smile. it’s good for your health.

July 14, 2012

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    normason said ...

    Hay, boy! What are you gonna do with all that hay? Does farmer Murray have horsies?

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    normason said ...

    Is that an outhouse in farmer Scott Murray’s yard?

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    normason said ...

    Instagram: ¡Ya se chifló! Ask Toca.

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    squeaker said ...

    Smiling on the whole day, just because of you and your music, Jason!

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    normason said ...

    I could have used a guy like Frank D. Fixer this week. Stripping 30-year-old wallpaper is not for the lily-livered. It’s a good thing I inherited some fixer from my Father D. And it’s apparent you take after the fixers in your family.


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    Jean-Canale said ...

    …just watched you as the featured artist on live from Daryl’s House….THAT made me smile!

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    CarKazan said ...

    I love TED talks. They always make my day.
    Good one Jason made my day.

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    normason said ...

    Instagram: I didn’t know there was a nose chakra!

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    MarLuna said ...

    A baby’s smile will instantly cause tears of love in my eyes, a child’s smile is like gettting invited to a happy secret, and seeing quotations marks on each side of a smile is sexy. Throw in a dimple that appears only through a good laugh and smile and attraction is through the roof!

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    EvaHassine said ...

    Talking about smiles, bongs, nukes and what ever shit going around: If you haven’t tried it yet I recommend HOMA Therapie to you, everybody around and your plants.

    check and make your roommates do it for you while you’re gone!!! your avocados will be sooo happy!!!

    It’s a little fire made by the shit of cows, gee, mantras and a pyramid and can transform nuke energy into the pure element of LOVE !
    my yoga teacher is doing it every morning + drinking pure smoothies and I tell you when I do craniosacral therapie with him, every of his organs is just sparkling light.
    This fire clears the atmosphere and returns as pure energy within us.

    I’m gonna do it now too and see how my trees grow. :)

    happy monday to you and everybody and a BIG hello to Toca!!!! see you, Eva

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    normason said ...

    I don’t know about the compilation of findings adding up to the conclusion that smiling is the secret to longevity or success, but smiling sure beats not smiling.

    When you say “smile,” I ask “how wide”.

    But why stop there?

    Laugh while you’re at it!


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    costellocrew5 said ...

    Awesome. I’ve read a ton on the power of the smile and I love the science behind it. Moreover, I think it is astounding that something so simple can literally change a person’s day, or perhaps even the world. A smile is universal – it feels good, it is free. Surprised that Ron didn’t get into the mirror neuron research but…either way, the message is spot on. I try to smile (a conscious effort) at every person I encounter, even if it is a bit awkward (them sort of looking away). I think it is a great habit and in certain circumstances, I often wonder if my smile changed their day in some way?! I also note that when parents get in to ‘ruts’ of forgetting to smile at their children, that children really struggle. I’m not a morning person – I don’t always smile at my husband first thing, but I do intentionally smile at my kids as I reach for the coffee, even if I don’t feel ecstatic to be awake. Now that I say this, I guess I ought to offer that same love to my spouse & best friend…will try tomorrow! Thanks for sharing Jason. Be well. xo, J

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    yharambasic said ...

    I dont know if that was supposed to be serious or comical! I couldn’t watch him long enough because his dry mouth and lisp(I think) drove me a little cuckoo…

    I do love the power of a smile. Though the smile isn’t the same if the eyes don’t back it up. I have fricken “laugh lines” ( that’s what I call them) because I love to smile.

    Good job on making peeps( haha Don’t know why I just used that word!!)
    Yvonne from Az.

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    gealine said ...

    I love this!

    It’s incredible how many super powers we naturally have. You’ve got to love the human body.
    Thank you for making me realise again why i chose to be a nurse, i love to learn to understand my body, and help other people incase the body made a mistake or is injured.

    I always try to smile as much as i can to the people who need help, and i always get a smile back.
    Nothing better than a good laugh!

    talk about your emotions and after that SMILE!

    Love, Gealine

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    Veronica said ...