Sea for Yourself

November 25, 2012

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    Peaceout said ...

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts this year, Jason!

    I am so excited as I got to meet up with the Director of the Clean Oceans Project on Monday and your name came up. I am glad that you saw the TED talk and are responding. 2013 is going to ROCK even more than 2012!
    (Who knew that was possible?!)


    Happy New Year!

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    holly said ...

    check out username: juancasillas on instagram! inspired up-cycling using plastic bottles in construction…..

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    j4ytaylor said ...

    This is important and together we can really make a difference…

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    normason said ...


    Is that how Jerry is getting the band to Myanmar? I hope they float!


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    normason said ...

    I woke up with a song in my head. My head hummed it as I went about getting ready for work, and then I stopped my thoughts long enough to dedicate some time to remembering where I had heard it. I should have known. It’s Jason Mraz’s “Out of My Hands”. I only listened to it a couple of times, a couple of days ago.

    I can’t say all of his songs stick so quickly, but this one did. It’s the song my subconscious wanted to sing today, I guess.


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    normason said ...

    Jerry doesn’t look too comfortable in front of the camera.

    He’s probably thinking: “How in the hell am I going to get this guy and all his crap to Myanmar?”

    And you’re thinking: “I can’t wait to walk barefoot in Shwedagon Paya.”

    You look like the yin-yang of a blissfully fulfilling association.


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    Ally said ...

    Yikes! This is alarming….thx, for the info, J ….

    (this would explain why I crapped out a tuba yesterday )


    ~Ally Old Soul

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    normason said ...

    Now your chandelier is getting its work out on the floor! Stop it! You’re making me dizzy!

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    MarLuna said ...

    I use the name MarLuna for the two things I love most about this planet (Mar=Ocean Luna= Moon)and I know I’m not the only one. It should be that America shouldn’t dump anything into the ocean out of sheer knowledge and the fact that we have plumbing and landfills and other means of disposing, recycling. I can understand a villager, whose thoughts were formed by their ancients (and even they’ve been taught to give offerings of devotion to the sea).

    Don’t flush your medications or use harsh chemicals in your homes or land – and on your skin and hair. The human is a vessel of water-my guess is what can happen to implants in women will result the same in digestion of contaminated fish and chemical run off from man.

    Think before you drink, drink with prayer and swallow with integrity.

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    It’s scary isn’t it, and too many people just don’t think about it! Buying, consuming, throwing out…to them it’s all about convenience, and who gives a s**t.

    Heard a senior say the other day, “All these young people, blaming us for ruining the environment, look at them with all their plastic and electronics and stuff. At least we used glass bottles, washed them out and reused them. We had to haul our water from the well, so you can bet we didn’t waste any!”

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    normason said ...


    OK, so why are the curtains upside down? Are you doing yoga on the ceiling again? I’m telling.

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    Peaceout said ...

    Thanks for posting… Important subject!

    You may know about this already… but are you familiar with The Clean Oceans Project? They have a plan regarding this issue. Check em out here:

    They are action/solution oriented and seems to be making headway. :)

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    zeizei said ...

    TAKE BACK THE TAP! We should all use less disposable plastic wares, especially bottled water. In a survey I did for a class project, I found that most people prefer bottled water because they think the water tastes better. However, the results for the taste test that TBTT does every semester on campus show that people actually think filtered tap water tastes the best when they don’t know which water they are tasting. In the United States, especially in communities where the tap water quality is good, people should start using re-usable water bottles more (stop being lazy). And in places where the water is not safe, we, civil and environmental engineers, will be there to fix the problem ^_^

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    KT74 said ...

    by order:
    Dearest Jason
    We send you a massage on this way knowing your will read it when the time is ready for. Your are a beloved one, enjoying the time you have almost always deep in music. Your are connecting the world with heaven while you are making music. But what is happening after the show with you. Are you still in love? you have to learn to stay in love after your concert. Allow your heart to stay open. You have to belief deep in you that nobody can hurt you. You are always saved also with an open heart. Do it! Love for all in every minute is what you have to realize in your live. Belief in the source or god, knowing only the best will happen to you! Beloved, we are with you. the great white brotherhood

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    FrolleinN said ...

    maybe the actual earth summit can make the U.S. participate THIS time…!!! hope springs eternal :-)

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    gmhefner said ...

    i wish there was a way that plastic could be sanitized and reused, like we used to do with glass pop bottles. with some exceptions like medical supplies, i bet we’d never have to make any more new plastic.

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    SOOOO IMPORTANT! Great graphic! (Slight disturbed by the polar bears emptying their bottles into the ocean in that “Real Bears” video tho, but know that has nothing to do with you, <3)

    And, since you are not in the USA, you might have missed 60 Minutes tonight about Craig Kielberger (FTC and We Day) … Kids can change the world!

    Craig said something like "A penny is almost like a kid, people walk by pennies all the time and ignore them. They're too insignificant, kind of like kids. You don't really think that kids can really make a difference. But when you bring enough kids together, then suddenly, those kids can change the world,"

    Worth watching!


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    normason said ...

    The link says it all. It’s the damnedest thing, and hilarious. I wonder what they’d do if the singer was you?

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    normason said ...

    Good morning, boy! How’s it hanging!

    Per your last blog, this is very literal in your case!

    Seriously, though, we ARE swimming in our own garbage, both inwardly and outwardly. For the outward problem: Support a scientist! Their “boring” experiments may just save the planet! For the inward kind: Listening to Mraz sing is a step in the right direction.


  • vianne.hong said ...

    respect ocean, respect yourself, respect the world