May your heart be light.

December 21, 2012

If we do not discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us.

–      William Feather said that. 


And it is so true. If we don’t take care of our bodies, sickness will arise and force us to reconsider our health. In the cold season it’s important to stay warm with soups, teas, comfort foods and cozy clothing. To catch a cold literally means that a certain part of the body will freeze, shut down, or get blocked, preventing overall energy from circulating properly. This weekend I am taking my last 4 of 86 total flights this year. Had I not had the discipline to manage my immune system, keeping hydrated, and avoiding all airline food, I doubt I would’ve maintained a clean bill of health for the duration.


Having an audience or someone else to live for always helps. Being love is being for others after all.


I can’t express enough how much I appreciate there being audiences to share with. I liken it to having a family to live for, or a garden to tend. You are needed, and that makes all the difference in the world. Audiences become my thousands of mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, lovers and friends, all of whom call on me for love and support.


Concerts are agreements between myself and others to meet at a scheduled time and place to enjoy music together. Rough estimates tell us that we played live to nearly 1 million fans in 2012. Therefore I have a million reasons to be healthy, present, and prepared for our events; giving each crowd my very best. Whenever I come up short, I don’t sleep very well. It feels like the world is collapsing in on me, which then forces me to flex my muscles, get back on the horse, apologize, and/or grovel at the feet of my million masters, praying the game isn’t over and that I get to continue.


Discipline shouldn’t be rigid and boring though. After all, it’s meant to enhance life, not diminish it. Therefore it’s important for me to allow life to happen and avoid trying to control it. This means accepting all changes in the emotional landscape, accepting evolution and any expansion or retraction of ideas, having compassion for a constantly changing environment, and being patient, which is not about having an ability to wait, but more about how I act while I’m waiting. Allowing the world to be what it’s choosing to be is integral in balancing my otherwise strict routines. It keeps things interesting at least. A few years ago I tried locking myself in my house, thinking I could keep anything bad from entering the property. It worked, but I also felt I was keeping a lot of joy from entering as well. Discipline needs it’s allowances.


In my previous post, I shared my nervous experience onstage in Myanmar. Performance panic shows up in my life about once a month and I usually connect it to a lack of preparation. I went there thinking I could give the audience a similar show as I would give to any other city – thinking they deserved to see the same kind of show we would play to New York or Paris – but realized too late that it was a different beast altogether. The lessons I learned will only enrich all future performances as I now have a slightly better understanding how to approach a stage of that caliber.


Looking back, I had similar experiences when I first starting playing big stages; opening for Dave Matthews and The Rolling Stones for instance. On the first gigs I felt I was out of my league, almost resentful of my management for putting me there, but with experience and preparation I found I could coast right through it and make good use of my stage time, connecting from a grand stage as I would from an intimate corner of a coffee shop.


In 2013 I will not be traveling with Tricia, who’s been my partner in transformation, food guru and yoga teacher for many years. This means I will be required to be even more disciplined than ever, managing my own meals and yoga practice. (Thank you @BeingTricia for being a part of my life and amazing journey. I am incredibly grateful for you and how you tirelessly serve others. I will keep you in my heart and imagine you there still kicking my ass and making me laugh, and I will demonstrate my gratitude for your service by integrating into my life everything you’ve taught me about health, wellness and success.)


In Myanmar, the common greeting is Mingalabar, which means, “May you have auspiciousness or causes of success.” That is my wish for you this holiday season; that you have auspiciousness and many causes of success. May you know how much power you have in your breath, present in this moment and the next.


Thank you for reading. And thank you for your comments and additions. I appreciate them all.

Now sit back and enjoy this delightful holiday retrospective from my ancestors.

And may your heart be light. – Jason


  • Avatar of Moniroca
    Moniroca said ...

    Jason, escric en català (l’idioma oficial però perseguit de Catalunya :S ). Mai vaig estudiar anglès, així que sempre vaig de la mà de Google Translate per poder traduir cançons que m’arriben al cor, primer per la melodía i, segon, per la lletra. En el teu cas ha estat així també…. m’ha enganxat totalment cada nota de cada cançó i… la sorpresa ha estat encara major quant he sabut el missatge que hi ha rera cada paraula. M’encanta el que cantes! M’encanta com ho expreses!

    i ara a sobre he trobat aquest blog a on t’expreses d’una manera tant sincera i oberta que… enamora! :)
    em podria enamorar de tu! hahahahahha… no crec que estigui dient cap bestiesa… possiblement la majoria de dones, i algún home dels presents, ja està enamorat de tu o se sent com jo! :)

    Res, que no acostumo a deixar missatges ni comentaris a les pàgines dels cantants que m’agraden…. però no me’n he pogut estar… estic al·lucinant amb cada post que escrius… i dóno gràcies a Déu perquè hi hagi al món gent amb el teu carisme i tarannà.

    Has estat un gran descobriment! No et penso predre la pista… i, evidentment, no veig el moment de poder assistir a un concert teu a Barcelona o voltants. Me’n moro de ganes!
    Mentre, aquí estem… escoltant, llegint, els teus sentiments que tant generosament comparteixes amb nosaltres.

    Gràcies. Petons.
    Barcelona (Catalunya – España)

  • Avatar of n.namaste
    n.namaste said ...

    Hello Jason
    It’s Naïma again from Bordeaux, France; I always enjoy reading your journal entries and try to understand everything lol sometimes my english isnt good enough haha, but i’m learning with you always trying to translate the right way the pieces of your mind. I haven’t seen yet your performance in Myanmar, I will have to check youtube. I can understand your point of view. You always have to adapt yourself to the country and the people you meet, I mean that is the most incredible part of your job, meeting people from all over the world, but i guess most of the time people who get the chance to see you must have a situation, money to buy your ticket and travel to see you but being in a country such as Myanmar dealing with such difficulties, this is so completely different, this is when you start to think that you are so lucky in life and trying to understand why it happened to you?! this is the mystery of life I guess. Some people try very hard to achieve something in their life and it doesnt happen and other it just happens just like that. I don’t know why. I think sometime Fear is part of it, for me at least, sometimes i think i’m not good enough to succeed :/ …..But when i think about you, i feel that you traveled a long road to arrive where you are today, and you can be proud of yourself. The most magical thing that you have is your soul, your voice but trust me, people LOVE you deeply and truly for your spirit. First is your voice and your lyrics, AND simple who you are. I’m fan of you Jason Mraz because of who you are first of all, and I also LOVE you for the way you communicate it, your energy, you positivity, your simplicity, the music. You are gifted. And I’m very sure that all the people in Myanmar saw this in you, when they saw you perform, because just like me the first time i heard you i immediatly loved YOU because you were acting like a friend, like a simple person here just to share his passion. PASSION and LOVE is surrounding you all over. Well I wish you a very happy new year Jason, full of LOVE and positiveness ^^ Be true to yourself and to other. Stay yourself. Much Love Naima

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    By a book Jason i mean perhaps a scrap book on photo paper, that would be awesome. But i know we should not waste paper, unless you have a tablet but it is nice to carry a small book to the water and just sit there and contemplates on your memoirs and your achievements. Just a thought

  • Avatar of michaelmaitre
    michaelmaitre said ...

    “being patient, which is not about having an ability to wait, but more about how I act while I’m waiting.”

    You never cease to amaze me with your insight Mr.AZ

  • Avatar of ParanormalSarah

    Discipline shouldn’t be rigid and boring though. After all, it’s meant to enhance life, not diminish it. Therefore it’s important for me to allow life to happen and avoid trying to control it.

    I struggle with this daily and it helps me find a bit of peace knowing you, Jason, work on this also.

  • Avatar of Sandy
    Sandy said ...

    Jason, you are such an inspiring person.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    I hope that you’re in Chicago because you want to be and not because you got waylaid. And if you got waylaid, that you now believe Chicago was the place you most wanted to be in the WORLD.

    A further hope: that you have found a way to thaw out your various body parts. I could play off of “waylaid” and tell you how, but, well, that would be too obvious.


  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    I’m reading Neil Young’s new book, Waging Heavy Peace, & this page is good for you:

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    I went out and got you a youtube video for xmas.

    Let’s do it again.

  • Avatar of StaceyJean
    StaceyJean said ...

    PS……. Yes, with me there is always a PS :)
    There was a typo in my last bit of ramblings where it should have said ….. ” I have already warmed up to loving you”…… Yes, a bit of cheese for you, but when I went to correct it, it SENT,,,,, ok , so go go go,,,,, I am waiting…… Much love !!

  • Avatar of StaceyJean
    StaceyJean said ...

    Merry Christmas to you Jason !! Ok, I am going to try real hard not to be another gushing fan and tell you how amazing you are, buuuuttttt….. Maybe just a tad, then on to business….lol
    I am in awe of your talent, your spirit, your love and your capacity to love without conditions, or so it seems, I mean, I do not pretend to know you, but you seem ligit, as far as being genuine in character. Super warm in spirit, so gimme gimme a high five for that, good job. :) I, for one feel truly blessed to have been turned on to your music and vibe, I can’t get enough it seems. Thanks so much for all you do and all the love you put out there for us ALL to soak up. Now, on to the more selfish (or Shellfish, sounds nicer…lol) reasons I am writing you. I have a request. I tend to enjoy the more intimate, slower versions of some of your songs. When it is raw and broken down to just you and your guitar, is when I really feel it,. Nothing beats your live performances when you really give your all to those that came to enjoy you. My request is for a version (raw) of “warming up” to be put out on an album. I know you’ll need to re-learn it, but that is what I am waiting for. I look forward to how you will make it even better as you have evolved so much as an artist. I can not even begin to tell you how that song moves me. You sounded a bit different back then and your style is forever evolving, beautifully I might add. It is exciting to see what is coming next from you as I do not believe you have even scratched the surface. I love how you look at life and your heart is lit like the sun, and I love that we all get to feel that through your gift. No pressure Jason, but chop chop my friend….lol….I have already warmed up to livening you !!. Since it will probably be awhile before a new album appears, feel free to just make me my own little vid and stick it in my e-mail……lol….. What? It could happen :)

  • Avatar of Pau
    Pau said ...

    Muchas gracias por compartir tus pensamientos y emociones con nosotros Jason, creo que amo tu forma de pensar y actuar, sin duda PARA MI, eres una inspiración, este año tanto tu música, como tus post me han ayudado mucho para poder salir adelante y no rendirme ante diferentes situaciones, estoy muy agradecida de haber conocido a este hermoso hombre, como lo es Jason Mraz, como lo eres tú, lo mejor que podría pasarme es que de una vez por todas, vengas a Chile, esta larga y angosta faja de tierra, conocida como “El último lugar del mundo”, que está esperándote con muchas ansias, Feliz navidad Jason!, Y un próximo año llego de Éxito y buenos augurios!!.

    Espero verte pronto por estas tierras.

    Con Amor ♥

    Pau (Make It Mraz, Chile)

  • Avatar of barbswritestuff

    Jason, Thank you for your beautiful and honest posts you leave on this journal, and on your blogs in the past. I first became aquainted with your music when I first heard “The Remedy” on radio and loved the spirit and soul in your voice and music. Then my (then) teenage daughter introduced me to “Live At Java Joes” release and I was in awe of the most pure and beautiful voice I had ever heard before, and became an admirer of your music and songs. I have fond memories of she and I dancing around the kitchen to “Zero Percent!” I wanted to let you know that you inspire me in my life with your creative writings and musings and positive action in your own personal growth and in your activism, and becoming “bigger and more successful” according to your own internal soul’s compass. When I am swimming laps in the pool I say to myself “You f*&%n’ did it!” :-) I loved your post about “F*@k Yeah 2012!” and I love the theme of “Livin’ the Dream 2013.” Accordingly, I have signed up for a weekend workshop in spring of this year in Denver with a major reknowned best-selling author about getting your own book published, for the sheer act of committing myself to my writing and for the exercise of doing the practice and the work of creating a finished project that I have dreamed about. I have had the pleasure of attending your last couple of concerts at Red Rocks which were wonderful. Thank you again for sharing your creative, spiritual and soulful journey and musings with us all, and for inspiring others. I wish you joy, peace, health and happiness in 2013, and that your wishes come true. Just an addendum that perhaps noone else will tell you, but I pose to you something to consider for 2013 and that is to experiment with what it feels like to be brave and strong enough (have faith) to break free from any mind/body altering substances. (yes, love your self/body all the way.) Blessings to you and your loved ones Jason in 2013 and forward. My heart is light, and thank you for your contribution. Barbara :-)

  • Avatar of Lv2tchkds
    Lv2tchkds said ...

    Sitting here in front of the fireplace and watching you on ‘Storytellers” Christmas Eve. Eating my chicken soup wishing like crazy I weren’t sick so that I could spend this evening with all of my family at the annual Holiday Gathering. Reading your log and listening to your stories has made it a little easier. Thank you Jason!

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...


    Thank you for the lovely video, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all that you do. Know that you are loved and your Music is Magical. Happy Christmas to You and Tricia and Mona and Your entire Super Band!

    Merry Christmas and a Beautiful New Year to you!
    Love, Linda

  • Avatar of Dukes
    Dukes said ...

    Thank you Jason for your music your wonderful voice and words of wisdom Happy Holidays

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    WOW! I’ll take this as a Christmas gift for all of your fans. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too! And may all your dreams come true!
    PS: 1981?… How old is my soul?… :)

  • Avatar of yaminalive
    yaminalive said ...

    Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts and experiences through the journals. I went to your MTV Exit Live show and this was my first time going to this kind of show. To be honest, I did not really know all of your songs except “I’m Yours”,” You and I Both” and “Lucky”. However, I found myself addicted to all of your songs after the concert! Your music is unique from others for me. and your songs totally light up my happiness. While I was watching your show, I noticed a strange kind of joy came into my heart. I have never felt that kind of joy that I got from your songs. and thanks for giving me happiness. I want to say that I am your fan because of your amazing songs as well as your good deeds that makes me inspire you.
    Well, I also want to say, “Mingalarbar” to you as I am a Myanmar.

  • Avatar of amend414
    amend414 said ...

    I enjoy acknowledging the fact that we learn every day of our lives. Whether or not we acknowledge it or not. When you’re a child you realize how much you’re learning as we get older it harder for us to see the little nuances we’re picking up on.

    Don’t forget that your audience has the ultimate say on your performance. You can perform your heart out but if a person is unwilling to wxpience a good time it won’t matter what you do. So take a little of the burden of perfectionism off your shoulders and enjoy yourself. When you get to expierenve joy it’s easier for others to want to join in.

    That just my opinion. You could show up and sing one song and it could be twinkle twinkle get sick half way through the song puke and fall off of the stage and it would still be the worlds greatest performance to me haha See?

    But seeing a musicians fall is always funny. :D

  • Avatar of susannebachdc
    susannebachdc said ...

    My son’s biggest wish…

    Dear Jason

    Almost 1 year ago, my two kids lost their Dad. My son Matt is now 6 and my daughter Melanie is almost 4. Their Dad, who was an american citizen and I (Danish citizen)were divorced, and he chose a horrible path of attacking us with a knife in our own house, on sep 12 2011. Needless to say, he was not mentally well. We all survived, thanks to my boyfriend, who took most of the blows. My boyfriend luckily also survived. My kids experienced this tragedy, and saw things you never wish your kids or anyone for that matter, should have ever seen. Their Dad died being hit by a train, after escaping from prison.

    Your album, LOVE, has made the kids and I heal, and my son can sing along to many of your beautiful songs. He loves Franky Fixer and the Freedom song, but also You f…… did it ;-) We listen to the album in the car almost everytime we drive somewhere, and discuss which song we should listen to first. For me, personally, it has made me realize even more, what is important in life. My favorite song is living in the moment.

    The reason I am writing, is because my son’s biggest wish is to go to a concert with you, but we weren’t able to make any of your shows, when you toured in Europe. We live in Denmark and I know you have played here before. We are going to the USA in february, staying for 2 weeks with my kids grandparents, in Key West, FL. Perhaps you are giving a concert close by, or maybe you would concider flying to Europe once more, for a concert in Denmark next year?

    Merry Christmas (glædelig jul :-) )

    Susanne Bach

  • Avatar of crystale80
    crystale80 said ...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS JASON and all your loved ones.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all your musicians.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the team behind that you.
    And is up to us to say THANK YOU, you give us so much!

  • Avatar of Gigi927
    Gigi927 said ...

    Allowing life to happen is an art I’m constantly practicing. I find that in trying to control things, I often get in my own way and I’m unable to see my path. It’s always there and always made obvious…but when I am busy playing puppet master to my own life, I’m not in the right frame of mind to see it. Letting go illuminates the path.

    I’m grateful to have had the chance to dig deeper into your music this year. It has often been the whisper in my ear, reminding me to get out of the way of life. I’m very grateful for that. Wishing you a 2013 full of contentment.

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    ….and merry christmas to the kitties. >^..^< maybe show them the video… ;)

  • Avatar of fellybuchari
    fellybuchari said ...

    I was brought here after listening to the I Won’t Give Up song on my car’s radio and especially fell in love with the sweet sweet guitar intro of the song. And then I started listening to your other songs in the Love album, WSWDWS album, n love your song with TP Shy That Way (again in love with the flirty guitar sound), watched your music videos on youtube, reading your interviews articles on website and also watch the hillarious grati-tube videos plus reading your Journals, and then I end up becoming a fan and signed up here :)

    And when you wrote “Audiences become my thousands of mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, lovers and friends”, I thought wow, that is so nice of you to think of us, the audiences, that way.

    So, I hope to hear more of your songs and reading more of your journals in the years to come. Happy New Year to you and All. Keep this up Bro!

    It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.
    Cassis, John said that.

  • Avatar of JaneJohnson
    JaneJohnson said ...

    Thankyou for an amazing concert at Madison Square Garden. It was a great Christmas gift. You and the band were f*ck*ng awesome.So glad I saw the link to the stream re:through your facebook page. You are so good to your fans!Sorry Tricia won’t be traveling with you in 2013, I bet you’ll miss her. She seems like a great P.A, chef and friend. Have a Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever. If you need a new assistant? ha!Just sayin!!

  • Avatar of gmhefner
    gmhefner said ...

    well that video was a veritable kaleidoscope of musical holiday expression! ;)

    wow, tricia won’t be there? total bummer, but i hope she’s doing something new and exciting. :) the first time i saw a picture of her i thought, “i like her! she’s like Mother Earth!” sending good thoughts and wishes her way.

    kudos to you, J, for continuing to be a student (and teacher). even in the small group of people i know, there are plenty of folks who are convinced they finished their “learning” in high school and turn a blind eye to opportunities to stretch themselves, or even glean a bit of knowledge from what the universe is so obviously trying to tell them. lots and lots of wasted potential. so it’s always a joy to see you and others continuing to move forward. it makes my heart light.

    wishing you a holiday season filled with body AND brain food, balance, love, and peace.

    - g

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Tricia has been a huge part of your life for a long time..She has brought Joy to your tours, she has taken care of so many around her! It was so smart to bring her along on your travels…I am sure more bands could benefit from someone like her!

    If you come back to Seattle I will bring my vitamix and greens for you! I am not a Yogi but I am an Ass kicking Personal Trainer with some High Intensity Interval Training work outs…Some times it’s to get the poison out in other ways….you got me?

    I know you will do just fine and rise to the occasion…you have had a wonderful guide and teacher!

    Happy Holidays


  • Avatar of MaggieMay13
    MaggieMay13 said ...

    Video: 2:00
    Coo-coo-ku. Coo-coo-ku.

    Now my heart is light!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: Is that what lawn deer do when we’re sleeping?!! Next you’ll be telling me that there is no Santa Claus!…

    It’s been a good year. I had a normally busy month or so, and now that I have four days off for Christmas, I feel a little down. I can imagine how you must feel after your extraordinary year. It’ll pass, especially if now is where you live.

    Blessings to all.


  • Avatar of Angelaa82
    Angelaa82 said ...

    Discipline is also love and respect for yourself.
    Handle everything you do with care and respect. And above all we are “just” human.

  • Avatar of annamarie.given

    Thanks for your words Jason, they inspire me to be a better person, God Bless you!!!

    I’ve heard your songs for a while, but I admit that I became your fan since only few months ago, just because I’ve been reading your posts recently & I’ve noticed that you are an honest man behind a great artist.

    Have a Marry Christmas and a very happy 2013!!!

    Livin’ the dream 2013!!!

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    I *could* be getting married in ’13….I’ll need a great band for the reception…do you think your ancestors are free, J? Like you, I’m sure they’ve only gotten better with the passing of time :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    oops I meant Violet Beauregarde of Willy Wonka!

  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    First the video. I was sitting crouched- half expecting Benny Hill to show up, or Willy Wonka & Veruka Salt in the sea of polyester blues. Thanks for the sexy throw back.

    Thanks to Tricia who supported the whole team. I imagine it may be intimidating to think of going on without her. I hope my intuition is right and she has been asked by another to pair her days with in a holy union. It’s interesting because I had her in my thoughts this week, random but true. I thought how amazing to have someone physical guiding your way like an angel. I imagined her greeting your “companions” with tact and warmth (even when she knew it wouldn’t last), and holding your head on her shoulder when you had hoped it would. I’m glad I got to glimpse her in your life, being so close to the stage in San Diego. I saw her come into the side stage and watch all you perform with smiles. I then saw her turn in my direction and wave with a mouthed “Hi!” I was sure it was to someone closer to the stage she knew and I didn’t react, but if she was catching me watch her-then please tell her hello back and I know it’s rude to stare, but she shined and I love illumination.

    In your 5th paragraph, I feel an infusion of parallel life lessons and I’m so glad you wrote it down so perfectly. My throat is tight from all the things I’d like to say in agreement, but the locking yourself at home . . . well really hits home. From where I sit today physically, mentally, emotionally and soulfully is immensely opposite. Finally trusting my intuition, lucid dreams and my heart have I just now begun to accept how amazing I can be to others. I don’t offer much in comparisons, but live as an example to what can be a happy and heading to a fearless life of absurd joy. Absurd Joy, it’s written in my cells and I hope to spread it like a virus (in a good way). I had nothing but fear in letting go of what I had scraped to create from scraps from the last decade, and when I released my hold of “knowing what’s right for me in the mold of society success” did I have the gifts coming through as fast as I can imagine them.

    You are a gift to me, a gift to all. I love reading how people love you, and how they find their way like me; with you being the Tricia, feeding us spoonfuls of hope, truth and perseverance. Your wish has already been fulfilled in me auspiciously and sincerely and received in wool warm socks sipping Numi black vanilla tea. Namaste

  • Avatar of Telluselle
    Telluselle said ...

    I have found that discipline sometimes put more pressure on us than it enables to a certain extent. Likewise, when I prepare and check and plan, I become more anxious than when I trust my own ability and the present moment just taking it all in stride and flexibility in flow as it comes. I guess we all deal with performance panic inndifferent ways depending on our needs, abilities and the underlying motivation. Merry Christmas!

  • “Audiences become my thousands of mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, lovers and friends, all of whom call on me for love and support.”

    This is incredibly sweet.

    And the appreciation is mutual. So is the love and support.

    Thanks for being so giving of yourself. Mingalabar!

  • Avatar of sailucie
    sailucie said ...

    Your writing Jason is filled with love, innocence and honesty. You know how to touch us deeply. Perhaps gathering all these beautiful moments would creates a wonderful book. I admire your strength, traveling for so long to share what we believe is the best of all the all. Thank you for looking over us this all year, it is nice to see that a soul caring for us. Auspiciousness and success for 2013. Thank you all.

  • Avatar of shackalack
    shackalack said ...

    Jason, you have such a beautiful and amazing soul.
    Thank you for sharing it with the world!
    The game is FAR from over.

  • Avatar of dcanmg
    dcanmg said ...

    Hello Jason,
    You are an inspiration to so many, including myself. Tricia, You are the Goddess of Love. I wish you both love and light this Holiday season and into infinity…

  • Avatar of Oce
    Oce said ...

    I haven’t been one of the believers of the End of the world. But at this present moment, I truly feel a profound hapiness about being still able to witness your beautiful soul !! It’s always a perfect feeling, but that night makes it more perfect than ever ! =D You, your music, are a part of the things that keep me balanced day after day, Jason, never doubt you’re a wonder of this world. LOVE

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for the lovely video as well. Unfortunately, I could only watch about a third of it before I started laughing in earnest. Nothing against your ancestors or anything…it just reminded me of watching Lawrence Welk with my grandpa. Best wishes to you and yours!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    “Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something.”
    Frank Zappa said that.

    Without seeing the show you did in Myanmar, I’m wondering what the air was like there.

    I appreciate you too, in all you do. You can always talk, we will always listen.
    That reminds me, I do need to check out your info about Nintendo again for my email to them. I have purchased tons of their products through the years for my kids. I am not buying them the Nintendo Wii U this Christmas.

    Přeji Vám krásné svátky. Beautiful friend.

  • Avatar of margongue
    margongue said ...

    Thank you for so many things, Jason… Merry Christmas!

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Om mani padme hum ~*~ Mingalabar ~*~

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Hi! I’m the new partner in transformation, food guru and yoga teacher :) ;) you have my email !) * hahahaha *

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    *** Amen***

    <3 Merry Christmas for all Community :)

    Obrigada, Thomas.

  • Avatar of blatchfordtr
    blatchfordtr said ...

    Thanks for all you do for those of us in the audience, and for your wonderful insights. Ready to live the dream in 2013!

  • Avatar of Saskia
    Saskia said ...

    I would love to be a part of that team ;)

  • Avatar of consuelo
    consuelo said ...

    Finding the balance between self-discipline and spontaneity has always be a struggle for me. But I recently read an article that pointed out how being spontaneous makes it easier to be disciplined (less tension and therefore happy to be motivated) and self-discipline gives us more opportunities to be spontaneous (being prepared for whatever comes one’s way). I think it’s similar to what you were saying about being prepared for your performances. You practice, rehearse, plan, etc. and then you get out there and can “go with the flow” and follow inspiration as it comes knowing that you’ve done your homework.

    And now at this holiday time I wish you much love and laughter!

    ”From quiet homes and first beginning, Out to the undiscovered ends, There’s nothing worth the wear of winning, But laughter and the love of friends.” –Hilaire Belloc

  • Avatar of tony.gilio.5
    tony.gilio.5 said ...

    Dear Jason,

    My best friend and I want to change the world one day.
    I think it would be cool if maybe we could partner up someday.

    Best wishes,
    A friend

    Thanks for everything Jason! Keep on Keeping on!

  • Avatar of Saskia
    Saskia said ...

    I love the way how you are able to convey your thoughts and feelings in such a genuine way that I often sit here for hours, reading your posts over and over being overwhelmed by the simplicity of your messages that are the result of your great experiences and deep thoughts!

    It was a strange moment when I read this “I can sometimes feel my whole perspective, if not my entire life purpose, shift inside of a single conversation.” and feeling my whole perspective shift, inspired by your words :)

    I went to your concert in Berlin this November, which was on a monday and on friday I had an exam coming up. I was filled with so much joy and peace that evening (monday), that I wanted to hold on to that. So I kept this experience in mind, carrying it with me, telling everyone about it and suddenly my exam was just that – an exam. Yes I studied but always with your songs floating around in my head, being very happy.
    And this exam turned out to be the best exam I wrote in two years :)

    With english being not my first language and me being actually nervous because you are probably going to read this, I´ll stop writing now and start my holidays by living in the moment, and saying


  • Avatar of kate.bellia
    kate.bellia said ...

    :) Thank you Jason for the light you share!
    The Czech Christmas special was quite an insight too!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours – wishing you health and happiness :) LOVE

  • Avatar of kidest
    kidest said ...

    Beautifully put. I love the space you’re in here – where ever this came from, it’s a very yummy space. You are already so much more than you were when it all started, and keep on growing and including and integrating you will. We’re all so magical like that. I love how no matter how awake we maybe, there’s still so much more to awaken to. Infinite awakenings! Ah.

    Light filled flights for your lighted heart ~