Soully Up to you

January 13, 2012

I live near a military base. I don’t know much about it. It’s a place where Marines develop their skills and learn how to properly play with their toys I guess. Our friendly neighborhood airspace includes as many low flying helicopters and subsonic explosions as it does crows and their foretelling caws.


The base begins just beyond a storybook contoured landscape of farmland that cat-cows across a horizon on the opposite side of a valley below my house. At night the farm is lit with hundreds of well organized rows of bulbs. I tell people it’s a light bulb farm but the guy is really growing flowers. He produces many for the Rose Bowl parade and has for years. The night lights he uses hurries along mother nature.


Last night the base was firing something into the sky, adding even more light to the fields. The sparks moved like melancholy fireworks, each one a runaway from the pack. One soft light at a time trailing low over a canvas of stars held me a kept man and reversed my years. I wasn’t even a man anymore. I was just a pair of eyes, like how a child must feel before it’s first download.  Each flare arced and faded languidly like shooting stars in slow motion. Mimicking it’s movement made my head turn.


The waxing full moon had my back which meant I was free to be lost in gazing. In gratitude for this new chance to see the earth in such great light, from such great heights, from a little house on a hill, at night, I smiled a warm smile, tucked my hands in my pockets, and levitated.


To some, the electrically charged flower farm and the military base could be viewed as wastes of energy; each operating out of some degree of fear or greed. But to others, the spectacle alone is beautiful and worth acknowledging.


How you choose to project your light onto others is “soul”ly up to you.


I wish you wellness on this day.


Love and light,


  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You

  • Avatar of socalsal82
    socalsal82 said ...

    It’s nice to wonder at something, isn’t it? I often stop suddenly on my walks to marvel at something and perhaps attempt to capture it with my clumsy iPhone. The image is then cropped, enhanced, filtered and IG’d and with any luck someone else will wonder at it from another angle.

  • Avatar of SarahAllspaw
    SarahAllspaw said ...

    sight… not site! oops :)

  • Avatar of SarahAllspaw
    SarahAllspaw said ...

    Hi Jason,

    Sounds like a beautiful site to see… your writing makes me feel as if I was there. Thank you.

    Peace & Love,

  • Avatar of BO34
    BO34 said ...

    i write the TV advertising for the marine corps. wondering which base you live near.

  • Avatar of SunshineSD
    SunshineSD said ...

    It’s amazing to wake up to such beauty. In gratitude + a smile + love.

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Dear Jason,

    Thank you for sharing bits of your world. I love how you see things. I have seen things in a better light because of you. YOU are incredible. I thank you from my heart. My feet still have not touched the ground since I was fortunate enough to meet you and shake your beautiful hand. Thank you Jason for all that you do.
    I love you my friend.

  • Avatar of danilunia
    danilunia said ...

    …it’s like whatching the Oceanside pier and seeing an inviting romantic soflty-lit catwalk leading eyes straight to the middle of the dark ocean…rather than a heavy wood-made invasive human product hurting water with its many legs and cutting the shore in north and south pier… :)

    I rather choose first opportunity.


  • Avatar of jasonmraz.chile

    Me sorprende la observación que tienes de la vida y de cada uno de sus objetos.

    Gracias por compartir esto tan maravilloso, te amamos!

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Yo Kim…Thanks for the Heads up! PS J–Kim and I are facebook friends thanks to you!

    Congrats!! I thought it was very sweet of Pat Monahan to write about you and the success of your latest release! He is a cool cat. I see him at Pre-school pick up from time to time…want to say hi but too embarassed..

    Hmmmmm, I can’t tell if you are a “some” or an “other” Maybe a little bit of both. As My four year old always says…”All Magic comes with a price”

    Been thinking of you a lot, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your time at home on the hill. I really hope to see you soon!

    Love and miss you,

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I like the mysterious booms, it’s interesting how far and wide sound travels.