Music Helps. Music Heals. For Reals.

April 10, 2012

As a music maker I always imagine my songs serving a greater purpose. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing music at weddings, anniversaries, hospitals, hospice care and funerals. I’ve always believed music plays a huge role in the healing process. I personally have been affected by music’s transformative power on numerous occasions, and the video below is just another reminder of why it’s important to keep listening and/or sharing your favorite music with those you love.

This is such a beautiful video. Enjoy.

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    Moniroca said ...


    Era Liam Finn el que sonava al final oi? Second Chance? M’encanta! té la música a les venes també! M’encanta el seu pare Neil!

    Gràcies per compartir-ho!

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    MillieD said ...

    Thank you.

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    LeahR said ...

    I do this program!!! I was filmed for this movie haha but I don’t think I made it into the final cut. I go once a week to my local Nursing home and play music for the patients who are now my friends. I love them all so much and the music makes them so happy. We have so much fun danceing and singing. One of the patients name is Jane. Jason, she told me to my face that she feels that the music is healing her and making her better. It’s so amazingly beautiful to see her smile when me and my friends walk into the room to play her music. It heals! Everyone should see the movie! I hope it inspires people to volunteer at their local nursing homes! It’s my greatest wish!Maybe when you come to Long Island,NY you can stop by and see for yourself in person how music has impacted my friends at the nursing home. We would be happy to have you :)

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    svetla said ...

    Music has the power to inspire and connect people. Check this out:

  • Adorable, Henry has made me cry of emotion! His face, he was alive for a moment. Fantastic!

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    ColeS said ...

    Wow. Really awe inspiring and very beautiful.

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    MarLuna said ...

    Correction: Celie’s song

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    MarLuna said ...

    Divine Purpose. You’re music is requested at my funeral, along with Composer John Barry for theme song “somewhere in time” and Shug Avery style (the Color Purple)Celia’s songs to my sisters and God is trying to tell you something(wish I had that voice) and end it with composer John Williams with Darth Vader theme.

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    CarKazan said ...

    This is beautiful. When i first watched it I realized that some people don’t appreciate music as much as they should and this man was absolutely perfect at it. Your Music Serves an amazing purpose of inspiring others and myself. Music brings people together and helps us feel and you do just that with your music. Keep it up Jason. :)

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    lucynarvaez said ...

    Thank you Jason! I’m sure you are serving a greater purpose with your music… At least in my case… your music just makes me smile :)

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    4meclara said ...

    I watched this video via a Facebook friend, without knowing that it you also posted it here and, while watching it, I immediately thought of your music and your new album… I know I have said this several times before, however I will say it again: thank you! Thank you for your music. And blessings to you, too!

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    lovePEAR said ...

    I FEEL ;)

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    lovePEAR said ...

    Sharing Love I fell Band of Love of Dreams :) BEautiful !!! Music is Love Love is Music.

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    holly said ...

    inspired video. lovely henry. does anyone else remember when cab calloway would make appearances on sesame street?? always my favorite.

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    victoria3094 said ...

    Jason, we’re blowing it up in Florence right now and we decided you should come hang out with us. Come have the best beer in Florence at Mostodolce tonight,
    5-7:30pm on via nazionale. Be there!!!

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    beautiful quote

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    Boomtish said ...

    “Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until the very end.”
    -Paul Simon

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    Nikkiw83 said ...

    Forgot to mention, my mom also loved your music. I would play it for her often. She really liked “I wont give up”. I played it for her as soon as it came out. One of the last songs she heard….

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    Angie.Live said ...

    I agree with you. Absolutely!
    So inspiring and moving, as usual.
    Love, always love,
    xoxoxox Angie

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    JaneJohnson said ...

    oh my! Thanks for sharing such a lovely video. Do you have esp? Care and comfort for the elderly is a subject very near and dear to my heart. Music can lift us when we’re down, comfort us when we are stressed, and calm us when we are anxious and put a smile on our faces and make us want to move and dance. It really is healing. God bless Henry. Music is Magic. Thankyou you Jason for the lovely music.<3

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    MamaQ said ...

    The power of music proves to be miles ahead of traditional medicine. Thanks for enlightening us all.

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    Nikkiw83 said ...

    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    My mother lived in a nursing home for over 3 years. There would be live music there often, and the people just lit up, would be singing and dancing in there wheelchairs. It really does make a difference.

    My mom passed away a month ago :( , on the way to and from the hospital and hospice center, I would always listen to your music in the car. You helped me through the toughest thing I have ever been through. Even now I have a hard time, I miss her so much. Your music always makes me feel better. Thank God this tour is coming up, I needed something to look forward to. I got VIP, so I cant wait to meet you, and thank you for sharing your amazing talent. <3

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    gamachan said ...

    I know you are busy, and I know that you’re trying to find peace before your world tour. Yesterday, a picture of Florence in your hands meant a stroke to me.
    I didn’t meant to bother you.


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    MRsAriZona23 said ...

    Your songs DO serve a greater purpose and have shaped my life more than I can tell you. Thank you for that!

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    Marianne said ...

    Thank you dearest Jason………………………me as well absolutely moved and touched….

    Henry never “lost” his inner own sound,so beautiful…so beautiful to see that…<3

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    FrolleinN said ...

    thank you for sharing! that was so touching! :-)
    as a physical therapist i also have in mind that inner attitude / composure affects your posture (in german: innere haltung beeinflusst die äußere haltung), he seems to become so vital, full of spirits again. so great to see that!!!

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    AngieBC said ...

    That was awesome! I love stories like that. He looks so happy and alive talking about music :-)

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    The eyes may be a window unto the Soul….but Music is It’s gateway….

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    nicolabradley said ...

    Mr AZ thank you for producing some very high vibrational music. Just what the world needs right now. It has certainly helped me in my process of healing.

    I’ve noticed that the people that are ready to embrace the higher vibes love your stuff, and those that aren’t ready to go there just yet get all intellectual about not liking it ie. they stay in their head rather than feeling the music in their hearts.

    Your music is sort of an alchemical mixture – the lyrics are inspiring, your voice has a beautiful quality, the music is full of joy.

    Another musician you might like to know about – guitarist Mark Romero –

    This is what they say about him …..A former top-consultant from NASA has proven that Mark’s music has frequencies in it that actually put listeners into a higher state of consciousness and helps them to live healthier, stronger and vital lives. His music can instantly assist individuals to move into a higher state of being that allows the frequencies of their dreams to be in vibrational alignment, through the frequencies of his music.

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    GloriousMe said ...

    Oh, crap. Where the Kleenex. That was great:)

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    costellocrew5 said ...

    This was so moving and beautiful. It also reminds me how important it is to expose children to (good) music early and often. When I watch something like this I can’t believe that we have to fight to keep music education in our schools! No doubt when I’m that age, I’ll be asking for my iPod with your music. Hopefully if I can’t ask, someone will know me well enough to just put it on my head! Thanks for sharing this – I just loved it. xo

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    This is beautiful, Jason. Thanks you for sharing this. Love & Peace to you.

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    Cathy777 said ...

    Wow how wonderful. Thanks for sharing Jason! Everything is sound!!!!!

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    crystale80 said ...

    thank you Jason.

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    Boogie said ...

    That was truly fantastic. Thanx for sharing. Bless the elderly for they are so wise and so full of knowledge about the roads traveled.