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February 9, 2012

My mission is simple: Shine a light through music and laughter and enjoy being with people. That’s it. A little bit of love goes a long way, especially in a world crowded with individuals; a world where all of us equally are prisoners of earth, held down by gravity, struggling with 7 billion different versions of human triumph and human suffering.

(one fuzzy, snoozing seal)

(a zillion pudgy penguins.)

I believe when enough people hold the intention of peace, acting as beacons of hope for others, we will blanket the earth with love and the shift into a non-violent global community will be inevitable. As AVATAR as that sounds, I do believe we’re getting closer to that place everyday.


Soon, instead of stabbing, drilling, carving, and blasting our home planet to bits, we will work calmly and gently upon its fragile skin, using the creative minds Mother Earth has given us to power our cities with more respectable methods. We will not fight over land and money, instead valuing the world based on it’s resources and lack thereof; understanding the true cost of a happy-meal vs. a home-cooked meal of local ingredients. And the price of products and merchandise will directly reflect the price it has on the world as a whole; for instance, were we to add a tax based on how much carbon is emitted in shipping/manufacturing, that alone would greatly shake-up and reshape our material world… and yes, I am all for that. Can you imagine paying $50 for a burger? And that’s probably a cheap burger. But that’s what considering the cost of carbon means to our limited resources.


For the past week I’ve been in Antarctica, otherwise known as Earth’s Air Conditioner, wondering how I can make a difference that makes a difference to the 7 billion inhabitants to the north.


Of those 7 billion, only 40 thousand people get to see Antarctica each year, and many of those people are frequent visitors. People go there for it’s stunning, untouched, uninhabited beauty. It’s a location for those like myself who seek isolation and enjoy intense levels of silence. It’s also a place of exotic wildlife such as whale, penguin, and the eccentric burping/farting southern elephant seal.


(“It wasn’t me,” replied the elephant seal.)


One of the studies scientists have been conducting is to find out if tourism is hurting the wildlife there, and so far they’re concluding it’s how we live at home that causes more damage to their environment than how we act on visits to Antarctica; which from my experience, are carefully thought out expeditions that have strict guidelines and are well-executed. Visits to this region raise awareness about melting ice and depleting food systems caused by our high rate of energy consumption and fossil fuel burning – proving yet again you don’t have to live near the ocean to have an impact on it – and you don’t have to live near the ocean for it to have a impact on you.


Antarctica, which was set aside for science and peace in the 1960’s, is governed by nearly 50 nations, half of which make the decisions and control policy; proof that we as a world people can actually work together to preserve and protect the environment.


I have nothing riding on sharing this information other than a love and respect for all of life. I have no political agenda other than speaking up for that which doesn’t seem to have a voice we listen to; the voice of the natural world, complete with crashing waves, rushing rivers, rustling trees, bird calls, whale songs, and a howl in the wind.



If it’s in your means, go to Antarctica on the Explorer and learn about this special place from the scientists, biologists, naturalists, and generalists who’ve been studying there for 30 plus years. See the incredible landscape for yourself before it’s gone. Or at the very least, take a walk today and experience all that your environment does to support you.


(Whales are the record keepers; their songs are the recorded history of the earth.)

Life. Is wonderful.

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    desiree said ...

    Mission pretty much accomplished:)

  • Avatar of tammy04
    tammy04 said ...

    A little love does go a very long way. Wish people could take their blinders off and just open their hearts. The world would be a much better place.

  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of Madagascar
    Madagascar said ...

    “The world as you see it” is where I’d like to live. Human should be more like you. Well, they should use their heart.

  • Avatar of Corinne
    Corinne said ...

    I haven’t been to Antarctica, although I would like to as it looks beautiful. However, I did just spend some time in Tasmania which is a stunning place to visit and also getting closer to Antarctica.

    Whilst there, I was lucky enough to go on an eco tour that takes you down past the amazing coastline and giant kelp forests into the Southern Ocean to see Australian fur seals and other amazing marine and bird life. I think we are so lucky to see nature and the world this way. Plus travelling on a small island you are aware of trying to live life more simply by supporting local independent businesses and buying fresh local produce in season because the carbon footprint is much bigger otherwise.

    I am very much for the carbon tax that the government here has introduced because I can see how it will help in the future and we have to start somewhere. I have to say though that I am a minority on that front. Most people I talk to just look at it as one more tax to pay out for. My husband says that he thinks the gap between the pain of what is happening to our earth and peoples normal lives is too great for them to have a reality on…. no matter how much they see or get told…. and therefore they just don’t. I do think that travelling can help close that gap if you do it with an open heart and mind.

    And you are right, we do need to listen to the voice of nature and for me listening to it and surrounding myself in it feeds the soul….

    Anyway keep the thoughts and discussion coming and yes, Life is Wonderful…. :-)

  • Gracias for sharing your experience and your thoughts with the world, people this days live by an ” bystander effect” there’s a lot of things going on in this planet, but we close our eyes, and just see what we want to see. we have to learn how to live without being controled by $$$, society is f*cked.

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    danilunia said ...
  • Avatar of danilunia
    danilunia said ...

    Today I spent one hour at my fave open-air market.

    For some time I discovered how beautiful it’s for my eyes and mood going around among stalls and people busy with choosing the best stuff at the lowest prise on saturday afternoon (when I’m off work).

    In the last couple weeks Northern Italy has been damaged by an exceptional intense cold. And even if snow has got a special charme to me, I must admit that life in a big city has became very complicated because of it.

    So facing the below-zero cold weather, on my bike today I approached to my market with a sense of doubious fear: will I find any of my favourite vegetables and fruits? will they be too expensive..?

    Easy to expect: about half products were missing and almost the other half had their prices doubled!

    ….Almost! Because I found out that a few local farm producers had been able to save some products from frost. Contrary to the expensive fruits and vegetables in the emergency coming from other Coutries, they were selling their local stuff at a fare price.

    Result: I very happily came back home carrying my over-6-kilos ‘harvest’ on my backpack!

    Reasons to be happy:

    While cycling to the market I used my own personal energy source and no pollution was generated (arf arf..!)

    I bought not-expensive fresh vitaminic food :D (my health says thanks)

    By buying local food I promoted local producers activities and ‘descouraged’ use of far-away coming-from food (that means more energy waste in all ways possible)

    At last a final witty note before I go and dedicate myself to get my botanic dinner ready.

    No stove or heater has been used to keep me warm while writing down this post at my laptop position.

    I just held my cat Ada in my arms! Lol :D



  • Avatar of ali
    ali said ...

    Mr A-Z please don’t forget the honey badgers & the curious kittens!!

    ps: we missed you & your blog updates

  • Avatar of Mindy
    Mindy said ...

    Way to go! <3 <3 <3

  • Avatar of Juli
    Juli said ...

    Solamente quería compartir esto..
    (I just want to share this) Felicitaciones por tu Entusiasmo, amigo!

  • Avatar of FrolleinN
    FrolleinN said ...

    because of my personal experiences with human beings so far i sadly doubt that our world could become the world you describe BUT on the other hand same time i REALLY wish for it to come true!!!
    this is such a great dream – and you really are my beacon of light in dark times. every word nourishes my hope for this better world. where people are considerate and respectful towards everyone and everything around. where the environment is protected and even able to flourish!

    - sometimes i get rather angry and feel like “grandmother” nature and want to go right away and kick some asses of those reckless people who don’t give a sh** about my “baby” nature. oh yes, those times i am so not love. and although i have a “good” intension i also know that this is counterproductive…
    so i stay as nice as anyone knows me (what we call nice in germany ;-) to others i guess i already sound rude) and try to help what i am capable of: sorting my rubbish, avoiding plastic where possible, acting responsible in the choice of food. i also try to be as present and mindful as possible – and stay hopeful that more and more people join us following this “path of light”. Maybe if we just set good examples they will follow.

    concerning collaboration of all nations: we have an institution thats purpose is to preserve precious nature, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. they ought to represent us as world people. but so far the results have been quite disappointing. year after year they keep postponing their responsibility. at least last time they decided that they will have to decide someting… another 3 years to wait for a contract obligatory for hopefully those nations with the biggest share in pollution. is there anything we can help as individuals?

    sorry, but i can’t help having a critical mind. if the following might be a relief, i already try to be as corteous/obliging as a german can be…
    i really am thankful that this community is a possibility to bring people together from different nations that share this hope for a better world and try to bring in what they can. and maybe you can understand my worries.

    still *love and light*

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    gamachan said ...

    Global warming is slowly melting North Pole.
    Russian and Chinese people are ready with thousand drill oil pumps.

    Check out

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    4meclara said ...

    Every time you leave us with a ray of sunshine in our hearts, a genuine smile on our faces and some food for thought, that is more than enough. Thank you! And blessings to you too!

  • Avatar of raquel..
    raquel.. said ...

    this is my dream.

  • Avatar of Ghaye
    Ghaye said ...

    So true………….you touched and covered it all. Such great writing……….respect for our mother earth and our planet is of most important to preserve what is left for now and the future! Thank you for caring so much and sharing! Bless you, Bless our planet n mother earth I will keep praying for change!

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    haileyraehall said ...

    I’m cheering you on Jason! What an incredible opportunity for you personally but also as an ambassador of earth.

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    Azucris said ...


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    Christianna said ...

    Thank You!!!

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    Christianna said ...

    if you could Jason could you replay or send a message to me? i wont freak out i promis

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    Christianna said ...

    Wow! I’ve thought about the same thing starting like one month ago… that with each day more and more people start to understand, think, about it and help our planet. and i don’t just think about it i feel it!
    and before this christmas i watched a tv program on national giography about antarctica, i wondered how could i help it? and i realy wanted to go there see the beauty of the wild life.
    i like to be in piece and quiet too, listen to the sound of nature.

  • I hope your message reaches all those people in the world who don’t care yet, and that their eyes are opened. You have really found your role in spreading the word about taking care of our planet. I am just a wife and mom living in San Diego, who spends as much time on the North shore of Kauai as possible, with trips to Alaska every Summer. I don’t know how much of a difference I make alone, but I do spend every opportunity enjoying this beautiful planet we live on. The whales sing their songs up in Alaska, and they are a truly beautiful sight to behold in the vast wilderness they play in up there. Please continue to help us make the planet better, I love you for that!! See you on your next journey through our town. :)

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    costellocrew5 said ...

    Great mission – great vision – keep on sharing your gifts, thoughts and experiences. We are grateful. xox

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    hummbird said ...

    I love you Jason Mraz!

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    Josethefan said ...

    I would like that all the people be how you think about the worlf

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    The world as Jason Mraz sees it, is a beautiful thing. Thanks for making us see the world the way you do. With love, peace, hope and of course, music. Thank you.
    Much love and peace.

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    charmi said ...

    You Jason, are such an inspiration.

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    Thanks for your mission statement. I love clarity!!

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    amygdala347 said ...

    If whales’ songs are recorded history of the earth, then I think you should sing to that whale, so he could sing that an aMRAZing singer/healer once walked the face of the earth

  • GoodGoodMusic said ...

    *grade levels*

  • GoodGoodMusic said ...

    I believe God could preserve the Planet until Humanity progresses on certain common sense, street smart levels. Bonfires are for dirty money. Freezing to death is now a possibility. No problem.