Drive-By Compliments.

May 5, 2012

“What is going to save the human race?

Thank you.

Three words that will totally change this planet.

More than solar power. More than recycling. More than wind energy.


Because if we all started treating the people and things that we interact with every day with respect and compassion, the effects would ripple through every aspect of our lives, transforming society.”

The above is an excerpt from the Superforest Humanifesto, the only spirited doctrine I’ve ever fully believed in and followed. Superforest.Org is a positivity blog that focuses on poetry, music, sustainability, DIY culture, and kindness, and it deserves mention. Its archives are packed with great intentions, inventions, and stellar ideas; from how-to’s to enlightened TED talks.

Within the idea that a new world can be born from being kind comes internet odd man, Timothy De La Ghetto. Check him out in the ever-morphing Superforest of Los Angeles as he instigates drive-by compliments. Thanks for spreading the love Mr. Ghetto. I think you’re a pretty sweet dude.

“Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” ~John Lennon

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    CathyR said ...

    hey Jason, I have your new album LOVE and I love love love every song on it!! I especially love the message in Living in the Moment, its how I’ve lived my life since having the privilege of attending the Landmark Forum course. Did you do it?? I feel like your album could be its soundtrack. My son is struggling with life and finding his way and he loves music so I’ve sent him alink to your song hoping he might hear something in it that he can’t hear in my words, just like that elderly man in the nursing home video. Thanks for making a difference in the world through making your awesome music Jason!!

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    shorekimmy said ...

    Driving can sometimes to be the hardest place for me to “be love.” I’ve adopted two habits into my driving. The first one is replacing flipping off with blowing kisses. If someone honks, flips me off or cuts me off I blow them kisses. Second, if I slip up, lose my temper and drop an F bomb, I add “with love” that usually makes me laugh “Fuck You, with love” Brings me back to the reality that sometimes great people are bad drivers.
    Superforest is wonderful.

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    gamachan said ...

    “If you want something the whole Universe conspires to help you to realize your desire.” (Paulo Coelho)

    Thank you for adding two new Spain dates on your tour. I was waiting for you in Italy, so I can assume that the Universe was close to realize me.

    Maybe it’s because I didn’t say PLEASETHANKYOU.

    Now I’m seriously upset.

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    nicolabradley said ...

    Oh yes.

    This is my favorite thing said by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” – Dalai Lama

    He also said – There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

    It is the key to everything.

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    I taught my daughter “please & thank you” by the time she was 3. By 8 or 9 I had to keep reminding her to say please & thank you. At 13, I get a reluctant P & TY. What is this all about? Do we, as parents, forget to say “please” & “thank you” to our children? Probably. Because we expect them to do as we ask, without it. Then we wonder why (esp. younger) adults forget to. :(

    Do whatever you can, in whatever unique way you can think of to SPREAD THE LOVE!


    BTW READERS: for Mother’s Day, how about buying a goat for a mother in an impoverished country so that she can sell the milk instead of sending her children to work in the (mines, carpet factories, etc)… !!!! If you don’t know how to help, then go to for ideas!


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    CarmenS said ...


    Much love,

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    costellocrew5 said ...

    One more ramble – the video of Mr. Ghetto is awesome and I have to add that one of the best ways to connect with a person/child and to make them feel better about life is to simply NOTICE them. Simple things… “I see that you love to sing.” “I noticed that you enjoy avocados.” “I notice you have a great laugh.” Sometimes praise can feel disingenuous. And with people who don’t have great self-esteem, it can feel fake. So…smile and notice the little things. My Love & Logic tips for today :)

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    costellocrew5 said ...

    Will check out the Superforest. Thanks. I have to mention that I think “smile” should be added to the list with please and thank you. Smiles ARE contagious. It is proven. If you read on Iacoboni, a UCLA leading neurologist and neuroscientist, he talks about how he believes humans are all ‘wired’ to be good to each other. The neuroscience behind ‘mirror neurons’ is fascinating. I use this information in my work as a parent educator. We talk about the power of empathy and how important it is to (try!) to respond to a child’s mistake with sadness/empathy over anger. Empathy keeps the mind open, prevents ‘fight or flight’and ups the odds that learning takes place. Smiles are good too! If everyone moved through the world smiling over frowning, using manners (showing gratitude) and responding to frustration with kindness, what a different place this would be. Another favorite “thinker” of mine is Gary Zukov who talks about how we are the only species who can observe our own thoughts and we have the ability to choose our response to any situation. We can over-ride instinct, the impact of trauma, or (bad) habit. He explains how someone who is considered to be “resilient” is really just practicing mindfulness and choosing his/her response to their situation. His book, The Seat of the Soul is good food for thought. I’m rambling… Have a GREAT day.

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    GloriousMe said ...

    Had a nap, so I can spell better today (don’t count on it). Love these kinds of things when you post them. I like your hair:)…have a nice day.

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    gealine said ...

    Hey Jason!
    My dream came true yesterday when i met you at Pau!ls tv show.
    Thank you so much for everything

    I really hope you liked the drawing (a portret of you) i gave to you :)

    Love Gealine