Pull Up Your Genes I Can See You’re Crack

December 15, 2011

I’ve been thinking. It appears we humans might be a bacteria on the surface of the planet growing exponentially. We, a few billion fleshy bugs establishing and erecting crusty cities of concrete and mortar, causing almost irreversible transformation to the environmental landscape. “Almost irreversible” implying most of what we’re up to can’t/won’t be reversed within our lifetime but will certainly be taken care of in some way within the next billion years. But I’m not thinking about the planet. It’s much older than us and because it has already, it will no doubt live far beyond our years. I’m wondering what also we might be up to as humans. What’s the deal with our genes; those that got passed down to us and those we will pass down to our children? Are we not mere vehicles for our genes to ride around in while they evolve through lifetimes, ultimately riding off into eternity towards a sun that never sets?


It is worth wondering why and how our genes get to live on through eternity while we do not. Or do we? Our features and characteristics were passed down to us through eons of evolution. Our genotype is the instructions for who/what we’re born as, and we can’t help that other than to live the best life we can with whatever tools and gifts we’ve been given. From the start our genes grant us access to certain parties in life, or they introduce us to great challenges.


Though through our brave and adventurous lives, we do evolve. We overcome and transform ideas to better ourselves and/or the population. Some generations seem to take steps backwards. Others like it just as it is and don’t want to change anything. Ultimately by the time we pass on our genes to our kids, we will have affected our genotype and written a new set of instructions on our genes. Those that fought for freedom in the previous generations gave that freedom to us. They literally passed it onto us in our genetic make-up. Those who fought for women’s rights and those who once declared independence passed along those gifts of strong will and determination. Through this kind of science we can see that our actions DO make a difference. Our ancestors who discovered fire, basic tools, language, hunting, all the necessary to-do’s for survival through the ages, etc – gave US this opportunity to sit on our asses and read the internet.


And.. Also, if such awful ideas like slavery have been around since the beginning of civilization, isn’t it possible we could overcome and eradicate them too? I know our current generation is up to big things. Random acts of kindness, the starting of non-profits, and general support of charities is IN. Materialism is Out. This strangely aligns with what the Mayans predicted 2012 would be about. The world won’t end. But the world as we know it will. So, a new world is being re-invented everyday and it is through our consciousness and our conscious and careful actions that we are reshaping our reality.


Even if we’re not having children, we can affect future generations by making the environment one that encourages and inspires, thus affecting a person’s phenotype, that which is the accumulated characteristics of a person based on what they absorb through their life experiences. This is the basics of the science of natural selection. It is why we live much longer today. We now know how to avoid disease. We recently welcomed our 7 billionth family member. We are civilized beings with running water, electricity, digital music and stored food. This did not happen overnight. It appears to be the calculated accident of our genes telling our bodies what to do, how to live, how to thrive.


Though you’d think after the 1990’s we would’ve outgrown pants hanging down below our ass. Those “genes” are still worn by today’s young pop stars it seems. And if we keep this up, and those dudes continue to pro-create as they do, humans will be walking funny for the next 1000 years.


So what’s my point? I don’t know. I was just thinking out loud. Perhaps my point is to make a new years resolution to believe strongly in what you love and go for it. Even if all you do is sit and meditate on it, I believe it will affect your genes and make a difference. Future generations are already thanking your decomposing body for it.

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    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

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    holly said ...

    if you liked this blog you will like this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl0lgc90DPA&feature=share will you like the mullet too ? i found it glorious.

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    Nikkiw83 said ...

    Love this deep thinking. I agree with you…..

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    favioladlp said ...

    Your posts always give me goosebumps. I feel like we have so many similarites and the more I get to “know” you the more these similarites appear. Not only that but I am starting to meet so many people that “get it”, we are not alone :) Thank you for being so inspirational..and you.

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    itsanatalie said ...

    You don’t blog as much as you used to, but I’m totally content with reading these over and over again because they’re all so amazingly true. (:

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    Abramovr said ...

    Beautiful thoughts. We leave our imprints on this world. The world has no destiny. With every step we take, we kill a germ, a bacteria, that another starving bateria might have fed on. Like the ripple effect, it goes on forever, altering the fate of the universe. It’s all dust in the wind.

    But will the world not end? What, with all our deterioration? With our on-going “progress”, do we not rid this world of its natural resources, and purity?
    How long can it sustain and adapt for?

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    MarLuna said ...

    “From the start our genes grant us access to certain parties in life, or they introduce us to great challenges.” -I love that line!

    Your entire thoughts bring me to lyrics I’ve recently uncovered, as I’m finally mature enough to listen rather than follow the beats; by Van Morrison:

    There’s a voice cryin’ out in the wilderness
    All your trails have not been in vain
    And you’re doin’ the best you know how to do
    Gaining strength in the things that remain

    You’re part of the plan
    For a new kind of man to come through

    There’s an angel that’s watching right over you
    All your trials have not been in vain
    Won’t you lift your head up to the starry night
    Finding strength in the things that remain

    You’re part of the plan
    For a new kind of man to come through

    When a man comes through
    He must do what he’s supposed to do
    When a man comes through
    He can’t do what everyone expects him

    Won’t you lift your head up to the mountain top
    All your trials have not been in vain
    There’s a light that keeps shining up ahead of you
    Every step of the way that you take

    It’s part of the plan
    For a new kind of man to come through

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    freedmysoul said ...

    It does seem to be all about the genes. It also seems that those who should be pro-creating, aren’t. If all the brilliant, compassionate, peace-loving, earth-loving, honest, loyal, creative, inspiring, love-loving human beings on earth would have a gigantic pro-creation orgy summit, the earth would be an amazingly beautiful place in a few hundred years. Just thinking out loud.

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    iamchay said ...

    are able to cover as many thematic together everything you say, write or sing, is open to interpretation that’s great!

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    iamchay said ...

    have many reasons and it would be hypocritical to say that we are not consumed (all are commenting from a computer, cell phone etc) haha ​​but I understand what you mean. in this world we are all for a certain time who gives us the right to destroy, I think the natural disasters in recent times is a sign, I do not think he reached the end of the world … (not yet) but it is inevitable major changes will occur … for better or for worse … it all depends on these “evolved monkeys “who have caused such havoc
    the future is in our hands? seems that this is

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    tmlaure said ...

    Human being can be the worst and the best… Not sure in which side we are today?! Not sure the insignificant, the not talented, the anonymous and the survival bacteria what I am can change a lot !!! But this way of thinking might be the worst one… I’ll meditate about bout it, and I’ll kiss my kids, thankful they are here!
    Thanks Jason for making people think and dream.

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    holly said ...

    2012. dna. evolution. possibility. kindness. time. galaxies. knowledge. vibration. these are all things that have been on my mind since i read “the mystery of the crystal skulls” last week. i read this entry and smiled, happy to see a comrade in questioning. s’wonderful, s’marvelous how that dear friend synchronicity never ceases to astound me. as for the mystery of the sagging pants? this is a puzzle that shall never be solved. however it does make it easy to tell ‘dateable’ from ‘debatable’ from a relatively safe distance.

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    mrazwordplay said ...

    Now I feel bad for sitting on my ass and reading the internet (even though just about the only thing I read on the internet is on this site!).

    Our actions DO make a difference, that’s why we have to act with kindness, and be the loving beings we CAN be, every day.

    Materialism is out for me. Yet, still so ‘in’ with youth. I guess you have to go through the ‘I deserve the good life’ before you realize that all you need to have a good life is good friends. Luckily, more and more youth are being engaged in social responsibility…even if you don’t have kids of your own, you can influence those that your music touches.

    All I want for Christmas is kindness :)


    PS I note it says “…you’re crack” and not “…your crack” I wonder what you really meant by that…. hmmmm :)

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    J, I love to come out here to read your “journal” and I notice
    the rotating pictures in the background make me a little queasy : (
    I’ve never been sea sick a day in my life and I grew up on the water…
    but I may need a patch if I want to come back.

    On another note the book “The Biology Of Belief” by Bruce Lipton has some interesting things
    to say about our DNA and how it’s changed by our environment. An awesome read … especially for those thinking about having children.

    I’ve re-purposed the guys whose pants hang off their ass = Underwear models!

  • Avatar of dbreen22
    dbreen22 said ...

    reading your blog makes me want to be a better member of the community we call earth : ) love being reminded that there is always a cause to fight for, and change won’t happen through the actions of others, but rather yourself!

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    EvaHassine said ...

    The other day I watched a movie from the Middle Ages, they were crucifying each other and being very beasts. point, we are still behaving like this. Slavery is one horrible part, meat industry, polution or gay discrimination others. I guess the clue is to first meditate and change my frozen point of view of my
    “enemy” like “this horror will never end” to a ” YES, I give space for a miracle in my mind so this horror is over, now!” . And this I keep on focusing how long it ever will take.
    Second I get in action : no slavery, not even with myself.. and when you start thinking for a moment you notice that slavery starts seeing yourself in a body, in your job, in your society. So free yourself and with you all slaves. Put love in this bad dream.
    My japanese teacher says ” if you are happy, the whole universe is happy.” that doesn’t mean to not move. Not at all, fact is I am not happy if my brother suffers. It meant more ” move, change, do something and be happy while doing it” , smile anyways and give love to those who need to crucify, they need it most. They need pouring rain of love. And everybody can give this. So here i am focusing on love , giving love to who ever asks for it. And so beautiful… I free myself while doing it.

    Thank you for your Foundation, Jason! Smiling faces are everything

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    4meclara said ...

    I really enjoy how you manage to challenge your reader to go just a little deeper beneath the surface and then you add something so funny that your post becomes impossible to forget. The part with the humans who will be walking funny for the next 1000 years is a real treat in this sense. Thank you.

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    Thanks for sharing :) I’m not sure about how to solve the crack problem – I think if people had evolved to a point where their heads could spin all the way around that this unattractive low hanging pant thing might slowly disappear. Maybe people need personal rear-view mirrors? :)

    Generally speaking, I think people want to do the right thing for the human race but we aren’t very good at change or being uncomfortable – we gravitate towards eliminating short-term pain (and neglect long term visions). It is hard to get off a fast moving train. People learn from the examples they see (parents, teachers, etc.) and from experiences (good and bad). People risk change when given knowledge, new examples to follow and unconditional love. I teach parenting classes so I know enough to be dangerous about learning theory and the characteristics of human nature.

    So thank you for sharing your experiences and being an example. My son, Ian, and I will meet you Jason next Monday in Richmond and it will be an honor to have a moment with you (we are coming with our new friend Patrick and his father.) Your music, your vision and the way you live your life and use your talents is making a difference. We are listening. Keep it up! Jane

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    GloriousMe said ...

    The evolution of humankind is a fascinating thing. Some years ago, I spent four years and forty thousand dollars thinking about it. I consider evolution of the body a mixed bag. Sure we humans developed opposable thumbs, but I wonder when I take my kids swimming why some dude’s backs are still as hair as our cousin’s the chimpanzees.

    Evolution of culture is something different, and I see it ramping up in velocity. Perhaps because of social media, we are all becoming more aware of what’s out there. Consequently, it’s becoming harder for cultures and countries to hide their sins. So I think you’re right. It does matter what we do, not just in procreation but in “creation” as well. What we create will have a ripple effect because people are more aware of each other these days.

    FYI “So Random” on the Disney channel (I’m sure you’re a frequent viewer) did an awesome bit on the sagging pants thing. Laughed my arse off.

  • … perfect.

    As I’ve hesitated to join this new arena and contribute as I did in FF5000… being consistently asked “what’s next??”… I find that I’ve come here at the right time. A reminder to me if you will.

    Our current generation is up to amazing things that are inspiring, motivating… and together we creating change…. shaping our reality.

    I am one. I am the difference. (my genes are up to a lot of good)

    Now to pull up my jeans and meditate on what to do next.

  • Avatar of didikini
    didikini said ...

    To me it sounds more like the egg and the hen the topic about the genes… Do we create them, so they will shape us later again? For sure we do set the standards for our own future.

    I’ve been thinking about your Foundation and does it really make an impact when somebody stands for something, because that doesn’t at all mean that this stops the cruelty of it all… like selling women or children, etc. And so thinking, i believe it does! And that’s great you created it. Good luck with standing out and all the best in making a difference in order to set the balance again.
    Yes, standing behind Freedom counts – because freedom requires responsibility for our own life and this is one thing that is truly worth learning.

    Good luck, Dear! And Happy holidays :)

  • yogagrrl said ...

    Interesting concept, we are like bacteria creating crusty patches on the Earth. I think you got something there. Jason, besides shining your light, you always provide us with ‘food for thought’.
    And, yeah, I keep waiting for the baggy pant thing to be over too. Thanks for stating the case so eloquently.

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    rmcarver26 said ...

    Okay, where’s the edit button? I’m still half asleep. I meant I can’t stand it when guys *wear* their pants below their ass!!!!

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    rmcarver26 said ...

    I can’t stand it when guys where there pants below their ass. If you have a nice ass, show it off! When they do that it looks like their ass is just really long! Oh, and can you please hurry and do a show in Atlanta? I don’t know how much longer I can wait!! :-)

  • Avatar of rainybridge
    rainybridge said ...

    Can’t say I agree with each bit of it, but it is indeed profound and inspiring, for lack of better words.
    Thanks Jason.