These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

November 12, 2011

A short list (with links! – as well as the first to mention the new audio feature which will officially turn some of the blogs into podcasts! click on the ‘lil speaker icon at the lower right of select posts to listen.)

VitamineralGreen – Living on this immaculate green stuff daily, 4 years strong. If there’s one food product I believe in, a nutrient supply I can’t live without, It’s this.

E3 Live and Camu Camu. I swear in studio I was tripping half the time and if it wasn’t due to the long hours of intense creation in a controlled environment, it was likely due to the shots of E3 Live and the cap-fulls of Camu Camu. E3 Live is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae (AFA for short) that is an all-organic wild-harvested aqua-botanical considered by renowned health authorities to be nature’s most beneficial superfoodalgae. Say that 5 x’s fast.

Kittens. Kittens on YouTube. Birthday Cards with Kittens on them. It doesn’t matter. Kittens win me over every time. They always have. In Indonesia there are monkey forests that are all too adorable for our own good. Still, I dream of someday finding a Kitty Cat Forest. I even wrote a horrible song about it.

CafeGratitudeLA. While making the record this summer, every meal came from my favorite Café on the planet. (And I’ve been to A LOT of cafe’s mind you.) Sometimes I go in there just to get hugs.

Toca Rivera. What a goofball. This reunion tour we’re on has been trying, transformative, explorative, healing, and revealing. I’m not sure what lay in store for us as a duo in the coming years, so I am simply grateful to be revisiting the good old days again in these new now moments. Each day is a gift.

This new community-oriented web-site. Thanks to The Uprising and to Philly B. for the genius design.

Sleeping. Dreaming. Waking up at 3 am to discover you still have 5 more hours of dreams in store.

Riding my bike. I haven’t had a bicycle on this tour, so I’ve been riding a stationary bike a few times a week to train for my biggest ride coming up on November 29th. On that glorious day I’m riding my bike from my house to our last official tour stop at Spreckles Theatre, which is a little over 60 miles. That isn’t a huge distance, but doing something like that on a show-day should provide some wicked energy (or lack thereof.) I once ran a half-marathon before playing a concert. It was one of the best days yet. Second to the day I played 3 concerts and then made sweet love until dawn. That was the best 24 hours ever.

Digressing is also a favorite of mine.

As are songs made famous by Julie Andrews.

  • Avatar of Moniroca
    Moniroca said ...

    Valga’m Déu que ets macu! :*

  • Avatar of Madagascar
    Madagascar said ...

    These are a few of my favorite things.

    _Listening to the rain falling down
    _My iPod and my computer… without them I wouldn’t be able to listen to your song and read your life.
    _Go to bed. You don’t know me in real life, but in my dreams we’re so close. I’m just “sleeping to dream” about you. “And I’m so damn tired of having to live without you” ♥
    _Toca. Only God knows what I feel when I hear him singing

  • Avatar of Amy-Kate
    Amy-Kate said ...

    Your voice is the best Christmas present I could have wished for.
    Even while singing that dreadful song I’d follow you to the kitty-cat forest lol.
    So much love and gratitude for you and your voice it hurts… good hurt, the sweet kind.
    The one that makes hearts burst and lips smile. Thank you for YOU :)

  • Avatar of 4meclara
    4meclara said ...

    I’ve read this post twice and listened to it three times. And I guess I’m not the only one coming back to it, so you already know how loved you are.
    However, these are a few of my favorite songs :)

  • Avatar of mrazmerized
    mrazmerized said ...

    I am in love with the Kitty Cat Forest song. Thank you so much for being wonderful! Your music has gotten me through a lot of difficult times in my life :)

    Also, I love the new podcast feature! Thanks for taking the time out of your crazy busy schedule to remember us fans :)

  • Avatar of alex71864
    alex71864 said ...

    Jason in your travels, who is the most extraordinary person famous or non that has impacted you tremendously?

  • Avatar of reasontofreak
    reasontofreak said ...

    finally heard mr a-z live! been wanting to ever since me and my sister first heard him.. it was worth every single cent! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! and TOCA RIVERA LOOKED AT ME!!! i’m guessing cause we both were wearing awesome scarves round our necks!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! COME BACK TO AUCKLAND SOON!

  • Avatar of kiwiana
    kiwiana said ...

    Was fortunate enough to hear Jason at the Civic, Auckland, New Zealand on Tuesday night.
    It was non-stop 2 hours of musical bliss, casual humour & instrumental genius.
    The best concert I have been to and was spell bound from the first to the last note.
    Thank you Jason for visiting the South Pacific.

  • Avatar of FrolleinN
    FrolleinN said ...

    for those who don’t know simon’s cat yet check this out:

    i guess you all know 1 cat man do… ;-)

  • Avatar of holly
    holly said ...
  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of gratisteph
    gratisteph said ...

    You voice makes this 40239049230x better! :)

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Mieooow mieooow!..frrrr….frrr…

  • Avatar of Rebecca
    Rebecca said ...

    Really amazing!!! no matter what people may say you’re the coolest in my book!! keep doing your music cause many people needs the energy you’re emitting…

  • Avatar of hala.zabaneh1
    hala.zabaneh1 said ...

    Dude…Julie Andrews is my hero! here are some of MY favorite things!!

    I love Musical Theatre…and singing…the best meditation there is…Dancing comes next
    I love my Herbal Iron Supplement because it keeps me alive
    I live for movies and TV shows and Live Theatre….hoping one day my career will end up in one of them
    I love listening to awesome music such as yours and Julie Andrews…not simultaneously…’cause i think that would create an implosion in the time continuum of overwhelming awesomeness..I believe that as long as you’re in love with music…you will live a serene and happy life.
    I love Sushi…and Avocados…*drool*
    I love speaking to amazing people until the wee hours of the morning…those people have changed my life for the better! Hope i can find more of those peeps.
    Last but not least…Art..will always and forever be my favorite thing. :)

  • Avatar of handshoescloud

    wonderful feature :x

  • Avatar of Agata
    Agata said ...

    Hello Jason Mraz !! I love your music . Geek in the pink i have on the bell.but in my playlist are all your song. Please Come to Poland. If you do this i do everything to come in your concert. I play in the guitar and i love watching your occurrence in Korea. i do this everyday. Please read this and come to poland ;)

  • Avatar of danielle
    danielle said ...

    hahahahahha jason!!! hahahahah someone peeing infinetly LOLLL

    only thing is im DEATHLY afraid of cats. once i was chased by a kitten at the park. THE MOST TERRIFYING EVENT OF MY LIFE

    ps. even when you talk, its makes me weak. meaning when i hear you sing its like worldwar3 of butterflies in my tummy

  • Avatar of 100000629553430

    Your music is one of my favorite things. I am so disappointed that I will not be able to attend your performance in NY. My daughter is getting married 11/25. I keep telling her if I ‘m not at the wedding you know where to find me. JK ! I also tried to get tickets for the 23rd but it was impossible. Your music , journal,and advice has transformed my life. I go out into the world with one intention and one alone… to be Love. ( It used to be to try to be loved.) thank you for making this journal, I was missing it so much. Much love and gratitude PS love the Kitten forest song, I think my cats really appreciate it too!!!

  • Avatar of balitangk
    balitangk said ...

    awww.. i love this song by julie andrews from the sound of music too, nice list :D

  • making sweet love in any 24 hour period always tops my day as the best day ever!!

  • jsmfan said ...

    Haha! Yeah, definitely it was serendipity! :P

  • Avatar of rainybridge
    rainybridge said ...

    I wasn’t Jason to actually sing ‘the kitten song’ in the audio!

    What a serendipity!

    Thanks for the love. =D

  • Avatar of perroflauta
    perroflauta said ...

    Please keep endorsing products- for some reason… I trust you.

  • Avatar of xcourterrsx
    xcourterrsx said ...

    I could not stop laughing during the Kitty Cat Forest song. That was perfect.

  • Avatar of reva.sasistiya

    Sweet, Jason. I also love kitten, and your song about a Kitty Cat forest is not horrible, I believe so. I will definitely come to CafeGratitute when I visit LA, and maybe, nah..I Wish that you could give me dozen hugs there xoxoxo

  • Avatar of begs0com
    begs0com said ...

    Mraz, you’ll smoke through that bike ride. Stationaries are cool, but you’ll have the sceneries outdoors pulling you to the finish. I gotta agree with you on the M’ing sweet L till dawn. You can never go wrong there…especially if you have all the ingredients to make fresh waffles in the morning. And, Julie Andrews has a voice that can melt my dreams away into a bowl of whipped cream. Actually, that would be perfect on my waffles too. Everything is connected. Good luck on the tour amigo!

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Re: Riding bike to concert, see below:

    From FFFT Wednesday, October 17, 2007
    Lock Your Bike Before You Rock the Mic

    See if you can spot the missing items in this photograph!
    {photo of Jason holding bike}
    If you guessed my head, score 10 points.
    If you guessed logical traffic flow, score 20.
    If you chose clouds, score 30 and add a bonus 10 for being in tune with nature.
    If you guessed rear tire and comfortable seat, please return them.

  • Avatar of dantaliaferro
    dantaliaferro said ...

    I love being clean and sober, I love to Celebrate Recovery, and love listening to Jason Mraz music it’s what helps keep me clean everyday….. Thank You Jesus and Jason, love you both Ⓑ♡

  • Avatar of Serena
    Serena said ...

    I tried E3 Live Brain On and got completely freaked out. Evidently my brain wasn’t ready for that kind of stimulation. So, for anyone who had seizures, I would recommend going slow with that type of supplement.

    I, too, love:
    waking up and knowing that I still have hours to dream,
    riding my bike,
    listening to the new audio posts (but isn’t that really time consuming for you, J?),
    Dogs! Yeah, kittens are cute, too.
    hugs and smiles across the miles (and in person),
    rambling on and on and on . . .

  • Avatar of shewhodaydreams


  • Avatar of chadbishop
    chadbishop said ...

    For some reason, after listening to this audio link, I have to pee…

  • Avatar of carlosrivera89

    Jason. I listen to him practically every day. His music is my friend, lover, anxiety pill, happiness, sadness, strength, and many more.

  • Avatar of Shawna
    Shawna said ...

    I agree, never have I met a kitty I did not enjoy. My little Luna is full of love and naughty wonder. I think I may know the lyrics and intonations of every Julie Andrews song recorded as well. Musical theater is magical especially when performed by children. During my 7 day blindness this year (after retinal detachment of my good eye), I won tickets to the production of Mary Poppins at the Paramount…Incredible, (not Julie course) but an amazing show full of wonderfully presented musical favorites.

    I love this forum to receive & send messages and thanks to you & yours for creating a space for the true hearts.

  • Avatar of Nige
    Nige said ...

    Love this format and being able to listen. We are all coming as a family from Melbourne to Sat night at the Sydney Opera House and we have front row seats! Fortunate enough to meet you at the Prince Bandroom St Kilda in 2008 and you also signed my copy of a Thousand Things in the Car Park behind The Palais Theatre St Kilda Melbourne on your last Australian Tour. We had to feed the book under the wire fence so you could sign it. Thankyou! See you in Sydney!!

  • Avatar of baupi
    baupi said ...

    Hey, There IS a town full of kittens in Taiwan. Called Houtong in Yilan!!! You shouldn’t and wouldn’t miss this place.

    A little report from CNN:

    P.S. Can u sing “Prettiest Friend” on this blog/podcast cause it’s hard to hear from LIVE :D

  • Avatar of danilunia
    danilunia said ...

    ..oh wow…

    Reaction: do u wanna know the truth…?

    I first read your written blog as always, and I smiled and laughed.. and mentally commented alone and then asked myself if any of your fave stuffs might match mine or not.. I think these are all controlled good-feeling normal reactions.

    But when I then listened to your voice-version post coming from so far (BALI) and sounding so so so near as if you were here in the room, well I must sincerely confess that I got deeply moved, really.

    Thus, after reading my post, conclusions are the following:

    1-voice post idea is definitely amazing…!

    2-Digressing is definitely on my favourite list too.. Lol!!:D


  • Avatar of MarLuna
    MarLuna said ...

    E3Live hmm gonna try it been living on Elixir of the Lake klamath Blue green algae, can’t function without it. I thought I was dog person till, a feral kitty found me in a profound way. I’m so smitten with kitten I look forward to waking and ending my day with her, she’s exactly what I envisioned in a kitty EXACTLY- infinite love and gratitude universe.

    Since it’s a community, I’ll share my favorite things (to take from Julie’s cue):

    Sunset and kittens and moss on the rocks, ships and trees and moonlight talks,
    spending some time with interesting thoughts
    receiving messages I never thought I got or forgot.
    And all I can say is that all of my favorite things are all naturally made

  • Avatar of beLLaLuna
    beLLaLuna said ...

    When you came back here in Manila please do sing the Kitty Cat Forest… hahaha Love. PEACE!

  • Avatar of vbvicky09
    vbvicky09 said ...

    I love being in love. I like kittens too, but I could not find the link in your list!! I like you and your beautiful s♥ngs

  • Avatar of Flylikebirds
    Flylikebirds said ...

    Sharing is caring, so thank u :)
    I often wonder how with all ur inner change over the last few years , how much u have u have actually left behind.
    I adore u dearly and hope you don’t totally forget that akwardly honest and cheeky boy that is within :)
    See u boys in Syd!

  • Avatar of newdayvow
    newdayvow said ...

    jason, kittens, sleeping, dreaming, love <3

  • Avatar of valu
    valu said ...

    CAFE GRATITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! The best place in the world!
    No thats not true the be love farm is even more beautiful. so 2nd best place in the world!!!!! <3

  • jsmfan said ...

    Thanks 4 sharing your thoughts, your voice & your world with us J! Love the Kitty Song! :)
    U Rock Man, and so ur music does!

    My hugs from Argentina! (L)

  • Avatar of farrah1205
    farrah1205 said ...

    Horrible and entertaining song there is..

  • Avatar of ChildofEarth
    ChildofEarth said ...

    I love the new audio feature! What a great idea. Thanks for this Jason!

  • Avatar of Adella
    Adella said ...

    yay! it works now! super feature! :)

  • Avatar of 506869370
    506869370 said ...

    There’s a cat island in Japan! It survived the tsunami. It’s officially called Tashiro Island, and it’s covered in kitties! Google it.

  • Avatar of Adella
    Adella said ...

    The audio button doesn’t work for me no matter how desperately I hit it :( (

  • Avatar of annasophia
    annasophia said ...

    You and your music are a few of my favorite things. :)

  • Avatar of junior.passos
    junior.passos said ...


  • Avatar of AndreaBrasil
    AndreaBrasil said ...

    Interesting post, guy! In Joy

  • Avatar of beth.hauptle
    beth.hauptle said ...

    Speaking of favorite things, there are 43 kids here in Alexandria, Virginia who just opened Sound of Music last night! Their favorite thing would be hearing a big congrats from Jason Mraz!

    It’s the Mount Vernon Community Children’s Theatre…been leading kids in plays for 32 years!!/MVCCT

    Thanks! Love your music!

  • i sooooo love this new audio feature!!!! getting to hear jason’s voice that much more… gah… just fills me heart and day with sooo much joy :) thank you Jason Mraz <3

  • Avatar of itsanatalie
    itsanatalie said ...

    i love it!!!!!!!!! maybe a little too much, but I LOVE IT!!

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    Love the audio feature! Looking forward to hearing lots of goofy songs like the kitty song! Dang it, tho, I thought you were going to sing “These are a few of my favorite things” at the end! ;)

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    I always suspected you had a thing for Julie Andrews! Enjoy your bike ride, wish I could go along as I love that sport too. Thanks for being wonderully clever and making me laugh!

  • Avatar of raechal11
    raechal11 said ...

    I will totally ride bikes with you to the show, I’ll meet you at Tamarack beach!! I’ll bring my cat dobby too:)

  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    click on the ‘lil speaker icon at the lower right ,….he sings the song.

  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    Thank you for singing the kitty song!

  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    wohoooo,…it’s great to hear your voice. and good for me to practise my english.please, go on for more audio features.

  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    wow,….it’s great to hear your voice. i practise my english. please, go on with the audio feature!

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    oops “stream of consciousness” not “train” right? mixing up expressions is another habit of mine.

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    I love following your train of consciousness – digressing is one of my favorite things (next to sleeping -I am a mother of 3)! Kitty cats – well – not so much (no offense) As I type that I realize that I always tell my oldest son that when you say “no offense” it is offensive. Probably just better to keep quiet but I’m just streaming back at this post. Best regards from the Costello’s – See you in 13 days – do you think my son Ian can bring his guitar into Carnegie? Just kidding. He thinks that you might autograph it. Try telling a 9 year old that even though he thinks he is a friend of yours, that you are not (exactly) close friends. He is a BIG dreamer and he works very hard at everything he does. He told his teacher that next summer you might come play in our backyard (you will receive an invite) and we’ll invite all our neighbors because that is the kind of guy you are. And, he is hoping to sing The World As I See it with you at Carnegie. Dreaming…digressing…now time to get back to reality here. Saturday mornings are heaven!

  • Avatar of B3lovee
    B3lovee said ...

    Oh my god, I could listen to that podcast 10 times over. So grateful for the revival of the blog and the even more amazing things that you added to it. And that Kitten Forest song was the shit. Keep doing what your doing man, it’s working.

    Much love

  • Avatar of stutph
    stutph said ...

    haha, one word for that: awesome.

  • Avatar of jonny
    jonny said ...

    I wanna here that kitty song! =D hugs to you :)

  • Avatar of pips6
    pips6 said ...

    well, the song about the kitty cat forest could be worse.. it’s not that bad.

    I love cats as well, but there’s something about dogs that I adore! You know what I love too? You and Mr.Toca togheter, you’re great without him, but with him you’re perfect.

  • Avatar of PJ
    PJ said ...

    yep, it´s all about kittens, isn´t it? ;)

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Thanks for all your favorite things list. I love the Cafe Gratitude & kittens as well. Thanks for ALL that you do.
    Love & Peace to you.


  • Avatar of saberkite
    saberkite said ...

    There’s something relaxing about kittens. My friends are big cat fans and when they share pictures, videos and stories of their kittens (who are now grown up cats) it makes my day. Cat heaven? Try Japan. They have a couple of cat cafes, not to mention an island where cats roam free. Your song reminds me of the Ladybug song on Sesame Street. :)

    Digressing is also something I’m very wont to do. Much love to you & Toca! :)

  • Avatar of FrolleinN
    FrolleinN said ...

    thank you!! i’ll keep these in mind :-) especially the gratitude cafe – i want hugs too!
    enjoy all those favorits of yours, i wish they will always give you strength and right amound of “digress”!

    with love and hugs