth. Ill post it here when i find in my browser history. Monsanto and company is winning because very few people understand the science.

    There is real rvidence that gmos are not only detrimental to health but also not a good way to achieve the objectives they are.being promoted for. They havent yet succesfully created any gmo foods that are advantageous over selective breeding and genetically engineered but not genetically modified foods. Despite decades of trying. The real goal of gmos is to allow corporate control of the food supply by patents. It also allows the continuation of chemical farming in the face of incredibly effective farming science such as High brix farming which makes it possible to grow foods without pesticides because of natural gentic expression when the right nutrients are in the soil, that makes plants insect resistant And far more nutritious.

    Whole foods place in this is also disgraceful.

    Thats why next year im starting a new health food store that will carry absolutely no gmo foods and will actually be curated to offer only healthy foods.

    Currntly you can still go to ‘health food stores’ And get plenty of terribly unhealthy foods

    if you ever decide to come to new bedford mass and do a show next year id love To have you play at the store.

    Keep rockin man btw your best lyric so far ‘oh my justifying reasons why is an absolutely insane resolution to live by’

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    Zlion said ...

    Prop 37 did not pass. This breaks my heart but I knew it was a long shot. Unfortunately, there was just so much money put into the opposing campaign adds and they knew the easiest way to scare voters. Threatening their bank accounts.
    By now we all know anything worth while does not come easy so we’ll just have to consider this a bump in the road and continue to reach out while educating ourselves and our peers..

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    normason said ...

    Ramp ‘em up in Ohio, Obama boy! And girl!


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    normason said ...

    You CANNOT be against the largesse of the federal government and be pro-military. The Department of Defense is by anyone’s calculations the largest receiver of the federal budget.

    You CANNOT be against the largesse of the federal government and be pro-job creation. Streamlining the government would mean cutting jobs.

    You CANNOT be against the “socialization” of the federal government and keep receiving your social security check, your veteran’s pension, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, or federal disaster aid. If you believe that these programs provide fundamental needs, then you must believe health care is a fundamental need and help the current government work towards making universal health care a viable reality.

    These are typical Republican stances that I believe to be hypocritical.

    VOTE to re-elect President Obama.

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    bethann0330 said ...

    Agreed on all! And in Colorado, we have Amendment 64 calling for the legalization of marijuana for recreational and industrial use. How great is that? Decriminalizing a plant that can do so much good for so many reasons! Esp. the industrial part. The amount of paper you can get from 1 acre of hemp as opposed to 1 acre of trees is exponential. Hemp paper does not require the bleaching that wood paper requires either, which would really help out this earth as this process is incredibly polluting. There are tons of more uses for it as well. Personally, I work in a neonatal intensive care unit, and we have so many babies with pain issues. Narcotics cause them withdrawal issues and constipation. I would love to see the day that we are able to treat these babies with marijuana: no withdrawal, no constipation, much less chance of overdose/med errors. It would work miracles, I’m tellin’ ya! I have seen way too much suffering of these innocent little beings.

    Furthermore, take it to the next level and vote with your dollar everyday!

    Buy fair trade

    Buy organic

    Buy local

    Be kind to all, eat plants!

    Pay it forward!

    Live your values and you will find true peace!

    Beth Ann

    “Expand your circle of compassion and the love will come back to you a thousand times.” -Matt Bear,

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    BrianM said ...

    As a Minneapolis-based (and San Diego native) fan that has loved your music since I first heard your music in high school (10 years ago), I just wanted to say thanks for calling attention to the importance of voting no on Tuesday. As a gay man, I have often found solace in your words of love, peace, and equality that resonate throughout your music. Thanks for being such a strong ally!

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    Telluselle said ...

    I have begun to wonder if “sparing your listeners from your lows” has made your statements (and songs) a little too politically correct lately. Then you thin out the truth from the real flesh and blood that is you, highs and lows included. Sometimes raw is more pure than smooth. Or maybe it is just my own perception that has changed. Aloha,

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    gaia said ...

    Enthusiasm for change is sexy, bravo! Perhaps, a dose of pronoia would be even more empowering to those reading? Then again, it might challenge long held beliefs about the nature of social change and therefore be frightening, who knows? Enjoy the following, if you dare, Rob Brezsny’s campaign speech. Much love! :)

    Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology
    In case you missed it, here’s my campaign speech:

    If everything seems to be under control, you’re probably not moving fast enough.

    If you’re not pretty much always confused, most likely you’re not thinking deeply enough.

    And if you find you’re not feeling forever amazed, maybe you’re not seeing wildly enough.

    The truth is fluid and slippery and vagrant and scrambled and gorgeously abundant.

    You know I’m right. You know there are at least three sides to every story.

    You know that every person alive has a piece of the truth, and no one has more than a piece of the truth.

    My dear friends and beloved enemies, I am asking you to help me keep us all focused on these sacred uncertainties. I am asking you to vote for me.

    Whoever you are . . . whatever beautiful monster you have made into your god . . . whatever media viruses you have invited into your most intimate places . . . you can decide right now that you are going to vote for me.

    You can decide right now that you are ready to change your lives . . . and change your signs . . . and change your changing. Because when you vote for me, you vote for your own purified, glorified, unified, and mystifying self.

    If I am elected, I will teach you how to kick your own ass and wash your own brain before somebody nasty beats you to it.

    If I am elected, I will show you in a million ways why you and I should be totally opposed to all duality.

    If I am elected, I will prove to you that everyone who believes in the devil is the devil.

    If I am elected, I will reveal the secret meaning of the fact that “stressed” is “desserts” spelled backwards.

    If I am elected, YA YA will be YA YA. YA YA will not be NYAA NYAA.

    If I am elected, the word “asshole” will be used as a term of endearment rather than abuse.

    My beautiful friends and monsters, understand me or go to hell. I love you. I love you, goddammit. I love you more than I love you. And I’ll prove to you how much I love you if I have to kill my ego in order to do it.

    This language prevents crime.
    This engineering moves us to sing
    These advertisements make us smart.
    This rhythm frees all prisoners of childhood.

    My beautiful friends and monsters, it is high time for you and me to stop colluding with the so-called entertainers who are perpetrating the genocide of the imagination. It is high time for us to stop heeding the lies of the necrophiliac journalists and the goddess-killing CEOs and the criminally insane politicians who are torturing the Seven Perfect Secrets from the Beginning of Time.

    Do you know how to tell the difference between your own thoughts and those of the celebrities who have demonically possessed you? If I am elected, you will know the difference beyond a doubt.

    If I am elected, there will be a new bill of rights. And the first amendment will be: “Your daily wage is directly tied to the beauty and truth and love you provide.”

    If I am elected, I will prove to you why it is so important for the future of daffodils and sea urchins and the jet stream that childbirth be broadcast live on primetime TV on one of the major networks every night.

    If I am elected, we will add an eleventh commandment to the standard ten: “Thou shalt not bore God.”

    If I am elected, when anchormen report tragedies on their nightly TV shows, they will break down and cry and let their emotions show. No more poker faces.

    If I am elected, you and I will grow up to be exhilarationists instead of terrorists. Exhilarationists are tricky saints who steal your pain and
    drive you insane with joy and pleasure. Exhilarationists are brilliant fools who break the rules to make you drool with shocking delight and outrageous beauty.

    You are becoming very relaxed.
    Your eyes are growing very calm.
    All tension is leaving your body.
    And yet you are NOT getting sleepy.
    In fact, you have never felt more awake and alive in your entire life.

    You will obey . . . everything I don’t say.
    You will obey . . . everything I don’t know.
    You will obey . . . everything I forgot.
    You will obey . . . nothing at all.

    If I am elected, there will be legal highs, not legal lows . . . mystical science and logical horoscopes. Compassion will be an aphrodisiac, and I’ll be a pyrokleptomaniac — with a compulsion to steal fire.

    If I am elected, there will be a magical realist democracy, where millions vote for ecstasy. April Fool’s will come once a week. Plutocracy will be a felony.

    If I am elected, there will be seven genders that can all marry each other. The moon will be your father; the sun will be your mother.

    There’ll be sacred shopping malls where you can buy magic carpets and waterfalls. Meditation will be taught in schools. There’ll be seven billion different golden rules.

    If I am corrected, rejected, infected and perfected,
    I will buy all the Pizza Huts in the world
    and convert them into a global network of menstrual huts — where for a few days each month,
    every one of us, men and women alike,
    can resign from the crazy-making 9-5.
    We’ll drop out and slow down,
    break trance and dive down
    into eternal time.

    Where we can sleep nine hours every night
    and practice our lucid dreams;
    think with our hearts
    and feel with our heads;
    study the difference
    between stupid, boring pain and smart, fascinating pain
    until we get it right;
    wear wildflower crowns and magic underwear
    made of eagle feathers and spider webs;
    think up bigger, better, more original sins
    and wilder, wetter, more interesting problems.

    I’m the president now. And so are you! I am the Supreme Commander of the United Snakes of the Blooming HahHa! And so are you! I am the Eternal Teacher of Permanent Orgasm! And so are you!

    And what we say is that when we are elected — when you and I are elected — we will love our neighbors as ourselves, even if our neighbors are jerks. We will never divide the world into Us Against Them. We will search for the divine spark even in the people we most despise, and we will never never never dehumanize anyone, even those who dehumanize us.

    If I am elected, every one of us will sooner or later become a well-rounded, highly skilled, incredibly rich master of rowdy bliss. And if I am elected, every one of us will sooner or later become an ecstatically compassionate connoisseur of insurrectionary beauty — with lots of leisure time and an orgiastic feminist conscience.

    Every thought is a vote. As a monk friend of mine says “When you think about government…don’t.” The power is within, you know that. The New Age or Spiritual movement might seem like a lot of floaty flighty denial of reality, but, if you look with the right lenses, its actually an embracing of The Reality. If you really dive in to almost any spiritual path you will find a nearly universal acknowledgement that governments are to be done away with, completely. You will find the freedom of individuals and communities to shape their own lives embraced. Almost all of these enlightened paths would have us concerning ourselves with the life cycles of frogs before engaging in politics.

    Have you heard the term hegemony? It means an idea or way of being presented to us from outside of us (read from a government, media…) becomes so ingrained in us, we don’t even realize that idea or way of being is not our own creation, perhaps not even our own choice. Hegemony means the ubiquity of a certain belief has overcome the general populace without the populace even knowing it. One such example for the U.S. could be “We need government to survive as a species” or “My vote for a presidential candidate is important” or “If more people voted we’d be better off as a country and a planet”. By ingesting and spreading these beliefs, are we thinking for us, or are they? Are we being true to our soul code, or do we might we benefit from taking a step back from society to listen to what our soul code is actually saying? Is our soul saying vote? Is our heart saying vote? Is the inner child saying vote? or is the mind doing most of the talking? I don’t know, its different for all of us, its up to each of us to listen to our unique vibration and act accordingly. My purpose in mentioning hegemony is to present a possibility. Funny thing about possibilities- they’re infinite. What do you feel is true?

    Embracing a new way, being the New Earth, in its ideal and most radical sense means total upheaval of what we thought the world was and how we thought it functioned. This is strange and at times frightening business, it is stripping the canvas of our worldview bare and venturing into the unknown with a new set of finger-paints. Maybe voting is the right thing to do. Maybe you all are at the forefront of the most important social changes of our age… or maybe the powers that be want you to think you’re creating change by voting for a president or a city proposition, when really you’re casting a vote that says to the Universe “yes, more of this please. More structures, more hoops, more leaders and followers, more government, more believing that someone or something outside of ourselves has more power to influence the nuances of our everyday lives than we do.” ???

    P.S. This is coming from someone who was for many years of her life, socially and professionally, a political activist in the United States… that same person now behaves as if governments are rickety old skeletons she doesn’t want hanging around in the closet of her consciousness. Food, I hope, for thought. Loooooove! :)

  • RIGHT ON! I am also a college student (47 years young) and praying that our present administration stays in tact so I can continue.
    I agree with the “if you don’t agree with same-sex marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex.” Funny and right on point.
    I’m glad you posted before you went overseas. Enjoy your time there BUT come back to us in one piece.

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    normason said ...

    In San Antonio, Texas:

    What children under 5 need is good parenting, not to be in school all day. School and day care should never be used as a surrogate for good parenting. If you’re too tired or too busy to raise your own children, give them to someone who isn’t. Only a Mraz can raise a Mraz.

    Vote NO on the “Pre-K for SA” initiative.

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    EvaHassine said ...

    Oh yes, Jason, I join you in this prayer!!

    Light in action in a forgiven world!! All my mental support for the right and abundant vote which brings us allllll ( we talk about the entire planet, yes!) to this peaceful world where birds are singing in joy!!

    I very do believe you can do this, thank you!!!!!!! love, Eva