Opera House

November 20, 2011

There was a moment about 3 quarters of the way thru last night’s performance at the Sydney Opera House where I knew the show was going great and that it would be great all the way to the end. I liken it to the final mile of a marathon. I’d already covered most of the ground and still had lots of energy in my reserves. I knew I wouldn’t be struggling with high notes or transitions, nor would my mind be busy recalling lyrics of songs that hadn’t been performed in a while. The back half of the set was my baby. All I had to do was hold it. Having made a few mistakes, on piano especially, I quickly learned what it felt like to play wrong notes on the infamous Opera House stage. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. In fact, playing thru the mistakes made it more comfortable. I felt superb. I’d made all the mistakes I could possibly make and still I was accepted by the sold out audience seated 360, on all sides. Better yet, I was still accepted by me. My preparedness had paid off. It was the second of two shows; the last of 4 sets. A career high well done. Every bit of chi I’d been saving up was overflowing from Hermes cup. I needn’t over-think, question, wonder or worry anymore. 10,000 hours had brought me to this place. More than a decade of hustle. And when I scanned my electronic security badge to exit the stage door, I felt as though I’d walked thru a symbolic portal into the next chapter of my life. A ribbon had fallen. A race was over. The Opera House, and every hall from here on out, would now be my Home.

This entry, written over brekkie, in my boardies, wearing my sunnies, is written in gratitude to the Aussies. Thank you for the invite. Thank you for the songs. Thank you for the listen. And thanks for singing along. Many many thanks to all those who drove from Melbourne. Paul and Emma. Those who flew from the north, south and west. You are the best. Blessings to you Suze and Chugg and everyone at Chugg. And to my awesome Warner Family. You are Loved.

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    Amy-Kate said ...

    Oh my darling poet, my sunshine on a cloudy day – with your melodic voice that gets me through hard times… and brightens the already happy ones, to have you singing only a few metres away from me – on my birthday – a birthday so numerically special (20112011), was the most amazing blessing. I thought I may just self-combust!

    You are truly the only person whom I’ve ever seen outshine a spotlight.

    While those Opera House lights were pointed your way, all I saw was the light that shone out of your heart, the spirit that had created all those melodies and lyrics, the humility that is pure love.

    You will never, ever know the full effect that you have had on my life, but it’s been profound.
    Your song was my first serenade (which of course I fell for!). I taught little children in an Indonesian orphanage the lyrics to “I’m Yours” as we learned English! Ah – so many, many beautiful memories all woven up tightly throughout the Mraz playlist.

    It has been over a week since Sydney (and I am now back in Perth – lol Margaret Rivaa with my sunnies and my boardies) and I am still walking a few centimetres off the ground, still pinching myself that I got to see that smile up close! Travelling 2050 miles was nothing more than a heart beat for your music. I cannot wait to do it again.

    Wishing you love and light and continuous blessings on your path in this crazy, mixed up world of ours.
    Thanks for reminding us all that it can also be SO remarkable too x

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    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of eldiablo
    eldiablo said ...

    The moniker ‘Genius’ is often over used and misplaced; however when it comes to Mr A-Z it is true musical genius.

    Thanks for another awe inspiring show that reminds me of the beauty that still exists within humanity.

    Dave Lodge

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    srbryers said ...

    Mate, it was so incredible to see you on stage at the opera house – you’re a real entertainer. I’m loving how you’re integrating love, humour and music into one smooth medium in your latest stuff. We in New Zealand and Australia Love You.

    Jealously, but appreciatively yours,

  • Avatar of danilunia
    danilunia said ...

    Wonderful when I’m dancing on a stage or at dance shool.. and I feel that audience is hanging on every single movement I make.

    I do know how I feel when sometimes I keep dancing through my mistaken steps…That’s exactly when both self-expectation and (immediately afterwards) self-proud acceptance take place almost at the very same time.

    And that’s amazing. This makes my day!

    It’s all about acceptance of myself more than other’s opinion.

    It’s nice that you’re telling us about this feelings….

    This guides me to do the same…


  • Avatar of Lotte
    Lotte said ...

    Me and my man came all the way from New Zealand to see you at the Opera house on Sunday (booked the tickets and flights before the concert in Auckland was announced) …. it was so worth the trip especially as I have waited 8 years to see you live! Although I was lucky enough to see you in Auckland as well (from the front row) this was truly amazing…!

    Thanks for the joy, love, happiness and laughter in those magic 3 hours … and hopefully see you again soon… in Auckland :) x

  • I flew down from Brisbane for the concert on Saturday night. When you sat down and played Mr Curiosity on the piano I nearly died from excitement. THE best moment of the night! Although the rest of the night wasn’t far behind it!!!
    Thankyou for making the trip to Sydney, and for making such wonderful music! Please don’t leave it too long to come back again, I’m having withdrawals already :( Can’t wait for your new album

  • Avatar of lyana.khairuddin

    I am an Aussie at heart but circumstances had it that I got to see you in bali instead of being around fellow Aussies in Sydney. Thank YOU for the love you share with the world, I am paying it forward.


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    sammiibris said ...

    The weekend in Sydney to see Jason Mraz with Toca at the Sydney Opera House was a present for both myself and my son for finally finishing high school. Both nights were Awe inspiring, old and new friends from across the country together again to share this experience.

    I now sit at my home in Brisbane, thanking the Gods, or the Powers That Be, for blessing my lifetime with the gift of the voice of Mr Mraz!!! and being able to share the very special performances with my now very grown up son.

    You are Loved!!

  • Avatar of Staci
    Staci said ...

    Hey jason…here in nyc and looking forward to u n toca being
    In the same place and time, wednesday, carnegie hall!

    I’d like to suggest an amazing/musical/vegan yoga studio I like in
    Union square…jiva mukti….i.d be happy to take u there w u as well ;)

    Peace xo

  • Avatar of Shawna
    Shawna said ...

    Love & blessings to our community and beyond. Feeling big energy and magic on the horizon for 2012. Thanks for leading & encouraging the movement to live righteously!

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    itsanatalie said ...

    Jason du är en sådan inspiration för mig och jag älskar din musik och dina bloggar och bara hela din personlighet. Så jag ville bara säga det här, och jag vet inte varför jag lägga den på svenska, men det gjorde jag. (Jag är inte svenska)

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    Dear MrAZ.

    100% silently, intensively and sorrowfully acoustic night of LOVE on first Nov,like my favorite novel of Murakami’s Norwegian’s wood.

    In the beginning of night, escaping from disaster nowhere, I felt I couldn’t hear the bird’s singing for a while; in fact I was too exhausted without a smile faking away. It’s weird when someone is really tired; he wants nothing but finishes the works/concert quickly. Earlier that night, that’s where I was, lonely walking in the darkness woods without a compass and the heavy fog ahead.

    Very quietly I stood in the shadow of smurf house for the approaching rain. Passing through the first few songs, the world as I see it, if it kills me, lucky, fly me to the moon, make it mine, birthday song, they were like the soft winds blowing and made the woods rustling but happened in the three miles away from me. Until the song of 93 million miles, i won’t give up, didn’t know why, maybe it was because of your guitar, lyrics, lovely Toca’s accord, the beating drum, the atmosphere you created or your spiritual voice, this very breathlessly motion of whispers finally entranced me and I sat with my face turned upward, as if I was/still am hypnotized.

    Like for such a long time, there was someone came to my door and knocked “hey, anyone home? lovely there, would you wanna come out for a small walk?” What happened then, we walked, talked, and danced with the darkness. Warm, delicate and beautiful voices in a much profound and spiritual way as water drops finally permeated into my stone tiring mind. So, I could be taken away from all the struggles, sufferings, shadows for a while.

    The growing music of conversation flowed from inside of you
    Transferring slowly and gently into my ears, my soul;
    Some vibration going.

    Therefore, thank you and Toca sincerely and very much.
    The wonderful sounds and so beautiful a night.

    Of course most time your music is joyful and healful, but somehow after hearing thousands times of your latest concerts in Kansas, Whistler, Berlin, Holland, Manila…, I couldn’t help but wonder there is kinda unknown lost and sorrow in your voice. I guess the theme of this concert, in search of incredible, for some reason you are in search of yourself too. Tell you the truth…. “Hey… lovely there, you are incredible just the way you are and absolutely be loved.” Glad this time Toca is accompanying with you all the way. I really wish all the happiness and peace into your journey and heart, and of course, knock more doors even they are broken. Hope one day we can meet and hug each other. Until then, I have to continue my journey too. However, where am I?

    In between.

    In between of deep darkness forest in a differently way, I could still hear your voice so vividly when fiddled back ceaselessly into the past.


  • Avatar of Steffi
    Steffi said ...

    Thank you for your journal, it is great to know what is going on, but nevertheless i do miss a smile at your picture. :/

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    I wonder as I write this morning if those of us who “write” often :) and send messages into cyberspace if you receive them and absorb them and the intention behind them authentically or if the messages seems odd and without enough context to be meaningful to you. We get to know you, and I think at times we want you to know us more. I know that is true for me, albeit, pretty unrealistic. Regardless, I surprise even myself taking time from my busy days to check in, to watch a video, to think about your messages and to share my current thinking. I guess since I don’t watch TV (well…Glee every so often :) that I make time for you! I sent my three kiddos off to school an hour ago and before that, I showed Ian your post. With WIDE eyes, he said, “REALLY? Wow…did you send him our video about us making mistakes?” So here you go…I send this in to cyberspace feeling a bit silly, self-conscious and well, again, silly. All for the love of my child, I suppose. Should you find the time, make the time and endure this 8 minute clip, you might know us better and get a sense of how you have become part of our home and family. http://youtu.be/-H-Bw2-oYrw

  • Avatar of neo1
    neo1 said ...

    Is 10,000 hours a reference to Gladwell’s book Outliers? AMAZING READ ;P

    I love you, Jason! Thanks for the music: always uplifting, even after literally thousands of listens. :)

  • Avatar of neo1
    neo1 said ...

    Is 10,000 hours a reference to Gladwell’s book Outliers? ;P AMAZING BOOK.

    I love you, Jason! :) Thanks for your music: always uplifting, even after literally thousands of listens.

  • Avatar of Kettlecorn
    Kettlecorn said ...

    Thank you for sharing your soul. Thank you for weaving your magic. Your hiccups made it more special, intimate, personal. Your music is awesome but you as a person even more so.

    Toca was and is pretty incredible too. Adored his “skirt” :D

    We would gladly have your bare toes grace our Aussie shores or if you like the Opera House once again.

    Until then…

    Go and make peace with Carnegie Hall.

  • Avatar of Travel_toes
    Travel_toes said ...

    I made the trip down from the Gold Coast to make this my fifth concert. My small venture south was the least i could do to say “Thankyou for the music”. You always leave me Mraz-merised and inspired…..and after the 3 deep breaths we all collectively took last night at the Opera House..in your presence, guided by you..i have to say you again delivered a breathtaking performance. Don’t wait too long between visits. You are loved.

  • Avatar of Rayhugotang
    Rayhugotang said ...

    Hey Jason, Great show, thank you heaps for your beautiful performance, lovely jokes and all those singing along and what the hell is this new look? But I like it so much! It’d be lovely to see you some time again, come back to SYD or travel over to China and I’ll meet you there will ya?
    Lots of love.

  • Avatar of Sheloveswinter

    Every time you stretch your wings … I am silently cheering you on …whispering …atta boy! Truely, it is the most beautiful unfolding of a life … a pleasure to watch. I hope you know we see through all that talent you have and love the guy underneath. The awesome voice, musical talent, sense of humor, good looks, charm and curly hair etc are just gravy. xo

  • Avatar of mpatir
    mpatir said ...

    Hello Jason. I live in Dubai and We would like to see you soon here…Love you.

  • Avatar of AmyKidwell
    AmyKidwell said ...

    Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us. It’s a treat to check in on the “community” and find a new update/post from you. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

  • Avatar of costellocrew5
    costellocrew5 said ...

    Great to hear you feeling so good about Sydney and the experience! Happy for you!

    Your post is also the answer to a little prayer – I will share it tomorrow with my sons who beat themselves up when they are playing guitar and they make mistakes. Ian (the cute kid in my profile pic with you) has the hardest time believing that you make any mistakes while performing. Now he will hear it from you (his music idol) and be encouraged to move through those moments and to let it go…awesome. Thanks! xox

  • Avatar of alohamelb
    alohamelb said ...

    Saturday night was even better than I expected. You made me high, as did Toca. Still high now with lyrics flowing through my mind at any idle second.
    Glad you felt the release as you exited; it really is a huge achievement playing sold out nights at the SOH and you gave it the respect. Hope you felt ours.
    Oh and the trip from Melbourne wasn’t an issue when we know what or who’s waiting at the other end.

  • We will have you back anytime Mraz-o!

  • Avatar of shorekimmy
    shorekimmy said ...

    Congratulations on the milestone show! Keep your “runner’s high” going through the home stretch. :)

  • Avatar of Tooti
    Tooti said ...

    I am said friend of Michysydney – and we’ve both now shared two concerts in Sydney and that magical night at The Basement!! I really hope you’re doing something similar to that of the basement’s intimate gig!!

    Oh and Michy…Thanks for the ticket!!! Best. Birthday Present. Ever.

  • Avatar of Michysydney
    Michysydney said ...

    It was a FANTASTIC SHOW!My friend and I agreed that your voice is absolutely heavenly.I have lived in Sydney (my home away from home) for the past 6 years and am moving back to my hometown of San Diego in February. I am so glad I have been able to see you perform in both amazing cities. Any chance of an extra side show while you are still in Sydney? Hearing you play at the basemenet a year or two ago was the most amazing musical experience I have ever had!

  • Avatar of dgsmith
    dgsmith said ...

    Amazing to see you and Toca perform in this venue, thankyou for making my year! You are loved!