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September 23, 2012

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of doing yoga on a balcony overlooking the Columbia Gorge Canyon backstage at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State. For those who’ve never been there, imagine a little slice of the grand canyon with a stage built on a high side looking down into it.


The view was stunning and vast. Not a building in sight. Nor a sound. Only the wind and my thoughts.


During yoga, I befriended a fly. The sweat of my body must have been an alluring scent and/or satisfyingly fresh taste for the insect and by mid session there were two, dancing thorax to thorax on my body no matter which way I twisted, tucked, or tensed up. I tried blowing them away and wiggling my body to shake them off, but their persistence was only making my experience worse. So I accepted them. Welcome flies. Do your dance. Eat me. Poop on me. Whatever. I support you. Literally.


And once I gave in. It was as if they were no more. It was as simple as that. We connected, the flies and I. We became one I suppose. And suddenly my yoga practice felt all the more graceful and purposeful, because…


I began to think of other small annoyances that could potentially slow me down or give me an experience of a bad day. Like a bad hair day for example. or a hang nail. or a crusty booger. or a sore ass. a cramp. carpal tunnel. a stubbed toe. a headache. a zit. an itch. a cold sore. an ingrown hair. a paper cut. an ear ache. a tooth ache. a bee sting. a jammed finger. whatever it is, and there’s always something, there’s no shortage of inconveniences to keep our sweet lives from being absolutely serene.


And similar to those physical challenges, untimely thoughts can also be a buzz kill. Things like: I’m not there yet. I’m not smart enough. I can’t afford that. I can’t risk that. I’m not that type of person. That’ll never work. That’s too scary. I have no talent. I’m too old.


Consider each of those thoughts are just annoying little flies buzzing around our brains trying to challenge our grace and composure and ability to endure. Pursue your dreams knowing those flies will always find you delicious, and say thank you before continuing on your way, following your bliss and doing your own yoga, dance, or daydream, whatever that may be. The fly’s the limit.

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    Beth.L said ...

    Jason, you have such an amazing gift with your ability to share your thoughts and have your lyrics reach people on such a deep level. I was lucky enough to see you at Radio City Music Hall in 2005. You opened for Alanis Moressette during her 10 year anniversary of Jagged Little Pill. I was an instant fan. I’ve followed your music since then. You are such an inspiration musically & spiritually. The first time I heard 93 Million Miles, I was so moved I cried (the good kind of cry). It instantly made me think of my son who is 7. I was pregnant with him when I saw you at Radio City. It made me think what a beautiful way to express to your child to go and experience life wherever it may take you, and know we are always here for you for whatever you may need. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift and allowing us to share in the joy that music brings to life. I don’t know where I would be without music like yours. I’m looking forward to your December show at MSG. I know that’s a huge venue kudos to you. I would love to see an acoustic show at a small venue but I’ll take whatever I can get. Keep jamming.
    Lots of love,

  • Avatar of anosako
    anosako said ...

    Thank you for your beautiful wisdom from my homestate. Namaste, good soul. I am glad that in this, we are all connected and all are one. Much love.

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    iaqcweber said ...

    Dont even know why I ended up here this evening but perfect timing to read something I really needed to hear right now. Thanks as always for your insight and most definitely for your beautiful music…

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Hey J,
    Fog has rolled in to my little big town…I know this is a big asks but i am sure you have some gems rolling around in that head of yours…Give me a happy thought for the day…need something to give me some perspective… a little pep in my step :)

    Love ya!

  • Avatar of DianeA717
    DianeA717 said ...

    Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents, Jason. I’m sure it’s not been an easy journey, but I am so happy that you stuck with it. Enjoying your music in good ol’ St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instragram: You’re right. I can tell that the man never wears shoes!

  • Avatar of Jean-Canale
    Jean-Canale said ...

    I have not yet been able to become one with the flies who bother me during yoga. You’ve given me the desire to prevail next time….but dang, they tickle!!!!

  • Avatar of rmcarver26
    rmcarver26 said ...

    Wow…I needed that. I guess you can say I fell off the wagon to self discovery. Thanks for helping me put things back in perspective!

  • I’m just beginning this journey of self discovery and reading your journal gives me inspiration to go out and find what truly is important. I’ve never been good at listening to my own voice but I am learning. I guess the sounds of our own thoughts are overwhelming (a word this Mom has a hard time saying). Beginning this journey, I an awestruck. I waited 47 years to begin…

  • Avatar of 100000629553430

    When I met you, I asked if you would publish your journal…….past and present entries. This is buzz worthy for so many to read and acknowledge and use in their lives. I feel so connected to your words, whether they are in a song, an interview or your journal. It’s as if you know me and can see into my soul. You move and inspire me and I feel like your speaking to me but I know you are touching millions at the sane time. You are like a guru, a teacher of life, a messenger, maybe even an angel. Yes, absolutely an l to me. I do not just want to take from you though so I send to you my gratitude , my love, my attention,…..I hear you, I am listening and I am inspired. In love and gratitude,Joyce

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    normason said ...


    This is a work of art. It needs to be a poster, and you need to sign the original and send it to me so that I can then sell it and become a millionaire.

    Forget that last part; I got carried away. Just make it into a poster, sign the poster,and send it to me.

    Alright, just make it into a poster and I’ll go to one of your concerts and ask you to sign it.

    OK, just make it into a poster and I’ll buy it at your online store.


  • Avatar of Rbela
    Rbela said ...

    Wow, I think I have had every single one of those untimely thoughts. But you are right. We get in our own way. I have a fear of failure. If I never try, though, it is the same thing. After your concert in San Jose on Friday I was able to do something that I haven’t been able to in a while. I have a hard time calling myself a writer because I feel like if I don’t have anything published then I am not really one. The words are always there, though, waiting to be put down on paper or typed into my computer screen. I have actually only told two people that I write. It’s a scary thing I guess to tell someone about something so important to me. What if after telling them they just nod and go back to what they were doing? So I keep it to myself. Anyway, I have already completed a novel. I didn’t think it was that good so I gave up on trying to do anything with it. However, I didn’t stop writing because I am currently trying to finish a second novel. So far I feel good about it but I did, sadly, go months without writing. There is no explanation. I still wanted to; I just couldn’t. After your concert, though, I am so happy because I wrote at least a thousand words. It’s not a lot but it is a start. Thank you.

  • Avatar of alan.tran.777
    alan.tran.777 said ...

    Jason Mraz, I dare say that your concert at the Gorge was the best concert I’ve had the privilege of attending. Come back soon. The only thing that broke my heart was running out of the Gorge Tour poster. But Thanks again

  • Avatar of JaneJohnson
    JaneJohnson said ...

    I look forward to reading your journal. I try not to dwell on the small annoyances in life and save my energy for the bigger stuff that happens along when you least expect it. Every day is new. Everyday is a gift. One day at a time, doing the best I can do. Thats how I fly. Thankyou for the lovely music and the voice. Fly high Jason Mraz.

  • Avatar of krbychck
    krbychck said ...

    I am about to take one of the biggest tests of my life on Monday and have been having much trouble convincing myself I can do it. In my studies, each time I find a question I don’t know the answer to, my initial response is to feel stupid, even though I know that it is absolutely untrue. You are right, these bad thoughts really just get in the way. So fine, I don’t know everything, but I know I am smart and quite capable of anything I set me mind to. This little negative thought isn’t going to ruin my focus. I will keep on my journey and pay no mind to the little distractions.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    A goldfish with big googly eyes with those black discs that jiggle looks straight out at you and says,

    “Whoa! Either you’re getting older…

    [Open the card.]

    …or you’ve been in the water too long!

    Oh, well, Happy Birthday!”

    I share my very awesomely hilarious birthday card with you, Bushwalla, and all of my fellow Libras (if you’re of a certain age)!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    While it’s not unusual to see or feel a fly, I am authentic in speaking about the correlation of you telling us your story. Before I read your journal, I had a fly land on my work phone in my direct vision. Without speaking I wondered intuitively and asked the fly “Why did you chose to land there and not on my lunch or buzz me?” “What do you want me to know, why do you want me to see you?” Of course it could be just an ordinary occurrence. . .but I don’t live “a life less ordinary.” I read your journal and I knew, and I know why I have been attracting frogs to my vision, ears and even my dream last night. Enjoy your yoga; my frogs got your back.

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I’m buzzing thru my day happily today, thanks!

  • Avatar of CarmenS
    CarmenS said ...

    “You’re perfect in design.”
    ~ You

    Much love,

  • Avatar of meeshe11e
    meeshe11e said ...

    How does it go.. “Whether you believe you can, or can’t, you’re always right”

    Everyone goes through ups and downs, I’m subject to that myself. I also subject myself to Eagle pose in a 107 degree room filled with sweaty friends and strangers alike. And even in that moment, when my neighboring zen-filled companion is dripping sweat on mefrom the parrallel mat, I could easily just call it a day and head for comfort (and cooler climate). But it’s the obstacles and the oddities in life that are what makes the journey all that more interesting. I try to remind myself on a daily basis what the true value of it all is. One of the biggest tragedies in life is taking it all too seriously.

    Don’t ever take life too seriously, no one ever makes it out alive anyways


  • Avatar of quesara1979
    quesara1979 said ...

    It’s funny how, what is seemingly little things in this life, can reveal so much truth. Thank you for sharing!!

    I also wanted to take a moment to write an embarrassing fan comment. I am completely not a fanatical person about much, when it comes to people. I admire many people for the gifts that God has blessed them with. I am coming to Vegas to see you in concert with my husband. I have to say that this is in my top 5 things that “rock my world” list. I have listened to your music for probably about 10 years now and your music has been with me through many moments in my life. Everything about what you stand for, sing about, and represent in who you are is amazing. You bring a peace to my heart when I listen to you sing and you’ve inspired me in countless ways. I am so looking forward to seeing you in person and bringing such a joy into my heart. Even if you don’t really read this – I am very happy to have at least posted my thoughts. 

  • Avatar of Peaceout
    Peaceout said ...

    This was humorous, priceless and perfectly what I needed to hear!

    They will always find you delicious. HAHAHA. So freakin true and funny. Thank you.


    You are in my home state today. I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed yourself at RedRocks Amp.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Whoa!!! I love that shot! I love red rocks! And clouds! And the boy in the middle!

    I’ve never met THOSE Red Rocks personally, though.

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Nicole, it sure wasn’t “Serenity Now” when the radio station screwed up, and didn’t inform Live Nation you were on the M & G list …with the clock ticking ever closer to 6:15! Thank goodness it all worked out, and you had your very special moment with the man :)

    Hi, Rose! :)

    One of my fave concert moments was watching Tricia hand over the Mraz compost to mrazwordplay (aka Nicole :) ) . It’s not often a gal gets her hands wrapped around J’s waste :)


  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Bliss Buzz

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Fly like a Butterfly, fly like a butterfly, in the sky!

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    It was an amazing show! I think it was the first time I ever drank beer from a 24 oz can ;)

    I had the privilege of sitting near a really cool guy that was a paraplegic, he was injured in a ski accident. When I looked at him I saw a glowing light all around him. He seemed to have an amazing support system and an incredible personality. I can imagine some of the obstacles he endured to get to his seat… And to this point in life. He was so inspiring to me and my husband. I loved that you aknowledged him at the end of the show…it still bearings tears to my eyes. More than anything else I saw that night…THAT was my favorite part!!

    PS your band is amazing and I adore Mona!!!!

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    Katmanndeux said ...


  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    The best is swet to come..

    Why no pic this time?

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    To infinity… and beyond! Thank you for bringing another ray of sunshine :)

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    “There’s no shortage of inconveniences to keep our sweet lives from being absolutely serene.”

    We do have sweet lives. Some people have truly wretched ones, and still manage to smile.

    “Who does not love a tranquil heart, a sweet-tempered, balanced life? It does not matter whether it rains or shines, or what changes come to those possessing these blessings, for they are always sweet, serene, and calm. That exquisite poise of character, which we call serenity, is the calm man, having learned how.”
    As A Man Thinketh, Serenity – James Allen

    Peace, Jason.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Sometimes, flies just have to die.

  • Avatar of Telluselle
    Telluselle said ...

    This post makes me annoyed. Annoyed because obviously if people get upset about a bad hairday or the like, it’s only Ego and a superficial worry that consumes energy. But it also reminds me of all the Preachers who have lost touch with reality in terms of unpaid bills, health problems and most of all the wounds we sometimes get in our souls and hearts that will only grow bigger and create more negative patterns that can not be healed (if ever) by a bandaid shaped like an affirmation but requires a thorough grieving process where we are supported and allowed to feel and express the grief so that it may in due time be released.

  • Avatar of jeffynus
    jeffynus said ...

    I needed this today….big time. Thank you, once again, for being you. Sometimes we all just need a little perspective….

  • Avatar of EvaHassine
    EvaHassine said ...

    If you imagine that constant happiness and total freedom is our nature.. how far did we go in our mind to not believe that we are the super universe and united in all..!

    happy coming closer to home, love eva

  • Avatar of Mama Crickett
    Mama Crickett said ...

    Its as if the rope in a tug of war is dropped…more oneness in harmony with duality. Saw the ravine image-nice locale for some focus…as i read somewhere recently when journeying forth on whatever the light mission, lead us not into distraction and deliver us from shadows….
    Thank you,my brother, with love hope peace comfort abundance & health :)

    ps…this kid wrote love on his wrist the “wrong” way and was mocked on suicide awareness day…he made a silent video
    my hope is more humans will live kindness and make more light. that is all. ;)

  • Avatar of jdustinwebb
    jdustinwebb said ...


    Might I say you were “SMOKIN’ at the Gorge!”…Kudos on your fog machine skills…it kicked out for miles ;…along with your beautiful music! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of your guitar talent, your expressive vocal ability, and your thoughtful lyrics…thank you for sharing your gift with humanity. As a musician myself, it was an honor to be in the same space as you and Christina at the Gorge.
    Hopefully,I will be able to see you play live again some day.


  • Avatar of Shawna
    Shawna said ...

    The best yet! Always the experience is more than a million words can express. This is why we love that you so preciously do!
    Gratitude and love to you all!
    Terima kashi!

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    Thank you, Jason, for the phenomenal show, the lovely photo book, the delightful banter (you give good hug), but particularly for this post. I’m still at the Gorge, actually next door, and the flies are still annoying. That is they were until I read your post this morning. Now they are a reminder of how there are no limits; only limited perception. “Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours.” Shaking off the doldrums and going for a brisk walk into the gorge to take pictures. You’re the best!

  • Avatar of GoodGoodMusic
    GoodGoodMusic said ...

    I am not going to poop on you, Jason Mraz I love evrything that you do. You know how people say “I’d die in your arms?” Yeah, I’d live forever no matter what they’d say about me. Supahfly.

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    That was an amazing show. High energy throughout without becoming too impersonal. I’m a big fan of your heart, and your music isn’t bad either. Yep, that reads as corny as I thought it would, but it’s true. I think there were a lot of flies around because there was a lot of cow poo around. Very Woodstockish. Thanks for an wonderful show.

  • Avatar of elxium
    elxium said ...

    Agreed – thank you for helping me to think different.

  • Avatar of CJBO
    CJBO said ...

    You always seem to write just what I need to hear and right when I need to hear it – and with the perfect humor that speaks right to me. I am grateful for you and how you show up in my life. I’m grateful for your words, your music, your voice, your humor…

    So great to meet you in Indy – and looking forward to seeing you at Madison Square Gardens!

    Much love,


  • Avatar of Adella
    Adella said ...

    Thank you for enriching my English vocabulary! As a non-native speaker of English, I didn’t know what all those small annoyances were called! So now I can say I have a hang nail but I don’t care :)

  • Avatar of Cathy777
    Cathy777 said ...

    It is always such a joy when you post to your journal. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously with your fans. As in your music, your words are so touching, inspiring and thought-provoking. Your talents seem endless.

    Bless you!