January 16, 2012

This post is dedicated to my friend Sacha, who everyday in the studio would start by googling the latest news in shark discoveries. Most often I think he was looking for a story about another attack, something to make us all wince. Whatever the case, from the center of London, his passion for great whites kept our hearts and minds close to the coast.


Also, my roommate (whose name I’ll refrain from using to protect the reputation of he and his roomates) we’ll call, Willy Walegood, won’t swim in a pool at night due to his fear of these teethy creatures patrolling his mind. True Story.


Last week a new app launched that he and you will love. It was created by a neighbor and friend of mine, a local guava farmer who raises bees and makes the most delicious honey, who also happens to be a marine biologist. Throughout his career in the ocean, he’s tagged hundreds if not thousands of great white sharks in the wild. The sharks remain free and are able to be tracked by satellite all around the world helping scientists and researchers learn about food supplies, changing weather conditions, and a whole lot more about the ocean, in depth – above our heads; puns attempted.


The new app lets you keep up in real time with a fleet of sharks. It’s a great educational app, perfect for kids, divers, ocean enthusiasts, and those who think sharks may be hiding in their swimming pool. Not so good for fisherman who like shark fin soup.


Get the app here.

  • Avatar of Moniroca
    Moniroca said ...

    Entenc perfectament a en Willy…. jo no puc entrar al mar més enllà de fins quant l’aigua m’arriba a la cintura… és una paranoia! Ho sé! al mar Mediterrani no hi ha taurons… o no n’hi havia fins fa poc. Sigui com sigui la pel·licula de Steven Spielberg en té tota la culpa…. :P

    Fins i tot em sento algo extranya a l’acquari de Barcelona, veient els taurons quant hi he anat amb la meva filla de 4 anys… jo allà, explicant-li que no fan res… que són macus i que els cal protegir… mentre m’ho vaig repetint internament com un mantra quant estic al mar…

    i no em funciona!
    També en piscina profundes, si vaig per sota l’aigua, arriba un moment en què em cal sortir… O_o

  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Bravo for joining the blackout yesterday!
    I still love Jaws, even if it scarred me for life! Martha’s Vineyard is where the filming took place(but I would still be scared), Jaws was based on the real shark attacks that took place on the Jersey shore in 1916. I am very thankful I didn’t find out that was true when I was a kid. I’m with “Willy.” I refer to ocean swimming as joining the food chain. Thanks for the heads up on the app, maybe it will help me be brave.

  • Avatar of ChildofEarth
    ChildofEarth said ...

    I love hearing peoples passions for sharks! That truly is amazing. If I had technology (other than a laptop) that I could use apps with, I would definitely support.

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Recently I’ve seen a documentary about sharks and how we have been so close to destroy them, in the 80′s or something. Some people consider them just as a threat: ignorance is the right word to say.
    Even if they do not get along so well with surfers..
    Every Creature is Amazing!

    “Livin’ in the Bottom of the Sea..”

    Bubbles of Love!

  • Avatar of holly
    holly said ...

    chuck patterson. san onofre shark. whoah. :

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    Interesting app and I have much respect for these creatures, but having grown up near enough to Martha’s Vineyard where the story of Jaws took place, I’ve never quite gotten the images out of my mind. That really is sort of crazy when I think about it! In my more footloose and fearless days(my early 20s)I did try surfing when I lived in Kailua, Hawaii for a couple years but I never got very good and that shark thing was always in the back of my mind! I will get this app if my kids ever start to surf. :) Poor Wushwalla – hopefully he will take comfort knowing that he is not completely alone. :)

  • Avatar of rumraisin
    rumraisin said ...

    Jaws did that to us! Curse that movie! I can swim in a pool at night, but never in open water. NEVER EVER. But sharks are cool.

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    LOL!!!! Willy Walegood….I love it!!! I actually have the same fear! I grew up with a pool and every time we swam at night with the lights off I would freak myself out. I had no idea others shared this fear! The thought of going in the ocean at night? Never gonna happen!

    When I look at this website I have the duhna, duhna …duhnaduhnaduhna music going in my head.

    They are beautiful. I have huge respect for them…and I will be steering clear!