Oops is a four letter word.

April 23, 2012

I’m on the Pacific Surfliner, the coastal train that makes several daily trips from San Diego to Los Angeles Union Station. Train travel is probably my favorite form of transportation… after bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, piggyback rides, and tour buses. Railroads are smooth. And quiet. And people pack light. And there is no traffic to be attentive to. No seat belts. No possibility of a water landing. And you get to watch the world whir by. Or type.

I’m headed to LA for some acupuncture to treat my laryngitis. Whether or not I actually have laryngitis is not confirmed, but one thing is for certain; I don’t sound very healthy. Losing my voice is due in part to losing my mind mid week last week. It happens. It wasn’t a bad version of losing my mind. There was no sadness or pain, just lunacy.

Similar to laryngitis, but inexcusable, are all the names that were misspelled or left out of the liner notes on the new album that came out last week. Oops.

For instance, my friend Niki Paige-Hadany gave me a cd of my old demos, in addition to lots of encouraging conversation, mid way thru the album process. Listening to her thoughts and my old ways gave me insight on how to compose I’m Coming Over, 93 Mil, and I Won’t Give Up. Were it not for her, my album would sound a lot different. But alas, I forgot to thank her on the album.

Same goes for Amanda Harrison, who tirelessly connects me to communities all over the world. She’s the google map to my dropped pin. Without her, we’d be lost. And yet, I somehow lost her name when liner notes were drafted and reviewed 15 times.

How about my agent, Jonathan Adelman? A man whose birthday is only 2 days apart from mine. I guess sometimes people are so close to your heart your forget to recognize them, just as I failed to recognize him in the thank yous. Thank you Jonathan.

And there’s Sacha Skarbek, the man with whom I penned “In Your Hands” in his garden after we ran a 10k around Hampstead Heath. Sacha and I have written many songs together: Up, This Is What Our Love Looks Like, Only Human, Love For A Child, If It Kills Me, They Shaped My Life, and about 20 more you may or may not ever hear. Either way, you will hear me say THANK YOU SACHA, you handsome devil.

Also, I have immense gratitude for Jon Marro for sharing the fabulous LOVE shapes that started this revolution. He’s always been a huge inspiration, but only his name showed up in the liner notes. Not enough acknowledgement in my opinion.

The funniest and perhaps most ironic flub on the album package relates to spelling of a few in my band. I’m even quoted as saying, “I’ve read their names in classic album liner notes for years, so it’s an honor to have them in mine.” And yet, when they did appear in mine, we spelled their names wrong. Fortunately, they are bigger than that and thought it was funny. We’re still gonna fix it. Thanks Matt Chamberlain and Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

These names and more will be added, repaired, revised or deleted in future printings of the album, which may or may not make the current version of the album a collector’s item.

I should probably also thank Lionel Richie. Just in case.

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    Hey mr. j dear…

    This afternoon I was jogging along the river side for the upcoming heavy works which are sort of like the crucial full-run Marathon. I once questioned myself thousands times why I shall be here? Why only me in such a loneliness and strive so hard? Is this worth I pay for everything I have in order to replace a possible result, yet while the muscles and my brain scream at the first stage all the time? Shall the ghosts collide me again or will I trip down coincidently by mix-tied shoes’ ribbon? Does this personal pursuit ever succeed? Frankly speaking, I don’t know.

    The most intense conflict and completely abandonment leave me in weakness and try to rebuild the construction inside of body. Hence, I would just put on the earphones and stuck head into your new album that arrived lately across the giant Pacific Ocean to where I stay. Then, at this spot I start to jog, moving feet, accompanying with your music.

    My feet uplift a step from another, one by one gradually along with Everything Is Sound reminds me the bright tone of life is wonderful; Living in the Moment lightens my gesture as well to layback a bit, and so leaves the space to feel the easy and breezy. Also, feel the sympathy In Your Hands, I can see my pain objectively to let it come through as you did, the healer might be the wounded. My favorite, re-recorded song, Collapsible Plan, must be willing to let it go, so as to accept the destiny. Through your vocals like the tender creamy butter, chords in harmony, guitar, drums, every instruments, every pauses, every sounds affect everything, specially the lyrics to arise the inherent curative power of inside me.

    So, incrediblely the hard core of me is finally warmed up by a small fire set up very little but indeed. This distinctive but intangible moment that creates the instinctive sense of my insight in different angle. The past ordinary moments in life like the river current continuously floating ahead to the ocean, but while looking outside turns direction to consciously look into my own heart, this ordinary moments of understandings strengthened by your music begin to bring me to compromise with the universe and even, myself, though understanding love is the most difficult thing in the world.

    Somehow in chorus those screams and noises in my head agree to slow down and there is another transformation or consciousness carry on quietly and steady. Few sentences of lyrics become my mantra; your vocal of natural affinity tames me simply. It could say, one is tamed by love is a four letter word. This introspective strings add the variety of life as you described, “…but mostly the rhythm of the heartbeat kind of takes precedence on this record. Medium-tempo tunes; which I love. It feels more like the pace of life. At least, based on my life and what I’ve been doing”.

    On the contrary, as a loyal fan followed the new songs from your 2011 world performed live concerts, few songs in the album are produced discreetly and smoothly which are probably a bit lack of the temperature it should have. However, for this point, I would rather regard this album as a whole message of love delivered than only separate them as indivisual ones. I guess sometimes one claimed he saw the river, actually he didn’t. What he saw is the limited part of the river. The meaning of river only comes up as it is regarded as a whole circle, from the start to the end.

    Therefore, don’t get annoyed (if any) by others say this album is cliché, trust me, if they can listen to it quietly like I did, they will understand. The hearted masterpiece leaves in people’s mind, it’s not how delicately words land on the lyrics or how perfect the melody is; instead, the creativity of new territory you dig deep in yourself and the distinctive auro through music to pass on one message, one vibration of love, regardless of even where I am standing on just the other side of earth from you. This floating vibration is softly but strongly as the light radiates to the air; at that moment, I am strengthen to carry on the tough marathon; in other words, can stand more crucial loneliness in the obstacles of real world.

    So, from such a long time of resisting and letting go, your music of love firstly heard from the last November, now, at the spot I am, a true exhausted living person jogging along the river of 15.4k to realize how weak I am, coming through the valley of shadow, spreading out over the landscape, traveling in the winds, in the procession of loneliness and love. In the end, I must thank you . Thank you for the music, the photos shared, the hearted blog, the way how you look at the world. Thank you for kindle a light , and warm up the hard core of coldness profoundly and miraclely. A new pace of my Marathon shall be transformed, even though the screams sometimes burst into shut in head occasionally, here just let this lyrics warm up my soul as always.

    ∮ ♫~”Well, I’m a happy man. Yes, I’m a happy man. Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am. I am thinking about you….” ♪♫♪♪ ~

    Ever truly yours,

  • Avatar of gabiraith
    gabiraith said ...

    Hello Jason,
    I hope your voice is getting better now. I actually listen to the cd selection for friends and I wish you will sound soon just like there.

    Best wishes

  • Avatar of Angie.Live
    Angie.Live said ...

    I’ve got a new mantra: Protect his voice. All my energy and support for you. Love, always love, Angie

  • Avatar of DixieMaxwell
    DixieMaxwell said ...

    Hi Jason! I’ve been a fan of your amazing songwriting skills and all of your inspiring qualities ever since I saw you at the cricket ampitheatre a couple years ago. I think you are just fantastic for all that you do, and it would be “nice” (a four letter understatement) to have the pleasure of telling you all of this in person someday! I just wanted to comment on this because you mentioned Sacha Skarbek! I’ve never met Sacha, but I have co-written and recorded with his brother, Stefan. He’s a nice guy! I currently record with his best friend, Thomas Barsoe. Anyway, just wanted to say hi since it’s a small world. And I am also your Oceanside neighbor, so maybe I’ll bump into you one day. I’ve always had this intuitive feeling I’d meet ya eventually… and probably sing with you :-) . Can’t wait for that day!
    Big love energy from your neighbor,

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Jason, I hope your VH1 storytellers Taping went well. I cannot wait to see it! I am sure it was a very special experience you are so deserving and have so many great stories!

    love ya!

  • Avatar of kaydeedoll
    kaydeedoll said ...

    SOUL is a four letter word and your music soothes mine.

    Thank you for creating another amazing album. It’s truly beautiful.

    Sending you many good vibes along your journey of spreading music to all of us grateful fans throughout the world. Stay healthy. Be good to you and take care.

    See you in Boston! (first show ever – I am stoked!)


  • Avatar of nicolabradley
    nicolabradley said ...

    MarLuna, that post was for you. I’m a dummy using these websites!

  • Avatar of nicolabradley
    nicolabradley said ...


    Good that you got the message before it became more of a problem. That’s listening to your body alright.

    I knew a guy who kept ignoring his messages to follow a more spiritual/creative path than being stuck on the corporate treadmill. He eventually put his back out so bad that he was bedridden for 6 months. He lost his fancy apartment and car. I guess he had plenty of time to reflect as when he recovered he started painting, doing psychic development and worked part-time for Amnesty International.

    Later he had some regression therapy and it came out that his subconscious created the bad back because he wasn’t listening and had gone way off the life path that he should have been on.

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    @nicolabradley I had my ring finger turn white and numb occasionally, until I took steps to end my relationship!

  • Avatar of nicolabradley
    nicolabradley said ...

    Most physical issues are the subconscious talking to us through the body, getting our attention so we can clear limiting blocks – 2012 is a big year for clearing so don’t be surprised if all kinds of stuff comes up. Even those who have already done a lot of emotional clearing are still coming up with stuff as they get to the innermost layers of blocks. Clearing at this deepest level sets us up to truly realize our potential.

    Therefore – every problem that comes up for us is a GIFT to enable us to become clearer. Not just physical problems but relationships, environmental, circumstances etc. For example – are the world’s environmental problems our collective subconscious giving us a message to live in balance and respect nature?

    Louise Hay is a master of the metaphysical causes for physical problems so I consulted her book for you Mr.AZ

    For problems of the throat (which is the avenue of expression & channel of creativity):

    Probable cause is….inability to speak up for oneself, swallowed anger, stifled creativity, refusal to change

    Even if you are already doing really well in this area, as clearly you are, there still must be something to let go so you can be even better. The body never lies.

    Louise Hay’s affirmations to create new thought patterns around this are ……….

    I open my heart and sing the joys of love (how appropriate is THAT)
    It’s ok to make noise
    I express myself freely and joyously
    I speak up for myself with ease
    I express my creativity
    I am willing to change

    And how to clear the energy block, whatever and wherever it is? Ask for the most appropriate way to be shown to you and it will pop up, just keep your eyes and heart open.

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    It’s ok, Jadon Mazr…everyone makes mistakes (hehe is a great 4 letter word :)

    LOVE is already a collector’s item ~ at least in my eyes :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    I’m encouraged to make a gratitude board/journal with a daily bow included (currently assuming holy submission pose and your name written down as #1-Gracias). Sorry about your sickness and stressful week, I shared the same episode in my present chapter in life; it is only in sleep that I get back to myself aka 93 mil/home. Sending you rays of love and prayers at 11:11 to heal you faster as I know you will.

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Oops indeed , but with every oops comes a thank you ;) what do you have in the middle of your throat ? ( expression in french: en travers de la gorge… ) sorry to hear that you’re going through illness, especially at the time of your album release , it actually might be just that, a release. I wish you heal in all ways you need to. Love is powerful . Rest assured that you are loved in this world. I am sending you a sweet hug :)

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Do you mean Lionel Richie-Bushwalla-Herbert Viola (from Moonlighting)?

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Love Love Love the new album! I love Frank D. Fixer, 93 Million miles and The world as I see it!!!!!Actually I love all the songs. I was so excited for the secret song too! Thank YOU and everyone who worked on this beautiful beautiful masterpiece. Mraz is L-o-v-e! I hope that you feel better soon! Love, peace and Gratitude xo Linda

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    I just got my package in the mail today! Yeay! And since I’ve been streaming the album since it went up, the first thing I did was read the liner notes. I would like to express my gratitude to all the people that helped with the album (named or not!). And I would like to give extra gratitude to Jon Marro for posting all the set lists and his great recordings of shows. Also extra gratitude to the Natters! “Be Honest” is stuck in my head right now, and I think it is my favorite song on the album (I esp like the Bee Gees moment … hope I’m not dating myself!)

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    I wish I was a fixer…I would fix you up inside…

  • Avatar of meagan.greene
    meagan.greene said ...

    Hi Jason I was at the Jimmy Kimmel show on Wednesday, really great performance. It was so good to see you in a smaller setting. I also saw you at Spreckels in SD and and have to say you blew me away. :)

    What was the significance of the drawing on the faces with markers at jimmy kimmel show? Just curious… hee hee


  • Avatar of Cathy777
    Cathy777 said ...

    Hi Jason,

    So sorry you are feeling unwell….HEAL is a four letter word. Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.

    The new CD is awesome as is all of your music. My absolute favorite song is “Who’s Thinking About You Now”. 93 Million Miles and In Your Hands are close seconds.

    Take care of yourself and that beautiful voice of yours…REST is another four letter word!

    You are loved brother!!

  • Avatar of yogagrrl
    yogagrrl said ...

    Lovin’ the new album more with every play. I’m inspired by your evolution as a writer, musician, and always as a vocalist.
    Life is ever-changing…love is found, love is lost, and love is re-discovered. Take time to appreciate each phase. Think of it as experience, and lessons learned. Anticipation gives us the energy to move forward to a better place.

    Sending you get well wishes.

    Rest is a four letter Remedy,

    PS See you in Charlotte–2nd row!!

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    PS…mildly freaked out because your feet look exactly like my dads feet…

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    I go through phases where my laryngitis (sp) is almost chronic and I finally figured out it was from reflux…just high adrenaline and a big move..that’s what set mine off ( from bending over to pack boxes..no shit) So maybe lay off the handstands and summersaults for a bit. I hope you are able to rest a little this week and recover.

    I feel so lucky to have some of Jon’s prints in my home. He is so talented! I am sure you could probably produce a hundred pages of thank yous to all the people that have shaped your life.

    Hang in there your voice will come back…always does! if not..people pay big bucks to talk on the phone to people who sound like you…bow chicka bow bow.. could be a good second choice line of work.


  • Avatar of EvaHassine
    EvaHassine said ...

    Hello Jason!!

    First your album is super beautiful! Your music really calms me while getting into my business !
    Great!! Second : hope you get better quick! I do acupuncture since a few years and I am always impressed of its results. then drink some sage tea, fresh leaves.
    It’ll calm your throat.
    yeah and congratulations, your tour is amazing! See you in berlin, got some tickets and very happy about it.

    All universe power, Eva

  • Avatar of KarenTS
    KarenTS said ...

    Ugh, typos are the worst. Much of the work I do gets printed and mistakes are the bane (another four letter word) of my existence. Press time is always sweat time. Sorry to hear you’re in the midst of unhappy discoveries in your liner notes.

    On a happier note, I’d like to share my love of 93 Million Miles. It’s one of those songs that socks me in the solar plexus of my soul. Just knocks the wind out of me (in a good way).

    Hope you feel better.

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Love the new album. Surprisingly, my favorite might be Frank D. Fixer. Clever, that’s what I call it. Hope you feel better soon.