with reckless abandon.

October 30, 2011

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
- Leonardo Da Vinci

There comes a time when every artist has to walk away from the work, allowing the world to see it, hear it, or smell it. Some artists know exactly when to walk away. If food is your art that is, then yes there IS a best time to abandon the heat and let people eat. Otherwise, it takes trust, intuition and a bit of mastery and/or naïveté. Although, nothing inspires like a deadline.

Since December of 2009 I’ve been writing and recording demos at home, in London, New York, in various studios around Los Angeles and the occasional hotel room, Integratron or tree limb. More than 80 songs were tried and tested in that time and eventually 20 were selected for the final session (12 of which will end up on an LP and the remaining might see the light in future EP’s, bonus add-ons, and/or possibly carry over to another record.) The final album (untitled) was recently recorded in LA with Producer Joe Chiccarelli and a line-up of all-star musicians. The sound is new, but not a departure from the previous albums. It’s rich in texture with great vocal performances over solid instrumentation and clever arrangements and as usual showcases a variety of moods, from soulful-baby-making-jams to colorful-new-jazz to love-fueled-acoustic-guitar-strokery to rhythmic-sunshine-pop. So far, the songs’ themes tie together on this album unlike other albums. The contrast between light and dark is a constant study, as is love lost and found within.

Stay tuned to this website and blog for updates about album title, track listings, release date, etc.

With reckless abandon :)

  • Avatar of sylvialin
    sylvialin said ...

    I know it has been a long while since this was posted, but just wanna tell you that it’s one of my dreams to grow old with your music. :)

  • Avatar of sylvialin
    sylvialin said ...

    I know it has been a long while since this was post, but just wanna tell you that it’s one of my dreams to grow old with your music. :)

  • Avatar of UnAmour
    UnAmour said ...

    Can’t wait for this music to be shared around the world <3

  • Avatar of lyn
    lyn said ...

    Life is full of surprises and hope your new album will enlighten and inspire us all
    and a journey to keep in our thoughts as we listen to your music and work of art.
    Jason, hope to see you in person and to hear you sing infront of me. More power to
    your song and new album!


  • Avatar of lyn
    lyn said ...

    Jason, hope to see you in person and to embrace your meaningful music and your work of art. Your
    journey have enlightened many people and bring music to a new era. Will wait for your next new album
    and hope be superb as always.


  • Avatar of izabela
    izabela said ...

    Hey Jason! I’m pretty excited to see your new album, seriously!

    but now, i’m kinda sad with this “With reckless abandon.” what do you wanna mean? you’ll stop sing for a while? i know everybody needs some space and privacy, but i hope this is only a step that you’ll pass successfully!

    Love from Brazil ♥

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    We are excited knowing that your new album will offer an opportunity to grow and evolve with you. We will love it because you have earned unconditional love from “us” (your dedicated fans). Can’t wait for the journey!

  • Avatar of mstlove
    mstlove said ...

    I agree with Angelgirl.. in fact I’m her daughter!
    Jason, your music never ceases to amaze and inspire me. When people ask me what my favorite song is I can always answer them but the song is ever changing, I find new songs or you impress me with something else. You are amazing and I LOOOOVE your music <3

    Sincerly, your devoted fan <3

  • Avatar of Angelgirl
    Angelgirl said ...

    I wanted to leave my heartfelt thanks to you and let you know that not only have you made the world a more harmonious place with your divine voice and inspired talent, but you also helped to unite a family that may not always see eye to eye all the time. My daughters and I have experienced you in concert and it is an awesome thing to know that we will always share those memories and that you gave them to us! When we saw you in Ohio my daughter Megan said the experience was “like being in a giant room filled with 1500 of your best friends that you’ve just met!” and she was totally right! We look forward to more music and dancing in the future!

    Your three devoted Canadian fans – Holly, Megan and Kelsey St. Amour

  • Avatar of dyartesa
    dyartesa said ...

    Hello!!! here from Argentina!!! I try to see always the news of you and allways hope that you tell us that will be come to Argentina !!! I couldn´t see you last year… I hope you come here soon.
    I love your music… transporting me when I listening… I´m sorry if my english is confuse haha I don´t speak very well and also writing it…
    I wish for you the best and congrats for this page… is amazing… the amazing wave to know about you!!!!
    thanks for your music!!!
    Hugs and kisses argentinian!!! haha

  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of ace
    ace said ...

    you wrote “nothing inspires like a deadline.” you’ve used words to speak your truth; now it’s time to let them speak their own truth.

    be the audience.

    look. what do you see? dead + line

    listen. what do you hear?

    lack of life. energy depleted. unmoving. rigid. lifeless.


    antonymous to inspiration.


    deadlines are the antithesis of inspiration.

    an imposed deadline cuts off the energy flow; it settles for less than full fruition– it eats the fruit while it’s still green.

  • Avatar of ma.rosario
    ma.rosario said ...

    i really love your songs,, thank you visiting our country (Philippines) even though I did not able to joined, but i enjoyed watching your videos on you tube.. Wish you could go back here again, and by then I will make sure i will be present.. :) G0D Bless you and your crew always…:)

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Smiling soggy salutations.

  • Avatar of PJ
    PJ said ...

    Thank you for sharing this magical music with us!
    Sadly I´m a girl from AUSTRIA, so I just have to wait for you (and Toca), till you come to germany or maybe vienna.
    This may take a little while but I hope to see you someday in my life!
    Yours Julia :)

  • Avatar of freeman06
    freeman06 said ...

    Thank you for the music you shared to us in Manila, your song sings in our hearts, your music is a gift for all mankind- the language that touches my soul as a filipino. Thank You! More power to your music!

  • Avatar of dhey07
    dhey07 said ...

    The only artist I’ve watched is YOU! Thanks for dropping by in Manila, please do comeback soon. God is indeed Great for bringing you into this world. Thank you for your beautiful art, your music.!

  • Avatar of audreyibz
    audreyibz said ...

    Well, thank you for writting again. I started reading you in FF5000 and I traslated your post very slowly during years. YOur music and your words change my life and my way to see it. I’ve matured during this time, but I’m afraid that my English is not very good yet. I have to translate more posts.

    mil besos.

  • Avatar of rainybridge
    rainybridge said ...

    never thought jason would brag anything about his own music… not this time apparently. and that probably means the new album will be legendary!
    thank you jason. can’t wait to hear it and share the love =)

  • Avatar of ralphiles
    ralphiles said ...

    Hey Mr. A-Z! I’m really glad you performed in the Philippines cause I finally got a chance to watch the legendary Jason Mraz perform live. Although I didn’t get to meet you. :(
    I’m so excited to buy your upcoming album!
    See you next year! Hopefully :D

    - Ralph

  • Avatar of ashley
    ashley said ...

    Sounds more like heartfelt abandon to me…: )
    I am absolutely in love with this new layout. Holy cannolli. So beautiful. Each landscape really draws me in and makes me feel like it’s time for adventure.
    I’m psyched for the new album…I know I’m not supposed to watch videos of new songs on YouTube, but I couldn’t help myself. 93 Million Miles is really a gem! Well, I’m sure they all are. But you know that.
    Welcome back. It’s good to read your voice. It sure seems you’ve been missed. : )

    Oh, and it was great to read your list of driving music. I must admit I was surprised to hear of your reverb love, but it’s a nice surprise. I love me some Neil Young, after all.

  • if anyone is looking for an uplifting/autobiographical blog to check out, check out mine: (loveletterstohumanity.blogspot.com) thanks, id really appreciate it ..CHEERS!! :)

  • Avatar of Kareen
    Kareen said ...

    I had a great night jamming with you when you were in Manila! Hope to see you on 2012 and to see your documentary soon! Salamat Mr.A-Z!

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    So very glad to be reading your entries again. I know what it is to abandon one’s work… or to let it fly free. Very excited to hear your new album.

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    I was wondering when you’d write again. I have read you on Freshness Factor Five thousand for two years and now I hope you’ll continue here. Isn’t this love?
    Waiting for your new rocket to come (but why not in Italy??).
    Good Luck!


  • Avatar of mariaz
    mariaz said ...

    this is the greatest news ever!
    you just made my morning :) :):)
    can’t wait….
    <3 Jason
    P.s love the new design!

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Jason Mraz actually USED the >>>>>>>>>>> :) <<<<<<<<<<< emotie???

    Talk about reckless abandon! Just like your new CD, it's about time, Mr. Mraz! Feels good to :) , eh?

    (After seeing your latest bathtub instagram, all I could think of was you standing on the edge of that tub, wavin' your groove thang at all of lovely Taipei :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Thank you for All that you do. I am grateful for you.

    xo, Linda

  • Soulful-baby-making-jams to colorful-new-jazz to love-fueled-acoustic-guitar-strokery to rhythmic-sunshine-pop. I wanna hear it live!!!!!!!!

    Here some inspiration for your next tour: BUDAPEST, Hungary, Pls

  • You need to come to Argentina, Jason!

  • Avatar of Shawna
    Shawna said ...

    You may never know how deeply your music touches so many…You absorb the
    offerings of the universe and sing it all out in cosmic translation…Thank you..
    See you next time in Seattle…

  • Avatar of iamshiela
    iamshiela said ...

    October 30, 2011 was so wonderful…and you made our night memorable…me and my friends Lennie, Mark and Tim enjoyed the night…thank you very much….=)i love you and i love also mr.toca rivera..=)and when i hear your voice and your music it makes me relax…i hope you comeback soon…

  • Avatar of iamshiela
    iamshiela said ...

    October 30, 2011 was so wonderful…and you made our night memorable…me and my friends Lennie, Mark and Tim enjoyed the night…thank you very much…i hope you comeback soon…=)i love you and i love also mr.toca rivera..=)

  • Avatar of sandisgo
    sandisgo said ...

    can’t wait to see your performance in Bali

  • Avatar of galadriel
    galadriel said ...

    You are the mountain, you are the rock
    You are the cord and you’re the spark
    You are the eagle, you are the lark
    You are the world and you’re remarkable

    ah! still can’t get over from last sunday concert. You and Toca were awesome!Thank you for the inspiration you bring us. Your music speaks about love, peace, positivity, encouragement, dreams, faith. Thank you so much for the great music!

  • Avatar of aizamay
    aizamay said ...

    Seeing a foreign act live for the first time in my entire life was all worth it. It really had to be Jason Mraz. I don’t even know if I would have the appetite to watch another if it wouldn’t be him. Thank you for the intelligent music :)

  • Avatar of sbumania
    sbumania said ...

    Hi Jason

    If you do read this,please just know that , we too, in South Africa, do support and love your music. I certainly know that if you decide to visit(And I hope it’s not long before that happens but not before June next year tho.cos I’m still a student and I would certainly not afford the ticket prices before then)you’ll get more than your bargaining for.

    So Please Mr Jason “Lyrical Genius” Mraz do consider coming this side of the hemisphire.

  • Avatar of xtine.abela
    xtine.abela said ...

    My dear Jason,

    One day I will disappear completely. The letters would mean nothing. The world would get tired of me. I will get tired of myself. But I, I will never get tired of your music. For you there will be no endings. I will sing your songs over and over like a refrain. You are my imperative to dream, love and live. :D

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Avatar of matetvillamel
    matetvillamel said ...

    Jason,me and my family admire you so much .. you’re not just a singer but you are also an instrument to us to live a better life. ever since i heard your songs i played it over and over again. i love your song it really inspired me everyday and it helps me realize how precious is LIFE. Thank you so much Jason and i love you.

  • Avatar of saberkite
    saberkite said ...

    I have no doubt that your new album will contain as much love and positive vibes as the previous ones did. Looking forward to hearing your new songs. Curious though, will this have any songs that you did during Hanson’s Fools Banquet? Thank you for the awesome night here in Manila! We can’t wait to see you in 2012. I can only hope that you’ll explore Zambales with us and my friend will cook up a raw food feast for you. :D

  • jason, you are so full of love that your heart overflows; you are such a CLEAR channel for Love, its divine. Thank you for being you, by watching your life, reading your journals, and falling in love with your spirit..i found through loving you, all i wanted to do was love myself. jason, you are one of my greatest spiritual teachers, because you lead by example. hopefully, one day i will get to meet you and thank you in person, but until then, i will be waiting for a concert to come to michigan :) CHEERS to the evolution of love expressed in music. i love you, jason, and thank you. i am grateful.

  • Avatar of carlosrivera89

    Why not come to Honduras??? We have some great beaches here you can surf. I’d give it all to meet you and listen to you live. I truly love you man, seriously, I have a man crush on you. Thank you for making my days so much better with your music. It’s like unprescribed anxiety pills for my soul.

  • Avatar of natashacohen
    natashacohen said ...

    i would like to hold your hand as we are shifting through this twisted abandon.
    <3 be love

  • Avatar of iamchay
    iamchay said ...

    are two of the qe I also thought the same thing I live in Argentina and I want him back!!(somos dos las qe pensamos lo mismo yo tambien vivo en argentina y quiero qe vuelva!!!! )

  • Alex said ...

    I think the futur album is good … very good because you take your time do do it and you are right see you soon

  • Avatar of maria321
    maria321 said ...

    Hiii Jasoon im writing from Argentina and i love you music (L) i lovee you comeee tooo argentinaaaa

  • Avatar of morin
    morin said ...

    Hi Jason, I´m writing from Chile, i´m singer too, your music interprets exactly what my heart sings…thanks !!

  • Avatar of clairegp
    clairegp said ...

    you are such an inspiration! I started playing guitar because of you and from the first time i heard one of your songs i was hooked.

    You are truly an inspiring AND inspired artist. I wish i could meet you. Not because you are famous but because you are a truly beautiful person.

  • Avatar of danilunia
    danilunia said ...

    That’s the inspired ARTIST speaking today…There you go..:D :D :D

    Thank you for speaking with us about your about-to-come creature.

    (even if I think that you have got as many your-own creatures as songs you sing!)

    L.H.H.G. ‘LOVEFUL heart-brightening GIFT’…. until untitled, I’do love to call it this way.

    So that’s true: your songs are ready!


  • Avatar of Len
    Len said ...

    Epic concert! You are so loved by your Filipino fans. Thanks for inspiring all of us. See you next year!

  • Avatar of bashfulbash17
    bashfulbash17 said ...

    so lucky to be serenaded by mr.A-Z last Sunday night at the big dome.. you’re such an inspiration! love you dude!=D

  • Avatar of nad0s
    nad0s said ...

    I am very gutted that you’re not coming to Adelaide, South Australia this year! I’d totally go to Sydney to see you but it will be the busiest time of the year for me then :( Please come to Adelaide next year x
    P.s. You’re a truly inspirational genuine person Jason and I wish you all the best.

  • Avatar of itsanatalie
    itsanatalie said ...

    Could you please abandon all your songs, so I could discover them all? <3

  • Avatar of qwertiestarrk
    qwertiestarrk said ...

    thanks jason and toca! for the concert last sunday night at the BIG DOME, LOVE THE JESUS LOOK! YOU GUYS ROCK THE MANILA. “hoping” see you again IDOL MR.A-Z next year?! :D \m/

  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    ih oh oh oh- ih oh oh oh
    ih eh eh eh – iee he he
    owa owa owa
    owa hu hu hiiii
    owa hu hu hiiii

    pi ri ri ri ri
    pi ri ri ri ri

    lova lova lova
    lo lo lo lo
    lova lova loooooove YOU!

  • Avatar of rheaaalityBites

    You just don’t know how your songs inspire me & how I love to sing them, Mr. Az :)
    I really hope you could come back again in the Philippines, maybe by that time I’ll be older & that I can come & watch a concert of you!

  • Avatar of wershwie
    wershwie said ...

    You and Toca were definitely worth the 5-year wait! I’m so glad you came back, and I felt sooooo proud when I saw that the coliseum was filled up during the concert :) Glad that the love has definitely spread through the years, and that you continually have more to share. MrazManila will always be happy to see you again!

    - Leslie

  • Avatar of iChooseToBeHappy

    BE LOVE.
    I am that I am.

    Nice to see you’re writing again!

    -Jenny aka I choose to be happy

  • Avatar of badrieh
    badrieh said ...

    i keep listening to your music every morning, to wake up and let it make me smile all day. thank you so much for all that love you put into your songs.
    i hope you’ll come to germany again, so i can enjoy your voice live!

  • Avatar of Mirrorvisions88

    Thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for being you <3

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Well, that was supposed to spell LOVE but I guess this comment box doesn’t like extra spaces :(

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    I love my “mixed tapes” of all the new songs performed live (esp. the simple Jason & Toca versions). But I hungrily await this new soulful, new-jazz, love-fueled “baby” that needed time grow ripe (hot) before you could let it go.

    L O O V V E
    L O O V V EEE
    L O O V E

  • Avatar of amadellerose
    amadellerose said ...

    You are such an inspiration. I still have a hangover from last night’s concert. Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful show! You and Toca make the best sounding harmony. I am already excited to see you again next year! God bless and more power! LOVE and PEACE! :)

  • Avatar of sarah.grace
    sarah.grace said ...

    you can’t create and not allow your creation to live and fulfill its purpose

  • Avatar of elfmeister14
    elfmeister14 said ...

    Last night was a blast! Thank you for the music

  • Avatar of nina.abat
    nina.abat said ...

    Jason, thank you for being an inspiration. We, in Manila, can’t wait to see you, Toca and the rest of the team for next year’s tour. Salamat!

  • Avatar of nancyonthemtn
    nancyonthemtn said ...

    as I relax, not far from the top of this mountain, I am filled with gratitude for what is on the horizon… tunes to uplift and manifest love and hope for these special times… music will always be that universal language that brings us together…
    -with a song in my heart