January 30, 2012

Yesterday, when checking through security at the airport, the TSA officer said to me, “Keep up the good work. I like what you do for the world.” In that moment, as I walked on with my over weight back pack cutting into my shoulder, I gained a new view of love that I hadn’t seen before. He, like many strangers I meet, wasn’t strange at all. He, like many, is actually cheering me on.

Being recognized can sometimes cause a weird feeling. We all have a sense of being stared at and it’s not easy to know how to act. One’s ego might think, “I must look cute today, or “they totally know me, or “there must be something totally wrong with me. “Do I have toilet paper hanging out of my ass? “Is my zipper down? “Do I have BO? “A cowlick? “What?!

And yet, to be acknowledged by anyone is a wonderful feeling. And it’s beginning to happen more and more. At least once a day in fact. “Hey, Are you… I really like your music. Keep it up.”

I don’t recall this happening at other jobs I had. “Hey, Are you… I really like how you get the shit streaks out of the toilets. And you mop the floors real good. Keep it up!”

“Hey, Are you… Oh man, I really love how you barely get to work on time and sleep under your desk. Keep it up!”

Sometimes people stop me and say things like, “I hate to be a nerd but… or, “I’m sorry to bother you, but… or, “I’m not a creepy stalker, but… And often their hands are shaking while forgetting to introduce themselves. It’s usually a very sweet exchange. I’ve yet to meet a creepy stalker. Even among the creepy stalkers.

The feeling is enormous to have people in airports, airplanes, restaurants, hotels, gyms, malls, markets, theatres, street corners and parks, all around the world, cheer you on. It’s like I’m in some kind of decade long ultra-marathon whose crowd is spread out all around the globe to give me high fives and encouragement – a little hydration for the soul – as I pass them by. And personally, that’s pretty fckin’ radtastic.

Thank you for that.

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    keka said ...

    ha, i love all the stories being shared here in the comments :) so much fun to hear about everyone’s jason moments. would love to meet you one day too, jason!

    i almost did in 2009 but i left before you came out of your hotel. it was august (yeah! best month ever!) and you had just finished your today show performance. i made a friend on the rkop message board named R. before camping out overnight at rockefeller center – at the time i was a new mraz fan and R., being quite the veteran, took me right under his wing. he was so super sweet. because of him i was able to meet bushwalla, and then later on toca.

    when i got my chance to speak to toca i was nervous because 1) i felt like a creepy stalker, and 2)he was wearing those dang intimidating dark shades! he was chillaxing smoking a cigarette outside of a bar before i interrupted him. i felt bad bothering him but i was hoping he might be able to hook me up with a ticket to the concert at jones beach that night. so after an obvious little song and dance, i asked. he said unfortunately he didn’t have any. i had such a one-track mind i don’t believe i even told him how awesome i think he is. i didn’t ask him for a picture, i didn’t ask if i could give him a hug. nada. crappers, what an asshole i was! toca if you see this, i am so sorry. didn’t mean to come off like an opportunistic stalkerfan, was just real nervous, and excited about the concert that night. you’re the bomb, and if i ever get the chance to see you again i will share that with you and won’t try to get anything more out of my encounter with you. after this embarrassing exchange i took my sorry (flat-as-a-pancake-from-sitting-on-cement-all-night-long) ass home.

    but the bright side of the story is that my little buddy R. finally got his wish – he patiently waited and got to meet jason! he also got to give jason a letter he’d written him. yessss! i think he said he’d been waiting 6 years or so for that moment. he was elated and i was thrilled for him. he said jason was truly the sweetest guy <3

    you're the best, jason! KEEP GOING!


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    Zulya said ...

    you are awesome! can someone do something about this tiny ass font?

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    vicachica said ...

    Thanks for this – I won’t feel bad about invading your privacy if I ever get a chance to meet you!

  • Avatar of jessica
    jessica said ...

    Glad to see we can give you a little happiness back :)

  • Avatar of Deb
    Deb said ...

    It must be an “old lady” thing because I, too, would like to meet his mother.

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    Deb said ...

    Thank you for sharing your story and your joy!

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    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of Jean-Canale
    Jean-Canale said ...

    Who you are and what you do to make this world “lighter” makes your music all the better! Cheers back to you!

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    kristinkj60 said ...

    Back on December 19th, I kept telling everyone that would listen that I was ushering for you that night, in Richmond, and I wanted just one thing. Well that one thing came true for me that night. I got sweaty palms and stuttered and felt stupidly happy because I got to meet… your Mother!!!! That is all I wanted to do, and I got to. So you tell her, for me, that, as I told her that night, she should be as proud as a peacock of her lovely son that touches this old lady’s soul every time he opens his mouth. Thank you, Jason…

  • Yes… being cheered on and that feeling you get from being acknowledged is absolutely radtastic. <—- by the way… this is brilliant because I use the word rad and fantastic quite frequently. Merci, for blending them together so harmoniously :) (New favorite word alert!!)

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    aquashot said ...

    Saw a picture of you standing in front of the National Geographic Explorer. That would be a blast, enjoy your passage.

    Places,Faces and Rembraces that sounds kinda cool….

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    shorekimmy said ...

    Here you go Yours Truly …this is a number for all of San Diego County 800-479-3339. A toll-free 24-hour/7-day mental health crisis and suicide prevention hotline that provides access to County Mental Health Services and information and referral to mental health services in San Diego County.

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    You are loved!!

  • Avatar of susana
    susana said ...

    Me considero tu admiradora muy encantada con tus ojos y tu carita tan chiquita pareces un pajarito.

  • Avatar of susana
    susana said ...

    Por el amor de dios eres un amor y quiero conocerte, me encantaría mucho conocerte flaquito.

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Maybe someday Google will dedicate you a Doodle!
    This will not happen to me..shame!

    Have a nice week!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I hear you Yours Truly US. Jason can’t help you, here is a number to some folks who will try, North County Lifeline 760-757-0118 Oceanside.

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    4meclara said ...

    You are fresh… And you are loved!!! But as you say: take it easy! Cheers to you and your upcoming album, from the other side of the world, where things are a bit more complicated, with all the beauty in ugly!

  • Avatar of ovillegas
    ovillegas said ...

    Love this! It takes a lot of nerve to approach a celebrity, well speaking for myself it would. It’s cool to hear that you are so cool about it, I had my chance at the belly up but was too short and not loud enough. Keep inspiring Mr. A-Z <3 ya!

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    This is an epic collection of comments. And, gracious, so sweet!

  • Avatar of MayaThevar
    MayaThevar said ...

    I can’t believe I did the creepy stalker thing and waited outside the Opera House not even knowing if you were going to enter through those doors. I’m so thankful I did, but damn, I’m crazy haha.

    I got there at 11am… Waited… Waited… 12pm… waited…1pm…2pm…3pm, still waiting! Then a sweet looking girl came and sat next to me, having a gut feeling we were there for the same reason, I spoke to her, asking “are you doing something stupid too?” her reply was something along the lines of “yes, I’m kind of hoping to see Jason”. After laughing at each other, we got to talking, getting to know a little bit more about each other.

    After a short while Toca came and joined us outside and confirmed you were coming through the doors we were sitting near… At this point I thought I was going to throw up because of how excited I was. I remember a white van pulling up to the doors, Linda and I held our breathes waiting for you to come out… You didn’t and we were shocked. But someone screamed out “Jason’s walking”… So we waited.
    Anxious and all. Stomach turning. Legs shaking. I could barely speak, walk or even think! Then we saw you, you looked like you were just casually strolling on a Sunday arvo! I ran to you and didn’t even think to introduce myself; I just remember hugging you, repeatedly. I kept confessing my love for you (LOL I’m sorry about that), you then looked at me and said “Hey, I’m Jason” staring into your pretty eyes I said “Oh my, I know!” Hahahaha.

    My new friend Linda then took a photo of you and I and I continued to randomly hug you. Then I took a photo for my new friend with you :) . You were so calm and kept talking (I’m sorry, I have no idea what you were saying, those few moments were so surreal, my memory of it is so fuzzy!) You then asked if Linda and I were coming to the show, Linda responded and said “I am, but she didn’t get tickets”… [THE THING THAT HAPPENED NEXT WAS SOMETHING I NEVER EVEN DREAMED OF]. You then said “would you like me to see if I can get you a ticket?”, I think I died at this moment. I just looked at you, so nervous I couldn’t speak, shaking my head thinking ‘is this guy fo reals’ hahahaha. I said that was too kind and too much but you asked me to spell out my full name anyway, so you could ensure I got a ticket.
    After you went in Linda and I screamed and squealed like a bunch of high school girls haha, we then went to Pancakes on the Rocks and had lunch together. We ate our food anxiously, not sure if I would actually get to go to the show. We then went back to the Opera House to see if I really was blessed enough to have been given a ticket by the artist himself! I remember walking to the counter and telling the lady at box office the story of what had just happened, hesitant and unbelieving, she took Linda’s camera as ‘proof of the meeting’ to show her manager.
    Upon returning, she apologised and said “sorry for taking your camera! I didn’t need to show anyone anything, my manager had your ticket all ready to go!” Trying to contain myself, I calmly asked where I would be sitting (so I would know which door to enter from) TURNS OUT, YOU GAVE ME TICKETS IN THE GOD DAMN SECOND ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell over when the kind lady told me!!!!!

    I made a quick duck to my friend’s house that lived in the city and borrowed dressier clothes for the night and rushed back in time for the concert.

    Jason, you were so amazing live, I can’t even describe in words how I felt that night. And you smiling at me while singing ‘Living in the moment’ was the Icing on the already amazing cake. I laughed, I cried and left in complete and utter amazement.

    Jason, I didn’t get the chance to properly thank you for all you did for me that day.
    I Thank You from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how much that meant to me… I am forever grateful and will never stop supporting you. Keep doing what you’re doing, the worlds a better place with your music. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you again! Much love, your friend, Maya! xoxox

  • Avatar of js1ngs
    js1ngs said ...

    Hey Jason!

    Would love to see a blog about how you write your songs…

    But seriously, keep up the good work :)


  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Well, then…it’s settled. When *I* meet you, I’m gonna look ya straight in the eye, and with the utmost conviction say these words:

    *WHEW* You’re smellin’ pretty ripe there, Mraz…it’s either BO or the used asswipe hanging from your butt…

    (This is our code phrase, and how you’ll know it’s definitely me :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • Avatar of hala.zabaneh1
    hala.zabaneh1 said ...

    :) I would definitely hug you when i meet you…because you made my and many others lives so much better with your wonderful soul and music. so yes! KEEP IT UP!

  • Avatar of Mrs.A-Z
    Mrs.A-Z said ...

    while reading, even by the thought of meeting you got tears in me eyes, I can’t imagine what would happen if it actually happened. I’d be just so happy, sooo absolutely HAPPY. You deserve all the love you get, and more. And watch out, if a girl runs to you with wet eyes and gives you a biiig tight bear hug without saying a word…well that could be me. : )

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    I hope you still read these!

    I’d be shaking with excitement if we ever came face to face and I have so many things I want to say that I’d probably stammer away and forget them all! So I say them once in a while here. We actually shared an elevator together at “We Day” Vancouver…it was extremely crammed and there were a few teenagers in there that were freaking out. Being a mature volunteer, I had to keep my cool. Then off you went to the YPO party, and I never got to say “hi” :( At that point, I’d been listening to your music for about 6 years, I’d been to 3 concerts (not including the one the next night). I was so thrilled that you were supporting FTC (my fav charity). I started following your career more closely, reading your blog, participating at RKOP, sheesh I even made a fan site! It’s amazing how MUCH a person you have never met can enrich your life (and you have)!

    I did get to meet Toca, Trisha & JD (JD was impressed that I knew his name) in Whistler, and that was really, really cool. Many thanks to JD for getting you to sign my 1000 Things book & photo from We Day.

    I Won’t Give Up … till I meet you in person (not a stalker, just a warm-hearted fan that wants to say “thank you”)

  • Avatar of bebby
    bebby said ...

    even we’ve never met I love you jason with all my heart, there nothing that I wouldnt do to make you feel my love

  • Avatar of MCSunshine
    MCSunshine said ...

    What I wouldn’t give to be one of those lucky people to meet you and shake and stammer as I try to articulate my view you, which is something that is ineffable.

    I am a fellow lover of words but try as I might, nothing I could say seems adequate. There are too many reasons, too many ways, too many chords struck (figuratively and literally), too much respect, admiration, and inspiration,… You, the person you are, and the gift you give to me with your words, lyrics, and melodies, are too profound to capture in words.

    Maybe I’d just have to hug you and trust that you could feel what I wish I could say.

    Love and light Jason.

  • Avatar of JMrazVenezuela

    I need say you “thank you”, because I have a lot to your music relaxes me in moments of sadness I changed the face sad for one smile , your music makes people happy and makes me happy … Please come to Venezuela I hope you come soon, is my dream to see your concert, meet and sing with you (any of the above would make me very happy)
    Saludos desde Venezuela de parte de todos tus fans!!!

  • Avatar of vicafran
    vicafran said ...

    great person.. you see everything with your eyes and wisdom… congrats for being find who you are and meant to be… i’m sure that’s the homework for everyone… wish us luck :) )

  • Avatar of candi.gershon
    candi.gershon said ...

    I am so happy to read this. Pretty sure after I met you at SunFest I looked like a huge stalker. I’m really not, I just adore all that you do and stand for. You are an inspiration. Keep on keeping on.

  • GoodGoodMusic said ...

    Sounds like a long time ago….. :-)

  • Avatar of Jonathan Mraz
    Jonathan Mraz said ...

    Cheers to all Mraz Fans and of cause our beloved Jason!

  • Avatar of Leiza
    Leiza said ...

    estiviste en argentina? *.* back soon please

  • Avatar of viviana.melnick

    You’re just talking about your mirror…must be nice to have such a reflexion in others. So is the Universe functioning: you smile at it he cheers you on No worries, the guy with mop has his own mirror as well. In a different way,at a different level. Ultimately the most important is to feel good, safe and happy in the world you created …Keep on smiling :)

  • Avatar of ChildofEarth
    ChildofEarth said ...

    And you certainly deserve it! I have said it a million times and I will say it again, you inspire me with words that mankind haven’t even yet created. ~Keep shining!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I think what we are here is a bunch of Jason Junkies!

  • Avatar of Aki
    Aki said ...

    you are the special for me!! :) I wont guve up anything!!

  • Avatar of smespinozasokal

    Definitely keep up the good work! You are radiant and remind me to be radiant, too. After reading this blog, I had to write about you on my own:

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    I love what you do as well. In fact, I was lucky enough to tell you after your show on Nov 23. 2011. I am so very grateful for the things you do. Both musically and humanly. Thank you from my heart.I feel the love.

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    I love this post – thank you – I’m going to send it to all my girlfriends who occasionally look at me sideways when I have taken my son out of school for a day to go see you in concert :) (only twice!) Having had the pleasure of meeting you, I know I felt the urge to say that we aren’t crazy stalkers! I was very calm meeting you the second time because I wanted you to be comfortable, and I wanted my son to relax so I worked hard to be MELLOW. Thanks to you and the lovely people around you for being so down to earth. Now of course, because you are so “normal,” Ian thinks you might just come by the house if we invite you because we are all friends :)

    And, it is NOT your imagination – we are all cheering you on! We are proud to be your fans! xoxoxo

  • You are a good person, Jason!

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    I am reminded from time to time of the day we met. It starts out with the way it all came together…how my friend and I got off the plane and completely oblivious to everything found ourselves walking behind you Toca, bushwalla and another manager type dude…I started hitting Chelsea mouthing “jason mraz” Then walked up to you and said…hey really looking forward to your show tonight!! you were so nice and calm…and then ofcourse…I had no idea what to say…obviously I was a fan, I flew to see you! But since then…almost exactly 5 years ago, I have beocme such a bigger fan because of who you are and how you have grown and your deep honesty, your joy, your sorry, infatuation, heartbreak. I often kick myself because I didn’t focus more on Toca, he is so wonderful, or billy…so sweet…I want a do over to say really and truly thank you so much for enriching my life, giving me joy and making me see the world how you see it. I would walk up and say Thank you, how are you, where are you going, what did you eat today, can I see that rest area tattoo in person?. Yes I would probably be shaking but I do that when I have to approach just about anyone. Oh wait will that make me a creepy stalker? Shit, am I creepy stalker status?

    Anyway, you have now caught me off guard a few times on a personal level and I truly love you for that…I hope it happens again soon, I’m about due don’t ya think?

    Love ya

  • Avatar of genia260
    genia260 said ...

    Jason, on that note, I would like to say how very grateful I am for your generous heart! You took the time to sing a duet with my daughter, Alexa Jarred, in an alley in Hollywood… I, for one, will never forget your kindness in taking the time to fill her heart with such joy, and to all who love and adore her! Watching her face, while the two of you were singing… PRICELESS!!! Her confidence level soared through the roof after your encounter… your words of praise will remain in her heart forever! I couldn’t ask for a better mentor for my baby girl! Thank you from the depths of my soul!

    Blessings to you always


  • Avatar of Sunshine
    Sunshine said ...

    Today was such a great day! Made at least 5 people happy! And that is such a good feeling! I definitely can’t imagine how it would feel to make thousands of them happy, just like you do with your music! By the way, I’m one of them. Thanks for your music! :-) Especially for: “Life is wonderful”! It always reminds me, that life, although it is not always wonderful, it can be wonderful! We all have to work on it…
    And never forget: “Do something good and throw it in the water!”

    Let the sun shine…

  • Avatar of Esmeralda
    Esmeralda said ...

    You are amazing.. Keepin it real, enjoying the small things in life.. I absolutely love your blogs.. How I’d long to see you and tell you in person how you changed my life for the better..
    Hope ur coming to holland soon :)

  • Avatar of Slomique
    Slomique said ...

    I remember the first time I saw you in person, it was at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I hated going to concerts but my close friend wanted to do something with our husbands and so I went. I agreed to see you because it was music that we all knew at least one song and with my friends and husband being of different cultures I had to select music that they would enjoy. As I sat in my seat and listened to the opening acts, I was like ok may be I will like this… mind you Jason, I only knew one song of yours at the time (I’m Yours). Then you hit the stage…. Okay you are cute, love the chucks and style, but can you sing live… and not just cute sing but SANG…… and you blew me away. being a sister of soul, that is very hard to do, but that day I learned that you were not just a talented singer but the warmth and passion I felt from you was like no other. I walked away from your concert feeling that you are a man of good things and your music is your vessel. After that day I am proud to say I downloaded everything you ever made and introduced you to my 8 year olde daughter… but only the songs that were appropriate… Butterfly was not on that list:) Keep up the good work..your heart and spirit is full og good things and the world should experience it.

  • Avatar of robotducky
    robotducky said ...

    If I saw you on the street, I’d probably just freeze. I would NOT be able to walk over to you and say hi or anything; I’d be like Troy on Community when he met Levar Burton…

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Radtastic post friend, thank you. I agree with what the TSA fan said, I like what you do for the world too.

  • Avatar of romiinthecity
    romiinthecity said ...

    If I saw you on the street, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that you have changed my life and that no amount of thank yous would suffice. I long for the day to share that with you in person. Keep being amazing, Jason!

  • Avatar of zackstar
    zackstar said ...

    I’m a german journalist who had to take pictures of a gig from you in Germany many years ago. I never heard the name “Mraz” before and your music wasn’t known at all. I entered the room and the first feeling of your “visitors” and “fans” gave me a “warm feeling” Many grateful and friendly people, waiting for an almost unknown person. From the first moment of your music, a new fan was born ;-) Since that day, you accompany me with your music and you let me be a bit more grateful. So that is the difference to the other jobs… You are my personal creepy stalker ;-) With my career as a photojournalist, I have the big big chance to met so many interesting artists, singers and songwriters. Jason… Thank you for being my Number 1 since 5 years. I bow to your views and your amazing talent! …and I hope you’ll stalk us with your new Album in 2012 again in Germany !!! Success is the product of hard work. You deserve it!

  • Avatar of allastor09
    allastor09 said ...

    esti roamnca?

  • Avatar of allastor09
    allastor09 said ...

    what… he’s hairstyle is very cute and original sure…. i;m very proud of uu Jason….. u make the best Live concerts ever seen

  • Avatar of Sheloveswinter

    An opportunity to acknowledge the world for acknowledging you. I love when that happens …. love lessons rippling out into the world.

  • Avatar of nadia_hire
    nadia_hire said ...

    jasonnnnnnnnnnnn..i dont like ur hair style
    please changed ur hair style dear ..i love you

  • Avatar of iamchay
    iamchay said ...

    if I were you at the airport … I would say the same thing, you’re a person so authentic, you’re nice and sweet and above all is yourself you do not wear a mask to hide, do good to the world … from messages you take with your music until you do specifically :)
    I would take a picture with you, I would ask for an autograph … and say what you just wrote … that if the nerves did not play against. I hope this dream will ever meet! …. or just settle for knowing that I can catch a concert of yours when you return to Argentina :)

  • Avatar of vaibhav.arora
    vaibhav.arora said ...

    You’re the legend Mr.AZ :)
    Keep it up ! :)
    I just hope I get a chance to be one of those creepy stalkers someday :)
    How ever far I be, “I won’t give up” :) :)

  • Avatar of Laila
    Laila said ...

    I just wanted to be one of those people you met at the street, and say how you’re a wonderful singer and songwriter! you absolutely was born to do it and to inspire people from all over the world with your music! And a hope theres a day that i can have the luck to meet you at the street and say it in person!! By the way, when are you coming back to brazil to perform for us? hope soon!

  • Avatar of said ...

    God bless you for the inspiration you give to keep trying to give my best to anything I do and be and say.
    God bless you and all indeed ! (This post cheered ME up, :D )

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    And yet when I met you at an airport this summer, you made ME feel like the special one. How do you do that?

  • Avatar of Valetina-Borquez

    Aajaja eres tan genial para expresar cada palabra, siempre me alegras el día Jason muchísimas gracias por eso.

    Te espero en Chile, te amamos!

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Awesome! Cheers!

  • Avatar of lreck42
    lreck42 said ...

    We love you Jason! behind you all the way.

  • Avatar of Nikkiw83
    Nikkiw83 said ...

    Aww.. tear…. lol That was so sweet. I hope I can stalk you creepily one day and cheer you on along this marathon of life. :) I love that metaphor btw, marathon, Perfect. Love it <3


  • Avatar of judy-d.
    judy-d. said ...

    you are authentic and others feel it. let it begin with you : )

  • Avatar of hayley
    hayley said ...

    Just keep doing what your doing and make alot of people like me smile, ty for your music :)

  • Avatar of tinkytinkerbell

    I really appreciate your modest view on your ‘fame’. You don’t share your ‘huge ego’ with us, you just share your great thoughts and your music which is healing people. It would be really nice to meet you one day. Maybe you’ll come to Istanbul, Turkey for a visit or a concert someday. As a fan, it is my job to keep stalking your music and joy. It is very nice to hear that this isn’t bothering you.


  • Avatar of valenciapia
    valenciapia said ...

    You’re an inspiriation to all… especially to me :)

  • Avatar of 543605333
    543605333 said ...

    C’est le bien que tu inspires! Merci d’être là et d’être ce que tu es! xxx

  • Avatar of carlosrivera89

    No, thank you for running that marathon, j. You are what keeps many of us steady. Stay awesome.

  • Avatar of GINNY
    GINNY said ...


  • Avatar of danisaur89
    danisaur89 said ...

    Keep up the good work, Jason! We love you

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    I like it!!!

    Saluuut Jason!!

  • Avatar of meaghss
    meaghss said ...

    Ohhh, how I would love to be one of those creepy stalkers with the shaking hands and the forgotten name. Maybe someday.