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November 4, 2011

I wished I’d have taken an extra breath before walking onto the Coliseum stage in Manila last week. The 11,000 strong audience was the largest ever to attend one of our headlining “intimate” acoustic performances. I can’t think of a room as grand or recall a crowd as excited.

According to astrology and the calculations shared with me about my human design, I have a gate open that can’t help but feel and feed the needs of others. Such as, if there’s a person in the room who isn’t enjoying the party, I will bring myself down to their level to empathize with them, or make it my mission to see they enjoy the party. I’ve been know to flee physically or mentally because the pressure of their unhappiness becomes mine and is too much to bear.

I took the stage in Manila with that gate open, experiencing the very level of excitement and anticipation the crowd was conjuring. 11 thousand pairs of eyes and ears all directed at us, which tricked me into thinking the experience of 11 thousand was on my shoulders. Consumed with thought while playing songs I hadn’t attempted in years, I slipped in and out of consciousness wondering if the essence of the songs were being received all the way at the top of the arena. I would bounce back and forth between the support of the lyrics reminding me that I won’t worry my life away, and the future conversations I would have with my agent and management to please not book me in rooms built for sport. My music at heart is made up of mellow, lyric driven compositions. That is especially obvious on this acoustic tour and I simply haven’t the tools to keep a Coliseum quiet.

However, keeping a Coliseum at bay is a made-up demand. By the sound of the crowd at the end of the show, no one noticed what was going on in my head. The audience would have accepted anything I gave them as they did with my inaudible and apparently invisible shortcomings that night. Don’t let your mind stop you from having a good time right?

The experience in Taipei a few nights later was the complete opposite, not just because of the beautiful theatre or well tuned sound system or the smaller crowd of 3500, but largely due to our taking one extra breath to be in the moment just before we walked onstage. That changed everything. Of course, the lessons from the Manila show were weighing heavy on my mind and I knew what I did and didn’t want to do onstage regardless of how the audience would react. The final backstage hour before the show was just as hectic if not more than in Manila, but by taking that extra breath, I realigned myself and seemed to have closed the aforementioned gate, protecting my heart and stomach, giving me absolute freedom to express what I wished to express that night, making it a far more magical experience in the end. One of my gurus recently asked me put more silence in the show. I remembered that only after playing in Manila where I thought I needed to keep something happening at all times. Taipei was the first place I got to practice that intentional silence and wouldn’t you know it, the audience slipped neatly into my pocket, or in a coma. Either way. It was golden.

All tours usually begin with a warm-up show and in this case our warm-up show was viewed by 11,000 people. No big deal. I don’t mean to undermine their experience by suggesting in this blog that I didn’t give my best performance. About 20 minutes into the show I woke up and told the crowd what was going on. That moment became the breath I needed. And by the end of the show I had grown so comfortable in my skin that I mentioned it in the improvisation leading into I’m Yours. The response in the Philippines has been overwhelming and I look forward to getting back there again soon.

Also, be sure to check out MTV Exit: a rad campaign to End Exploitation and Human Trafficking. MTV abroad is wise to have hosted more than 30 concerts on this topic and I got to participate in one while in Manila as well as visit and perform at a rehabilitation shelter for girls rescued from trafficking. The migratory region of southeast Asia is especially susceptible to this epidemic where humans, mostly young girls, are kidnapped, bought and sold to be servants or sex slaves. CNN has recently joined the fight too, placing their watchful eye on the modern day slavery issue. Visit any of these sights to learn more:

  • Avatar of victoria.vergara

    Please come back to Manila :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • Avatar of NicoleHipolito

    Its been weeks since you’re concert in Manila and I still can’t help but watch your songs/videos over and over. I was singing to all your songs! I really love you and I just wanna say that you’re such a great performer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Please do come back. I’ll be there, front and center! :D

  • Avatar of aventinehill
    aventinehill said ...

    The Truth: It was magical. Salamat!

  • Avatar of iamcathy
    iamcathy said ...

    The Araneta Dome is the ultimate venue of every artist in the Philippines. To fill it up means you have “arrived”. Although I was surprised myself because your kind of music is not fit to be enjoyed with screams as additional background but I felt how much you are loved and your music was just in anybody’s lips that night. While I would have loved to shout “quiet” so I can listen and enjoy the night but how could I stop someone from expressing his appreciation? If that Dome was filled with not much of advertisements (no billboards, not even a TV plug on local networks) that’s how much you are loved Jason.

    Oh and one more thing… what you heard at the Dome was the Filipino’s way of saying they enjoyed your show. If that bothers you, then maybe you should skip the Philippines in your next tour. Or just like many are suggesting, stay longer..visit other cities in the Philippines so people who came from these cities will just wait for you and not come to Manila. That way you can have a smaller crowd.

    But thanks Jason. You made me, my son, his friend, and his special friend and with the rest of the crowd so happy.

  • Mr.A-Z,
    Message Received

    You were wondering if you were able to convey the essence of the songs that night. Yes. Why? Because until now we can feel all the energy that transcended from the stage all the way at the top of the arena, where my spot is. The energy is still here inside my core
    and seems will be staying longer, and even I couldn’t explain why.

    I felt kinda sad that it was a weight that you have to carry onto your shoulders
    the pressure of delivering our happiness for that entire night, it’s a gift and a curse
    but for me, it’s just a gift. You are a gift. Because you bring us your gift of music, happiness, humor and gift of connecting people. Hope you find way of unloading those weights in the future when you perform again in Manila or in any place where another 11,000 people are waiting to experience your entire gift.

    And please don’t get us wrong on being such a rowdy crowd during that night because we felt all the souls of every song yet we need a way of unearthing that otherwise we will explode. I agree that your music should be enjoyed minus all the shrieks and havoc but would you believe that after all the unnecessary sound I was able to learn lyrics from your song without even knowing it. I only knew six songs of yours, but after the concert, your music is embedded in my mind. Message was received. Loud and clear.
    Unlike any other event I have seen, audience is all yours.
    As your song goes what a beautiful mess.

  • Avatar of Kareen
    Kareen said ...

    Hey Mr.A-Z,

    I hope you were overwhelmed with the Filipino crowd’s enthusiasm that night in a positive way. I know you had a great time too and we felt that, we Filipinos were all eager to jam with you that night and I mean all of us. I sure had a great time singing along with you that night! It was an unforgettable experience for all of us, and yes we kinda noticed too that you missed/changed some of the lyrics too, but we didn’t care. That’s how much we love you and your music.

    I even blogged about my experience that night:

    Again, you don’t need to worry, you put up an excellent performance at the colisuem and all those 11,000 fans are craving for more because we loved it! :)

    God Bless!

  • Avatar of meantoddy
    meantoddy said ...

    “… wondering if the essence of the songs were being received all the way at the top of the arena. ”

    Don’t worry, it was received with all heart, Mr. AZ, it was.

    Thanks for a wonderful concert. Sorry it was not as golden for you, but if I may speak for the 11,000 Filipinos/Coliseum crowd, it was super golden for us. And I am still playing your songs with my phone and ipod even after 3 weeks… still with a hang over of your concert. ^_^

    That was just Pinoy love… hope it did not scare you away because we would really love to hear your mellow music and lyric driven compositions again.

    More love! Till 2012! <3 ;)

  • Avatar of afterglow
    afterglow said ...

    at the end of the day, having a good time with you is all that matters.

  • Avatar of alucardwertox
    alucardwertox said ...

    Nice one fatty! ahaha!!

  • Avatar of prinsesa
    prinsesa said ...

    I am one of those 11000 screaming fans in Araneta Coliseum that night and I had a blast. I was privileged to get a ticket near the stage so I was able to see and hear you closer than the others which is actually AWESOME! :D It was a mesmerizing night and I don’t mind the slips in the lyrics. You actually sounded way, way better live. Araneta may not have the best acoustics installed but your voice resonates wonderfully in the whole coliseum.

    Continue sharing your causes and thoughts, that’s also one of the reasons why I’m such a big fan of yours.

    Hope to see you again next year.

  • Avatar of aunjfg
    aunjfg said ...

    Hello, Jason!

    First of all I think I speak on behalf of all your Pinoy fans when I say thank you for being courageous enough to be honest like this. I was one of the 11,000strong Manila crowd and boy did I enjoy your concert! It was ABSOLUTELY magical for me, from start to end! There was even a point when I stood up and danced and just lost myself to the magical experience of The Remedy where I think it was only me who did so in the place where I sat with my friends. After the concert I waited for your feedback, through Facebook, Twitter and here, and I wondered why you kept mum on what many of us thought was a memorable concert for you.

    I dunno why but I kind of felt your anxiety during your concert. You didn’t speak much which was not like you considering the Youtube videos of your performances in other places where you appeared to have a fondness for sharing your random thoughts.

    I guess noone could blame the Filipino organizers for placing you in such a venue; they knew you had thousands of fans and that you only had one night to stage such performance in our country. Further, please don’t take our energy and noise, so to speak, negatively. We just couldn’t believe you were there finally before us, and were just reveling in every moment possible and having a great time – it’s as simple as that.

    Next year we will all be looking forward to your performing in smaller venues in our country where you’d be more comfortable. But you’ll have to stay for a week or two, if that’s the case. :)

  • Avatar of pandorasbox
    pandorasbox said ...

    I never noticed that you had any shortcomings at all. I was actually one of those all the way at the top of the arena and all I remember was being mesmerized by the whole concert and became an even bigger fan of you and Mr. Toca. I left that night feeling so moved by the beauty of your songs and your message as well as inspired to pursue my passion for music.

    I agree with you though that the sports stadium was not the best venue for your acoustic concert. I would have preferred a smaller, more intimate venue,so I could really connect with you and your songs more. Trust me, it was no fault of yours but the enormous Coliseum, which was a more apt venue for big rock concerts.

    So please come back to the Philippines again soon! Hopefully, your next concert will be in a much smaller venue but would have more show dates to accommodate all your Filipino fans, which a stadium will not be able to fill! Glad you felt the love from your Pinoy fans. Next time, I’ll be in the front row!

  • Avatar of numbers17
    numbers17 said ...

    you inspire me to live and keep living because ur a real artist not the ones that r only for the parties and fame.. you are there for the music Jason. you inspire me to sing even if i cant hit a note. i hope u read this (:

  • Avatar of sophia.cirujales

    “The response in the Philippines has been overwhelming and I look forward to getting back there again soon.”

  • Avatar of sophia.cirujales

    I was there, and I loved every nuance of it. Even the messed up lyrics of If It Kills Me gave a very authentic experience. I thought Araneta was just perfect for you – it showed me and a lot of people how you can fill up a space, without being loud and exaggerated. Thank you so much for coming. I’m sorry that you didn’t have a golden time in Manila, but at the same time, I’m thankful that we were instrumental to your learning. SO EXCITED to see you next year. We’re hoping for a real blast this time, right?:D Have fun in all the other cities you’re going to and good luck with the new album. I, and a lot of other Filipinos, can’t wait for it.

    P.S. Convinced my sister to watch with me next time. Hope you’re still going to be in Araneta because you’ll need bigger space. NO to Mall of Asia concert grounds – open spaces suck.

  • Avatar of gprieto06
    gprieto06 said ...

    So, was it good or bad for you? I was there and I felt that I were the artist performing that night, I would be very proud of how far my music has reached the very critical Filipino audience. You should be more appreciative and amazed that you are so famous here. I am a huge fan of your music, but I am not going to apologize if you felt bad because the people’s way of showing you their admiration did not meet your standards.

    Maybe I’ll skip your 2012, if ever you’re coming back. It was equally disappointing to know that all our screams are such a total waste of breath.

  • Avatar of alucardwertox
    alucardwertox said ...

    Oh my…. im Really sorry to hear that master.. even me.. i didnt like what the crowd did at manila… they get the essence of the way you perform… its more like a rock concert… =( try visiting us here in Bacolod city Philippines milord we’ll treat you the way you should be threaten! hehe.. treaten… Love and Peace!!

  • Avatar of i_desire
    i_desire said ...

    That energy you felt in the coliseum was comprised of the Filipinos’ appreciation, admiration, inspiration, and love for you. No matter how you think you gave just a subpar performance, that 11,000 audience still valued EVERY moment of it. People’s lives were changed through your songs and ideals, and for that we are thankful. We are also grateful enough (actually, hearts bursting and minds screaming) to watch and see you perform in person.

    So don’t worry, Mr. A-Z,

    YOU are VERY MUCH LOVED here in Manila. No matter what. :)

    2012. :)

  • Avatar of saberkite
    saberkite said ...

    After seeing footage of your previous shows before the one in Manila, it occurred to me that the venue here would be far too big for the kind of show you had in mind. I can only imagine how overwhelming it was when you first stepped out, and it probably took a while before you got used to it.

    Believe me when I say you and Toca were much appreciated, and each person there that night took your message to heart. Aside from my cousin, I didn’t know anyone else around me but everyone had the same thought, the same feelings while we listened to you. No one left the arena disappointed. I think it would’ve been more of a downer if you played on a smaller scale and nearly 90% of those there wouldn’t have experienced it. I do hope that you felt the love we had flowing back to you. :)

    I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “Thank you!” to you and Toca for the most amazing night.

  • Avatar of wershwie
    wershwie said ...

    I saw 3 of the 4 shows you had here prior to the Coliseum, and I was actually wondering how your “intimate” tour would pan out in such a venue. However, believe me when I say that I have never shared THAT coliseum with 11,000 pairs of ears and eyes totally tuned in to the stage. This was the first concert where, especially during the slow songs, people were LISTENING. Absorbing your words. Your harmony. Your energy.

    Because whatever it is you’re doing, you always speak. You always share. You always touch.

    Filipinos are not popular for being silent, especially in concerts. So don’t think the lack thereof was a sign that the concert wasn’t a success.

    Us Filipinos, we sing. We dance. And unfortunately, there are some (mostly politicians) who also steal things. ;P In this case, though, we stole your silence. We stole your breath. We stomped and clapped and hooted and cried and laughed and loved and loved and loved and loved and LOVED every second of that concert!

    Can’t wait for the next concert! And don’t forget to spend a few more days here to check out those places I put in the invite back in ’06! ;)

  • Avatar of immaya
    immaya said ...

    And in the end what else is there but reminiscence…

  • Avatar of suz54
    suz54 said ...

    your screaming filipino fans? oh, they hear not only your melodies but absorb the words as well. the lyrics of your songs (beyond “i’m yours”) have been used by countless of people in love notes, in i-net messages to express love for one another and for any very good reasons. they may be screaming on the top of their lungs but they did notice some “faux pas”.

    your official recorded songs were executed by you so flawlessly and those teeny weeny slips in the coliseum made them scream more in realiziing the mraz-merazing jason is also soooo human, that can err at times. that brings you closer to your fans.

    hope you rest easy that your concert in manila was a success on your part and theirs. furthermore, i hope the 11,000 sources of undecipherable decibels didn’t break your eardrums. : D the philippines love you!!!! you are a beautiful mess!!!!

  • Avatar of zxcvazx
    zxcvazx said ...

    Hi Jason. Really happy that you took time blogging about your concert in Manila… But this kinda burst my bubble cos apparently you weren’t too happy with what happened that night. Anyway, just want to tell you that I was sitting at the farthest part of the coliseum and I assure you that the essence of your songs did transcend… We Filipinos just love you so much and your music and were so excited that we are sharing a priceless night with you beneath the same roof. I am actually still on a high even if it has been more than a week since your concert. See you in 2012, Jason. :]

  • Avatar of bessie_parrocha

    You made my youngest very happy! Thanks for that photo opp with them.

  • Avatar of bessie_parrocha

    Thank you Jason Mraz! You made my youngest very happy! She stalked you prior to your arrival; called hotels where you may check-in. She and her classmate was at the Edsa Shangrila on Friday Oct 28 prior to your arrival. they again went on the 29th and was all day waited to see you. Again, in the morning of the 30th, my husband & I took them to the hotel but only found Toca and had a photo opp with him. My girl was really persistent to see you even after the concert. They went again to the hotel and they arrived there ahead of you. And luckily, they have a photo opp with you.

    Thank you! My husband and I will join her and her sister to your next concert here in 2012!

  • Avatar of Faewanda
    Faewanda said ...

    You said “life goes full circle”, right? When you return, we will expect a more energetic, less-worrisome but equally enchanting and passionate Mr. AZ.

    Thanks for showing up, for performing.. for allowing us to experience the magic of your voice and your songs..

  • Avatar of MillieD
    MillieD said ...

    Thank You.

  • Avatar of GabrielArevalo


  • Avatar of danielle
    danielle said ...

    oh and jason, next time you should stay longer cos i bet you havent tasted the Philippine waves!!! surf with me brothaaa!! <3

  • Avatar of danielle
    danielle said ...

    2012 yeah? :D cant wait!

  • Avatar of ceroh
    ceroh said ...

    its nice having you here in the Philippines JM, please be back. i suggest you use a bigger concert venue the next time.

  • Avatar of brigit_morrigan


    well said! too bad there’s no “like” button here, lol

    @jason and team: can’t wait for next year! and just a warning, there would still be screaming, and singing, and dancing, and all-around good vibes, regardless of the venue and the number of people. because that’s how your music affects us. so be prepared :D

  • Avatar of ABCDEFG
    ABCDEFG said ...

    oh and spirituality does not come in one form, in one tone.

    a chinese monk from taipei pledging silence for 365 days on top of a mountain is no more spiritual than a virgin from a daunting family who went alone to a concert to scream her lungs out for the first time i suppose and give high fives to strangers around her. heh.

    religion makes prayers into songs to amplify its meaning, its effect. on the other hand, some songs become prayers for other people. when i was in highschool patience by gnfr kept my adolescent hormones and teenage angst at bay. now, im yours by mraz reminds me of how beautiful life is – the soundtrack of almost every bucket-list moment am having right now. heheh.

    so cmon people… stop checking your tounges in the mirror.

    just invite mraz once again… and by golly, give him a better set of sound system… and a venue that can handle unexpected explosions of spirituality :P

  • Avatar of jaymel
    jaymel said ...

    hi mr. jason mraz i was also one of the 11,000 that watched your concert that night and i was also one of the 11,000 who screamed your name many times and sang your song the whole night until now the thought of me being there is still unbelievable because im not from manila. i flew to manila from bacolod city on the same day you were having your concert, i was really sick that day but when you and toca showed up on the stage i can feel my energy being pulled up. i have been in love with your song since i was in high school and thats like 7 years ago i fell in love with the first song that i heard from you and that was sleep all day. and until now nothing ever changes.
    i am very sorry if we made you feel nervous and uncomfortable it is not what we planned to do its just that we cant stop ourself from screaming your name that night. i also felt that you were quite different that night, that there is something wrong with you. i have watched your shows in tv before and i thought that there is something not right. again we apologize about making you uncomfortable.
    but i do hope and pray and wish that you come back here in the phils. to sing again if not in manila why not try here in my hometown, here in BACOLOD CITY..just a lil suggestion.hehe..

    please take care the whole time. spread the love!!! and also thank you very much for giving me the best birthday.=)

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Hey sweet sensitive friend! You have been born with the gift of empathy, it is a blessing and a curse…not everyone is as lucky. I know friends who were born without it and sometimes I am envious, because they live a life free of guilt, free to make choices without wondering how it’s going to effect those around them. You are in this weird space because I would imagine that most superstars in your genre are born without this I have a feeling you will struggle off and on with this…Here is the silver lining, your music is given to us with such honesty and love because that is where it comes from. I trust you because of the way you feel what others feel, it is so apparent. In the video of you and the boys from Ghana when you get to the school and they start singing to you…the joy and humbleness in your face says you get it! And you are just the dude to deliver the stories and info because you feel what they feel and you can spread it! You don’t have to do this but I imagine…you really can’t help yourself.

    Anyway, it’s November…read some other November posts of years past…you have been here before…I have felt it from you! I am so glad you are out in the world enjoying the wamth!

    Love the one and only,


  • Avatar of rozen.castillo3

    Jason Mraz,

    I think that 11,000 originally wanted that concert to be intimate. but our mind can’t stop us from having a good time.

    The love explodes inside the Coliseum and that’s how we Filipinos show our love for you and your music. We felt that your music that night.. We felt so much love and appreciate every words you sang.

    Thank’s for the Love ..visit this page and please visit us.. :)

    We’re all waiting for your come back concert here in MANILA .. ACOUSTIC NIGHT again.. So your music can travel freely to the air to our soul..

  • Avatar of crackernath
    crackernath said ...


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m from Manila but I was not able watch your show here cause I had to be in Singapore last week. It made me sad, really. I had been wishing that you come here.

    Thank you for your honesty on this post. I had a lot of things in my mind too when my group was performing in Singapore. I had worries, I had sudden regrets, I had realizations and even hatred. It’s just so amazing how some of these just pop out of our head during the performances. Haha… It relieves me to know that one of my most admired artists feel the same way.

    Sometimes we become so accustomed to performing. Good thing we are always reminded by the people who love what we are doing. It may not be the right thing, but artists really get the good vibe from the people watching when the inner frive fails to deliver.

    Come back to Manila, I’ll surely make a way not to miss it this time around. :)

  • if youre looking for a semi-autobiographical, somewhat spiritual, always loving blog to read, please–please check mine out. I know jason fans are some of the most uplifted people, and I would love to hear your feedback. ..thanks, peace and love, gloria ..Cheers!! :)

  • Avatar of crazybeautiful11

    Hi Jason,

    I kept an eye out on the tour page of your website for this year’s tour. When I saw that you’ll play in Sydney Opera House I instantly informed my friends in Brisbane to book their tickets straight away. That for sure will be a great show! When I found out that you’re going to perform at the Araneta Coliseum, I knew I had to get my ticket although a bit hesitant of how “intimate” acoustic show it will be. But you and Toca never disappoint.

    Apologies for being such a loud crowd that night in Araneta. We Filipinos tend to sing along to our favorite songs. Your songs are the soundtracks to our lives!

    I agree that next year’s show (we remember your promise) should be in a smaller, intimate venue. Like Aliw Theater back in 2004? Or Rockwell Tent also a few years back. I would love to be in a private show in case you decide to have one here in Manila.

    I watched alone in Brisbane a couple of years ago; with my sister last October 30th. I am so looking forward to seeing your show next year and the years to come :)

    Do take care and save that energy for the rest of your tour.


  • Avatar of ABCDEFG
    ABCDEFG said ...

    its a little unnerving that filipinos have to apologize for their 10/30 mraz concert behaviour.

    one of your fans was right… filipinos can be really timid (and lame concert goers… most part they just stand their apathetic.) but that night for the first time (in my opinion) the filipino crowd rocked the venue. total love for both artists on the stage, me thinks.

    alrighty, despite your snob and a half unfolder… am still a fan of your music.

  • Avatar of LizzyMarie
    LizzyMarie said ...

    Watching your show with my parents was a worthwile experience even before they go. I am so happy and lucky to see you in person. Many of my friends would like to see you but they weren’t given the chance and luckily, I was. Thank you for that magical experience and I would surely keep that in my heart. See you in Manila again, soon! ♥

  • Avatar of JoyceFlores
    JoyceFlores said ...

    My sincere Apology JM I’m one of the sceamers at the coliseum. It’s my first time to see and hear you Live, I guess I was overwhelmed. You’re one of the artists who keep the real MUSIC alive. I love your songs and your heart. I’m a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines but I’m more interested in helping children and the youth here in our country. I’m in the process of creating programs for the youth today (who are involves of crimes here) Mental Health Promotion through Music and Art therapy. I’m asking for permission, using mostly your songs. Your words are truly inspirational… God bless you and your soul. We fight the good Fight! Thank you JM. Hope to see you again next year!!!

  • Avatar of Aresi
    Aresi said ...

    Hi Jason,


    I went to your show at Araneta alone that night. But in the two hours I was there I felt your presence so near I could almost think you were occupying the seat beside me. Not a minute that has elapsed made me remember no one was with me all that time. I’m looking forward for your concert next year in the Philippines. I hope by that time I can convince some of my friends to join me, not because I don’t want to be alone but because I want to share with them a night that is very special, memorable and inspiring.

    Merci beaucoup!

  • Avatar of enial
    enial said ...

    Thanks for visiting the Philippines! We really enjoyed that night! I wish you could come again soon. <3

  • Avatar of kidribs
    kidribs said ...

    Hi Mr. Mraz,

    Last Oct 30, i watched your concert alone. I enjoyed the show and it kinda make me sad. Why? Because I am having a good time, I WAS LOVED, I am inspired alone. I want to share that experience to my friends. I love your music so much, it gives me chills and most of the time its like knocking myself off with a hammer, opening up my mind in some things. You inspired me a lot. Thanks for that awesome evening. Can’t wait to see you again.

  • Avatar of hernameiskisa
    hernameiskisa said ...

    I’m one of those lucky 11,000 people and I am forever grateful.
    Mr. A-Z, thank you for making us inspired! We love you so much! :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    I was so disappointed when the first Jason & Toca tour announcement came out and Canada wasn’t on the list. But you wouldn’t believe how EXCITED I was when I found out you were coming to Whistler! I counted down every day to the minute and got there super early to make sure I got a front row spot. That crowd might not have seemed as excited as that Manila crowd, but I sure was! It was an amazing concert! I loved how the songs shined in the simpleness of your guitar, Toca’s harmonies and your beautiful voice. And you’re right, please ask BSE not to book you into rooms build for sport! The more intimate the venue the better!

    Thank you for your support of such important causes! xoxo

    Practice that intentional silence. Stand in solidarity with children who are silenced by poverty, disease and exploitation. Take the Free The Children Vow Of Silence Nov. 30th

  • Avatar of 1645872469
    1645872469 said ...

    thank you again for the very wonderful performance. Please do come back next year! :D

  • Avatar of rbenzon
    rbenzon said ...

    Thank you for all the love, Mr. Mraz. Only in the Philippines could you have been accompanied by the 11,000 Maniacs. ;)

    And a personal thanks for kickstartin’ my dynamo of volition. After the concert, I vowed to continue my one-year-old vegetarian trip to keep givin’ me that high five. I bought a guitar and vowed to relearn it to gimme that low dough. ;) And I looked up a nearby Zen center and signed up to sit to gimme that high ten. Woohoo! So truly, you’re the best definition of good intentions! :)


  • Avatar of xtine.abela
    xtine.abela said ...

    ALONE… SINCERE… 11,000…

    SADLY, It was my first time to watch a concert ALONE. I was kinda pissed because I invited some friends but I got refused. Then I looked on my ticket, it says “you are loved.” My friends like you too but they are not that much of a fan. I sold some tickets for your concert and to tell you honestly the number of people who bought them were not so heavy. The tickets were not sold out until the concert day and the speed of sales was just slightly moderate. I’m telling you this because those 11,000 people who bought tickets and who were with you last Oct. 30 ARE REALLY SINCERE IN YOUR MUSIC. You may not be like the pop artists whose concerts were sold out with in a month sales… BUT those 11,000 were really YOURS… WE are not just the oh-she’s-famous-i’ma-watch-her-concert-followers and oh-my-friends-are-going-i’m-going-too-followers. I might be alone but I’m the happiest!

    When I was in your concert I decided to share my time with your fans club here in the Philippines (by the way, I hope you are aware that there is such thing: Jason Mraz- Philippines, many of them also came alone.) It was our first time to meet each other, we shared our stories and they were all grateful because for the longest time you are finally here. So can you just imagine, “alone” people got united and were able to make new friendships. :D

    Your concert may not have the best sales but it’s one of the magical act and sincerest crowd I have ever seen. (By the way, anywhere you go in the Philippines, people are noisy, loud, over- reacting but WE are REAL AND WARM… AND HOT) So is this still the place you wanna stay? Where do we go from here? :D

    Check out Jason Mraz- Philippines in Facebook and see your crazy photos there. Thanks

  • Avatar of katpineda
    katpineda said ...

    Hello Jason!

    I am one of those 11,000 people.. I can say that I am very lucky that I get to watch your concert. You don’t know how you made me happy that night. Your songs were with me through bad and good times. And hearing you sing your songs live, I found myself speechless. I even cried when I get to hear A Beautiful Mess.. Don’t worry about your performance, you did good, I tell you! :) Even though, the crowd got a little rowdy or the big dome’s not that hi-tech to put up a good show, we really had fun. :) Sheer fun! :) I just want you to know that last October 31, 2011 at Araneta Coliseum, I experienced the bests that life can offer– hearing you sing and seeing you live! We love you Jason!

    Love from the Philippines,
    Kat :)

  • Peace,

    I’ve known and predicted that araneta coliseum will be too big for an acoustic event. I know how the acoustics affect and deliver the message you sing of. I know how the number of people can affect the quality of sound that you want us to hear and be a part of.

    I am also an enthusiast for great quality performance and experience. I know there are certain factors that need to be fulfilled in order for your audience to absorb the true form of your art. You are one of the true artists out there and you have your focus right. It is a dream to listen to you without having a mic to amplify your music. Music in its true naked form.

    October 30, 2011-

    It was not just you who needed that extra breath.
    Manila itself did not expect that kind of energy to be hiding deep inside us.

    Filipinos are very timid. It is never in our nature to be as crazy as that night.

    It took us by surprise to know and find out how many people are there with us. It took us all by surprise how much all these people want to dance their hearts out.

    Nothing mattered that night. Whats important was, you were there with your songs and we are all together to celebrate them. Though we may have been loud, we heard every word, every note, and felt every emotion just as
    the same with all your other live performances on earth.

    I often times closed my eyes cause i just cant believe how good the new songs are.

    It was really hard for us to express that manila had to sing and shout on top of our very lungs so we can send you back the love that you wrote for the world. We just had to. How else can we make you promise to come back right?

    Every word and note of every song was embedded to our hearts and minds. We CAN’T wait for the new record.
    Come back and we will take all the breathe we need before we start.

    I have been to many concerts here in Manila. This was so far the best I’ve been to. This should be recorded in history. Two grown ass men rocking out 11,000 people. You don’t get that kind of ratio everyday.

  • Avatar of matetvillamel
    matetvillamel said ...

    Im one of the 11,000 people who watched your concert here in manila. It’s a dream come true, we really have a great time :) You are Different, You are special to us.. Thank you ….. WE LOVE YOU JASON!!!

  • Avatar of dyenesguerra
    dyenesguerra said ...

    oh yeah! im proud to say that I’m one of those 11,000 who was there to catch your concert! and we all had a great time watching you and toca. Please please please come back soon.. MANILA LOVES YOU <3 <3

  • Avatar of Joyce
    Joyce said ...

    We had the great time at the concert… yes we are loud, but simply because we are so excited and happy to see and hear you…. i still hope the experience will not make you decide to go for an open gound next time, bring the whole band next time, if you think it will help, but still expect the same loud and sing- along crowd… :) can’t wait for 2012…

  • Avatar of gbsc
    gbsc said ...

    I had was fortunate to see Jason 13 months ago in Charleston, Sc. I have fond memories of the best concert I had been to in years. Reading about his adventures makes me wish I could be a groupie and just travel the world watching him perform. He is an amazing singer, songwriter and love his the messages he sends in his music. Love ya :=)

  • Avatar of fruitfairy47
    fruitfairy47 said ...

    The moment you went out on the Araneta Coliseum stage, I got misty-eyed. Hearing you sing live gave me goose-bumps. That night was really magical [which would have been more magical if you sang Make It Mine :) ]. I, along with the 11,000 people who watched you here, hope you will perform again here soon!

  • Avatar of gisela
    gisela said ...

    1 of 11,000

    I was one of the 11,000 that watched your concert last October 30, 2011 that was held in Manila. I was so excited because it was my idea to go to your concert. As soon as I saw that post in your Facebook, I immediately asked my friends if they wanted to come. I booked the tickets right away.

    We were running our hearts out at the beginning of your concert because we were still scrambling to find our seats. My friends kept telling me nothing starts on time in the Philippines but I guess your concert did.

    We were hoist in the middle of the arena. The seats were not good, a friend commented. I wanted it to be nearer but I could hear your voice so clear on top of the craziness, I could see your face on the two screens, and I could see your little figure dancing and playing the guitar so it was okay.

    The whole thing was so surreal for me. Here was the guy who’s voice I would here singing me to sleep, singing to me in the train, singing to me during the wee hours of the morning when I felt alone, singing to me whenever I feel like crying and he is right there in front of me just several feet away.

    I did wish that I’ll see you perform in a more intimate setting next time. Your music and your performance does lend itself to that kind of setting.

    However, I think a large crowd, 11,000 strong, standing simultaneously and starting to sing and dance with you to your song “I’m Yours” going crazy and wild is definitely a sight to see. My friend commented the crowd was crazy. I also yelled Jason several times while you were taking a break even if I know you’ll not even hear my shrill voice from where you are. I wouldn’t have done that when I am in a crowd of 100 :) I got to do that in your concert, shout and scream and still not look too crazy because I could be lost in the crowd.

    When you sang “A Beautiful Mess” my night was made. I said it’s all worth it. I’m good. I was teary-eyed. That emotion I was okay for you to see in a more intimate setting. I was okay for you to see how the pain in my eyes and the sad smile because I still haven’t reached “the wait is so worth it” part. I will soon be able to say that soon I hope.

    I know it’s overwhelming, we were overwhelming. But I still hope you enjoyed performing for us, for me. This is coming from one of the 11000, you need not worry you were amazing that night. I love you.

  • Avatar of bewitchedkate
    bewitchedkate said ...

    We apologize if we were too loud but our excitement and longing to hear you live just cannot be contained in silence, Jason! Filipinos simply love you. The “is-ness” of that present moment you were with us for two hours was just too overwhelming. We would explode if we did not scream. We love you that much.

  • Avatar of arvilsings
    arvilsings said ...

    i wasn’t able to watch your concert. :( i hope you’ll come back! and hope you could read this. I love you! :)

  • Avatar of arvilsings
    arvilsings said ...

    is he coming back next year? :) i hope.

  • Avatar of rheaaalityBites

    You just don’t know how happy I am to read this coming from you! :)
    I want to experience your magic in real time!
    I hope the next time you’ll be coming, I will be one of the audience!
    We will be waiting! & please write more songs! See you soon Mr. AZ!


  • Avatar of lgarcia02
    lgarcia02 said ...

    Been on a Mr.AZ high since after 10.30.11.
    Thank you Jason and Toca for making my dreams come true!!! xoxo
    I will see you in again in 2012…

  • Avatar of lany
    lany said ...

    Hi Jason! I, just like the others, was one of the 11,000 people who gathered at the Araneta Coliseum to hear your voice. It was an unforgettable evening for me for it was the first time that I watched a concert alone. Not that nobody would want to watch it with me, I just decided to alienate myself from my friends and just focus on your music. I did the right thing. I was literally smacked right in the middle of the upperbox and when your presence became evident – I knew it was going to be perfect. Your presence was truly powerful that not only were you able to own the stage along with Toca (who was really brilliant) but you knew how to make a connection and that you covered all bases with your voice (which i cannot deem to describe).

    Honestly, i felt like tearing up when you sang If it kills me and Details in the fabric. It was as if a chapter of my life being told through your voice. There were moments when I couldn’t help but sing along with you but there were those hair-raising magical moments when I felt like I was zoning out. When you sang I won’t give up on us – I, for the life of me, could not gather a single word out of my mouth (and in a very unfashionable way cause I was like gaping at you for a minute or two). I felt like trapped in a place where I can only hear your voice and every single word of that song was immersed in my soul. It was the perfect moment. You might not have noticed, but during that song people from the upperbox all the way up to the general admission were rendered SPEECHLESS and just swept away by awe on how sincere and how truthful that song is. I literally had tears in my eyes after that song. I must also say THANK YOU for preparing a really wonderful setlist! It had almost all of my favorite songs from you! But I was a tad sad that you didn’t sing MAKE IT MINE which is my ultimate song that can make me feel good and positive! Never fails!

    I’ve seen foreign acts live and never had I encountered one that spoke straight through the audience heart. The sincerity is so palpable that “struck with awe” is a bare minimum to describe it. I was actually surprised that you’ve let us in and showed us your humorous side and it drove me crazy! That i think was – RAD and AMAZING!

    Also, I think I can speak for probably 90% of the 11,000 audience that the reason why we can’t get a grip with screaming and cheering was just simply because – we love you and your music. I’ve missed your previous concerts in the Philippines and when the announcement came in that you were to swing by once more – I COULD NEVER SAY NO. And the same is probably true for some of the concertgoers, we just cant let pass this concert up.

    PLEASE STAY TRUE TO YOUR WORD AND DO COME BACK NEXT YEAR! MOREOVER, I HOPE YOU WOULDN’T MIND PLAYING AGAIN IN THE ARANETA COLISEUM OR A MUCH LARGER VENUE!(It would break our hearts if you prefer the intimate ones, though highly understandable why, because that would put the middleclass people like me out of line to watch you perform.)

    Last, kudos for supporting the 1-3-4-3 Anti-human trafficking campaign! I formed part of a small team that produced tv commercial for that and I’ll post the link here as soon as it is aired already!

    Peace :)

  • Avatar of GingerP
    GingerP said ...

    You were great! I can’t wait to see you in 2012. I heard you say that you were in awe the 1st 15 minutes of your performance. You are so loved here. Your songs inspire us so much and makes us fall in love with love. I admire you for supporting relevant causes. We love you. Please come back.

  • Avatar of birdseyeview
    birdseyeview said ...

    The moment you walked up on a stage, a full of positive vibe filled up the araneta. First time I experienced this kind of scenario. Goose bumps are “everywhere”. hahaha.. Good job Jason.. See you next year and please include halfway home and stranger in the sky at your next visit here in Manila. :)

    PS: Can we invite you for a living room show? I am so jealous that boy amazing is lucky to greet and meet you personally. :) ..

    Dayly Entertainment sucksssssss… always. But thanks to them.

  • Avatar of chiriko
    chiriko said ...

    You were amazing last Oct. 30! :) I could have listened to you all night. I love you so much, thank you for making amazing music! We very much appreciated it, those of us who were in the upper levels. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)

  • Avatar of brigit_morrigan

    well then, you have to make it up to us by coming back next year (as you promised), and the year after, and the year after that, etc. etc. :D

    seriously, the show last oct. 30 was awesome. you and toca didn’t disappoint, and we hope we hadn’t disappointed you, too, by being too loud! lol

    see you next year :)

  • Avatar of bashsimplicio
    bashsimplicio said ...

    I flew all the way from the South of the Philippines and I had no regrets because everything was worth it.

    We know that you were at your best that night because if you haven’t a lot of people wouldn’t have their BEST DAY EVER like me. :D

    I’ll do anything to see you again, that’s how I love you. ‘Til next time J! :D

  • Avatar of Robibitz43
    Robibitz43 said ...

    Sadly i didn’t get the chance to watch the concert, but hopefully you enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines and i hope that you can have another concert here in the Phiippines…Ingat and God Bless…;)

  • Avatar of juan-cee
    juan-cee said ...

    I missed the Manila concert.
    I booked a flight to bangkok just for the khao yai show.
    By nov1 they said it was a go-show.
    when I got there Nov2, it was already cancelled.
    Im pretty sure it would have been great. Too bad i cant really know.

  • Avatar of sarah.s.sanchez

    You are loved. I really admire you for being a PEACE advocate and I support your advocacy. May God bless you always. Maraming Salamat!!!. See you next year!

  • Avatar of CharoLimaco
    CharoLimaco said ...

    Have to admit, that kinda burst my bubble a bit. I was on a ‘high’ for 4-5 days because of that concert. I thought it was magical, because of the love in the air. That coliseum was full of love and awe and gratitude. But I guess a real artist comes from a different place, and this entry just proves to me that you are that, not someone who just wants to make money and sell out. It’s all about the music, the message, and the connection to the people, I guess? I do hope that when you come back, if you perform in smaller venues, that there will be more performances. Because having a smaller venue will mean less people to reach — people who want to watch you live and be there and feel everything. There were some people who flew in from other cities and provinces. Also, however big or small the venue will be, there will be no way to keep the Filipinos quiet, because there is just so much love bursting from within us, plus we love singing. It will be hard to bottle that up, whether we are 3,500 or 11,000. I remember hearing you at that 20 minute mark, and we took that positively because we thought you were overwhelmed with all the love that we were showing for you. I was overwhelmed! I don’t know about the others, but it was an HONOR for me to be there and watch you because of your beautiful music, but aside from that, you are an awesome humanitarian, and I love that you support so many relevant causes.

    The last part was just absolutely BRILLIANT, including the improvisation, and of course, I’m Yours. It was the PERFECT way to end the night. That summed it up perfectly: “Open up your mind and see like me, open up your plans and damn you’re free, look into your heart and you’ll find love, love love…”

  • Avatar of wacancan
    wacancan said ...

    Jason, you are turlly amazing amazing, please come to Hong Kong!^0^

  • Avatar of ma.rosario
    ma.rosario said ...

    huhuhuhu… i did not join the concert of jason,, but i enjoyed watching it on you tube….. love you JTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 BALIK KA ULET DITO… :)

  • Avatar of manilenio
    manilenio said ...

    jason, sorry if we were too loud for you… and yeah, i guess your music is best enjoyed in silence, but forgive us, we couldn’t help it, all we really want to do is to love you, it’s a feeling inside that keeps building, and we had to “find a way to you if it kills me.” *^^* so yeah, hope you’ll come back so we can sing with you again. thank you for the music!

  • Avatar of iamchay
    iamchay said ...

    do not be surprised, only reap what you sow.
    You are a wonderful person and transmit so much peace and good energy.
    have. a song for every moment, but I particularly like your “little happy hippie song” (according to you) “Im yours” is a beautiful song. And please do a tour of Latin America! greetings (a friend from a distance) you keep writing :)

  • Avatar of iamchay
    iamchay said ...

    do not be surprised, only reap what you sow.
    You are a wonderful person and transmit so much peace and good energy.
    have. a song for every moment, but I particularly like your “little happy hippie song” (according to you) “Im yours” is a beautiful song. And please do a tour of Latin America! greetings (a friend from a distance) you keep writing:)

  • Avatar of jessica
    jessica said ...

    Your concert in Manila was my first concert ever and I must say that I have no regrets. I’d like to think that it took a really special and incredibly talented artist to make me want to shell out close to 4,000 pesos when I wasn’t quite sure what I was paying for. Needless to say, I had a great time and I’ll definitely start saving up for your 2012 concert :)

    When you’re here next year, if it’s possible, I’d love to arrange a small concert for you at my school, Ateneo de Manila University. You have a lot of passionate, music-loving, and inspired fans over here. I hope to hear from you :)

  • Avatar of IAMLOUVER
    IAMLOUVER said ...

    Your concert at The Big Dome, was one of the best concert ever, every line of your songs that night really touched me, I felt SOOOO lucky to experience your music… Though it’s a 2-man show you really pull it off! It was a magical night, i saw almost all ages, a bunch of friends, family and lovers really enjoying that night and after the concert everyone are all smiling…I didn’t hear any negative comments but only a sigh and hopes that you’ll come back to Manila soon! Our artist Agot Isidro watched your concert and she really love it! Thanx much! Come back in Manila soon!

  • Avatar of Moonlight
    Moonlight said ...

    It was such a pleasure to watch you create art and beutiful sounds at the Simple Food Benefit in March. Then to hear you again at M.U.S.E., such a beautiful day that was. Looking forward to seeing all of the gang on the 19th. Hope you will make it:)

  • Avatar of Deedee
    Deedee said ...

    While we didn’t watch your Manila show, we caught glimpses of it on YouTube, and I understand where you are coming from, Mr. Mraz—11,000 is too much for an intimate performer like you. I remember my husband who, after having been art director for an international magazine for years, had said he felt like he had not given it all. True artists are cursed with the thought they have not done enough. You are one true artist therefore, responsible and faithful.

    By the screaming of the Manila audience, you were already forgiven. You are truly loved here in my country. Even my two-year-old granddaughter knows you. “Sinong kumanta ng (who sang) I’m Yours?” we would ask her. And she would reply, “Jason.” She calls you by your first name. She first listened to you at eight months. She hums I’m Yours while playing.

    Please do come back to the Philippines. And when you do, have a little time to surf. The sites here are one for your memoir.

    Thank you for you poetry.

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    “slipped neatly into my pocket, or into a coma…” I’m sure it was the former, but I loved the laugh! So good to hear your thoughts again.

  • Avatar of Moonlight
    Moonlight said ...

    Loved meeting you at the Simple Food Benefit and hearing you in such an intimate space. Then again hearing you and Toca at M.U.S.E., such a beautiful day that was. Hope you will join your friends on the 19th. See you there.:)

  • Avatar of che
    che said ...

    My family and I saw you last summer in Whistler. That was my bday- your concert made it special. Heard abt ur Mla concert so I called my sister and there was no 2nd thoughts. You are one of kind and it was a privelege for us to have seen u perform.

  • Avatar of harharmomonyny

    We had a great time singing with you! It was the perfect concert I never imagined. Though my dream of singing Lucky with you on stage did not happen, it was still the best concert I’ve ever attended to. :) You were great, Jason! We hope to have you here in 2012 for another amazing night of music, peace and love. God bless you!

  • Avatar of privatejoyce
    privatejoyce said ...

    We love you here in the Philippines be back soon please … ;)

  • Avatar of Kettlecorn
    Kettlecorn said ...

    I admire you more for this blog. This proves you care more for your art than for being dubbed a huge “sell-out” success. We look forward to experiencing your magic at the Opera House soon. But as you must see from all the comments here your Manila concert fulfilled long-standing dreams and I am sure Manila would love to host a more intimate performance in 2012.

  • Avatar of mikaela
    mikaela said ...

    I’d love to watch you sing in an intimate concert too, but that would mean u have to keep coming back to Manila or to the different cities of the Philippines so all of us who love your music can partake of your presence. I flew all the way from Davao to Manila to see you for the first time and it was all worth it. Cant wait for your next concert here… We love you Jason!!

  • Avatar of Mishy
    Mishy said ...

    It just goes to show that WE REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU Jason (and of course, Mr Toca)! I hope when you get back here in Manila, you make it a 2-night concert bringing with you your super band :)

    Looking forward to 2012 where you promised to step it up!

    Love you guys — to infinity and beyond!!! ♥♥♥

  • Avatar of naslaarnie
    naslaarnie said ...

    Love begets love… We love you because we could feel your love through your music. Your beautiful mind and kind soul could only relay the greatest that is LOVE! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • i was part of that 11,000-strong crowd, and i won’t lie- there were times when i wished the venue was more intimate, or, at least, that the crowd wasn’t quite so loud (do forgive us- we filipinos have always been known for reminding everyone that the word “fan” orginated from “fanatic”. :D ). but i realized that, had the venue been smaller, thousands (possibly me included, since i bought my ticket relatively late, at around 2 weeks before the actual concert) would have been deprived of the incredible high of being there with you. plus, about halfway through the show i thought it was amazing to be part of such a great crowd, to find out that so many loved you as much as i did.

  • Avatar of lcb17
    lcb17 said ...

    the bestest thing is im one of the Lucky 11,000 pair of eyes who have seen you onstage. continue to be BIG hearted man. you speak truly of your songs, and your advocacies. awesome how you magically wowed the world. we in Manila will wait for you. Love, Peace and more Love…..

  • Avatar of johntermine
    johntermine said ...

    Quite Deep. Cant wait to hear you on the stage at Carnagie Hall. Very excited.

  • Avatar of aziriza
    aziriza said ...

    Jason! Let me host a house show for you in Manila! Let me know! =)

  • Avatar of dhey07
    dhey07 said ...

    We, Pinoys Love you so much! Your Manila concert was my happiest and memorable experience. Keep on spreading your music. Looking forward to seeing you again. Mabuhay ka Jason!

  • Avatar of scrolllock
    scrolllock said ...

    Perfect is overrated. You did great.

  • Avatar of dAPOLicious
    dAPOLicious said ...

    Watching you live for the first time-after years of watching you online, on DVDs, listening to your music via any media-was more than bliss… It was like heaven on earth. Thanks so much for the inspiration you never fail to give me through your music, your advocacies, your community, your humour, your everything… I am forever grateful.

    “You don’t know me but I know you… YOU’RE MY FAVORITE STAR!”

    See you soon… wherever & whenever that might be. Let the universe decide. xoxo

  • Avatar of baupi
    baupi said ...

    I really enjoyed the night in Taipei. I feel u level up! Not just ur voice sound incredible and also the whole performance.
    It was such a magical night !

  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    You sir, are a beautiful person. xoxo, Linda

  • Avatar of itsmeknowme
    itsmeknowme said ...

    That night was the best night of all nights! Waiting you was so worth it. I would love to see you again. Please come back here. ASAP!!!

  • Avatar of gellycast
    gellycast said ...

    Funny that I’m watching Beautiful Mess-Live on Earth right now and there was a fan named Apple and she said something like “The whole Philippines, I speak with the whole Philippines, WE LOVE YOU!” And Jason was like.. “How could she speak for all of the Philippines? what is that mean? Is she the Ambassador…?” and Bushwalla answered ” She might be the Ambassador’s daughter” So Jason, you should have seen it coming. The Philippines love you, We ALL love you and I’m not the Ambassador.

  • Avatar of supershiel
    supershiel said ...

    You’re awesone, no matter what! Your msic inspires me and all the rest of the 11’000 who listened to you in Manila at The Big Dome! Ive never seen The Dome as full and as ecstatic as the night of Oct. 30! We look forward to having u back in 2012! So long!

  • Avatar of Tanis
    Tanis said ...

    Yay! You’re back. I’ve missed you. Enlighten me.

  • Avatar of aizamay
    aizamay said ...

    Reading your posts is always a pleasure. Manila loves you in a humongous, inexplicable way. I’ve been trying to figure out why and I realized maybe it’s not just because of your beautiful music but more so of your beautiful causes. I saw a documentary yesterday about exploitation and my heart was torn. I would really like to help in the littlest way I can. I’ll make it my goal for my birthday. Thanks for the inspiration. And no, we never felt as if you did not give your all when you were in Manila. We felt honored that you chose Manila to be the starting point of your tour. For that we are even more delighted. Lots of peace and love.

  • i was only hoping for a twitter update from this man regarding his recent concert in Manila but instead he wrote a whole blog about it…. Mr. A-Z, you’re such a generous human being! thank you for sharing your thoughts <3 i had a blast @ your show #mraztour

  • Avatar of nancyonthemtn
    nancyonthemtn said ...

    I could see the look of amazement on your and toca’s faces as I watched a Manila youtube video… that crowd should be put on the “that’s incredible” list. Just remember, you are worthy and you are loved when you are just being yourself. Enjoy your “E” ticket!

  • Someday I hope you will make up that the world loves you whether you are singing, dancing, talking, tuning your guitar, “screwing it up”, laughing, crying, standing on your head by the sea, allowing silence or filling the space. You can stand there and breathe and you can’t stop us from loving you. So there take that : )

  • Avatar of kengNerd
    kengNerd said ...

    whatever please come to Thailand i want to show you New Venis.

  • Avatar of Noypi
    Noypi said ...

    We hope you’d come back again soon, Jason! Manila… the Philippines loves you! Thank you for your music. :D


  • Avatar of kengNerd
    kengNerd said ...

    please handle brake mafia. every SEAsian weak when mafia come with money, it’s dangerous more than nuclear.

  • Avatar of swaugh11
    swaugh11 said ...

    Thank you for that beautifully written perspective!

    You rock Jason!


  • Avatar of CayCamarillo
    CayCamarillo said ...

    Your concert in Manila is on my top 5 great experiences for this year. It was really wonderful to see your performance. Thank you for agreeing to do the concert at Araneta Coliseum. Since it was a big venue, you were able to share your music to more people. People are still talking about the concert until now. :) I can’t wait to watch you perform again next year. I’ll be bringing my 12-year old son so he can share my love for your music.

  • Avatar of swaugh11
    swaugh11 said ...

    Thank you for that beautifully written perspective.

    You’re awesome Jason!


  • Avatar of brianjmcgill
    brianjmcgill said ...

    Jason you described that sound of being on that stage incredibly well. I can only imagine going out onto a stage like that, makes you feel something from a different world. The place to exist is awesome!! Especially the detail about how you felt being comfortable leading into “I’m Yours”. I love that song. I have a cover of it too! If you can check it out and lemme know what you think!!

  • Manila surely had a blast watching you singing live in person! it was a dream come true for me. thank you! <3

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    JoHe said ...

    I love all of your thoughts and that you are so worried about us, having a great time. We´ll always have when you play your healing songs ;) Hope you return to germany soon.

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    Ingria said ...

    We all have a great time watching you MR. A-Z :) Hope to really see you next year and I’m sure Philippines would respond the same, because WE LOVE YOU and your songs :) )