Chants of Rain, Perchance to Dream.

October 11, 2012

This morning a storm cloud formed over my home and let out a thunderous crack, shaking the windows and dropping the last of this season’s avocados from the trees. San Diego gets plenty of overcast and seasonal drizzle, but seldom do we get thunder and lightning with huge downpours. The storm reminded me of my upbringing in Virginia. We’d get heated thunderstorms quite often; the kind that would lay large branches over power lines and rooftops; tempests. I recall them being quite violent, but I still miss them.


My arrival home last night was the finale to months of touring and the rain began to fall only minutes before pulling into the driveway. I considered the change in weather a request from the heavens; a trillion tiny droplets singing me to sleep. rest child. no need to wake up soon. dream new dreams. we’ll take care of you.


The last week of shows had been climactic, experiencing extraordinary highs and extreme lows within a few close breaths. There was no challenge I couldn’t overcome, but there were challenges nonetheless, largely having to do with strength to continue and finding ways to make our reoccurring show new again. At the end of the day I am so grateful to the audiences; those who make it easy for us to carry on. Your invitation and listenership practically pull the words from my lips, uplifting my spirit again and again, giving my life new direction, purpose, and reason to serve.


I dreamed last night of new songs to thunderous applause. I traveled farther than I’ve yet to and I felt myself taller and wiser; proof that we’ve still got a long way to grow.


Thank you. We’ve come a long way together.



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    CarmenS said ...

    “Where everything you want, where everything you need will always stay”

    “as you wish.”

    Be well.

    Much love,

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    Guest said ...

    I adore you Jason. Thank you for sharing your words!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Phoenix, October 2012: My favorite rendition of “Collapsible Plans” to date.

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    yharambasic said ...

    You are amazing, and I look forward to anything you put out there.!no no no Thank you!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    3:15 call to pee: It’s a GOAT!

    So, you really told us: I love NANNY!

    But I still love ewe!

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    normason said ...

    At the risk of being chided by your obsessive-poster-bot, I post again:

    Where’s that Monty Python foot when you need it?!

    You’ll let just anyone into your house, won’t you?

    OK, it’s past my bedtime now. Night. Night.

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    normason said ...


  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    I like simplifyforme’s tweet: Ewe toooo!

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    hakunanathata said ...

    The world needs more people of your kind! Love your music, your lyrics, your voice- it’s so beautiful, it brings me to tears everytime I listen to your music! Thank you for sharing your art with the world! ♥

  • Avatar of CarmenS
    CarmenS said ...

    Love…it’s on your side.

    Much love,

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    PS. I have been inspired to make art that is achingly beautiful… that which reflects our world in the deepest sense. (Amen for inspiration! I haven’t been bit by the bug in a while and now I am even more grateful. Teehee!!)

    Love life peeps! Muah!

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    Peaceout said ...

    Awww, you SO have the love going on here. In what you put out and what is reflected back to you. :’-)

    It’s nice to be connected in this world, at this time. Thank you very much!

    Looking forward to hearing you challenge yourself through your music more in the future. It is through art that our Life condition is so reflected. Yours is very expressively beautiful and grounding.

    Warmest regards-

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    You may keep this one for taling around the fire pit with the kids, it’s a beautiful world, oh yes it is :)

  • Avatar of PositiveJuJu
    PositiveJuJu said ...

    Saw you in San Jose. I cannot express in words my gratitude for your spirit, music & soul. Your words are the daily mantras to which I meditate. In fact, like CostelloCrew, your music is my family’s soundtrack. Take this time to rejuvenate, be still, & rest well knowing how the gifts that you have shared have touched so many & will spread throughout the universe and come back to you tenfold. Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart.

  • Avatar of Elleisa
    Elleisa said ...

    The best place to be when the thunder and lightning strikes is beneath the covers dreaming. Was that you I heard snoring?

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Madison Square Garden.

    I’ve thought about what my dream set list might be. I can’t do it. It’s like favoring one child over another…

    Since “child” seems to be the running theme, I feel compelled to tell you that a good friend’s first child is taking me to the New York area in December. Lilian, or the Chinese equivalent of Lilian, is her name, and she knows my voice as well as she knows the voice of the other people who love her, so it’s only right that I be there when she arrives.

    It’s only right that I pay you a visit, too, while I’m there. I hope Lilian cooperates.


  • Avatar of Jean-Canale
    Jean-Canale said ...

    Rest…assured that you HAVE made a difference…


  • Avatar of Marianne
    Marianne said ...

    Love it……Thank you for sharing dearest Jason..Thank you…<3<3<3

  • Avatar of ovillegas
    ovillegas said ...

    I was at the San Diego show too. 12th row, lucky 4th row! I felt the same way and then he knocked me off my feet with Plane….wow! :)

  • Avatar of ovillegas
    ovillegas said ...

    I wonder how you can go out there and entertain the crap out of us kind of doing the same thing over and over again, new city, different faces…..but it’s gotta be like the rest of us. I get up and go to work have some really awesome nights and some nights I wish would just hurry up and get over with so I can go home and SLEEP! (I work night shift, hence the early AM post….can’t sleep) But at the end of the day I kind of like what I do and see myself getting farther and “wiser”, definitely learning something everyday and so I push forward. Little distractions like your concerts make it easier for sure! Traveled up to LA from good old avocado town to see you at the Wiltern….your last song made my eyes tear up, how you said “we are all connected”….I wanted to scream out where I was from, but nah, not my style. I’m unsure if you saw me in the audience with the heart glow stick…but when you did the “projection” motion, it kind of felt like you were mimicking me…which totally made the night for me! Your music always does though and reading stuff like this….inspiring as well. Keep your head up buddy, you are loved by many!!!

  • Avatar of holly
    holly said ...

    so much love here from those moved by melody. it’s a lovely world that we reside in when we are inspired by the highest forms of heART. <3 you. and that goes for all of you.

  • Avatar of NormaBackwards

    I love your words. I feel that you really mean every word you say and your words a beautiful. Thank you

  • Avatar of Thales
    Thales said ...

    And the best thing to do after waking up from a storm like that is to take a good look through the window, specially if you live somewhere with a green area.I live in the city, but when I’m in the country I love looking at the wet grass, plants and trees in the morning and feel the peace…

    I’ll live a litte song here: Carinhoso

  • Avatar of HappyEndings
    HappyEndings said ...

    Jason needs to change. Everybody needs to change. Just like i need to change. Especially musicians need to change. Don’t wanna be stuck in the same place your whole life. Acknowledging that leads to happiness and freedom.

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    Thank YOU. And I totally agree with the thunderous applause! You know you’re not out of songs. So you felt taller… Well, I was dreaming I could have a picture with you in Paris. But as I have rather a petite size… maybe I need to grow a little wiser myself, with all the rain around here.

  • Avatar of stoneyt
    stoneyt said ...

    I cannot fathom what your life must be like. I would never survive in that world with all the criticism, both positive, negative or indifferent. You must have a strong sense of self to do what you do. I’m sure it can be both draining and exhilarating, and I truly hope it’s more exhilarating than draining for you.

    Just know that your music brings me healing, happiness and peace, whenever I listen to it. And for every person who tells you they love your music, there are hundreds, if not thousands that say nothing, but feel the same way. The world needs you and your music Jason. Whether it’s 2 days, 2 months or years before we hear new music, it’ll be worth the wait. I, for one, am glad you chose music as your career. I hope you continue to create more, because you’re fucking good at it!

    May the peace and happiness you bring to others be returned to you many times over. Rest well!

  • Avatar of Rbela
    Rbela said ...

    HappyEndings, Jason doesn’t need to change his look or his persona. That he is always himself is part of what makes him wonderful. I was lucky enough to see him in San Jose a couple of weeks ago (11th row!) and before I went there were a couple of specific songs I was hoping he would play. Well, as soon as he came out onstage all that went out the window. I loved everything he sang; it didn’t matter what it was. When I’ve gone to other concerts there’s always been some sort of disconnect. With Jason it was different. He doesn’t need to do anything differently.

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    Build your nest upon my shoulder.

    Where your dreams fall from the stars and land in your songs, we all sing these together; together we grow strong.

    Where you fall in a heap from lack of sleep wondering if we cans sense in you less, we weep in your wondrous gift of voice and the messages you handed to us. We have all we’ve ever needed, all at once from your place under a heavy spot light.

    Build your nest upon my shoulder amongst the stars and rest your wings soul weaver, for time with you is a beautiful dream that goes on forever.

    I had the pleasure of seeing you from a seat that added up to a number I favor, four rows in the center in San Diego. At the risk of sounding like Lionel Richie, “I could see it in your eyes” and I could sense your push from your core to continue. Your voice never faltered, the band sounded awesome and my sista who joined me that night exclaimed your perfection. Thanks for pushing on and giving us a really good time.

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    i grew up in KS and know the thunderstorms you’re talking about – they always felt very cleansing. i think the universe was exhaling with you. peaceful rest, brother.

  • Avatar of EvaHassine
    EvaHassine said ...

    Congratulations Jason !

    Enjoy our time off.. for the mission we have in life there will be always ALL power behind., and I love this demontration you give to this. I watched your tour this summer from the screen and wow somehow it makes me really proud and happy that you keep being professional guided by love and just serving to love as being love!!! This is very very good..!!

    This is the time of NOW, there is nothing to worry anymore.

    Well I will enjoy the sound in berlin,LOVE Eva

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Smile, you f ckn did it! I think the sound of water affects our dreams, be it rain, waves, or a babbling brook. Perhaps it just gives us a beat that allows our subconscious to paint a dance of dreams and encourages our conscious mind to remember. Rest up and take care of you.

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    You’ve Never Been here, You’ve Always Been Here…you know?

    the ten thousand pairs of eyes taking you in are ten thousand opportunities to experience This in ten thousand new ways.

    sameness is an illusion our own mind manufactures. no yesterday. no tomorrow. no today. just this ever fresh now moment that is always new, though our mind would tell us it’s familiar and that we’ve been here before. you’re trying to keep things fresh because you’re telling yourself it isn’t fresh. we don’t have to try and make this moment fresh or change anything about it, because the details it contains has never been assembled like this before. naturally. organically. it is ever self-renewing itself into total undiluted freshness. when we’re awake to the infinite newness it carries, we can’t help but be an opening to that ever new flow that makes us all up. go deep into that friend. out of the mind that creates the illusion that you’ve ever been here before, and into the heart that knows you’ve never stepped into the same instant twice before. never been here, always been Here. you know?

    love you into infinity ~

  • Avatar of Klange
    Klange said ...

    Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
    Let the rain sing you a lullaby. -Langston Hughes

    Without the lows in life, we cannot appreciate the highs. Both are necessary to maintain balance in our existence. Lows test our fortitude and build strength of character. Highs reward our hard work and replenish our emotional resevoir.

    Along the same lines, work and play also need to be balanced. Your work crosses over into play quite often I’m sure, but pure play is necessary for our inner child. Go surfing, take a long trek in the mountains, sleep late and snuggle with your kitty…allow yourself a true vacation for your soul.

    May peace and tranquility be yours…

  • Avatar of Here
    Here said ...

    Life doesn’t have to be perfect to still be beautiful. Some of your songs that I love the most don’t try to gloss over the pain or the mess, but attempt to shine a light on the beauty present in the midst of it all.

    CNN is honoring their 2012 heroes and Scott Strode (who is being honored for his actions after a drunk driver killed his pre-teen daughter) said this, “I’m not asking you to say “no” to drugs. I’m asking you to say “yes” to yourself and a life of simple self-respect. That’s all it is. It would have been so easy to build a monument to misery and light the torch of vengeance. … But we decided to go the tough way, the hard way, which is acknowledging we can all be better and we can always bring good out of bad. There is grace in that, and there is deep peace in that.”

    Be at peace, my friend. You live in and with grace.

  • Avatar of Telluselle
    Telluselle said ...

    The Wind (air) has always been my element. Be careful with the adreanline rushes. Are you left handed by the way? I have finished creating a little Hula choreography to “In your hands” (which I interpret surrendering to God) and for some reason, it is my left hand and starting to the left that takes precedence even though I normally am a right handed person. I’ll show you in a few weeks. Aloha,

  • Avatar of HappyEndings
    HappyEndings said ...

    Jason, don’t count your lucky stars. The tour is far from over, you’ve saved the best for last. Europe is always the best fun. The impression i get from your performances is that you already have grown tired of most of the Love Is A Four Letter Word catalogue. Which is understandable because all those songs are too similar. That’s why you need new songs (or old songs that were never given the chance to shine).

    What i would like to propose is to take Europe as a new beginning. Change your look. Change your persona. Change your setlists dramatically (you could do totally different setlists for each concert like you used to in 2007/2008). Start playing some oldies (10,000 Motherfuckers, Sleep All Day, Wordplay, I’ll Do Anything) again to surprise yourself and the audience once more. You’ve become too predictable in some ways. You are deliberately limiting yourself and that is a pity to see. Politics shouldn’t mix with songwriting (thinking thoughts like: every song should contain a mantra-filled message or is this song rated PG so it is family friendly to perform).

    Do things that are totally left-field and unexpected; release a new album next year for example, you have enough great material to do just that. Or release a fun Christmas EP or an acoustic dubstep album. Do something new, reach for new horizons and you will find yourself re-invigorated.

  • Avatar of audreyibz
    audreyibz said ...

    Every morning at 6.45 I take a coffee alone in the kitchen. This is my moment, my sweet moment: I can read my emails, Facebook or news. At 7.30 my son wake up and the madness begin: breakfast, clean, car, traffic, nursery, work,work,work, car, nursery, home, lunch, play, clean, park, play, play, play, home, bath, dinner, clean, study, sleep….

    Have a child is the most tired work I’ve never done. But it is the most important too. A smile or kiss is a big big reward. I think, the applause And the love of people is your reward.

    Sleep… See you in Madrid.

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Ditto, Jane! (costellocrew5)
    <3 xoxo

  • Avatar of freedmysoul
    freedmysoul said ...

    Yes, more than you know.
    I feel I have been absent lately, but did see you in Cleveland. My treat this summer. As I watched you introduce Christina, from my amazing 5th row seat, I thought of how weary you must be. A moment of guilt came upon me that you give and give so much of yourself for so many months at a time. My guilt was short-lived. If every crowd at every venue gave you a fraction of the love you received that night in Ohio, you are a blessed soul. It was not more than a minute into your first song that you lit up, gave Mona a solid stare, and I could read the smile on your face. It read, ‘this is why I do this.’ You are indeed loved Mr. Mraz. We appreciate all that you give us. You never disappoint. Rest up!
    As always, I adore you, J.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    We certainly have, child. Four years (for me) and going strong.



  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    Rest friend – you have nurtured so many over the past months and I imagine that you have been stretched and challenged in ways that were impossible to prepare for. From where I sit, you’ve done it all in tune :) with dignity, grace and a lot of love. I’m sure you had to give at times that you were on empty. That thought immediately connects me to memories of being a mother. There are phases when you give and you give and you are so exhausted that you aren’t sure if you can get up one more time but you do it because of the love and because you have to. Huge highs and often huge lows. But I digress… (good news here is that the rigors of a tour is probably good preparation for eventually being a parent. :) k.o.w.

    Anywho – you should know that the impact of your performances and your time with us continues to lift us and inspires us to dream, and to serve, long after the shows have ended. Your music is part of our family’s fabric and we are grateful for your influence. I wholeheartedly echo Cathy’s sentiments above and while I typically have a personal pet-peeve with the word ‘deserve’ I think she is right on in your case. It seems like it is time for you to have a little space to be able to listen to the rain, to decompress, to process and to just “be”. We hope that thoughts of your fans fill those happy spaces as you reflect on “our” journey with you this summer. Thank you Jason – take good care. Until next time… xoxox, US

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Hi Jason… :)

    If you have some spare time, watch the live stream of We Day Vancouver on October 18th at I’ll be there volunteering, can’t wait to “revel in the energy [those youth] are emitting” as they launch a new year of empowering youth! I can’t believe I didn’t ask you if you would be there in Seattle!

    I loved this: “a trillion tiny droplets singing me to sleep. rest child. no need to wake up soon. dream new dreams. we’ll take care of you”

    Even though I only saw one show (Vancouver)I watched many of the videos posted by fans, and I’m certain that those who saw more than one show (lucky fans) appreciated the effort you made to make each one different. I loved the band this year (glad I saw you and Toca in Whistler too) as they brought a nice new dynamic to the stage (new instruments, new musical twists to old favorites).

    I think I didn’t express well enough to you how much I love to read your posts…I really look forward to them!

    Thanks for the “Thank you” it meant the world to me :) xoxo

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Congratulations on a Great tour!! I enjoyed your show in Saratoga oh so very much. Thank you! I am so proud of you. Have a great rest!xo, Linda

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Long ago when I was a beauty pageant winner, something that shames me to this day, I introduced Trisha Yearwood at the state fair. It was the biggest stage I’ve ever stood on, and when the spot light hit me square in the face, I thought I’d been blinded for life. I couldn’t see a single face in the crowd. Such a strange feeling. It’s something you do for weeks at a time, which has to be exhausting.

    I love a good drenching storm too. Makes me feel like I’ve been born again in some way. I hope you enjoy the downtime.

  • Avatar of Scribegirl10
    Scribegirl10 said ...

    Thank you for all you’ve given this weary world. Rest softly and deep.

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    I think it’s been a week of extremes all around I too have had High Highs and Low Lows….High–Seeing Ben Gibbard Perform in support of Ref. 74 Marriage Equality, in a tiny room with a small group of people, Low-being there alone because I couldn’t get another ticket for my husband. The challenge of constantly having to wake my kids up and reinvent everyday with them is a times a low. And I think to myself..what is your problem? This was your dream, this is what you wanted… I am sure you have days when you feel that way too. Over all I am so lucky and so grateful..the Lows make me feel guilty…

    Congrats on the end of the tour…I do breathe a sigh of relief for you! It must feel great to sleep and recover!


  • Avatar of Cathy777
    Cathy777 said ...

    You deserve the rest. Thank you for making this an awesome summer. I saw you in Raleigh and Charlotte and both concerts were beyond my dreams. You made them different and wonderful. Thank you also for posting to your journal. It is like getting a letter from a friend. It’s silly I know but I miss you. Your words are so inspiring and uplifting. I hope you do have time to rest and refresh. Selfishly I also hope you stay in touch. We, your fans, are here and we love you!