I heart Berge

November 9, 2011

My good friends Rocco & Marianne have a band based in Berlin. I first met them when I back-packed around Europe and asked fans to help me organize some shows. Rocco was one of many Berliners to lend an ear, provide shelter, great conversation, and lasting friendship. Their band, Berge, is heart-centered good-time music that is of the highest integrity and artistic expression. It’s all LOVE. You don’t have to understand the language to be hooked by the melody or to fall in love with Marianne’s voice, eyes, charm, style, scent, etc. Watch their video and sing for yourself.

If you REALLY like them, click on the link below to learn how to join Berge, helping them record and release a full album. (Use the CC tab to bring up subtitles.)


I heart you too.

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    FrolleinN said ...

    dank je wel marleen73 :-) do you mean this karaoke? http://www.hoertberge.de/?tag=karaoke
    there you can sing along, make this a video clip of yours and win some nice clothing.

    ps: “wimperslag”…? ;-) really sounds nice (i know and like the dutch accent) and more adequate to the word’s meaning and rather friendly than the original “Wimpernschlag”! i have to admit, our german often sounds rather like “Blitzkrieg” than any kind of sympathetic…

  • Avatar of Marleen73
    Marleen73 said ...

    There is a karaoke version, I noticed.. thus the lyrics <3 , but no sound :-(
    Would be nice to see those combined..

    Berge – Meer voller bunter Farben

    Ich hab ein ganzes Meer voller bunter Farben endeckt (yeah)
    und ich mahl mir einfach meine Welt; Hier ist alles Perfekt
    und ich hab das Leben und die Leichtigheit in meinem Gepäck
    denn ich hab ein ganzes Meer voller bunter Farben entdeckt.

    Mit nur einer Wimperslag
    kann ich ubers wasser laufen
    und die Wellen unter mir
    sind melodien in meinem Ohr

    Ich leg alles einfach ab
    und ich sliesse meine Augen
    und dann treib ich in der Strömung
    an einen wönderschone Ort

    Hier sind alle Dingen leuchtend
    so leicht und so lebendig
    kann ich alles so erträumen
    wie es mir gefällt

    (refr 1/2)

    Hier weht der süsse Duft der Freiheit
    aus jede Himmelsrichtung
    Hier erfüllt sich meine Sehnsucht
    endlich voll und ganz zu sein

    Hier fliessen alle meiner Wünsche
    zusammen in die Brandung
    Denn mein Leben is ein Ozean
    und ich tauche ganz tief ein

    (refr 1/2/3/4)

    Es ist leicht zu spüren
    dass jede Schwingung in der Luft
    uns zum Traumen erführt
    Weil es uns inspiriert
    Wenn wir die Welt um uns verändern
    und alles wieder neu erblüht..

    (refr 1/2/3/4)

  • Avatar of danielle
    danielle said ...

    chorus part is stuck in my head, thank you! hahaha i wanna sing it but i cant cos its in german and german is very difficult to mimic

  • Avatar of cassandrasue
    cassandrasue said ...

    wow, she is gorgeous, the song is gorgeous, the message is gorgeous! love it all. thank you for the translation FrolleinN! just lovely.

  • Avatar of jpellizzer
    jpellizzer said ...

    sweet, love her and the video. How can I get the words in English? Sounds like such a fun, loving, fun loving song,. Love it.

  • Avatar of PJ
    PJ said ...

    Haha I understand everything!
    I would like to know if german sounds very weird for people who don´t know any german…

  • Avatar of dAPOLicious
    dAPOLicious said ...

    Seriously… I didn’t understand a word, but I AM HOOKED! Thanks for sharing! xo

  • Avatar of hevertonnr
    hevertonnr said ...

    If you say so! I’m in! :) )) Greetings from Ananindeua, Brasil!

  • Avatar of jeoh
    jeoh said ...

    I have been living in Germany for many years and never really learned to appreciate a lot of german music. But this is great! Imagine having to read an american blog to discover this kind of music! But you can always trust Jason, can´t you…
    You forgot to tell us though, that it´s easy to fall in love with the male part of the band too…

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    Nice!I studied german for V years in high school and I quite understand..almost..
    Of course I heart you too.
    Ciao bello!

  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    I liked it very much. Upbeat, refreshing, no pretense, just fun. I heart Berge too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar of Inspir3
    Inspir3 said ...

    It’s 6 a.m. and this music is so upbeat and happy I don’t need my coffee. Thank you for sharing it with us, I will share with my friends too.

  • Avatar of FrolleinN
    FrolleinN said ...

    oh, this is nice! :-)

    i might help with the message of the song, although there is so much figurative language used that it makes it harder to translate rather the meaning than the words.

    as the title says she has discovered a sea of variegated colours, with which she would like to paint her perfect world (reminds me of pipi langstrumpf from astrid lindgren, do you know her? :-) ). she is dreaming of the lightness of being and is living in the now, enjoying the moment. she feels the vibes around her that are inspiring her to change the world so that afterwards everything is flowering out again.

    but in this context it is really not important to know the words, i guess you can all feel this song your way and paint it as you like :-)

    Ich wünsche Euch ebenfalls einen farbenfrohen Tag, in den Ihr mit Euerm ganzen Herzen eintauchen könnt! :-)

    with joy and hugs from germany

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    Ha ha ha! Hi Ally!! I like my little blue start thingy majigger….Have fun in SEA town this weekend! Yes…I am finding the website to be a tad slow…always worth the wait..
    Vielen Vielen Vielen Vielen Dank
    Gute Nacht

  • Avatar of amend414
    amend414 said ...

    regardless of whatever material objects you found touring. I’m still your biggest fan. :)

  • Avatar of Tim
    Tim said ...

    Melody is gonna stick in the head the whole day.

  • Avatar of skateonsnow21
    skateonsnow21 said ...

    Love the song! It’s cheerful and seems to be full of life. Is it about oppurtinities? I think it might be… it has that feel to it with all the people. I know one thing what it’s about- love. The world is a family and people need to come together. Liked the different vibes of colors.

  • Avatar of jivanti
    jivanti said ...

    You need not to understand the words to feel the love and passion from that song. This is the first time I’m hearing a German song, I heart it too :)

  • Im going outside and do whatever i wish today, leave technology alone. thas how this affected me

  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Does anyone else find the blogs/pages/comments slow to load in this new format? Or is it just me?

    And more importantly, how do I get that little psychedelic box beside my name to change to my fave shade of lime green? Or is it just luck of the draw? :)


  • Avatar of Ally
    Ally said ...

    Hi Rose! I see you UP there :)

    The only words I know in German are O Tannenbaum and Ausfahrt. I did not hear them used in this lovely little ditty :)


  • Avatar of crackernath
    crackernath said ...

    At first I thought she’s singing in English. Very true, you don’t even have to understand the language to appreciate what they are trying to express. :) Lovely!

  • Avatar of AdamAlanFreeman

    I have no idea what she is singing but it is a beautiful song none the less. I want to hear more!

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    The cc didn’t work but maybe it was just my computer? Anyway, I think I get what they are saying though!! So cute! I want to visit them:)

  • Avatar of Rose
    Rose said ...

    I have no idea what they are saying but I know what they are feeling! They are lovely!!!!! Wa oh oh, wa oh ooh….You described them perfectly…adorable..I have a new crush! Thanks so much!!!!