random road

October 27, 2011

Driving home at night on empty streets, ominous fog holds the tune in my headphones in a much tighter but gentler grip than my helmet does. Some nights I listen to Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, Muse, Switchfoot, My Morning Jacket, Black Keys or Crazy Horse. Anything that has intense guitar and drum presence, is gritty, and is also steeped in reverb. On less foggy occasions I like to get shamanic with Nakai Carlos or Lorain Fox and I might pretend I’m a low flying bird, carving out lanes of low lying sky in and/or under Hollywoodland.

I’m also a junkie for classical adagios, 70′s synth-organ rock by Mark Moulin, choral music and yogic-mantra-tantric-chanting. However I perceive my emotions to be pairing with the weather, I make my musical selection. I am by far no musical egotist. My selections are limited. Pandora is my Dj and even that is the trial version with commercial interruptions.

Almost any genre goes well with autumnal midnight racing. At this hour the less-than-crowded streets are mine and mine alone. I am the developer of the game. I am the designer of the dream. I am enveloped wholly in awe, racing home to my wife, Amazement. We snuggle so closely the two of us have become one. You know when you accidentally grab two spoons from the drawer because they’re pressed together so tight and neat? That’s us.

It’s a 20 minute commute from the studio space back to my room downtown. I take Rossmore through Hancock Park, privileged to putt my way through such an affluent area and for those few pot-hole-less blocks I belong there. And it’s the same when I’m cruising Koreatown. At every red light, I’m already home. That’s the beauty of being married to Amazement. You go everywhere together. We ride with our bewildered smiles behind the tinted shield of our space helmet. You get odd looks on a scooter. Motorcycles think you’re cute and post pub crawl drunkards like to prove they’re idiots at the core by blaring scooter hate from cracked back seat windows. I pay them little mind. I carry a secret that my life is great and no matter what judgment is cast upon me, it doesn’t divorce me from Amazement. Plus, with no gears to jostle thru, I know I’ll be the first one off the line and long gone before they can unlock the door to fall out and puke.

I love the commute as much as I love making the record, which is what the gurus, ministers and luminaries will remind you. The journey is about the journey. There will always be the road. Even the morning drive in dense traffic retains it’s privacy, speed, and total immersion in the elements. Wind, Air, Water, and a Fire inside propel us all forward making for an expanded experience of the path. I like that you can’t check your emails in this lane and there’s no GPS on board to tell you where to go. You can make all the illegal u-turns you want. You can also stop and start faster than anyone else on the road and the short-cuts are up to you. Of course, there are no seat belts and if you’re ever sideswiped, you better be wearing a jacket, not to mention be loose and limber. Road hurts. Period. Like Buddha said, There will always be suffering. I’ve only wrecked once after jamming on the brakes to see if I could make the bike skid. Needless to say it did what I wanted it to. It just wasn’t very graceful. But in that not-very comes the clarity of all that is.

Enjoy your journey. Enjoy your commute. It’s your movie even between takes. Acknowledge how incredible you are as walk to and from the set. Listen to music as much as you can. Especially while driving. Don’t text behind the wheel. But if and when you run a red light, you’ll not only want to be paying attention, you best wave to the camera. Because if you get your picture taken in that moment, or worse, sideswiped, I want everyone to see how much fun and humility one can possible have because you simple chose to do so.

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    Mcdleo1992 said ...

    I hope to be able to see life this way on my own one day. It’s easier said than done but I know I will get there. You are such an inspiration.

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    kcn said ...

    I had a ninety minute commute, one way, during my last assignment. The radio was most always tuned in to The Coffee House and that is where I discovered Jason!

    Mraz, Muse, Coldplay, Sinatra, Iron & Wine and Sleeping at Last.

    Lovin’ the site!


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    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

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    yami92 said ...

    Wow, you really are an inspiration! It’s amaizing how, with a few lines (lyrics or this entries), you can make people stop, even just for a few minutes, and contemplate life and think about what they’re doing, feeling, etc., make people take notice of some little things from everyday life that most of the time we actually don’t pay attention to or take for granted. You’re an incredible human being! And musician/singer, of course!
    (by the way, 1) just a thought: let the sunlight in, let the music play, let the melody unveils what you can’t explain =) 2) love muse haha)

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    didikini said ...

    Welcome back, my Little Prince! :) ))
    You have to write, cause it’s who you are and we do enjoy you so amazingly that it’s just worthy!
    Please, stay well and tuned.
    Love from every side, in every glimpse of a moment!

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    564629811 said ...

    Hi Jason :) )) Warmest greetings to you from the Philippines!!! i just got back home after watching your awesome concert, up front just five rows away, at the Araneta Coliseum with my husband Norman and my two daughters Joey (Althea J,) and Mikey (Bella Mikaela).

    It was Joey, who was drawn to your music when she was eight. As a result of always listening to your songs, she got so inspired that she first started writing poetry and then got the idea that she could also be writing her own songs. She is now seventeen, and is a singer and songwriter just like you. She has her own band (Lalangin on Facebook) playing original music, and is currently working on new songs for their upcoming album :) ))

    Her sister Mikey, eight, another big fan of yours, made you a bond-paper-sized art work last night that said: ‘I Love you Jason Mraz’ and had a sticker of a big butterfly at its lower right-hand corner. I gave it to this guy on stage who was keeping Toca’s djembe in box. I am hoping he gave it to you :) ))

    I was asking May (de Castro), one of those people from Dayly, if we could meet you, and it was so sad when she said it wasn’t possible :( (((

    Maybe next time, when you come back to the Philippines in 2012, you could meet up with us your fans! Then maybe we could all meditate together. We could have wonderful vegan and raw food, share stories, and we could tour you around our mountains and beaches! Most of all, we could start something fun and meaningful together to help the children, animals and the environment :) ))

    We’re hoping we can meet you soon Jason! Thank you for singing ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My World’. We had so much fun singing and screaming and swaying and dancing!!! You and Toca were so amazing!!! :) ))

    We love you!!! Have amazing days ahead! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! Light and Love :) ))

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    If paradise were a website…

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    “You know when you accidentally grab two spoons from the drawer because they’re pressed together so tight and neat? That’s us.”

    :) Wow.
    I’m gonna steal that from you and use it with a girl that deserves it someday…

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    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Welcome back! Love the new look.

    love to you.

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    *whew* I finally got in! (Jeez, it was easier to hack into the CIA/FBI database than this comment section! :)

    *bats eyelashes* Have you missed us, Mr. Mraz? We missed YOU :)

    ~Ally Old Soul

    waves to Rose, Danielle & Dawn :)

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    danise said ...

    Amazed! He writes

  • Wow…… THIS is all soooo beautiful. I have to say that I was getting a little lost in the scenery as I was reading…

    GPS… *sigh*… I have it but don’t really know how to use it. No worries, the ride is better without “something” telling me the path I should take ;) (even if I get lost without it)

    …still losing focus as my eyes catch sight of the landscapes… good thing I’m not driving :) I may sit here for a bit… listening to music and taking it all in. Hmmm… what to listen to??

    Happy to have you back…

    AND…. hey friends, I missed you! :)

    ~ D

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    bernadette16 said ...

    This is what i loved & missed the most. Your my mentor in sharing. Thank you for coming back.

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    Rose said ...

    Life is better without the GPS…you actually get to see where you are going! Welcome back, we have missed you! The Website is a sight. Great work to you and RKOP…what a team!


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    4Dawn365 said ...

    Love the new look.. Beautiful job :D
    Thanks for starting up the comments again … Yay ! I was missing everybody <3
    Cant wait for Nov show in San Diego ! #sooooexcited

  • two-way communication … group-way … anyway. Nice shiny new website!

  • yogagrrl said ...

    Love the new look on your website, but do miss your sweet face! Are these pictures you’ve taken along your journey?
    Your journal always gives me insight into myself…and you. What a lovely spirit you are. You beckon me to reflect on my life and what it all means. And you tell us, “Enjoy the moment, be present and grateful–always. Sing loud and be proud.” Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us.

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    danilunia said ...

    I’ve driven just thruugh those roads 3 years ago.. well I would have loved to turn my Toyota corolla hired in the airport into a two seats decapotable.. :)

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    Cool beans! I’m married to Astonishment. Maybe we should go on a double date sometime. ;-p

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    emorgensen said ...

    Loving the new website and the new journal entries. We will be down to SD next month to see you and Toca. Hope the rest of the tour is fabulous! Eric & Tristalene Morgensen!