Feeding The Soul

March 19, 2012

The flight I’m on is offering fresh baked cookies, or so they smell. I’m not sure if there’s someone up front with a mixing bowl licking away the cookie dough or if they’re just lighting some cookie dough incense. Down the aisles they come, a tray of cookies and a glass of milk. I have a hard time refusing but I somehow manage to say no thank you. It takes the same amount of will power to say no to a warm cookie as it does to say yes to 10 more pull-ups. But being as my body is my instrument, I try to be nice to it.

I love vegan pastries and dairy-free ice cream and thankfully they exist because I have a sweet tooth that never quits. And when that cookie-smell fills up the cabin and starts my spine tingling to the point I get an erection, I have to be prepared. I cover my taste buds with the few supplies I always travel with: a Wildbar which is raw chocolate infused with wild-blue green algae. It’s absolutely divine and tastes as rich as it costs. But it’s healthy. And I also snack on my nuts. Walnuts and almonds.

I’d rather pay now, practicing preventative health rather than pay later to a hospital for some kind of corrective surgery. Food is the best medicine after all.

That being said, food is also a drug.

People ask me what’s in the glass bottle I carry with me. I usually lie and say it’s just water I got out of the tap at the airport. Or it’s something I’ve been growing in my pool for a while. But really it starts with water, and then I add chlorophyll and mint. Chlorophyll is the critical molecule in photosynthesis, the natural process of getting energy from light and the edible form is typically extracted from alfalfa plants. There is a combo you can find at natural food stores called chlor-oxygen. But I personally love the “evergreen” version from sunrider foods. All you need is a spoonful. It turns the water green, but turns your blood mighty! And mighty blood makes a mighty man.

Green is the color of life and we should all be eating more of it. Therefore I consume it as often as I can. Green smoothies, green juice, green water, green chocolate, green ganja, etc. It’s the color of life; nature’s color for health and vitality; the preferred pigment in converting sunlight to energy – yet somehow, many stomachs renounce the green options, as those eyes that are bigger than one’s stomach are also color blind. In the airports I sense many spying my green drink as I guzzle it down before going thru security. The most common assumption is that it’s alcohol and I’m a lush.

but honestly, what’s so crazy about a green drink?

Shouldn’t we be more confronted by a diet Pepsi. Or a blue Gatorade. or even a “green tea” which is usually just another form of candy like all the other sodas out there. The ingredients in soda are those give you diabetes, a blood disease, possibly making your stay here a lot shorter. Whereas a little green juice has the opposite affect on your blood and may just extend your welcome.

I don’t mean to be a food snob. Or point fingers. I’m just typing to keep myself from accepting the cookies being passed around the airplane and this is what I’ve typed. If you love food, then love real food and raise your standards about the quality of food you’re eating. Don’t give in to franchised restaurants where food comes from a factory or requires only a re-heat in the microwave. Eat at the restaurants that are using all natural ingredients and those working with local farms and farmers markets. Don’t succumb to diet soda if you’re really on a diet. Hydrate with water and get more exercise. And when it comes to dessert, take it easy. and/or take a look at the café gratitude recipes. There’s NO COOKING involved – Just the mixing of some magical ingredients – ingredients that are good with your body recipe and won’t spoil the main course that is your life.

Love yourself. Spoil yourself. Have your cake. And eat it too.

And speaking of Cake. My good friends at the FeedingTheSoulFoundation.Org are turning two. Go celebrate with them this weekend in SD! Check out this vid of what they’re all about.

  • Avatar of inaflannel
    inaflannel said ...

    I like going to the beach and wearing bikinis and Beach Cover-Ups

  • Jason Mraz goes to eat at my work at Pollos Maria in Oceanside. He hasn’t gone any more. Hope he can go again to stop by.

  • an erection! hahaha next time i’ll bring the cookies, JK!!! i love Jason, theres a big room for you in my heart

  • Avatar of macrow
    macrow said ...

    The way you eat has inspired me and changed the way I live. I quit smoking 3 years ago…became a vegetarian about 2 years ago and I feel better every day. I was a diet coke head and rarely ate anything fresh or unprocessed. It is definitely a process to change the way we look at food but it is so worth it! I understand what you said about passing up the cookies. I passed up on the best cupcakes in the world at work recently…but I felt empowered by the fact that I DID IT and grabbed an apple instead! I have a long way to go in my journey, but I appreciate the love that you put out into the world. You are a good dude Jason Mraz! I can’t wait to see my FIRST Jason Mraz concert in Orange Beach Alabama in August!

  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    we’re totally on the same vibe on this one! and imagine the constant surroundings of erectiles cookies with 2 kids, marketing for children should be illegal! it’s tough to walk your way through the constant stimulation of “making money foods” which really most of the time shouldn’t be considered food… it’s a conspiracy making millions on ignorance!!! (: Yes Green is good for us :) next time at the airport you should try putting green clay(Montmorillonite kind ) on your fictive cut on your cheek ( natural band aid, actually Alive band aid who loves and heals you) while drinking your green water with your green ganja looking eyes… You Lush!!! ;) It’s really beautiful that you use your popularity to spread healing positive words and informations to the world, Thank you !! when I let myself loosing faith sometimes because of the constant passage of the stewards and stewardess with their cookies…, I am uplifted to feel that I’m not alone on this path, we are the green warriors of this era and health food is our strengh because it shows on us, we are the living hope of a better world where children will thrive on berries instead of deminaralizing processed sugars! Thank you Jason for saying it out loud! :)

  • Avatar of Madagascar
    Madagascar said ...

    “I get an erection”
    I was about to have an orgasm when I read this. Well, it always happens to me when I listen to your songs. lol

  • Avatar of CarKazan
    CarKazan said ...

    Also if you are ever in the South Florida area there is a great place in Palm Beach Gardens called Christopher’s Kitchen. It’s a vegan restaurant, that has really great food! and its good for you!

  • Avatar of CarKazan
    CarKazan said ...

    This is remarkable. Your absolutely right. Food is the medicine to life after all and many people don’t take it seriously. I 100% support this because what we put into our bodies is what makes us who we are and not knowing what is in your body because of processed foods is what is causing all these sicknesses that can easily be prevented just by eating healthy. Keep spreading the word Jason you are a true inspiration and a outstanding musician.

  • Avatar of nancyonthemtn
    nancyonthemtn said ...

    hello chef ballew… I am the one that taught Jason about the chlorophyll drink and more. I can answer your questions about this amazing concentrate if you like. nancynatter@earthlink.net

  • Avatar of holly
    holly said ...

    after swimming under a waterfall and reveling in the emerald sights of apoala mexico yesterday i was rather dismayed that in this remote paradise pepsi was more available than a fresh juice! while i certainly am missing my homemade coconut ice cream while on the road, i am slightly comforted knowing my sweet teeth (it would be a lie to claim i only have a singular one) aren’t the only ones missing their treats!

  • Avatar of Marjorie
    Marjorie said ...

    ‘Tis the season to be healthy! I’ve tried Spirulina tablets and wheatgrass drinks. :) But nothing beats a kefir smoothie! Fresh fruits, flaxseed, and all natural kefir. My Magic Bullet does the trick. Yum! I’ll add in something green next time. :)

  • Avatar of GoodGoodMusic
    GoodGoodMusic said ...

    Does it come in a spray bottle for fun?

  • Avatar of JaneJohnson
    JaneJohnson said ...

    Gosh sounds like it’s going to be an awesome party! Fresh baked cookies on an airplane? Last time I flew to Toronto all they offered was corn chips (yuk), and a beverage. I took the tomatoe juice, gladly. Next time I’m at one of your concerts I’ll bring a scented candle(cookies@cream)and see what comes up. If that doesn’t make you stand at attention I’ll try your favorite other scent green weed, lol. Stay well Jason Mraz! LOVE the new music!!!

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    I never could get into those green spirulina type powders. I love my juicer though! Just fresh local farmer’s market food, and home grown sprouts for me! Starting a patio greenhouse this year too, lots of fresh herbs, and baby lettuces, etc. can’t wait!

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Unfortunately, I relate all to well to your “cookie erection.” There’s this thing called “sex on a plate,” which consists of brownies, whipped cream (much different than cool whip), Heath Candy bar, Chocolate sauce and chocolate pudding. Best thing I ever ate and better or as good as an orgasm, just sayin’. But someone once told me pudding is made of hooves, you know from horses and cows. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I felt so guilty after eating that stuff I vowed never to do it again. I’m proud to say since then I have resisted each time it comes my way, but I feel for nuns and priests. Thanks for the reminder to eat healthy, good luck on the
    flight back:)

  • Avatar of IamYourFriend
    IamYourFriend said ...

    Gamachan, where you live sounds lovely. I think I’ll check that out soon! :)

  • Avatar of nicolabradley
    nicolabradley said ...

    What you put into your body has a big impact on your health for sure. But there’s something even more critical that many people don’t know about right now – effects from electricity.

    I’ve eaten super healthy for years trying to deal with some health complaints, but it was only when I started addressing this issue that I have seen results. The last health problem to resolve, a nagging stomach ulcer, seems to have cleared overnight after I installed some filters into my home which ‘clean’ up the dirty electricity – high frequency radio frequencies that ‘ride’ on the current in buildings. Apparently a result of antiquated electrical supply systems feeding a lot of high tech electronics.

    I think musicians call it dirty power and it is known to affect sensitive equipment. Well WE are sensitive equipment. Some of us are classified as electrosensitive, seen as a disability in some countries, but ALL of us are affected. It’s just a matter of time before a healthy body’s electrical system is affected to the degree that it shows up in health problems.

    This issue is going to be big in the years to come. People are already waking up to how cell phones are a problem but not many realise they are getting zapped from the electronics in their house and offices and the wiring that supplies them.

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    I live in Tuscany, near Florence, in a healthy countryside. With my cat and my garden full of growing vegetables..You’d be very welcome ^_^

  • Avatar of chefballew
    chefballew said ...

    Nice. I am a Chef and I focus on using local organic ingredients in a global way. I loved what you had to say! I am not a vegan, but I am a food purist, but definitely want to check out the green drink. I am recovering from a severe ankle fracture surgery and I think that might help…along with the Yoga, I am getting back to where I live happy and healthy. Thanks Jason!