opening our eyes

March 14, 2012

It’s not only important to talk about the good things in life, but to do good things. Comedian George Carlin speaks eloquently about human arrogance; believing we can save the planet when we can hardly save ourselves.

Below is a clip from a new feature documentary about the power of one by a Mother/Daughter film making team who circled the globe seeking out change makers who are making a positive difference in the world. This segment of their film, Opening Our Eyes, features Gina Low of APECA who is making a difference in communities along the Amazon River in Peru with education, reforestation, clean water implementation and medical aid; proof that our planet can be cared for as a result of our taking care of each other.

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    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

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    Jean-Canale said ...

    This documentary takes a look at how all on Earth are meant to Thrive and the few elite who have contrived scarcity on the planet. There is plenty for all…become a part of the solution!

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    Madagascar said ...

    Jason, I have a plan for Earth.
    I’m 16. I live in Antananarivo, Madagascar. I’m in a french high school. After my graduation, I plan to follow my studies in Canada (inch Allah). Then, I will come back to Madagascar. I have a plan for my country: I hope he will become the Green Island (my project promotes renewable energy and the protection of environment. And I plan to name my project : Iwon’tgiveup (This is just an idea, nothing is sure. And if you don’t want me to name my project like this, I won’t. I love you so much and I don’t want you to be mad at me).
    My ideas have already been accepted by a very important and influent association. You are my inspiration. All the good things I did and do is thanks to you.

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    MarLuna said ...

    Georgie! Albeit a bit like Shakespeare: Point out a possible ugly trait (found in the many) but presented with snickers and shame, and then gathering an inner dialogue of divide of good vs. bad. This results in leaving you with left over “questionable” feelings that can’t be put in either category; but to be decided by your inner wisdom in the end. Cheers or Jeers that is the question soul-ly for you

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    GloriousMe said ...

    George Carlin and good people, doing good things. Lovely way to start the weekend…:)

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    holly said ...

    that is: *of our degeneration. (gotta show some love to my tiny iphone keyboard!)

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    holly said ...

    the george carlin skit reminded me of a great song: “room without a window” by operation ivy. the first line says it best: “the position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted education, or righteous accusation. only a description, just an observation of the pitiful condition or our degeneration.”

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    CarKazan said ...

    I’m ecstatic that you’re speaking about this. It’s very true how can we save the planet when we cant even save ourselves? A majority of the earths population doesn’t even know how to take care of themselves let alone the planet. There aren’t enough people that care than there should be. I agree with this 100% and even though my help alone won’t make a difference someone like you can and i highly appreciate that. Keep it up Jason I’m with you every step of the way.

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    AndreaBrasil said ...


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    Veronica said ...

    Holy shit…this is my all time favorite George Carlin stand up!!!! The man was a genius. I wish he was still around to drop knowledge on us. There’s a thin line to everything…the thin blue line between here and out there….the thin line between love and hate…and the thin line that separates the “us” from “them” (in this oh so political year). We have to keep a little humor about ourselves. High five Jason!!!

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    I love the way you post things that opens our eyes! Thank you.

    And if you DO go to Kenya (or Ecuador, or ?) with Free The Children, ya gotta let me know when because I invited you to go too and I would love to go with you! That’s my ultimate 11:11 wish!

    <3 what you do!

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    GoodGoodMusic said ...

    Love your blogs. A farmer in his fedora hat. Two times. Three times. The clouds give me a sense of what heaven was like for us. 2x.

    My last wisdom tooth is coming in, so I will definately need a lot of healing and sleeping time once it is pulled and empty.


    Love, Sarah

    p.s. I am really excited about everything expected this album year. I really enjoy seeing the process altogether.

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    nicolabradley said ...

    George Carlin – so funny, so true. This is a gem.

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    K.T. said ...


    It’s very lovely to receive this message on the white Valentine’s day.

    Yes, take care of each other and mother earth.

    Have a good day with your lover!