F*** Yeah 2012

December 8, 2012

I have a long running tradition for bringing in a New Year. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I was a much younger man when someone told me to set a clear intention at 12 o’clock. For instance, if you wish to travel in the new year, have your bags packed ready to go when the ball drops. If you wish to write songs or be a musician, have a jam that ushers in the new digit. If you wanna be an artist, then for Seacrest’s sake, throw some paint around. If you do your part, the universe will do Its. At the flip of ‘98 to ‘99, I was traveling across country with a friend of mine. We were somewhere in Oklahoma zooming west. That year I drove across the country 5 more times. Coincidence?


Last year my household and I created F***Yeah 2012. With legend suggesting the world would end as we know it, we wanted to create a year of firsts, filled with radical doings, and all around awesomeness. We brought the year in with a bang, having a F’Yeah party theme. We spray painted the words Fuck Yeah on the side of the house and welcomed the community to join us for a firey night of spray paint, roller skating, costumes and tomfoolery. A spray painted unicorn still drips on the wall of the living room reminding us of our pledge to be awesome. In the succeeding months I traveled to Antarctica and grew my hair out, neither of which I’d ever done before. I upgraded my Vespa to a motorcycle. We produced our first ever full scale world tour, bravely changing up the band, giving my decade long sidekick Toca Rivera a break from touring, welcoming Mona Tavakoli to the ensemble. We rallied and re-elected Obama and continued to speak out for Gay Rights, and within one year saw a HUGE shift in national public opinion. Fuck Yeah 2012!


Those decisions and creations weren’t easy, but remembering the theme, a year of being awesome, without compromising one’s integrity, I knew I had to soldier on and trust everything would work out. And it has. Last month my friends and family gathered in the tolerant city of Amsterdam for Thanksgiving, which in my opinion is the only place to spend Thanksgiving on a year dubbed F*** Yeah 2012.


And the year still isn’t done! On Monday, Dec 10th we play our first ever headline show at Madison Square Garden with Fitz & The Tantrums and other special guests, and then fly to Myanmar to be the first international act to play an open air concert there, bringing attention and hopefully an end to exploitation and human trafficking. F*** Yeah 2012!


And now I invite you to consider a theme for 2013; something that will surpass your resolutions and stick with you for the entirety of the year, uplifting and inspiring you to be the person you always dreamed you’d be. I invite you to think big, play full out, and try on: Livin’ the Dream 2013!


Here’s two of my favorite performances from this past year. The first was shot by I Heart Radio back in February when I still hadn’t found the right hat or style for my voluminous hair. Mona and I were matching our wardrobe everyday to show our unity as a new duo, The Duo Decibel System. The other, a Sade cover, was recorded in Paris. At the time these were filmed we were being met with much resistance and criticism, both from fans and industry alike. People seemed confused by my change of appearance and musical approach, but Mona and I believed in what we would accomplish together. We knew the music was true and served a higher purpose than our need to simply be accepted. We didn’t compromise our integrity in the process and were able to end each day with a proud nod. F*** Yeah.


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    Moniroca said ...

    La versió de BeeGees vull dir! :)

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    Moniroca said ...

    OHHH!!!! M’ha encantat la versió que has fet de la cançó… em va enamorar quant era una nena i encara no sabia de què parlava… :)

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    gmhefner said ...

    p.s. Love the videos, esp the SADE reprise. it makes me completely high seeing someone get lost in the moment and become their purest form, whether it’s a musician singing, a mother with her children, or a business person handling a situation, for a few minutes or a few seconds. nothing better! :D

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    gmhefner said ...

    ok, this one took some thinking and it looks like i’m not the only one. lol

    for me, what is “the dream?” wow, it could be so many things. how do i decide what the one thing at the top of the list is? and could i think of a theme that is more suited to me?

    i finally realized that maybe i don’t know what “the dream” is because it’s something beyond what i can imagine. so “living the dream” on new year’s eve will find me trying to stay open to anything the universe has in store for me in 2013. this past year and a half, when i let go of my self-imposed expectations and deadlines, i was amazed at the results – they were generally beyond my wildest dreams, and spookily well-timed. :)

    so, as my first step (a little early), i’m in. here’s to “living the dream in 2013.”

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    julhuston said ...

    Ever since I read this I’ve been trying to think of what I will be doing at midnight this year! Yikes-too much pressure. Maybe I will listen to “living in the moment” so that I will be truly present in the moment next year and feel gratitude for all the gifts I am given. Love you Jason!

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    dalia said ...

    i don’t know how i omitted reading up on your journaling for that long time. in any case, you made me fired up for today, tomorrow and next year. i’ll finally make sure that i draw each day and use color more in my art. also, i’ll finish a story i started writing, what the hell, if 50 shades of grey can ” hit” -it, any of my writing can do the same.
    on the other note, i see that the stages of both of yours filmed performances on this entry is poetic and make a cut for your songs. also, i love you more in simple black thin hanley and jeans and that “kalimero” cap than in any hat that you wear. got’a go back to my life, do not have a time to vaste now!

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    normason said ...

    You and the Superband at MSG: A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I waved at you from the nose bleed section. Did you see me? No? It doesn’t matter. My heart waves at you all the time, and your heart acknowledges.


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    sheena said ...

    Thank you so much for this. Ive always wanted to know the more intimate thoughts of my favorite artist but lacked a source like this. This year has been difficult for me and your music has helped me coup with it. Thank you Jason, and here is to 2013!! The best is yet to come. ^_^

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    Jean-Canale said ...

    Watched your live stream from Madison Square Garden last night after just having read this post. Your performance and your words keep coming back to me so thought I’d add a note here (in hopes that you read these comments!) I could see in your eyes as you sang last night that you are in awe of the dream you are living! It fills my heart to see such joy! Can’t think of any better motto for 2013 than Living the Dream. Thanks for all you do and for being such a great role model/inspiration!

    Love, Jean

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    houky151 said ...

    I read this once a few days ago, and just read it again taking my time. I’m not sure how much or if you do actually read these, but here’s hoping. The past few years have been difficult for me. My only child has major health issues, none of which can be figured out by doctors everywhere. I want you to know that your music, your voice, and what you stand for have helped me to find peace in some tough situations. I find music in general to be healing, but yours especially calms me, and when I sing along I feel even better! I have learned a lot from my almost 5 year old sweet angel, and every day I get with him I value and cherish. I try to make each day a positive one and do as much as I can to make his life enjoyable. 2012 has been a climbing process for me. I am striving to be a better person to others, but also to myself. I have always tried to be a good person, and I think I have been, but my goals now are to not just be a good person, but to go beyond that and make a difference. Your blog just reaffirms what I’ve been thinking…I need to just go for the things I’ve been too afraid to try for. I want to make a difference in this life and not just live. Thank you for what you do. 2013 will be the start of a better me and hopefully a better world.

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    MaggieMay13 said ...

    I guess “Dreams are the playground of unicorns.”

    Still I find it hard to visualize a unicorn when I say “F*** Yeah!

    Kind of like saying, “Take that!” while handing someone a daisy.

    Is the unicorn on fire or something?

    Thanks for streaming MSG!
    What a great Christmas present!

    Livin’ the Dream 2013!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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    n.namaste said ...

    Your music, your soul, YOU…are inspiring me everyday Jason, keep on doing it for yourself and for your fans. I have NEVER been disappointed by what you have accomplished. I miss Toca but you and Mona are great together with great alchemy.

    That performance of I won’t give up is magical and i really feel the lyrics when i listen to you and watch you singing…LOVE YOU ALOT since 2003 and forever. I saw you two times for the LOVE tour and I hope i will see you again in 2013 if you come back to Europe. Thanks for sharing your talent. <3

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    kalixxooxx said ...

    Watching your transition this year from mainstream to MUSICIAN, has been completely inspiring Jason :)

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    MarLuna said ...

    Traditions are cozy, I love having a rhythm of seasonal aspirations. In winter I must witness the snow and most importantly the twinkle of the snow under the moon, much the same with summer and the ocean lit by candle light by the sun. The autumn the crunching of leaves and log fire crackles when possible. The Spring has become my favorite time as I grow older, as it reminds me of rebirth and I actually will stroke the long tall deep green grasses with dew and loving thank them for the view. For New Years Eve I have been breaking eggs in prayed water under the night skies since childhood, to view my destiny for the future. It’s abstract and personal you’ve got to go with the first intuitive hit, when all you see are bubbles and glop.

    I’ve noticed the pattern of the last 3 years of only “me” and last years showing me coming out of the woodwork, with a large bubble from the sky beckoning (so much easier if I could post the photo) to trust it’s guidance. Well I have. Tonight I am so far away from where I was last year, and although I have still more mountains to climb; at least I know now that the compass has always been in my breast pocket. So I’ll add your tradition to mine and go big in my plans with destiny, and maybe I’ll see twin bubbles in an Eiffel Tower.

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    sailucie said ...

    Well said, thanks

  • Avatar of amend414
    amend414 said ...

    I was watching a documentary on ,Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest architect of the 20th century. I’m not big on architecture but I like expanding my realm of knowledge knowing I will never be an expert on anything other than what I end up pursuing but many have devoted their lives to becoming the best in their field. Anywho like you this amazing artist went through three different stylistic changes during his career and I think a poignant part in his life was when his house burned down and not his studio in which he did all his work. He said something along the lines of “God believes he’s flawed as a man but not as an architect.” I imagine you received a lot of flack from the public about your split and your coming into a new style but I believe that greatness comes from having the ability to “rebuild” in a sense regardless of what errors we make or what turmoil we face and that’s why I enjoy your music and you as a musician who isn’t afraid to show your humanity. So thanks and HAPPY SOON TO BE NEW YEAR!

  • Avatar of Missi63
    Missi63 said ...

    Jason, you inspire me, as I’ve followed you since you were just a geek in the pink. I was so so fortunate to win a trip to see you at Live in the Vineyard. It was my dream to see you and it was an unbelievable experience! I brought you a box of salt water taffy, but I’m not sure the security guy ever gave it to you. Oh well, I hope whoever wound up with it enjoyed it!

    My amazingly awesome boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see you tomorrow at MSG!!! I’m not bringing salt water taffy, but I am bringing an enormous smile that will be plastered on my face the whole time I’m listening to you and your band. That you can have such an effect on people you don’t know is a true gift. I read your posts and embrace your green-ness and think about your opinions. Thanks for broadening my horizons and giving me hope that I do have the power to make my dreams come true.

    Good luck tomorrow. If you see a goofy girl in the 7th row grinning so big her cheeks are busting, that’ll be me. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    You are not alone as most of us went through the same path. Opportunities are at your feet as a new life is on the way. I wish you good luck in this new year and send you lots of Love for you and your family.

  • Gracias Jason for sharing your journey with us! so inspiring as usual, i always believed in you, f*ck yeah for the unexpected, if in 2013 you want to grow an afro,let you nails 1 meter long and become a tranny , i’ll be there. If you’re my favorite artist of all the times is obviously not because your looks cuz u ugly hahaha Jk (you’re so handsome it hurts) But its because: great lyrics, amazing voice, great personality,a beautiful heart, sense of humor and because you sound better live that in studio recording ETC. Thats why u da one! and i love you, it sounds crazy, because i dont really know you, but your music, makes me happy and that enough for me to love your soul. I love Jason Mraz, Jason for president!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar of shlahshlah
    shlahshlah said ...

    And PS – can’t wait to make some serious plans for 2013 – F*** YEAH!!!

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    shlahshlah said ...

    I don’t understand why anyone would criticize another for growing, changing, and doing what makes them happy. Jason Mraz’s music, videos and words make me happy on a daily basis and I am simply so glad to follow whatever he does, wherever he is, whatever he is playing, and however he looks – which in my book is fabulous – long hair or short, hat or no hat – he is just a beautiful person inside and out who inspires me to be a better person and try to do something to make a difference in the world around me. The discovery of his music took me out of a pretty dark place several years ago and I am thankful for him every day since.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. A – Z!! Peace Mraz Fans!!

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    I’ve changed my mind three times whether to write this or not. Finally, I gave in to your title, so here… it is: I had a handful of dreams for 2012. One of them was to have the experience of seeing you live in concert. This dream came true in November. However, when I saw it coming true, I dared to dream “a little bigger”: to have a picture with you, because I thought I had a really great idea and I also had a really small gift for you. This one didn’t come true. Not the time and not the place for reasons… Anyway, as cliché as it may sound, wherever you are, there remains at least one more gift for you to open. LOVE, blessings and all the best to you and all the rest!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    My favorite comment about your new look was that you look like Jesus. Thank you to whoever “twitted” that. You made me laugh, and it was funnier the second time someone said it…

    Anyway, to me you look like a friend.

    Love to you and yours.

  • Avatar of keka
    keka said ...

    can’t wait to see you and mona at msg tomorrow! i feel so lucky to have experienced the awesomeness of you and your new band in september and now again! what a dream! and yes, i will be setting a more clear intention for living my dream in 2013! thank you for the reminder! it’ll especially be my year (and yours too!) since it’ll be a snake year. wooooo! can’t wait to make great shit happen!!! love you!

  • Love that attitude and can’t wait to see you tomorrow night for the 2nd time this year (f— yeah!). Here’s to a fabulous 2013 wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

  • Avatar of Q.Clifton
    Q.Clifton said ...

    You guys are awesome! Thank you all for a fantastic year of music that you have shared, even if it has been for me via the video post :)
    I love how you continue to inspire, change and grow in every which way you can. Keep it up and be who you want to be. And one more final thing big hugs to you all, and give yourselves a pat on the back for just being amazing, you all F***ing did it!

  • Avatar of amyneedscoffee

    Wasnt finished…. during a long spell of nothing…i won a meet& greet with you, then got the courage to send you my art ( I dont usually do that..pretty much Im a wuss)…. then today I see your journal. Perfect timing as usual!!! I hear your words, love the tradition you have and damn, I’m going to work for ” livin’ the dream for 2013″ Thank you for who you are and for the ways you touch people in ways you have no idea! All this sounds nuts but so nuts that I wouldnt say it if not true… Im waiting in anticipation for your new album!!!

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    I try not to sound like a crazy person, I’m a 43 yr. young ( my granddad taught me years young not old) divorced woman of 3 who is just trying to find my new direction in life..lately, I’m frozen to change.I want to but can’t. Last night I was alone…all my kids gone which seems to happen alot. I was feeling pretty useless. I know the only way to change is for me to just do it…no one can do it for me. Wierd enough I just got my new energy muse necklace ( lotus)…really trying to focus on why I got it. Either way I woke up today..blah. I’m asking the universe for strength…a sign that I can do this. Then more than you can understand..something happens involving you that is at the absolute right time and inspires me. Its happened from your music filling my head with good thoughts during a bad divorce, getting me painting againwith inspirational songs

  • Avatar of michelle.darwich

    Thank you Jason for giving me my Fuck Yeah year in 2012. Best year of my life by far, and a huge part of it was thanks to you, who inspired me to be the person I have become. When I met you in Wedt Palm I was so star struck, even though you were one of the most layed back people I have ever met, I couldnt get the words out, but all I wanted to say to you THANK YOU. Thank you for showing me its ok to be who you want to be, regardless if others agree with it or not. You are an inspiration, as an artist obviously, but most importantly you are an inspiration as a human being. Im “so greatful to the Gods for making you”

  • Avatar of mishy624
    mishy624 said ...

    that’s a great theme!! you got me thinking of my plans and dreams.. it’s time!!
    thanks Jason!!

  • Avatar of kpasca
    kpasca said ...

    “Holy Sh*t”, Jason! -My reaction to the link on the above videos, which I’d seen, led me to Daryl Hall’s house. Those harmonies were of the goose-pimpley variety. Damn. Your musical fluency inspires me. It was the perfect combo of setlist and improv. Changing it up in 2012 was the way to go!! Love that plan for everyone for every year! I’ll have to test your theory of what you’re doing at midnight affecting the coming year – well, if we’re still here after the 21st. ;) – see ya Monday night! :D

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    You did the right thing by respecting to what was said to you, it was probably a guidance and hold up to be true. Change is part of the process of human beings, your chevelure is gracious and appealing, let each waves that sit in each curls of your hair move to the sound of the ocean. This year is an accomplishment of hard work and trustworthiness, you made it. The video Lovers Rock is touching but not long enough. The best to you. Lucie

  • Well I would say

    POWERFUL ME 2013!

    You and some other amazing people have made me clear about what I really want to do. Through your music I’ve become a lot more stronger and grateful, but living my dream won’t be easy, at least it’s not for now because my family will get really disappointed if I tell them I want to leave home and travel for a long time. I know I was born to be a traveler and I know nothing can be more important to be than freedom, but I have to figure out a way in which I can make my dream come true without breaking the heart of people who love me the most. It will take a long time, but I won’t give up. My dream has made me powerful. I will get through this.

    And that dream is to work with you, or people like you, to make life better for others and for ourselves. If I ever receive an invitation, I will – I promise to – join you as soon as my family understand me

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    13 is my number, so it feels like 2013 will be my year. My solar return indicates new beginnings (sun conjunct moon) and Mars rising is an indication of lots of physical energy. Jupiter in the Fun House (5th) is promising as well and Venus in the 10th indicates increased earnings. When 2013 comes in I will be in Virginia visiting family and will set my intention on REAL-izing my true self, and begin the best year of my life……so far.

    Thanks again for all you do to create a better world. And reminding me to do the same.

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    I love these 2 videos , and love love love Sade :) thank you <3

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Livin the Dream 2013 !!!! YES that’s the theme! I’ll be ready with my bags filled with paints and unicorns, dreaming making love with my love, rolling fruit leathers and planting forever flowers <3 wow that's the dream <3 thank you for all the uplifiting and inspiring us to pledging our awesomeness bright and high in Loviness! Superpowers to furry curly rockers, curls rock the rock as Mona and you rock the beat! One day my tea told me: "the beat of your heart is the rythm of your soul." My soul is rockin high and groovy :) <3

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...


    Congratulations on all that you have accomplished! You have done so much and have the right to be very proud.
    Just keep doing what you love and be yourself. You have sent many great messages out in to the universe with your beautiful voice and your beautiful songs. Thank you! Be yourself and Be Love! I know that you have changed my outlook on life for the better and I say Fuck Yeah to that!
    Love & Peace!

  • Avatar of hava-baytemir
    hava-baytemir said ...

    Thanks for this awesome words. You are inspiring me with every word you say. I hope 2013 will be the year I can the person I dream to be..
    F***yeah 2012 was awesome too. I saw you for the first time in Bruxelles 29/11/2012. It was the best best day of my life. I still can’t forget it. I was that girl who wanted to sing Lucky with you but it was an another version so I couldn’t.. But your words made me happy like I was in heaven ; “We will be connected, in very right moment. You and me.” Those words want me to do some changes in my life. Wish I could have contact with you Jason.. That would be a dream come true. That’s my wish for 2013..

    Thanks for your love, your music, your perfect humanity..

    Here is a link were you said the magic words..

  • Avatar of binkie3
    binkie3 said ...

    Don’t compromise! Just f***ing keep following your heart…
    it makes you make beautiful music and spread even better thoughts…
    don’t care what people think about your hair or other changes, people get scared by changes..
    it’s their problem and their own loss.
    just have to realize people are beautiful from the inside out, no mater how you look.
    (although that’s easy for me to say cause I really like both short and long hair ;)

    People are at their best when they follow their heart. That shines through to the outside and gives sparkles to their eyes, and touchable energy to their voices.
    That’s why you’re so amazing for so many!
    please keep being you…tnx for it :)

    you got me thinking on my own goals for 2013…
    let’s make them awesome, creative and boldly following my own heart :)

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    I totally thought of you on Friday when I heard that The Supreme Court announced it will rule for the first time on same-sex marriage by deciding the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8!!! Hmmm, a blog post with homework, I better start thinking about 2013, so if I’d like to visit Iceland, should I play some Bjork at midnight while checking out the imagine peace tower web cam? I’ll go with an ice theme for 2013. Love the Lovers Rock video too. <3

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    Great Post Jason! Thanks for all good vives! Obrigado