Sing Out Singapore.

June 29, 2012

From New York to Hong Kong, Richmond to Singapore, Memphis to Montreal, St Louis to San Diego, I’ve see many of the world’s most beautiful city skylines, and one thing that always amazes me about cities at night are how many lights are left on. Sometimes entire buildings are illuminated, as I’m sure elevators and escalators are still humming, though idle. I’m sure microwaves and televisions are on stand-by, sucking up more electricity and dollars from the companies who operate out of these buildings.


My hotel is often right up in there, snug between the monolithic banks and business centers, climate controlled, well lit and welcoming. But I don’t complain about my accommodations. Ever. I’ve slept on the couches. I’ve lived in my car. I toured in a van when all of us shared a room. And as competitive as this business is, I’m delighted I’m being given an opportunity to share my experiences, my truth, my failures, my feelings, and my dreams, publically, through the medium of song, blog, or as much as I loathe them, interviews. I’m grateful inspiration still reaches me. And I am grateful for the humility the path of this career teaches me.


In February of this year I had the pleasure of traveling to Antarctica with Al Gore and Friends to learn about the stark realities of climate change and how humans play a huge role in the ever transforming health of our planet, for the good and the bad. Fortunately in recent years, our awareness, including my own, has expanded to embrace new green technologies that help our beautiful cities and countries flourish rather than suffocate.


At the moment I’m traveling through southeast Asia during a time when the Indonesian island of Sumatra is clearing land with fire, causing a haze over many surrounding countries, including Singapore, where I’ll play in a few short hours. For whatever reason the land needs clearing, it’s a people problem and likely an economic necessity. And it’s usually the things we really need that do us the most harm. Just look at the oil business in the gulf and the cancer cases that parallel the alley of oil and gas refineries in Louisiana as an example. The only reason oil spills and refineries continue to operate is because we all still need lots of it!


I learned a few years ago that I could travel with my own water bottle and greatly reduce my use of plastic. This also cuts down on the need to ship water across the world greatly reducing the amount energy I need to survive. Add this to the discovery of solar power, bio-fuel, local/organic food supply, and suddenly the home and heart is operating more efficiently. However, it isn’t always easy, especially flying from city to brightly lit city. Granted, most residents of major cities use public transportation and have a much smaller carbon footprint than I do, and many cities are getting on board with new technology to better serve their cities and guests. Tree planting is a good one, and one that I’ve recently become involved with. For it is trees that sequester and offset carbon while also providing wind breaks for desert areas which help soils, or provide shade for extremely paved areas that intensify the suns heat making a city feel hotter.


I bring this up today not to preach, but to applaud the hotel where I currently reside in Singapore, The Marina Bay Sands, for their extraordinary efforts in greening their business and beautiful sovereign state.


At 55 floors up my view over Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay is a hazy one, but it was refreshing to know that the elevator ride wasn’t in vain since the elevator’s motion also serves to generate energy for the hotel. Trust me. They’ve thought of everything here.


Upon entering my room I discover that nothing is plugged in, which is a totally different experience from the start. Usually when I walk into a room, every light is on, including the TV. But here at the Sands, they know they are saving energy AND money by not leaving everything on.


In fact it’s their standard operating procedure to only plug something in if the guest plans to use it.


There’s also:

- no paper check-in or check out.

- composting bowls to separate the organic waste from the rubbish.

- recycle bins.

- And even a carbon footprint report to let you know your score as a guest based on how much water, air and electricity you used during your stay.

- AND the hotel will organize the planting of a tree and/or water lilies for you to offset your carbon!


Amazing. Thank you Marina Bay Sands.


I hope these practices become a new standard for all businesses, especially those places where we live, work and play. Our hotels, our offices, and our homes.

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    normason said ...

    I wasn’t ready to fall in love when I first encountered LOVE. I was finally free of the heartache and heart break of love. I was too busy. I was sure it wouldn’t be the same as my last love, the one with the really long name. Well, I finally took the risk and I was right. It’s not the same, but I fell in love anyway. I’m in love with LOVE. We’ve been constant companions for the last two months.

    It’s better to be in LOVE than not to be.

  • Avatar of Monica
    Monica said ...

    Your journal is always very interesting, I really enjoy reading it. Thank you so much Jason.
    I’d like to see you on stage but you’re not coming to Italy with your tour. Sad

  • Avatar of holly
    holly said ...

    on the subject of oil, and creating healthy new habits i highly recommend the book: “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight” by Thom Hartmann

  • Avatar of SharonahBuxton

    I love moments when u never realized that the song u have heard on the radio is truly an amazing song. When u research more songs. Magic happens at that moment. Thank u for that magic. U truly r an old soul. Good luck with everything u do in the future.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: I hear that adobe isn’t very hard…

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    or…I will stand very still and carefully listen to the wind. The wind sometimes sings or brings the messages of the lover to the one who is waiting like whispering into each other’s ears, even though the sounds are relatively quietly. However, they are present.

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    Hey J,

    Love is the energy to carry on and practice the new standard. AND, it’s practiced already because 我愛你。

    By the way, just hearing your new song from iTunes at hong knog, it’s very very very touching, gently and beautiful, almost brought out the tears, I wish I could give you a deep hug. No matter who you are thinking about, if she is the right person, she will know and she will wait too. At least, get some good sleep tonight.

    There she is,

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    MMMMMMMMM! I need a new roommate.

    Love, Boy

  • Avatar of easalonga
    easalonga said ...

    Does your management company research the accommodations for your foreign trips to ensure that the hotels are environmentally sound? I have to admit that is not a criteria I usually look for, but will be for future stays. Just wanted to say, I enjoy reading your journal entries every week. It’s refreshing to know how “normal” your life seems to be. I really appreciate the Instagram photos, they are funny and though provoking (some of them). Have a great time in Asia and I’ll be seeing you in New York and Toronto

  • Avatar of Venus2Love
    Venus2Love said ...

    Thank you Jason for the reminder, it’s always good to keep our thoughts fresh and our speech impeccable … I simple LOVE the thought to organize for us the planting of a tree and/or water lilies to offset our carbon !

    PS : Gamachan … to obtain the equivalence in Farenheit, the equation is easy : 40 degrees Celsius X 2 + 32 : 112 degrees Farenheit

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Where are you going to go, or what are you going to do, between 7/14 and 8/9?
    I know a place….

    Enjoy your weekend! (How many Fahrenehit is 40° Celsius?..your freaky systems of measurement..)

  • Avatar of cheertiff
    cheertiff said ...

    It’s very touching to see you do your best and call on people to protect our earth=)))
    Yeah we all are citizens in the world and undoubtedly we should do our responsiblities to practice any actions good to the earth. So cheers Jason=) Let’s keep doing recycling and turn off the lights whenever we walk out the rooms!

    P.S. I went to your concert on 6/26 in Taipei, and that was so amazing!!! You are truly a great artist and performer, I saw your genuineness through your voice and we’re all shared with your feeling and your attitude to music. Thank you so much, Jason. You did bring us a life great-time, thank you so much.

  • Avatar of jetsetluv
    jetsetluv said ...

    Just discovered this blog! Right on~! Singapore’s usually not this hazy. It’s really sad them destroying the forests and Orang Utans’ homes.
    Amazing show you had in Gardens by the Bay :)

  • Avatar of Candy
    Candy said ...

    Thanks for the great music Jason. They make my day every day. I literally become a happier person with your music, i feel at ease when i plug on the earphone.

    Truly inspired by the lyrics, your passion and LOVE for the world and beings.
    Setting aside our differences, culture-wise, geographical-wise, there’re tones of others like me who may never get to MEET you in life, but we’re sharing your passion through music. It’s a beyond-words experience to be able to participate in your Hong Kong Tour. I am glad I brought my beloved dad to join your tour, haha your music has energized the old man!

    Getting to read your blogs here is like digging a treasure, it’s something to look forward to after hectic work every day. You’re special and you always are.
    From the bottom of my heart – a heartfelt ‘Thank You’, Jason. I feel grateful to get to know your music in life.

    Loads of Love,

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    He went half way around the world and all I got was this lousy picture of his feet.

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Don’t forget airplanes. They need a lot of gasoline and that’s why they pollute so much.

    I hope this is gonna be our future flying you agree?

    Just say yes ^_^

  • Avatar of aaddewi
    aaddewi said ...

    dearest jason, so sad i couldn’t make it to watch your concert in singapore. i lost my pasport on my way to singapore from indonesia in the morning. i’ve planned everything since i knew that u’ll held a worldwide concert. been waiting ur concert since 2 months ago but in the end i’m only watch your performance on youtube. really sad… anyway, i can see that it really success… you awesomazing as always..

  • Avatar of aaddewi
    aaddewi said ...

    dearest jason, so sad i couldn’t make it to watch your concert in singapore. i lost my pasport on my way to singapore from indonesia. i’ve planned everything since i knew that u’ll held a worldwide concert. been waiting ur concert since 2 months ago but in the end i’m only watch your performance on youtube. really sad… anyway, i can see that it really success… you awesomazing as always..

  • Avatar of Marianne
    Marianne said ...

    Dearest Jason……THANK YOU…for your Journal first…..<3<3 <<3…<thank you so much…….We live it here in Germany….nothing probably interesting ..but the school my son visites..they are so aware about invironement…children here grow up to be careful… with nature and protect…save energy etc. pep.e…Just mentioning that it works…in a little community..nothing spectacular ..just a humble…and caring…LOVE <3 <3 <3

  • Avatar of mzhysf
    mzhysf said ...

    Hello there! Went to your show in Singapore. As what everyone else had already said, awesome show! Thank you for that :) Just wanna check did u actually get the poster? Passed it to one of your crew. Do thank him for picking up the poster! Just need to know if you actually receive it.

    Have a great tour ahead! Continue to inspire and make good music!

    Love from Singapore,

  • Avatar of UniEve
    UniEve said ...

    Let’s protect our environment together~!


  • Avatar of ShayneyScott
    ShayneyScott said ...

    Thank you so much, Jason. It was the happiest night of my life watching you perform. I was standing close enough to see your face so clearly.
    Seriously the happiest night of my life. Hope you had a great time here. Come back soon!!!!
    Luv always,

  • Avatar of belledingdong
    belledingdong said ...

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us, always. <3

  • Avatar of samantha.chia
    samantha.chia said ...

    Thanks for the wonderful night of live music and talented musicians. Keep the energy up for the rest of the tour!

  • Avatar of dAPOLicious
    dAPOLicious said ...

    Wonderful! Way to go Marina Bay Sands!!!

    Thanks for a fantastic shiw last night, J! I’m still on a high! :) )

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Wow, usually you only see that in a privately run B&B. But people (corporations/governments) who reside on islands have to use their resources wisely, so that is where you will see the most innovation. When i was in Singapore, eons ago, I stayed in Chinatown…I was lucky to even have an elevator that worked (it was the old fashion kind where you have to draw the gate before it moves)!

    I also hope these practices become a new standard for all.

  • Avatar of dAPOLicious
    dAPOLicious said ...

    Wonderful efforts! Way to go Marina Bay Sands!

    Thanks for a one helluca sjow last night, J! I’m still on a high! :) ) <3

  • Avatar of Kareen
    Kareen said ...

    we stayed there too, and watched your concert at the Gardens by the Bay! I was right in front of the stage, and there were a lot of people. It was so hot that night and I almost fainted for the lack of air :( but the show was awesome! super thank you. I just hope you’ll play again in Manila, Philippines, so I don’t have to travel from Manila to anywhere :) yet it was a great trip! SG was so great and inviting!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I’m happy you have upgrade to comfy accommodations that can say We’ll leave the light off for you.

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    In sheer amazement… yet from another waste land. Totally agree with you, yharambasic!
    P.S. Thank you for the new stars on my music chart!
    PPS The card photo is pure genius. EPIC!

  • Avatar of yharambasic
    yharambasic said ...

    It’s hard to make a difference when the community you live in doesn’t give a shit, or maybe it is because it is too hot here in AZ. We finally this past year got recycle bins…. But that’s a start! It’s our children who really need to be pushed towards a greener lifestyle. They are our FUTURE, and my goal is to help them see by becoming a Teacher with an influence!!

  • Avatar of puipui.athome
    puipui.athome said ...

    Thank you for sharing, Jason. It is always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and meaningful stories along the way. Have a great time in Singapore tonight. Thailand misses you! :)

  • Avatar of Maxe
    Maxe said ...

    Thank you for this blog. I always have a great time hearing your thoughts J

    Much love!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    A whole lot of individuals working toward the same goal adds up to a whole world of good. The water-starved area in Texas where I grew up makes water conservation second nature to most people, but our leaders had to push us in the right direction first.

    Thank you for helping to REDEFINE what we NEED. You don’t have to be a scientist to BELIEVE that what we NEED, not what we want, is what our planet needs, too.

    And yay! Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Did it provide the kitty, too?


  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Thanks for the reminder to save energy. Have a super day!